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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.

When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.
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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.






What to Do When Your Family Wants to Rule Your Parenting

How do you make like Meghan Markle and stand strong when you face loud and opposing opinions on how you *should be* raising your child? Meghan and Harry have broken many a protocol since bringing royal baby Archie into the world, from not using the royal family's preferred hospital to Harry holding Archie at a (delayed) press call. No-one is telling them how to raise a prince, not even the queen! How About You? How can you get the same support from your family when your ideas...


3 Reasons We Parents Can Suck at Setting Limits

Elle confesses that she really sucks at setting limits with her kids - and together she and Abigail suss out ways to make rules, boundaries and enforcing them a whole lot easier. Join us this week if you've ever battled with yourself about when to set limits, or found that whenever you do set limits your kids just don't seem to listen. Listen to the podcast this week and learn If you want to stop yelling and start setting calm limits, or you are sick of your buttons and boundaries...


What To Do When You Aren't So Psyched to See Your Kids

We know we love our kids, but that doesn't stop them being hard to like sometimes. This podcast is for you if you ever wondered how you were going to get through the next few hours with your kids close by. We talk about how we get to the point where the dread feels real and we share things you can do when parenting feels this hard. Listen to What To Do When You Aren't So Psyched To See Your Kids and We also wanted to take a moment to thank you for being here and seeking...


Why Does my Child Only Listen When I Lose It?

This week Abigail and Elle respond to a mom who feels like she sees power struggles, aggression and kickback when she's parenting the way she wants to, and compliance only once she gets mad. Are her efforts to parent kindly back-firing? And why would that be? On the podcast this week we talk about: Join us if you've ever felt like your efforts at being an empathetic parent are lost on your child and learn why that definitely is not what is happening! More Resources on Mean...


Setting Limits: The Hard No

You know about setting warm limits: Moving in calmly when you need to stop a behavior, but what happens when it feels like there is no chance to keep calm? Like, your child is about to stick their finger in the power socket. Or dashes out across a busy street. Then how do you set a warm limit then? On the podcast this week, we talk about the Hard No. And why no is hard! When no means no - and those times you aren't even sure your no needs to be hard. Join us this week for...


Help! My Kid Keeps Bragging

Where does the need to be competitive come from and why does it rub us parents up the wrong way? This week Abigail and Elle respond to one mom about her son's competitive streak. On Help! My Kid Keeps Bragging we talk about: Figure out what's causes a child to get competitive, and get new ways to handle things when your kids start telling you "I'm fastest," "I'm fittest," "I'm best." Get More Resources for Helping Competitive Kids Helping Super Competitive Children...


Finding Your Calm Place in Parenting (It Really Can Happen!)

So, you may be fairly new to Hand in Hand's approach or maybe you've been trying out the tools for a few months, even years. But at some point you'll probably - most likely when you are particularly tired or frustrated - ask, "Is Hand in Hand too hard???" We know! We've been there! This week, Elle and Abigail talk about when and why this question pops up. They explore the alternatives and share their own experiences about when it's happened to them - and don't forget Abigail...


Raising Resilient Girls...Part 2

Join us as we continue examining how nature, nurture and culture affects boys and girls, with social philosopher and author Michael Gurian. On Part 2 of this series, Michael talks about how we can use what science says to raise resilient girls. On this week's episode: Listen to Part Two of Raising Resilient Girls now more resources for raising resilient girls Learn more about Micheal’s work at www.GurianInstitute.com and read more about his approach to raising girls in his...


Raising Resilient Girls - with Michael Gurian

Social philosopher, family therapist, and New York Times best-selling author Michael Gurian returns to the podcast this week for some girl talk! Last time Michael guested with us, talk turned to boys. But why even separate talk about boys and girls? Michael explains the fundamental differences in brain science between girls and boys and why these difference affect: Michael suggests ways that we can observe what's happening in our girls' lives and support them to be strong and...


Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

You may have heard about how your tenacious, persistent, negotiating go-getter is developing the skills he or she needs to be a great leader in the future, but daily parenting a strong-willed child can feel like an uphill battle. All those constant requests, desires, energy and power play is a lot! This week Abigail and Elle weigh in on why parenting a strong-willed child can feel so demanding and draining, and how you can raise your strong-willed child without so many power struggles...


The Most Important Question To Ask When Your Child's Behavior Gets Hard

Did you ever think you got this parenting thing figured out only to find your child brings home some new parenting challenge? Where did the child you thought you knew so well go to? In the quest to find solutions to this sudden new and disagreeable behavior, you head to friends to compare notes, you hit Google for answers, or you even seek the services of a professional. After all, you want those words to stop, that aggression to fade, that resistance to disappear. But what...


Why is it so Hard to Hear your Child Say "I Hate You!"

Three little words with such immense power. Following on from last week's podcast on children with anger, this week Elle and Abigail suss out why it feels so bad to hear "I hate you," and the many ways you can respond. Elle talks about the different reasons she hears "I hate you," both in anger and as connection bids, and Abigail shares why she thinks they hardly ever hear "I hate you," in her house. We also talk about times we can respond playfully, and times we can set limits on...


Why is my Child So Angry?

This week Abigail and Elle respond to a mom who is Staylistening to her child, but never sees tears. Worse, it seems to her that the more she leans in to listen to her child's feelings, the more her child gets angry, starts scowling and tries running away. How can she listen to anger? So, this week we're asking if Staylistening should always result in a cry, and if not, what can we do? Why we as parents find it so hard to listen to a child's anger, and how can we trust them to do as...


Elle and Abigail Meet For the First Time and Talk About Why Parents Deserve a Village!

This week Elle and Abigail finally meet face-to-face! No wonder they felt inspired to make this podcast. "It takes a village," so the old proverb says, and anyone who tunes into our podcast for parents often knows that this is all too true. In fact, it's the reason we made the podcast - to share a weekly space for parents so you don't feel alone. And, as we meet this first time, we also realise the value in coming together week after week to share, to listen and laugh, to comfort and cry...


How to Get a Child to Eat When They Refuse

This week, Abigail and Elle respond to a listener who has a 5-year-old picky eater. How can she get her to eat more than a few reliable meals? Elle talks about her own process parenting her picky eater, including how she discovered that a good, workable solution was as much about her as it was her child. And Abigail shares the varied healthy diets her sons sampled (endured!) following their early health scares, and the tips and tools she used to get them on side. On this...


Parenting Tweens: Staying Close As Your Child Gets Older

Does it seem like one minute you were waiting for your baby to take its first steps, and now you are watching him or her as a tween march out the door, bursting with independence? Worries about tantrums and them sleeping through the night long ago given way to conversations (and concern) over mobile phones and curfews? As your child enters the pre-teen stage now known as "tween," you'll notice many other changes, not least their signals your child uses to show you they need you (and...


Are You Headed for Parent Burnout?

Have you ever asked yourself where the fun parent went? The parent you that says yes to play-dough tea-parties, the parent you that says yes to piggy-back races and then suggests races to the dinner table? If you have, you probably also have many different responses. You left that fun parent under the washing and work pile. You packed her away in your laptop when you went back to work. You lost him under a mountain of unpaid bills and worries. He got muddled in with the recipes you...


Parenting in Public: How To Stick To Your Parenting Philosophy and Parent with Confidence When Others are Watching

Do you feel awkward or anxious about your parenting when others are around? Do you find yourself coming down more heavily on your kids when you are out in public? Or do you find your yourself wanting to set a limit but not being able to? Are you stuck when your child meltdowns while other parents are watching, or feel uncertain what others think about your parenting style? In this week's podcast, we respond to a parent's question about social anxiety when parenting in public....


Why Your Best New Year's Resolution Could Be "No Resolutions"...

Why are we always compelled to start a new year with a list of resolutions that even a saint would be hard-pressed to keep up with? If there's one thing every good parent is good at, it's over-extending! We're all about the #parentgoals! We are so happy to be starting the new year with you, our beautiful, caring community of parents. We know that you being here each week with us is because you are always striving to be doing better by your kids, in your...


Too Many Toys?!!

What goes hand in hand with holiday gifting? Toys and more toys. This week we’re asking how you feel about toys, what decisions you make around holiday request lists, and how you can keep them in check, plus why we can all expect some meltdowns over toys in the holidays. On the episode, you'll hear about: If you've ever felt overwhelmed on how much to give or how much is coming into your house at this time of year, here's a chance to mull over what you love - and might want to...