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Join Derek Myers, Dan Lee and their many guests as they discuss fatherhood. Or conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes scary and sometimes sad.. just like every day of being a father in the modern world.

Join Derek Myers, Dan Lee and their many guests as they discuss fatherhood. Or conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes scary and sometimes sad.. just like every day of being a father in the modern world.
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Join Derek Myers, Dan Lee and their many guests as they discuss fatherhood. Or conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes scary and sometimes sad.. just like every day of being a father in the modern world.






Jayden Sheridan - founder of Yeah Gnar skate brand, father at 17

Since becoming a father at seventeen in a country town troubled by drug addiction and bored teenagers, Jayden's love for his son and strong desire to give him the best possible life have driven him to work hard, start a skate brand, save money and stay sober. This conversation is a wake up call to all the dads and a lesson in goal setting and sacrifice. Jayden lives in a van. That is cool in the skate world and is a decision he has made to help save money for his long term plan - return to...


Hugh Van Cuylenburg: Resilience Project founder and father.

Hugh is the founder of the Resilience Project and a great bloke. He is dedicated to helping people improve their mental health and resilience. There’s simply too much to write here about the resilience project so just google him- he and his team are doing really great work. On this occasion he joins us to talk about being a father to his son and the one that is on the way. https://theresilienceproject.com.au https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-imperfects/id1476501557 Topics...


Greg Quicke: Astronomer, Motorcycle Mystic, Father.

Quickie is a bush astronomer to some, a motorcycle riding mystic, a pearl diver and a father to his daughter as well as being a kind of community father to many others, including my kids. When he’s on the telly with Professor Brian Cox he’s known as Space Gandalf on account of the big white beard and long white hair. He runs amazing Astro tours out of Broome, Western Australia. Topics discussed A brief history of Quickie- Astronomy in the bush and working with Professor Brian Cox on the...


Mark Jones- Documentarian, storyteller, spiritual adventurer and father of two.

Mark Jones: documentarian, storyteller, spiritual adventurer and father of two. Mark made 17 adventure documentaries with the legendary Malcolm Douglas and subsequently managed his crocodile park. He is a historian, storyteller and an adventurer with a deep fascination and appreciation for Rock art and Aboriginal culture. This is a conversation of epic scope. Topics discussed. Crabbing in the Mangroves and discussing the epic of Gilgamesh. Straight into everything- storytelling and...


Geoff Ritchie Baldwin - Soon to be a Dad

We interrupt the Broome Series with some pending baby content ---- While dan is dashing about in Broome, Derek had a great chat with moto journalist Geoff Baldwin as he is about to become a father for the first time. Geoff and his wife are not only having a home birth, but they are doing it in a pool in the loungeroom. They chat about the benefits and realities of home birth and Derek reveals that he was, in fact, a deliberate home birth baby from the 60's (man). Some topics covered this...


James Brown - Pearl Farmer, Biologist and father of four... almost.

James and his family established the Cygnet Bay Pearl farm on the Dampier Peninsula and through this multigenerational endeavour they have developed strong personal and working relationships with the indigenous Bardi people. It is a unique place to bring up kids where the country itself does much of the teaching. Topics discussed. Straight to the discipline debate We are both children of the 70’s Parenting has changed- expectations have changed. Even in the most remote town on earth,...


Dave Mann- Travelling musicians, house-trucks, veggie oil and kids

Dave and his family live in an evolving work of art; a beautiful house-truck that runs on used veggie oil. They travel between Margaret River and Broome depending on the season, playing concerts big and small, while home schooling. It’s a complicated but simple life style that proves that anything is possible. Even with kids! Topics discussed in this episode: Dave tells the fascinating origin story of his family and the truck that has been at the very centre of their life and life...


Richard Bradley - Base jumping, Global Adventure and Kids

Richard grew up on a cattle station in the Kimberley, his adventures around the world are Hemmingway-esque to say the least. I met him when he was single and childless as was I at the time, now everything has changed and his kids are his greatest adventure. Topics discussed. A disaster at the bottom of the ocean- Richards near death experience while saturation diving. Hydraulic chainsaws in Louisiana swamps while avoiding crocodiles. Dangerous behaviours and being a father- an obligation...


Andrew Eagleton: Rogue Bulls, Crocodiles and Kids

Topics discussed include: Quality time is about quantity of time. Making commitments to regular family activities. Alternatives to booze- in a big country there are lots of other activities. Trapping crocodiles in Africa. Tranquilising Rogue bulls in the Kimberley. “All humanities problems stem from man’s inability to sit, quietly, alone in a room”. Crocodiles operate on geological time. No amount of planning can prepare you for parenthood – crocodiles were easy! Your kids will...


Chris Hoare - Plumber, Drummer, Father of Two

In his work as a youth worker on building sites and in trades, our special guest Chris Hoare reveals some amazing insights into balancing work and family life and the connection between struggling youth and bad(or absent) parents. While Dan Lee gallivants around the Kimberley recording some great Dad Stories, Chris and Derek chats about the issues caused by working long hours and the regrets of older workers wishing they had more time with their kids. We discuss A CASTAWAY STUDIOS...


Wil Thomas - Farewelling your Father

Dan calls Derek from a beach in Broome to introduce the first of a series of conversations he is recording there. Wil Thomas is a local Historian, Radio Presenter, storyteller and blacksmith. His historical walking tours of Broome come highly recommended and contain stories from the early pearling days and the Japanese attack on Broome in the second world war. Stay tuned for more stories from Broome fathers over the next month or so.


Jeff Barry - Bonsai Guy - Father

A Bonsai garden in Sassafras in the Dandenong ranges. The dangers of being a cyclist in city and country- It’s Green but rage inducing. Bonsai is for the young, the patient and artistic. Derek is a Bonsai Killer- you might be too. Bonsai don’t give a shit about your schedule and neither do kids. Nurturing and enhancing innate strengths. Children and Trees provide you with a chance to grow. Dan talks about how Bonsai has influenced his playwrighting. The idea of the sacrifice branch...


Bob Flower, Stone Mason, three grown kids and off to Mexico!

Topics discussed The breast Nazis- sometimes formula is a life saver. Vasectomies Vs Midlife crisis. Derek makes a failed attempt to compare stone masonry to child rearing. Masonry and Notre Dame restoration. What happens when your son is a born soldier. Connection to ancestral land. A series of fathering anecdotes. Dealing with swearing- or not. The kids are grown- I’m off to Mexico!


Paul McIntosh -Phd, father of two.

Topics discussed. D&D discuss previous episodes for a bit before Derek plays his conversation with Paul McIntosh. Dan learnt some things he didn’t know about his dad. The act of recording a conversation brings new information to light. The sacrifices that parents make- immigrating from Scotland and Ireland, moving to the countryside. The importance of asking your parents about their lives while you can. Derek’s Dad built a double bass from packing crates on a ship. The elders are a...


Terry Lee - psychologist, father of two, grandfather of four.

Topics discussed: Passing the baton on. Dad jokes- an art or early onset dementia. Pam Ayers. Who? Long drives with the family. Queensland holidays. Free range parenting- encouraging risk. Tree change- taking the kids to live in the country. The hippy dream- hobby farming. Stages of childhood- boys need boundaries. Differences between boys and girls, academically. The introduction of mixed ability teaching and diversity in the classroom- this was part of Terry’s role in the 70’s...


Tuffy Returns - Ben Lee, father of two

Topics Discussed include: When the kids ask about death- Burying the cat and visiting cemeteries. When you die, you go to Kevin. Methods for reconciling ourselves to the inevitable. Physics for beginners- dying stars. The art of affectionate ridicule. Forcing quality time- chasing your own childhood. Camping disasters. Scottish Immigrants determined to assimilate. Being a little bit dangerous- risk taking behavior. The terror of teenagers. The importance of elders and role...


Tommy Jackett - Podcaster, Father of One

Podcaster, Film maker and father Tommy Jackett joins us for a chat this week. We get a greater insight into the experience of being self employed in a creative field, and the pros and cons of the flexible lifestyle. We talk discipline, hereditary naughtiness and the importance of prioritising the kids while living a hectic life. Every day Derek listens to Tommy's podcast - The Daily Talk Show with Josh Janssen and Tommy Jackett - and loves the insights Tommy gives us on his fatherhood...


Mantra MC - full time rapper - father of one

Mantra is a Hip Hop artist and father of one. Check you tube for his music videos! Topics discussed include: “Bloody Roman Catholics!” We discuss Mantra’s music video for the song- Loud mouth. A little bit of Hip-Hop History. Timing is everything- when is the right time to have the baby. Losing a father and having a son. Examining the family history so that you can parent consciously- inherited traits, the good and the bad. Table etiquette for toddlers? Messy kids flash backs to...


Pip Norman- Father of Two, Mc from TZU

Pip is a father of two, a writer and music producer. (He produced Missy’s last record “Solastalgia” actually) and is one of the vocalists/producers in Hip Hop act TZU. Topics discussed include: Does being a father make you bald? The second child is when the work really starts. Trying not to bring your work home with you. American Dads- a culture of optimism and affirmation. The joys of Breakdancing- perhaps not for dad’s. When the kids interest align with yours. Sammy tells Missy...


Jason Honrado - Father of Three

Jason is a stay at home Dad with three daughters and a busy wife. He was raised by his mother and Grandmother - partly in the circus. Wait! What? You’ll see. Topics discussed. Managing your kids in public, restaurant etiquette. Growing up without male role models. Fatherhood is the best of life and the worst of life. Selfish to Selfless- children force growth and maturity. Blokes need to get their hands dirty, it’s a thankless job that women have done for centuries. Balancing your...