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075: 8 Things I learned Downsizing

We bought a house immediately after finding out we were pregnant. We did what we thought everyone else was doing, you go bigger and better with each "evolution" through life. And then we downsized. We went from a 2300sq ft. house to a 1300sq ft. apartment. And here is what I have learned!


074: Going Disney the Smart Way

Lauralyn "LJ" Johnson author of Smart Moms Plan Disney and creator of one of the largest Disney Facebook communities, is on the podcast sharing some tips about Disney.


073: Finding My Birth Father on Facebook

For 30 years I never knew who my birth father was. It wasn't until second grade that I found out the father living with me wasn't my birth father. Now this past year I found a man on Facebook who I thought could be him, and this is the story of how I introduced his potential daughter.


072: Juggling Multiple Things & Letting Some of It Go

Maria Alcoke, from the Engine Mom Podcast, knows a thing or two about juggling multiple things that she enjoys doing, figuring out how that fits into her life and when to let things go. We talk about asking for help, how we need to reevaluate who we are and what we want occasionally as we continue to change and evolve and also how she was able to change her mindset from being the one who does it all to only doing what she really wants to do.


071: Red Table Talk & Tips for Talking to Our Daughters

Red Table talk is my new jam when it comes to keeping it real on motherhood. Today I am talking about Jada Pinkett Smith's new facebook series Red Table Talk and sharing some tips on talking to your daughters!


070: Women Aren't Nags...We're Just Fed Up w/ Gemma Hartley

Does this sentence sound familiar? "I don't want to have to ask you to do it, I just want you to do it!". Today, I get to talk with Gemma Hartley, who is a writer, reporter, and author of a forthcoming book on emotional labor and the mental load. This idea of emotional labor went viral after Gemma wrote an article for Harpers Bazaar entitled, "Women aren't nags - we're just fed up".


069: Don't Dress "Like a Mom"

What does dressing like a mom even mean?! My thoughts on why you shouldn't "dress like a mom". And no it doesn't have anything to do with style.


068: Documenting Families of Children with Rare Genetic Disorders

Karen Haberberg has spent twelve years as a professional photographer documenting stories of human resilience: the memories of a Holocaust survivor, the daily life of a developmentally disabled young adult working on a farm, and more recently, kids with rare genetic conditions. Karen’s parents lost their first child, Rafi, at age three; he died of Tay–Sachs disease before Karen was born. The memory of the child who died so young is never far from the family’s collective consciousness, and...


067: 5 Things Moms Should Never Say To Another Mother

We all have gotten unsolicited advice or comments that make us wonder if all humankind has forgotten to use their filter. So today let's have a little fun and remind ourselves (and that nosey neighbor who keeps telling you how to be a mom) to takes it easy on each other! Anonymously request a topic for the show! Connect with me on Social!


066: Alt Education, Leveraging at Home/Work, Wealth Building, & Real Estate w/ Wendy Papasan

Wendy Papasan is an Austin, TX business owner, CEO of Papasan Properties, wife of best selling author Jay Papasan and most importantly mama! We are talking all things creating a financially secure life, how she "balances" being a successful CEO with motherhood and why it actually benefits others when asking for help in the home or at work. Also she gives some bonus tips on what we should be doing today to build our wealth!


065: Daily Mom Pressures, It's Never Too Late & The Power to Change w/Shannon Thomas

The pressures we feel as moms are heavy. Today licensed therapist, Shannon Thomas, is sharing her journey doing what was right for her despite what "the moms" thought, getting her master's at 34, losing over 125 lbs and not letting her circumstances get in the way of the things she wanted to change or do.


064: Why Freelancing is a Good Option For Moms

For some of us a typical 9-5 job is not an option with the expense of childcare, maybe we just want the freedom of a flexible schedule, or to be home more. So the idea of working from home seems so ideal but can also seem so unattainable and overwhelming to find a real option. Micala Quinn is on the podcast to share how she transitioned from an English teacher to freelancing from home and how her teaching skills translated into the freelancing world. Micala now helps other moms figure out...


063: Helping Tweens and Teens Navigate Friendships

Being a teenager can be tough to navigate. And being a parent to one can be even harder. Not knowing how to stay "in the know" and have an open relationship with your tween or teen are one of parents most common struggles as their kids grow older. Courtney Harris, is a skilled, compassionate coach with 10 years of experience in supporting teens and families and has mentored over 1000 teens. So, she knows a thing or two about what our teens are struggling with and how they'd like us as...


062: Surviving Transitions w/ Sarah Argenal

Today's guest is Sarah Argenal, the Founder & CEO of the Working Parent Resource. Her goal is to help burned out professional moms and dads live more deliberate lives so they can experience more meaning, joy and fulfillment. Having gone through a lot of transitions and pivots in her life, Sarah is sharing some tips on how to handle those moments in life that throw you for a loop and how to not let them rock your world.


Birthday Party Comparison Trap

Throwing a birthday party for our kiddos is a hard task these days. Not that it's not easy to pick up a cake, invite some family over and throw a few streamers up, but we feel like that's not really enough. We're starting to measure how "mom enough" we are by the level of details we put into the party we throw. Today I am sharing my opinion on the birthday comparison trap we mom guilt ourselves into, why we shouldn't care and some tips on making a birthday for our kids special without...


Sex & Libido After Baby w/ Dr. Ditza Katz and Dr. Ross Tabisel

**ADULT CONTENT AHEAD** Ditza Katz, PT, PhD, is the founder of Women’s Therapy Center, a practice specializing in urogynecologic rehabilitation, treatment of female sexual dysfunction, breast & female cancer rehabilitation, and management of somatic disorders. And Ross Lynn Tabisel, LCSW, PhD, is Co – Director of the Women’s Therapy Center and a Diplomate with the American Board of Sexology. These two women are my amazing guests on the show today. And how they bring the truth and...


Solo Parenting (Sometimes),Expectations,& Using Children's Books as Tools in Parenting

Samantha Munoz is a mother, wife, engineer, bibliophile and avid coffee drinker. She is also the expert kid’s lit curator at Addison Reads, author of The Intentional Bookshelf, and creator of the Intentional Book Club. Sam writes children’s book reviews to guide parents as they search for the perfect books for their little ones and helps moms and dads build a library with a purpose. Once a seriously overwhelmed and stressed out parent herself, Sam turns to children’s literature for the...


9 Truths I Want Every Mom to Know

I recently read an article entitiled "10 Things Every Mother Wants Her Daughter to Know". As I read it I felt this internal struggle. Why do we tell our daughters all these wonderful things we want her to know, things we want to engrave in her so deeply the world can't break her, things we want her to grow up believing about herself, yet we do the exact opposite to ourselves. This my mom friends, is my response to that article. Here are 9 truths I want YOU and every MOM to know.


056: PCOS w/ Dr. Fiona McCulloch

Dr. Fiona McCulloch, the founder and owner of White Lotus Integrative Medicine has worked with thousands of people seeking better health over the past 16 years of her practice. She is committed to health education, sharing the most current information on health topics, nutrition and natural medicine. Fiona has published many articles and is a regular contributor to NDNR, one of the leading journals for naturopathic doctors as well as other publications for health professionals. Her first...