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It is my great pleasure to publish this weekly podcast that supplements my book "Hacking Engagement". Listen and get creative ideas on how to engage students tomorrow! Please visit my website: http://jamesalansturtevant.com/ And...for a cornucopia of teacher empowerment resources, visit: http://hacklearning.org/

It is my great pleasure to publish this weekly podcast that supplements my book "Hacking Engagement". Listen and get creative ideas on how to engage students tomorrow! Please visit my website: http://jamesalansturtevant.com/ And...for a cornucopia of teacher empowerment resources, visit: http://hacklearning.org/
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It is my great pleasure to publish this weekly podcast that supplements my book "Hacking Engagement". Listen and get creative ideas on how to engage students tomorrow! Please visit my website: http://jamesalansturtevant.com/ And...for a cornucopia of teacher empowerment resources, visit: http://hacklearning.org/




111-A Google Drawing Prompt Template that you can use Over and Over Again...Starring Morgan Schull and Lauren Speelman

2 Months ago, I prompted my students to draw. I was hoping to get some masterpieces. In fairness, I did get a few spectacular and inspiring submissions. Most kids, however, were ambivalent. Many commented, "I hate drawing!" Or, "I suck at drawing!" They put forth little or no effort and it showed. The entire episode left me wondering, "How can I do this better next time?" At this dramatic moment, Google Drawings boldly stepped on stage. I was unfamiliar with this tool, so I watched a brief...


110-TEMPORARILY Morph your Kids into Buddhist, Hindus, and Muslims via the Belief-O-Matic...Starring Sebastian Kirkpatrick and Graham Mackey

It's so hard to entice someone to morph into the perspective of another. Unfortunately, it's darned near impossible for adults and not that easy for kids, who hopefully are more open-minded. I teach in a small town just outside Columbus, Ohio. We are just a couple of miles from the diversity of Columbus. However, our town is growing and diversity is coming. It's my mission to help our kids appreciate different viewpoints. I was overjoyed when I found an online tool that helps greatly in the...


109-Adventures in Standards-Based Learning...Starring Mark Robinson

I remember 10th-grade Geometry. I was quite a distracted high schooler. And to accentuate this problem...I was a total humanities guy. Math class was more of a social opportunity as opposed to an academic endeavor. Consequently, I was totally lost. I had virtually no idea what was going on. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids in Math classes today who resemble the 15-year-old me. So at this juncture of our journey, Mark Robinson enters the fray. Mark is a fabulous Math teacher who...


108-Ben Momeni and Cecilia Sutton Want you to Deliver your Next Lesson Via Padlet

Recently, my buddy Michael Brilla shared information on how to utilize Google Drawings. He sent me a Padlet by Karly Moura. I was mesmerized by this Padlet. The info and the direction were solid...but I was also captivated by the Padlet itself. I immediately started scheming, How can I utilize a Padlet for my next lesson prompt? It was a short skull-session. My World Civ students were due for their research paper prompt. Writing a research paper, for many students, is a daunting task. I...


107-Gamify your Next Lesson...Starring Stephanie Howell

In Episode 68, I demonstrated a zero-tech method of including two classic board games into your instruction. In this episode, Stephanie Howell will take gamification to a whole new level. Stephanie is an Instructional Technology Coordinator at the Pickerington Local School District in suburban Columbus, Ohio. Stephanie and I have interacted for a while and I wanted to interview her last year, but we kept searching for the perfect topic. We found it! She's going to enlighten all of us about...


106-47 Years of Enticing Kids to Lean Forward...Starring Jim Mahoney

Jim Mahoney is a fantastic public speaker. My original intention for this episode was to help teachers improve their presentations. Yes...this interview provides such direction, but as my convo with Jim evolved, it became apparent that teacher presentations was just one layer of onion skin. Jim's been in the teaching biz for 47 years. He's been a teacher, coach, principal, central office administrator, superintendent, the Executive Director of Battelle for Kids, and finally...he's returned...


105 Knight Lab Transforms your Kids into Digital Bards...Starring Michael Brilla

I loved being a student. Sometimes as a teacher, I'd like to trade places with my students. I enjoy learning. Well in this episode, I get to do just that! Michael Brilla is a fabulous middle school history teacher from Pottstown, Pa. Michael is my teacher and I'm his student. He's going to school me about digital storytelling. I'm reading a fascinating book called "Talk Like TED" by Carmine Gallo. Carmine evaluates the presentation styles of the most popular TED presenters. One common thread...


104-Please try a SILENT Socratic Seminar...Compliments of Peergrade and the Stanford History Education Group

Socratic Seminars are a big part of my class. The students circle-up and then dissect complex topics. These are highly engaging, collaborative, and provocative sessions. We do them a lot. However, even if you thoroughly enjoy something, like the taste of a Reese Cup (the relevance of which I'll explain in the episode), if you do it too much...the magic is lost. I'm always looking for ways to improve engagement in class discussion. My kids are totally down with Philosophical Chairs, which I...


103-Authenticity is how Steady Teddy Bonds with Kids...Starring Ted Diepenbrock

I'm exposed to fascinating guest through common interactions on Twitter. Ted Diepenbrock is one such person. We bantered back and forth about what to discuss in this interview. We settled on bonding with students, while at the same time, empowering them by giving them choices in learning. This is a fine topic and we discuss it thoroughly. But one message came through strongest as I edited our convo: To bond with kids you have to be authentic. Ted is authentic. He's a calm and kind presence...


102-Unleash your Student Technocracy...Starring Brennan Daugstrup and Shawn Sherburn

Brennan Daugstrup (The Blog) and Shawn Sherburn (Shrapnel) make me feel great in this episode. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then classify me as flattered to the hilt. These wonderful young guys are highly complimentary of my flipped lectures. But what really frosted my educational gourd, was being informed by my two young friends that when prompted to make videos, they use mine as a template. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I treasure their endorsement of my...


101-Meet me in the Agora, the Zero Tech Road to an Epic Class Discussion...Starring Mel Eckelbarger

It's tough to get students to participate in class discussions. It's tough to keep track of all the tech tools I toss out in this podcast. Well in this episode, I'm determined to alleviate both of these frustrations. I'll provide an engaging and fun class discussion tactic, which will only require great sources, provocative prompts, a stopwatch, 1 sheet of paper, and a pen or pencil. The Agora was the square in an ancient Greek city-state. The Greeks took democracy seriously. Participation...


100-Surviving 33 Years in the Classroom...Starring Kevin Ellinwood

I started this podcast in the summer of 2016. I just had completed my book Hacking Engagement. The podcast was meant to supplement the book. There are 50 hacks in Hacking Engagement. My objective in 2016 was to produce 50 episodes. It seemed like climbing a mountain. It was hard to fathom producing 50 episodes...and yet I did. I had so much fun that I went ahead and produced 100! This episode is a celebration of this achievement. I interview Kevin Ellinwood. Kevin Ellinwood. Kevin, like me,...


99-If the Statue of Liberty were a teacher...how would she handle kids who struggle with English...Starring Diann Espinoza

America is changing. According to Pew, by 2050 the US will be 29% Hispanic. If you don't have kids in your class who struggle with English, you will in the future. If you have students that struggle, expect a lot more. I've spoken to colleagues who've experienced such students. Many of these educators expressed frustration. They lack training and resources. In prepping for this episode, I concluded that teachers need to strive to be like the Statue of Liberty...SAY WHAT!?! “Give me your...


98-StoryboardThat will Transform your Kids into Editorial Cartoonists

When I was a young teacher, I used to bring my newspaper to study hall. Students would perch on their desks and observe me like vultures. As soon as I was done with the Sports Section, or the Life Section, they would swoop down and devour it! Today, I'm not sure kids could identify a newspaper in a police lineup. What I loved the most about consuming the newspaper each day was the Comic's Page and the Editorial Cartoons. Unfortunately, I don't get a paper anymore. My exposure to comics has...


97-The Virtual Gallery Walk Compliments of Screencastify

Student videos started to get on my nerves. It was the same thing over and over. The kids put most of their efforts into making them funny and violent. The videos seemed more slapstick than expressive. I retooled the way kids create videos and the results have been spectacular. This episode is about HOW I have my students do this and HOW they present their work to one another. Episode 44 is about student presentations via the gallery walk. In this program, I'm going to promote the idea of...


96-Jason Connelly is the Man Behind the Curtain...Crafting Powerful and Futuristic Classroom Presentations

Many moons ago, I read a fascinating book about the future. Bill Gates’ book "The Road Ahead" inspired me greatly. I couldn’t wait to see if Gates’ fascinating predictions came to fruition. Guess what…most did! This episode will feature a Gates-like futuristic prophet in regard to lesson delivery. Jason Connelly is an instructional designer at Columbus State Community College. I became acquainted with Jason last year. Columbus State commissioned your humble narrator to create the online...


95-Your Step-by-Step Guide to an Epic Class Discussion Sturtevant-Style

In the midst of your last class discussion, you may have felt some pangs of disappointment. Perhaps, there was not enough engagement. Or maybe, the participation level was not satisfactory. Some students may have monopolized the airwaves. Well...I'm here to help. In this episode, you'll be treated to a step-by-step approach to epic class discussions. This template can be used repeatedly. Welcome, dear friends, to Philosophical Chairs Sturtevant-Style!


94-Usher in Relevance Courtesy of Elon Musk and Peergrade...Starring Mitchell Charles

I get frustrated when I'm asked to do something irrelevant. Don't you? And yet, many teachers dread when students ask, "When am I ever going to need to know this stuff?" It's a rather obnoxious way of asking, "Is this lesson relevant?" Now, picture this. You craft a lesson that is so relevant that you hope some kid inquires! This episode is designed to help you create such a lesson. To help in this mission is an awesome primary source.Mitchell Charles is an articulate young man destined for...


93-The Evolving Seamless Relationship Between K12 and Higher Ed...Starring Penny Sturtevant

I get inspiration for my episodes from odd sources. One of my New Year's resolutions is to read more. The past few years, I've been busy writing my book, so I had zero time to consume words because I was too busy creating narratives. That's changed and it's delightful. Currently, I'm reading Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance. This book is about Musk's incredible vision, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his dogged determination. The book is also...


92-Flavor Tomorrow's Lesson with an International Perspective...Courtesy of Brad Gosche and the Columbus Council on World Affairs

I'll bet you've heard your students complain about where they live...the community where you teach them by the way. I did my share of whining when I was a teen. I felt like little New Concord, Ohio was nowhere. And yet, there's virtually no nowhere anymore! We all live and function in a global economy. If your students don't believe it, have them conduct a simple inventory of what they're wearing and carrying. Ask them to record where all of their possessions are manufactured. I'll bet...