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IAG 066: An Amazing Open Adoption Story with Birthmom (Tara) & Adoptive Mom (Nicole)

One often scary, overwhelming and misunderstood part of infant adoption is called open adoption. This is where birthmoms and adoptive families have some type of ongoing communication and relationship. Listening to an open adoption story can help us all learn how others have successfully started and grown their relationship. On this episode of the Infant […]


IAG 065: How To Adopt Faster With The Profile Listing Service

What is one of the most important parts of your infant adoption journey? Showing your profile – so you can make that important connection with an expectant mom, who is looking for someone LIKE YOU to be parents to her baby. Today’s show is all about listing your adoption profile online – and we are […]


IAG 064: 5 Ways A Husband Can Support His Wife On The Adoption Journey

After 3 infant adoptions and working with so many others, here are 5 ways I've found that husbands can better support their wife on the adoption journey.


IAG 063: Open Adoption Through an Adoptee’s Perspective

Open adoption can be a hard concept to understand, especially if you are just starting out and learning about infant adoption. Hearing stories from others who are living in open adoption relationships can be a HUGE help. On this episode, we welcome our special guest Angela Huggins. She is an adoptee and an adoption professional. […]


IAG 062: 10 Things We’ve Learned Through 3 Infant Adoptions with Tisha Elder

Trying to adopt a baby can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating – especially when you first start the process. My wife and I have adopted three newborns over the past 10+ years. This is a very special episode of the IAG podcast. In fact, in over 60 episodes, there hasn’t been one as special as […]


IAG 061: What you need to know about interstate adoption

A great way to increase your ability to adopt faster is to be open to adopting from outside of your home state – also known as “interstate adoption”. On this episode, we cover everything you need to know about interstate adoption with our special guest Carrie Eckhardt. Start listening right here: When adopting a newborn […]


IAG 060: Birthmom story of love and open adoption with Kelly Clemente

“I thought the hardest day of my life would be finding out that I was pregnant. It wasn’t. The hardest day of my life was driving away from that hospital without a baby.” Kelly Clemente chose adoption for her son. She chose life over abortion. She made the incredibly difficult decision to place her newborn […]


IAG 059: Adopting After Having Biological Kids

When starting the infant adoption journey, you may read and hear stories from a lot of couples who are adopting their first child. Some may even be adopting their second or even third child. What you don’t hear as much is from families who are adopting after having biological kids. In this episode, we talk […]


IAG 058: Behind the NEW Adoption Profile Listing Service:

Creating and sharing your adoption profile may be the most important thing you do as you wait to adopt. Putting your profile online is a big part because it will help you connect with an expectant mom much faster. In this episode, we talk with Brad Lindemann, founder of the new profile listing service […]


IAG 057: Communicating With a Birthmom

Communication is huge in any relationship. It is especially important when meeting someone for the first time. In a lot of infant adoption situations, the hopeful adoptive parents can meet an expectant mom in person or have a conversation over the phone. It’s no surprise that communicating with a birthmom (after a child is placed […]


IAG 056: An Adoption Story From a Guy’s Point Of View With Jamy Bechler

When we were dating I said I wanted kids, but I really didn’t because I was way too focused on my career. Wow, what a messed up perspective! Looking back on it now, our son has been a blessing in more ways than I could ever have known. Thank you God for bringing Jaylen and […]


IAG 055: Infant Adoption Story with Amy Brooks

We relied on faith knowing that God would bring us our children. We didn’t know if they would be healthy, we didn’t know if they would look like us, we didn’t know if they would be born in our state or across the country. We let God take care of the details. His work surpassed […]


IAG 054: How to get your spouse onboard with building your family through adoption

It can be a scary and exciting starting the infant adoption process. A lot of us – even before we start the process, we can hit a major roadblock if you are ready to adopt and your spouse isn’t onboard yet. Couples may not be at the same point at the same time when major […]


IAG 053: How Infant Adoption Has Changed with Nicole Witt

Infant adoption has changed over the years and we as hopeful adoptive parents want to (and need to) keep up with the changes as we look to build our families. Here are some examples of the changes we’ve seen: Fewer placements Higher fall through rates New/different adoption scams More of a need for an online […]


IAG 052: Adopting with prenatal alcohol & drug exposure

Hopeful adoptive parents are often faced with the difficult decision of whether to adopt a baby that has been exposed during pregnancy to alcohol or drugs – such as opiates, marijuana, prescription drugs or other drugs. Adopting with prenatal alcohol & drug exposure is a hard topic but an extremely important one because drug and […]


IAG 051: How to work with multiple adoption agencies

Choosing an adoption agency is usually a big decision in your journey to adopt because they are your guide from day one through the day a baby is placed in your arms (and beyond). Finding the right agency to work with can get confusing and overwhelming. There are hundreds of agencies across the U.S. so […]


IAG 050: The Essential Guide To Adoption Outreach

What is adoption outreach? It is actively building a network of connections that can further your search for a match with expectant parents. This is a great description given by Joanna Ivey in her new book “The Essential Guide To Adoption Outreach.” The book is a must have for anyone hoping to adopt. Joanna and her […]


IAG 049: What You Need To Know about Post Adoption Support & Getting Ready For School

YES – this is a podcast about infant adoption – so today’s topic may sound a bit off from the norm – but I really don’t think so. For one – I think any parent or parent-to-be needs to understand how to deal with adoption conversation – especially when it comes to school, or pre-school […]


IAG 048: How to fund your adoption the SMART way

Can you guess what is the #1 struggle most families face when they are trying to build their family through infant adoption? How to fund your adoption. The large stack of adoption expenses can quickly get us overwhelmed with how in the world to pay for it all. Lots of folks get discouraged about how to […]


IAG 047: What all hopeful adoptive parents need to know before you adopt

Have you thought about adopting and didn’t know where to start or what’s involved? Many hopeful adoptive parents can get overwhelmed with where to start. If this is where you are, remember you are not alone. With so much information on the internet, it is hard to figure it all out. There are lots of […]