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This podcast is meant to be a forum for people who have decided or are in the process of deciding whether or not they want to have children. We hope to create a community to help affirm and validate those who are going through this process.

This podcast is meant to be a forum for people who have decided or are in the process of deciding whether or not they want to have children. We hope to create a community to help affirm and validate those who are going through this process.


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This podcast is meant to be a forum for people who have decided or are in the process of deciding whether or not they want to have children. We hope to create a community to help affirm and validate those who are going through this process.




Episode 18 - George & Anne

Listen to our lively couples’ interview with George and Anne. This couple has chosen to remain anonymous for professional reasons so, their names have been changed to honor this request. George and Anne are in their mid to late 40’s and have been together for more than two decades. They seem to share a beautiful friendship and fulfilling partnership. They are both very loving, fun and open individuals who are honest about their feelings and how they came to their decision on children....


Episode 17 - Tanya Wiliams

Here’s our exciting interview with Tanya Williams, businesswoman, digital marketing expert and author of the #1 rated book, “A Child Free Happily Ever After.” Tanya comes to us all the way from Brisbane, Australia. She found our podcast through an internet search and decided to contact us to make a connection based on our mutual interest in the childfree discussion. Tanya’s energy is so uplifting as she takes us on her journey through riveting storytelling and how she has manages her own...


Episode 16 - Sarah & Michael

Listen to our second couples’ interview with Sarah and Michael. They heard of our podcast via Tammy (from a previous episode) who is founder of a kids-free meet up social group that they belong to. Sarah and Michael are both involved in pharmaceuticals with Sarah being a pharmacy tech supervisor at a hospital and Michael is a pharmacist. Sarah is currently shifting careers to become a radiology technician, is back in school and notes this change wouldn’t be possible if they had kids in their...


Episode 15 - Beth

Beth Powers is a 32-year-old, married, designer and business owner. Jill and Beth first connected when she helped design Jill’s home. After their professional relationship ended, their connection continued on a personal level and they have since become good friends. Beth seems to have a Zen-like quality about her that instantly makes you feel at ease and comfortable. This must be one of the many reasons she is gifted at her job and able to manage the expectations of both spouses in what is...


Episode 14 - Theresa & Brian

Join us for our exciting first couples interview! This couple is fun, successful, worldly, intelligent and grounded. Theresa Wylie is a 38-year-old who works for a software company and she is married to 35-year-old Brian, who owns a software company. They have been married for 5 years and met on the dating website When they completed their profiles on this site, one of their questions asked about their desire for kids. Both of them stated they didn’t want children. This...


Episode 13 Rick

Our interview with Rick Levinson, LCSW, is special for several reasons. Rick trained both of us in the therapeutic technique of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which is something that has highly influenced our therapy practices and reinvigorated our passion for our work. Another reason this interview is a standout is because Rick has been married for several decades and has a 32-year-old son. So, he doesn’t fit the typical guest profile but he is definitely an advocate...


Episode 12 - Bill

Our interview with Bill is filled with so many interesting twists and turns that you’ll be on the edge of your seat. He is a thoughtful individual who has formed his opinion on the topic after much time and consideration. Bill is a 50-year-old, single (once divorced), man who works for Star Flight as an EMT-P in Austin, Texas. He is our first male interviewee and his perspective certainly brings another angle to this hotly debated topic. There appears to be several differences related to how...


Episode 11 Tammy

Tammy is a 42-year-old, married woman who is a designer for a publishing company. We discovered Tammy through an on-line Meetup group she founded called “Childfree by Choice Couples.” Since Tammy and her husband relocated from Florida to Austin, they were eager to meet other couples that have chosen to remain childfree, hence the creation of this group. At the time of our interview, Tammy reported 130 individuals had signed up for her Meetup group and they’ve held several successful events...


Episode 10 Sezin

Take a listen to our interview with Sezin. She is a 38-year-old woman who describes herself as a “Wear Your Voice Magazine contributor, HuffPost blogger, feminist, artist, horror novelist, tattoo collector, Frida Kahlo devotee, Third Culture Kid, who lives in Lighthouse Point, Florida after a lifetime living abroad.” Sezin is half Lithuanian-American and half Sri-Lankan and has been married to her husband for 11 years. Since she has lived abroad, she shares some interesting perspectives...


Episode 9 - Jul

Talk about getting to the point! Ha! Our Skype guest, Jul, is a 38-year-old, Asian-Indian, never married woman who works in the IT industry and is based in Manhattan. She grew up in Southern India and immigrated to the United States 10 years ago. Jul is fiercely independent and very open and unapologetic about her life decisions. This is especially noteworthy because of the traditional culture from which she hails. The intersection of culture and expectations are themes that weave their way...


Episode 8 - Angelica

Our guest, Angelica Beker, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Austin, Texas. She is 28-years-old and has been in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend. She is the daughter of European immigrants and shares a unique perspective on how culture, family, internal and external pressures all interplay in the decision to have children. Angelica is such an easy-going person who immediately puts everyone at ease. She shares her story in much the same fashion and is honest about her...


Episode 7 - Leslie

Listen to our exciting first Skype interview with Dr. Leslie Carr. She is a 38-year-old, partnered, psychotherapist who is based in San Francisco. She shares her views on having children, marriage and some interesting regional differences regarding her life choices. Even though Austin (where we are based) is considered liberal by Southern standards, it is enlightening to hear how people who hail from the west and east coasts receive different attention on this issue. Clearly, where we...


Episode 6 - Lara

Listen to Dr. Lara Latimer as she shares her reproductive story with honesty and a matter-of-fact tone that is unapologetic and self-assured. Lara is a 35-year-old, never-married-currently-dating professional who has had significant early relationships that have influenced her thoughts on remaining child-free. Her unofficial mentors on remaining child-free helped normalize her own feelings about not wanting children. Her story continues to evolve as she passes through different relationships...


Episode 5 - Carrie

Carrie is a 44-year-old, married, self described author, athlete, coach, fitness ambassador and RV adventurer. She may be short in stature, standing at only 5’1”, but she is mighty and routinely competes in impressive endurance sports races (she’s an Ironman!). Carrie effectively weaves a tale of her happy upbringing in an Italian home in Columbus, Ohio. As the youngest of 5 children and the only girl, she acknowledges that she has always been a tomboy and was raised to be able to fend for...


Episode 4 - Heidi

Heidi is a 44-year-old, married female with a passion for fitness and professionally supporting injured athletes. She was raised as an only child and realizes that her sensory preferences are for calm and knows she has sensitivities to certain noises (e.g., shrieking children). This self-awareness helped inform her decision not to have kids, along with a myriad of other deeper considerations. She candidly reveals how she initially fell into the trap of following the social script that...


Episode 3 - Val

Our interview with Valori is full of laughter and honesty. She is a good friend of ours whom we met six years ago in a local running group. Valori is 41-years old, married and the Director of Strategic Account Management at HomeAway. Valori has so many amazing qualities, some of which are her infectious laugh and wicked sense of humor. You cannot help but smile when you spend time with her; she’s like a human antidepressant. Valori’s story includes some difficult medical twists and turns....


Episode 2 - Jen

Join us as we talk to our friend and colleague, Jen, a 44-year-old, single woman who works as a psychotherapist. Jen is a very intelligent, insightful and open person who was willing to go deep in her exploration for this episode. Jen addresses the messages she receives from others on her lifestyle and how people respond to her differently since she isn’t partnered. She shares her challenging journey of deciding to be proactive about her fertility options and then the emotional, financial...


Episode 1- Laurel

Join us as we talk to our friend, Laurel, a 37-year-old, divorced, now partnered, woman who is a stylist. Laurel’s first career was as a social worker for Hospice care. Her level of comfort with death stems from a childhood tragedy. Hear how her early childhood experiences shaped her into the person she is today and have influenced her views on having children. Laurel’s smart, charming, frank nature of storytelling is riveting and engrossing. She is honest about the back-and-forth internal...


Bonus Episode: The Backstory

Join good friends and colleagues, Jill Zeligson Brenner and Saira John, as they delve into the secret world of why people choose to not have children. The provocative question of “Is Child-Free For Me?” investigates the underpinnings, inner turmoil and confusion that can plague those who are not sure if having children is for them. However, the social stigma and judgment often received by these individuals lead many to remain mum on the topic. This podcast is created to fill a void that is...


Teaser Episode

Is Child-Free For Me launches in May! Jill & Saira give a quick update on what's in store!