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155: Psychoactive Medication: What Parents Need to Know

Is Anyone in Your Family on Antidepressants or Other Psychoactive Medications? -Before we dive into this I want to let you know that you can be tested to find out if you are susceptible to these side effects.- Selma Eikelenboom-Schieveld is M.D and a medical forensic expert who is examining the relationship between psychoactive medication (treating anxiety disorders and depression) and involuntary intoxication (which can lead to suicide, homicide and extreme violence). WOW is all I can...


154: Changing Youth Sports w/ John O'Sullivan, Kids, Coaches and Parents

When Did Youth Sports Stop Being Fun? Screaming parents, crying kids, and frazzled coaches. You don't have to look far to find parents that take their kid's soccer/ baseball/football game WAY to serious. John O'Sullivan the author of Changing the Game and founder of Changing the Game Project brings some great wisdom to the reality of youth sport today. The three main takeaways ... The things that you think you are doing to help your kids may actually be hurting them. Coaches and parents...


153: Neuro-linguistic-Programing, Parenting Kids that Don't Shoot up Schools

Help keep HowToRaiseaMaverick going. My gosh! Yet another school shooting! This week I explore the idea that what we are dealing with is partly the Werther Effect. Which is the backstory that explains copycat suicides and mass shootings like what we just saw at Santa Fe High School in Texas. I have spoken before about the fact that white males have the highest rate of suicide in the U.S and I have a firm belief that these shooting go hand in hand with...


152: Respecting Authority: Parenting Kids to Navigate Coaches, Teachers, and Bosses

The topic of authority and kids is a fascinating one for me. On one hand, we would love for our kids to respect us, but we don't really want them to be part of a mindless herd following an authority figure. This week is about how to navigate this tricky subject and teach our kids to wisely and critical follow those worth influencing them. These are the three main lessons that will help decipher whether to stay and be mentored or find a new path. 1. Appear to conform. Do what you are told...


151: Getting Kids To Cooperate : Positive Discipline Parenting

More Anyone else have a kiddo that is a scrapper? I do. Not that she gets into fistfights, but she loves to get me all riled up. When she sees that I'm angry she gets a little sh** eating grin. Some kids are a struggle because they want attention, some it's a power struggle, others are trying to get back at you and finally there are those that feel they are inadequate. The way we deal with each one is VERY different. In this week's episode we are talking...


150: Positive Discipline Parenting: Getting Kids to Listen to Their Parents

Donate Getting your kids to do what you ask without bribing or punishing!?!? Can it be done? Well, I'm going to give it my best shot. I will be applying the Positive Discipline system in my house and keeping you up to date with my experience. But first, let's explore the history of the theory and what exactly Positive Discipline is.


149: Puppies, TED Talks and Grit

There are some funny similarities in train a puppy and raising a kid. Are we overcompensating for our girls? are the boys being left in the dust? What can we do today to give our kids "true grit"? No, I'm not talking about the movie! Https://


148: Nature Knows Best: Teaching Ethics, Empathy and Grit Through Nature

The #1 Things Parents Need to Do in Order To Raise Grounded Kids... The more parenting advice we read and listen to the more confusing it can be. After years of raising kids and studying the research about each generation, I have come to a conclusion. If you want your kids to have a work ethic, grit empathy, and curiosity... SEND THEM OUTSIDE! It really is that easy. You don't have to come up with crafts from Pinterest, buy any new toys or supplies. Open the door and let them run free....


147: Curing Phobias and Shyness

Researchers have found some amazing way to influence people with the use of film and movies. Curing them of their fears and shyness is just a small sample. So many parents are afraid to talk about porn with their kids... are you?


146: Blac Chyna, Preschool Sex-Ed and Coat Nazis

Celebrities are Not Our Pets. What would you do if someone grabbed your baby's arm? In the news today Blac Chyna got into a fight over someone grabbing her baby, as a result, she lost sponsorship because of the altercation. In my opinion, no mother should ever be condemned for protecting their babies! And this is a great chance to have a discussion with the kids that just because we see these entertainers on the screen/web they are not our pets. Their personal life and kids should never be...


145: Free-Range Parenting Decriminalized in Utah

Google was supporting the sale of children for sex.. But they no longer will be protected by the CDA ( Communications Decency Act). For the past ten year victims of human trafficking were unable to hold platform like or responsible for damage from them promoting and approving the adds to sell the victims for sex. Details for The Madness of Motherhood Event April 7th 9-4 at Harbor Church 4490 Newland St, Wheat Ridge Colorado...


144: Speaking Event, Tormenting Seals

More to buy tickets to the Madness of Motherhood event! In this episode ... As we enter into different environments are we fully aware of how our actions will affect those around us? Are we teaching our kids the same kind of respect for not only other people but animals as well?


143: Rivers, Trees, Birds and Bee's: teaching online etiquette in a forest

How do we teach our youngest kids about the dangers of the modern world in an age-appropriate way? In this episode, I explain some easy ways to start planting seeds about protecting our minds, understand predators and body responses. All while out in nature. As promised here is the link to the donation page. DONATE Your donation will go to spreading the message that we can and will fight the "cyber effect" that is changing the way people view life, love, and connection.


142: Christian Son Is Gay, Giving High, Investing with Fear

What to do if you are a Christian and your kids comes out to you. How to unclog your energy drain and let money, emotions, and love flow to you. What if the stock market crashes and I lose all my money? All these questions answered and more.


141: Wake Up You Need To Make Money

We need to be honest with ourselves and our kids about money. Without it we have no freedom and limited power to do great things that can better other's lives. Wake Up You Need To Make Money!


140: Be a Selfish Mommy and Foster Curiosity

Work Ethic, Grit, Empathy and Curiosity are the four pillars of being a Maverick or anyone that has the ability to change the world for the better. One of the best ways to be sure you don't raise a selfish child is for you to be selfish yourself. Listen in and find out why.


139: Dyslexia, Dishwashing, Intestinal Massage

Think superpower, not learning disability. How to be there for your kids without hovering. What can you do to help someone who has Ulcerative Colitis sleep through the night?


138: What's happening to our boys?

White males have the highest rate of suicide in the U.S. Let's talk about what we are going to do about it!


137: Chocolate and Dinosaurs

After a very sad day that was meant for love... we took the day off to be with our family to eat chocolate and learn about dinosaurs. We hope everyone finds their peace today. Love Emily


136: Facebook for kids, Investing and Colonoscopies

The new Facebook Kids Messenger App and what you need to know. Where to start if you know nothing about investing in the stock market. What you need to know when getting a colonoscopy in you think you have ulcerative colitis.