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I have fremdschämen about where this is going…

This week we’re diving into famous feuds, Aldi finds (*ahem* we mean what SANTA is finding from Aldi,) a little bit of language-learning, our *interesting* Christmas music and movie choices, how we consume scary movies, and that’s not even what brought us to the table! What makes you feel the most insecure? We thought we’d … Continue reading I have fremdschämen about where this is going… →


I’m Breezy!

Whip out the wine glasses, people, it’s been a day! We’re breaking down the reasons why women can be so freaking tired at the end of the day and why we can feel so unseen as well. Ever sat down and thought “this is the first time I’ve been off my feet in 12 hours!” … Continue reading I’m Breezy! →


You Will Not Earn Me

In Episode 4, we’re diving into the thing we all love to love and love to hate: social media! We have some pretty different feelings on it. 50% of us decided that we’re done with Facebook (sort of) and 100% of us will never be able to figure out Google +. (In all fairness, we … Continue reading You Will Not Earn Me →


I Can’t Handle Your Dream Life

How much sleep do you need every night? As usual we’re talking about hot off the presses stuff today. What could be contributing to our lack of sleep? And why is Hannah suddenly thinking this partnership may be material for a future “it sounded like a good idea at the time” conversation? Some interesting facts … Continue reading I Can’t Handle Your Dream Life →


I Think Communes Get a Bad Name

Long-denim skirts, kumbaya, kool-aid, and sharing all our worldly possessions? Sign us up! This week, Caroline lets us in on the one thing we’ve all been dying to know: her top 3 favorite communes. Buckle up everyone. Also, midterm elections, amiright? The year of the woman is going strong, and we’ll get into some of … Continue reading I Think Communes Get a Bad Name →


Ryan H, You D-Bag!

Hey-oh it’s our first episode! What better way to kick off the pod than by doing a deep dive into personality tests. Today we discuss the Enneagram, the Myers-Briggs, and the 5 Love Languages. We also get into some things we’re currently loving, and what we did recently that sounded like a good idea at the time … Continue reading Ryan H, You D-Bag! →


Let’s Do This!

It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time… To start a podcast while we raise a gaggle of small children and try to succeed professionally plus keep an active gym routine! We’re Caroline and Hannah, and we want to chat! We’re bringing our deep-dive conversations about being moms, loving our work, and trying to … Continue reading Let’s Do This! →