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I Love Libby Show (Ep. 020) – Hospitals

No cruise down memory lane is complete without a stop at the emergency room. Plenty of stories to tell. In this episode, we share some stories about hospitals. Some stories are about us, and some stories are about others, but all are worthy of remembering. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 019) – A Little Salty

Everyone know that Yelp is a great place to get restaurant reviews, but are they always right? In this episode, we do our own review of a recent experience at a chain restaurant. We also dig into our own thoughts on food, cooking, eating, and growing our palates. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 018) – Hair

Hair. We all have it, some more than others. In this episode, we relive childhood haircuts, the styles we lived through, other peoples’ hair, and much more. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 017) – Pets Too

This episode is the thrilling conclusion to our previous ‘Pets’ episode. In case you missed it the first time, you can click here to listen to Episode 12 – Pets. We talked about our own childhood pets, now we need to discuss our kids’ pets. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 016) – The Haunted Episode

We couldn’t wait until Halloween to roll around again. We wanted to talk about death and ghosts and stuff right now. Time to talk about visits to graves, skeletons, funerals, scary movies, and anything that goes bump in the night. Listening to this episode may or may not cause a spirit to infect your playback […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 015) – Disney World Land

Disney World vs. Disneyland. In this episode, we recall our misadventures in the Magic Kingdoms. It is always fun to reminisce about past family vacations, but it’s even more fun to compare them. Loads of good memories and fun stories to tell. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 014) – Sportsball

Let’s play Sportsball! In this episode, it’s all about our experiences with sports as children and as adults. We just aren’t that into sports. Neither of us watch or follow any professional sports teams, let alone schedule dedicated time for it. We both had unique childhood experiences with sports, and our daughters do as well. […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 013) – The History Vacations

In this episode, we share stories about three vacations we took after our fourth child was born. Taking four children on a long trip isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes courage, determination, and a whole lot of patience. Follow along as we discuss our trips to Hocking Hills, Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum, and […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 012) – Pets

In this episode, Libby and Kyle tell stories about all of their childhood pets. We’ve each had so many pets during our lives, and thought it would be fun to grab a leash and take a stroll down memory lane. These are stories about our pets growing up. We’ll do a Part II to discuss […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 011) – Ready Player One

This is a crossover episode of the ‘I Love Libby Show’ and ‘Rev VR Podcast’ where we discuss the ‘Ready Player One’ book and upcoming movie. It’s always fun when worlds collide. Libby finally read the book, and she absolutely loved it. Time to dig into her thoughts on it, as well as a bit […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 010) – Gone with the Wind

This episode is more or less a review of the movie, ‘Gone with the Wind’, including our usual sarcastic comments and a few loosely related stories. Both of our mothers have always loved the book and the movie. It bothered us that we hadn’t seen it yet, so we finally decided to sit down and […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 009) – Poop

Yup. An entire episode about poop. For some strange reason, we decided that it makes perfect sense to dedicate an entire episode to this foul topic. This episode is dedicated to Kyle’s mom, which will make sense after listening to the show. CAUTION: Libby throws out a few ‘S-Bombs’ in this episode, which is understandable […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 008) – Collections

What do we collect? Antiques, navel lint, or toys? In this episode, we discuss Libby’s collection of fun historic items, Kyle’s unhealthy obsession with He-Man, and a tin cup from Alcatraz. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 007) – I Do?

Here comes the episode all about weddings. Our wedding took place in July 1999, and ever since, things seem to have changed. Food, cakes, “Open Bar”, flowers, tuxedos, and more are discussed and critiqued in this episode. If we made fun of your wedding, we are sorry… kinda. […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 006) – Molly Ringwald

In our journey from Cincinnati to Seattle, Molly Ringwald got damaged. Of course, we aren’t talking about the REAL Molly Ringwald. In this episode, we talk about one of the greatest gifts Libby has ever gotten for Kyle. We also share many of our other gifts to each other, both good and bad. Thanks for […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 005) – Seattle or Bust

In this episode, we take you on two journeys from Cincinnati to Seattle. We had to make the trek twice. Once without the kids, and once with them. This story includes 5200 miles of driving, full hotels, national parks, and a bounty of misadventures. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 004) – New Beginnings

This is the first episode recorded in 2018, three and a half years after Episode 003 was recorded. In this episode, we catch everyone up on how we resurrected the podcast after quite a bit of time had passed. We talk about the hard decision to move from Cincinnati to Seattle, and the difficulty of […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 003) – Legacy

This is the third episode we recorded in July 2014. In this episode, we discuss how cool it will be for our grandchildren to listen to our podcast. We also share a few stories about our family origins, history, and how our parents met. Libby also goes on a rant about restricting our kids, cotton […]


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 002) – No Regrets

This is the second episode that we recorded in July 2014. In this episode, Kyle talks about getting a tattoo, the beginnings of our relationship, and past friends. Libby also shares her passions to pursue a career, and the challenges that entails. Thanks for listening! – Kyle & Libby


I Love Libby Show (Ep. 001) – Pilot

This episode is the first of three episodes we recorded in July 2014. We had originally intended on publishing these three podcast episodes, but forgot about them. Now, in 2018, we have rediscovered our original content, and recording. In this episode, we discuss our motives for the podcast, the origins of Libby’s name, naming our […]