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"C.B.R" Mark News (SM5 Predictions)

Tonight on CBR Mark2 will be sharing his Summer Madness 5 predictions on the Mark News of the week.


Why Are So Many Dominant Lesbians Getting Pregnant?

Tonight we're taking a different approach. What we're asking on behalf of the people is why are so many doms getting pregnant? Most doms claim to look at men as disgusting and even go as far as saying it's gay for a dom to behave girly or be attracted to a man so how (better yet) WHY is it that they're popping up pregant? There's nothing more girly than being knocked up that's for sure! Well tonight we're gonna disgust this controversial topic and see if we can put our heads together to try...


"C.B.R" Interview with Riggz Da Crysiz

Up & coming emcee/battle rapper Riggz Da Crysiz is kicking it with CBR tonight. We'll be playing some songs from Riggz, discussing his career as both an emcee and a battle rapper and where he plans on taking it and getting some of his views on where he feels Hip Hop is now as a whole. Riggz's music gives you that real Hip Hop vibe but don't just take our word for it, tune in to hear for yourself. The talented up & comers is what it's all about and what we rap to the fullest here on CBR so...


Entering The Singles Market After A Breakup

Tonight on It's Real Talk Raido we'll be discussing something most of us can relate to: 'Getting back into the singles pool after a serious relationship.' As someone who is experiencing this right now, Nizzy Nay, host of It's Real Talk Radio will be taking lead on this topic speaking from hands on experience what it's like trying to re-establish that spark with someone new after you've wasted months or years with your ex. The only people who can't relate to this discussion are the people who...


"C.B.R" Interview with Phatboii Rell

Tonight we'll be joined by up & coming battle rapper Phatboii Rell. He is also an emcee, writer, producer, & actor. We'll be asking asking Phatboii Rell about all of his respected careers & where he plans on taking them. We'll also be playing a few of his tracks so you can hear live & direct what he brings to the table. Phatboii Rell has also agreed to compete in the next battle rap competition we have coming up on C.B.R so battle rap fans make sure you tune in as we'll be asking him...


Public Service Announcement: Schedule Adjustment

Tonight is the announcement of a schedule adjustment in our lineup. For those of you who follow us you know we have "C.B.R" which airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM ET and we have "It's Real Talk Radio" which airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM ET. Well our schedule adjustment will be as follows: C.B.R one Tuesday then It's Real Talk Radio the following Wednesday meaning we'll never air both shows in the same week. For instants we'll have C.B.R on Tuesday September 8th then It's Real Talk Radio on...


"C.B.R" Biggie vs 2Pac: Who Was Better?

There's been a ton of greats but in the 90's era there are 2 names that stand out most to all the real Hip Hop heads and those names are none other than the great Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur. Little did these 2 know how great they were on the break of being before tragically losing their lives as they were both on the break of reaching Hip Hop royalty. Even bigger names after their deaths, Biggie & Pac are considered to be 2 of the greatest rappers to ever touch mics and debates on who's...


A Nightmare On Bed Bug Street!

Tonight we'll be discussing creepy, crawly, itchy, scratchy, blood sucking bed bugs! For starters, if you haven't had the opportunity of being introduced to them, consider yourself lucky! These bugs are becoming a major problem all up and down the entire United States. With air travel being so fluent, and considering luggage is one of their prefered ways of travel, there is no such thing as a bed bug free state. Bed bugs travel in units and they assault with pen point accuracy leaving...


"C.B.R" Drake vs Meek Mill

Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be dicussing all the adversity that's been taking place between Drake & Meek Mill. So who do you think won and why? Tune in to hear our opinions. It Just Got Real!


"C.B.R" Interview with A-Way

Tonight on C.B.R we'll be joined by Chicago's own A-Way. A-Way is an aspiring rapper who has already had his fair share of success having performed on BET's "106 & Park", opened for a number of nationally known artists and had his music played on Chicago's local radio stations along with several Internet Radio Stations. A-Way has also been featured in "XXL" as an "Artist To Watch" and has his own Pandora station that features singles from his latest "HomeC?oming" LP. Backed by Chicago’s...


"C.B.R" Interview with OD (Owner Of AHAT)

Tonight we have a very special guest. He goes by the name of OD and he is indeed the owner of AHAT. You know the guy you see standing between the battlers rocking his trademark shades looking as cool as a ceiling fan? Yeah, that guy! He's coming onto Championship Battle Rap to chop it up with us and let us know the latest in his AHAT movement. When it comes to battle rap, you can't get much of a bigger guest than this guy. He's right on the scale with Smack (owner of URL) and Organik...


Championship Battle Rap Presents: "War Stories"

Tonight we're trading War Stories and naw we're not playing "All Eyez On Me" we're talking battle rap with 4 of the illest up & coming talents we've come across yet. These MC's were previous guests on C.B.R so you can scroll through our archives and listen to all of their exclusives with us to get a feel for all 4 emcees before you check out these battles. These battles have classic written all over them and we ourselves are smothered with anticipation. I mean these 4 MC's have had 30 days...


C.B.R" Faceoff: King Flow vs Chracks Royalty & Cdot vs Superblack

Tonight on C.B.R we have our official Faceoff between all 4 battle rappers competing in our upcoming event, "War Stories." Facing off in the first half of our show we have Undercard battlers: King Flow vs Chracks Royalty. Facing off in the second half of our show we have Main Event battlers: Cdot vs Superblack. Think of the Faceoff as the official Weigh In before a big fight. Don't be fooled by the term "Faceoff", these battlers aren't about to start baring each others lives away just yet,...


"C.B.R" Interview with King Flow / Interview with Chracks Royalty

The first half of our show will feature up & coming rapper/battle rapper King Flow out of Virginia. His song writing ability along with his deadly battle rap aggression is nothing to sleep on. King flow reached out to us via social media and sent us the link to one of his battles. Needless to say, it only took 1 round of 1 battle for us to be interested in bringing King Flow on CBR. After watching one of his battles, it's pretty clear why he has "Flow" as a part of his battle rap name. He...

The Gift And The Curse Of Falling In Love

Tonight we will be dicussing the ups and downs in a relationship.The bad experiences we have had and how we dealt with a heartbreak.Everybody has experienced at least one bad break up and tonight the crew will be jumping in on this topic that everybody can relate to.So sit back and relax to listen in on a great show.And like Always you know we keep it Real!


"C.B.R" Interview with Superblack"

Tonight C.B.R welcomes up & coming battle rapper Superblack. Superblack, reppin Alabama, has been putting together some classic bars in recent battles and shows no signs of letting up. Those of you who have been listening to C.B.R know that we only invite guests on who we feel are very talented and have that drive to really make you want to hear them and talent or drive are not areas Superblack lacks in by any stretch of the imagination. If you want bars he has it, if you want performance he...


"C.B.R" Interview with Etta Flamez

Tonight on "C.B.R" we'll be joined by Etta Flamez. Who is Etta Flamez? Well we'll be finding out exactly who she is on tonight's show but for starters, she's an up & coming rapper but it doesn't stop there. She's also a singer, song writer, choreographer, dancer & entrepreneur. Check out Etta Flamez's website for Natural Weight Loss and Detox Products, as well as Waist Shapers and Sexual Enhancement Products by clicking her site's link listed below. Apparel/Accessories: Male and Female...


"C.B.R" Do You Respect Rappers Who Have Ghostwriters? (Part2)

This is the second part of our discussion on if rappers with ghostwriters deserve the same respect as emcees who write their own material.


"C.B.R" Do You Respect Rappers Who Have Ghostwriters?

Tonight we'll be discussing one of the most controversial topics in Hip Hop PERIOD! That's right, tonight we'll be discussing ghostwriting in Hip Hop and as we dissect this controversial topic, the question we're asking is "Do you still respect rappers who make dope music but have ghostwriters?" If you're a Hip Hop head, then trust us when we say you don't wanna miss out on tonight's show because as always, we're going in full blast and you already know we're gonna keep it real on "It's Real...


Interview with Nude Model CHARLIE FOXX & Adult Film Star AYANA NEGASI

Tonight we're taking a whole new approach on It's Real Talk Radio. That's right, we'll be joined by 2 representatives of Adult Entertainment. On the first half of our show, we'll be speaking with Nude Model, Fetish Model, Exotic Dancer; CHARLIE FOXX. On the second half of our show, we'll be joined by Adult Film Actress (also Nude & Eye Candy Model); AYANA NEGASI. This conversation is for the grown & sexy, so if you don't represent that club, then please refrain from listening as this...