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Being a Good Neighbor | Donna + Leroy Barber

Meet Donna and Leroy Barber, Founders of The Voices Project, which is Influencing culture through training and promoting leaders of color. Leroy Barber has dedicated more than 25 years to eradicating poverty, confronting homelessness, restoring local neighborhoods, and healing racism. Donna has served as an educator, trainer and coach for urban youth and urban youth program leaders for more than 25 years. This couple is committed to living what Dr. King called “the beloved community." In...


Artists and Interracial Marriage | Amena Brown + Matt Owen

This weeks episode with Matt and Amena is perfect for the newly married, for those with fears about long-term relationships and for those who just want to laugh. They share stories about their family differences, their creative differences, and how they have learned to know their roles and stay in love.


Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics for Life and Family | Chris + Teri Bledsoe

This week on the Love or Work Podcast we hear from Chris and Teri Bledsoe, husband and wife, parents of four, and Founders of Banker's Dashboard and On Purpose Goods. Chris and Teri talk through their philosophy, strategy, tactics on life, work and family. They encourage us to start with the end in mind. They are a family that strives to put others first - whether it's through listening, giving or serving.


Hope Heals | Katherine + Jay Wolf

This week we have the great honor to learn from Katherine and Jay Wolf, a husband and wife duo, whose dreams, family and marriage instantly changed when Katherine suffered a massive brain stem stroke at the age of 26. They teach us about the largest minority group in the world, and how to talk with our kids about people with disabilities. In everything they do, they desire to redefine healing and manifest hope. Their story and their life are a true testament that suffering can be hard,...


NBA, Little Kids, and Road Trips | Juliet + Kyle Korver

Meet Juliet and Kyle Korver. Kyle Korver, NBA All-Star and player with Cleveland Cavaliers. Juliet, a Wellness Coach and musician. They teach us about being married to someone completely opposite of you. We learn how they intentionally stay connected during the NBA season. Juliet gives us practical tips of asking for help and support to maintain your sanity and health. Kyle shares about how he stays healthy and what it means to be a good Dad.


The Counseling Episode | Andre + Jeff Shinabarger

This is a before and after recording of our FIRST marriage counseling appointment. Andre forced Jeff to go. Jeff did not want to go. Maybe you can relate with their fears and learnings before and after their counseling session.


A dinner conversation | Tedashii + Danielle Anderson, Matt + Margaret Reynolds and the Shinabargers

This is a bonus episode of a dinner conversation we had with some close friends. Matt and Margaret share how they became better partners in marriage. Tedashii and Danielle talk about the false information about marriage that caused them to have unrealistic expectations. Andre and Jeff share another “for better or worse” story that might leave you gagging. Have a seat with us at the table for this fun conversation!


Visionaries, Entrepreneurs and Dream Releasers | Jennie + Zac Allen

Jennie and Zac are both visionaries and entrepreneurs. Jennie is founder of the if:Gathering and an author. Zac is a serial entrepreneur. In this episode, the Allens share some of their secrets of how they make it ALL work in a family who each have their own BIG dreams. They talk about taking turns when starting something new, being “dream releasers” and how to keep pursuing your dreams even when it feels impossible.


How to change the way we work to benefit our family | Bryan + Shannon Miles

Meet Bryan + Shannon Miles, Co-CEOs of BELAY. Shannon is the author of “The Third Option” and Bryan is the author of “Virtual Culture”. Their family vision is to travel and vacation with their kids. Belay Solutions was born out of a desire to spend more time as a family and change the way we all view work. Bryan and Shannon share secrets of co-running a company and with 700+ virtual employees, while living a life that’s moving them towards their future goals.


Grief in Marriage | Ashley + Kyle Jones

This week we meet Kyle and Ashley Jones. Ashley is the founder of Love Not Lost, a non-profit organization who photographs people facing a terminal diagnosis. This dream came out of their own painful loss of their daughter. They share about the difficulty of grief and marriage. Their redemptive story will provide hope in the midst of times of loss and despair.


Until Death Do Us Part | Andre + Jeff Shinabarger

So, this week we are changing things up a bit. We are calling this a bonus episode because it wasn't something we originally planned. Join us to hear three fun and lighthearted stories centered around the vows we took 16 years ago: for better/for worse, for richer/for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. We'll dive into the great orange juice debate and what happens when one partner tears their achilles. We even have a challenge for you at the end...


Family Meetings, Fitness, and 7 second embraces Josh + Erin Guerrieri

In this episode, we hear from Josh and Erin. They own and run a gym called Fit Wit and a family blog and resource called Build Your Best Family. This is the episode you should listen to if you have young kids. They have FIVE!! You will learn about how to run family meetings and daily check-ins. We also hear about their RECKONING in seeing the importance of their partners happiness and the changes that needed to be made for that to happen.


Forty Five Years of Marriage Wisdom | Frank + Connie Sabo

This week we learn from Frank, a retired Burger King Franchise owner, and Connie, a former executive at Ralph Lauren. The Sabos have been married for 45 years. In this episode you will learn about creative holiday traditions and how to plan a purposeful vacation that will shape the hearts of your kids.


Love for Atlanta, Beer, and Japanese Toilets | Mary Stuart + Joel Iverson

In this week's episode, we meet Joel, co-founder of Monday Night Brewing, and Mary Stuart, an Atlanta Real Estate Agent. While growing two strong businesses and raising four kids, the idea of slowing down was difficult. Mary Stuart shares how she needed to make the tough decision of taking a Sabbatical. Get ready to learn about Japanese toilets, the legacy of your children and sacrifice.


Loving an Entrepreneur | Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

Entrepreneurs have the highest rate of infidelity. In this episode, we meet Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, author of “Start, Love, Repeat: How to Stay in Love with Your Entrepreneur in a Crazy Start-up World.” We learn from Dorcas, a writer for, who believes that just because you are married to an entrepreneur, it does not mean you should be a single parent. Dorcas reminds us that boundaries for every couple look different, but when one person in the couple is suffering, there needs to be a...


Homelessness and Serving as a Family | Cecilia + Terence Lester

In this episode, we have the honor of learning from Cecilia + Terence Lester, the co-starters of Love Beyond Walls, an Atlanta-based non-profit that provides dignity and support services to those experiencing homelessness and poverty. These two talk from personal experience that have shaped their lives in profound ways. Terence and Cecilia share about ways to include your family in your dream and how to educate your children on social issues. In short, they change the world with their family.


Babywearing, Entrepreneurship, and Protecting Time | Keri + Brian Fosse

Keri and Brian are co-founders of Lalabu, a simple babywearing company based out of Atlanta. The Fosses both left their corporate American jobs to launch Lalabu. In this conversation, we learn about the struggles of entrepreneurship within young families and hear about how Keri and Brian have learned to protect their time, while being okay with the weeds in their garden.


Intimacy, Parenting Boys and Cancer | Bill + Kitti Murray

Bill and Kitti Murray have been married for 40 years. Bill is a Life Coach and Kitti is the founder of Refuge Coffee. They have persevered through many challenges including a cancer diagnosis, raising four boys, and starting a coffee truck. In this episode, we are encouraged to become an expert on what refreshes our spouse, we are challenged by the reality of in sickness and health, and we see the obstacles of what it takes to launch a non-profit.


Purpose Hotel, Adoption and Family Rhythms | Shannon + Jeremy Cowart

In this episode, you meet Jeremy, an internationally acclaimed Photographer and Founder of the Purpose Hotel and Shannon, a Realtor in Nashville. The Cowarts’ lives are full, between four kids, launching a hotel, and keeping sanity. These two speak to how to create more margin in life while still going after BIG goals.


Co-Owners, Work Travel and Imperfection | Liz & Ben Bohannon

Liz and Ben Bohannon are co-founders of Sseko Designs. They work side by side every day. We can all imagine the challenges that come with that. Liz and Ben share about the balance to turn work off, while keeping an openness to “have a work thought.” They share rhythms they have found helpful when travel separates them.