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Giving aspiring moms and pregnant women guidance and community from moms who've been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We're in this together!

Giving aspiring moms and pregnant women guidance and community from moms who've been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We're in this together!


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Giving aspiring moms and pregnant women guidance and community from moms who've been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We're in this together!




EP91- Chapters and Phases of Motherhood from a Seasoned Mama with Ilana Levine

When your young ones have wild creativity and want to explore their expression through many things, it might result in unusual choices like wearing your pjs to school, but where do you draw the line? Do you weigh in on what's normal for other parents? Or do you trust your own instinct as the parent? In this episode, Ilana Levine shares how she navigated through the many phases of a growing toddler. She openly talks about the importance of partnership in parenting, the importance of raising a...


EP90- What the First Two Weeks with a Newborn Look Like with Sharon Mazel

Bringing your baby home and those first couple of weeks can be one of the most stressful times for parents. There are so many unknowns, you and your baby are adjusting to a new normal and what really IS normal? To answer this question, I spoke with pregnancy and parenting expert, Sharon Mazel! With over twenty years of experience in the motherhood field, Sharon shares tips and tricks daily on her Instagram platform so you know what those first two weeks and beyond will look like. This...


EP89- How the Nustle Supports Your Breastfeeding Journey with Founder Teran Martin

When Teran Martin first became a mother, her vision of what breastfeeding would be like was one of ease. She imagined that nature would just take its course, right?! Unfortunately for her that was not the case. After several attempts and a frustrating couple of weeks, she decided it was time to complete her breastfeeding journey and dry up her milk. The advice she was given at that time was to use a cold compress. She found herself stuck on the couch unable to move and rather uncomfortable...


[2020] Kids Eat in Color with Jennifer Anderson

In this episode, I sit down with Jennifer Anderson, a mama of 2 boys and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. After many failed attempts to get her sons to eat that broccoli, she decided to start @KidsEatinColor, where she shares tips to start babies on food, picky toddler eaters and more! Not to mention that her page is so colorful and fun to follow. Listen in as she answers questions from listeners and gives tons of tips to simplify meal time. She teaches me how to take control of how and...


[2020] How to Feel Empowered in Your Body During Birth & Beyond with Nikki Bergen

Mama of two and a pilates instructor for the past 13 years, Nikki Bergen is the creator of The Belle Method and The Bump Method. She discusses the importance of creating a strong pelvic floor and core and becoming empowered in our bodies before we even dive into motherhood. The Bump Method is created specifically for moms and where their/your body is during and after pregnancy. At the same time, she reminds women that it’s never too late to heal yourself. This mama gave birth on Mother’s...


[2019] Happy Days, Rested Nights with Samantha Day

In this episode, I get a chance to speak with Samantha Day, a mother of two, lover of country line dance, a behavior specialist and a certified sleep consultant. No matter what your method of sleep is, Samantha is here to chat with us about how important sleep is to all of us and how it doesn’t have to be such a controversy. With her degree as a Learning Behavior Specialist and after going through sleep struggles with her son, she decided to go on a path of more research and applied her...


EP85- How to Plan for a Twin Pregnancy with Kelly Morris Rowan

Having twins when you have no history of twins in your family is a surprise and a challenge. Even more when the majority of the resources you need help from are generally designed for singleton parents. In this episode, Kelly Morris Rowan talks about her experience with a monochorionic diamniotic pregnancy, baby blues, and the challenges of entering first-time parenting with twin babies. For Kelly, caring for a baby as a new mom is an experience to hold, but when you have two babies crying...


EP84- How to Stay Strong When Facing Infertility and Secondary Infertility with Erin Bulcao

When discussing infertility, IVF, and other ways to fertilization, it's important to greet possibilities with an open mind—before it even comes around. For Erin, "it's probably never going to be exactly how you thought it’s going to be." In this episode, Erin Bulcao talks to us about her loooong journey with infertility, the challenges that arose along the way, and why and how she started her blog 'My Beautiful Blunder' – a space where she opens up about her story with infertility and IVF....


EP83- Simplifying Feeding with Café Baby and Jeannie Marrugo

Planning out the course of a baby's diet can be very sensitive and challenging for every mother and parent. But for someone who handled her baby while working in architecture full-time, Jeannie rises above it all. In this episode, Jeannie Marugo talks about how her frustration brought her and her mother to build Café Baby – a brand that sends every parent fresh and homemade baby foods that baby needs, no matter their age. Learn more about Café Baby in this episode of the Mamas in Training...


EP82- How to Help Your Choking Child with CPR Safety Lady, Gail Gould

According to data from New York’s Department of Health, “at least one child dies from choking on food every five days in the U.S.” For Gail, when the cause is so preventable, no parent should ever have to lose their child to it. In this episode, “CPR Safety Lady” Gail Gould, talks about the common procedures for conducting standard CPR to infants and children. With her years of experience, Gail also shows us how to perform the different necessary steps to take when our kids are either...


EP81- The Mindset Shift of Fitness in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Nicole Scheitlin

Exercising during or after pregnancy sounds like a piece of cake for someone who has a degree in Exercise Science—some might say. But for Nicole, it was a total blank slate. In this episode, Nicole Scheitlin talks about physical activities postpartum, the right mindset our mamas-to-be need to have in regards to their physical health, and the structured approach to physical exercise after giving birth. When thinking about physical fitness and rebuilding the body postpartum, for Nicole, it...


EP80- Medical and Natural Inductions with Labor Nurse Hanna Murray

Even though the majority of birth deliveries take place in hospitals, for Hanna, it shouldn't be looked at as solely a medical procedure. In its essence, giving birth is a natural process. In this episode, Hanna Murray talks about medical and natural inductions, the Bishop's Score, and the due diligence that mothers need before giving birth. For Hanna, each pre-birth stage and phase can lead to a smoother delivery if soon-to-be-moms make it a habit to always ask questions about their...


EP79- Surviving the Storm: Miscarriage with Tara Snyder

TRIGGER WARNING: Miscarriage Today, we are joined by a previous guest Tara Snyder. Tara was previously a guest on Episode 14 of what was The Pumping Podcast, where we talked about being a mom in Academia. She is a professor at the University of Central Florida. She joins us today to share a story, that might be hard for some to hear, of miscarriage. With her adorable toddler running around, Tara decided it was time to grow her family again. However, her heart was broken when in the midst...


EP78- How to Transition to Solids For Babies with Taylor Arnold

It's normal to be 100% hands-on when making decisions about things that concern your baby. Most of the time, it brings out the best results. Although when it comes to developing your baby's relationship with food—the case might not be the same. In this episode, Dr. Taylor Arnold talks about intuitive eating, introducing solids to your baby's diet, the nine major allergens, and The Division of Responsibility feeding theory. Even with her Ph.D. in nutrition, For Dr. Taylor, the topic of baby...


EP77- How Influencers Impact Our View of Motherhood with Jo Piazza

Diving too much into everything social media offers, to some extent, can be considered a self-sabotaging act. It makes you compare and aspire to ideals that aren't entirely in tune with what's real. Today, Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Journalist, Jo Piazza, shares a different perspective. In this episode, Jo shares about her podcast, “Under the Influence,” her upcoming book she co-wrote with friend, Christine Pride entitled "We Are Not Like Them," her thoughts on mom influencers, and...


EP76- How to Find Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy with Dr. Noor Ali

The more informed you are about your medical insurance plans, the wiser and more empowered you become when making health choices. For our guest doctor, that’s the ‘why’ behind becoming a health insurance advisor. In this episode, Dr. Noor Ali talks about the American Healthcare System, what future moms need to understand about maternity coverage, and her health insurance consultation that’s 100% free for every client. Dr. Noor explains that her job as a doctor and as an advisor is not to...


EP75- Finding the Sunshine in Stillbirth with Liz Lehmann

Losing a baby is the greatest tragedy. The feeling is not something that any average person would understand. Today, Liz tells us the whole story of how she went through it. In this episode, Liz Lehmann talks about the benefits and purpose of having a doula, the definition of grief that she decided to live with, and her whole experience with losing a child to stillbirth. Despite the pain she and her husband went through with losing their baby, Liz learned how to accept everything that...


EP74- How to Find Confidence in Formula and Baby-feeding with Erin Moore

When you think about baby feeding, what's the first method that comes to your mind? For some, the first option that comes to mind is the only option. Today, Erin disproves that. In this episode, Erin Moore talks to us about the realistic expectations that moms need regarding breastfeeding and formula feeding and the practical tips that can help moms transition faster and more confidently to formula. For Erin, women self-educating about formula even before giving birth is a must. With this...


EP73- Finding Fertility Support from Someone Who's Been There with Elizabeth King

Whether it’s about preparing your body to conceive or managing options for pregnancy, the effort needs to be shared. These types of issues shouldn’t be addressed by women alone. Today, we are joined by Elizabeth King, the fertility health coach. In this episode, Elizabeth shares the experiences she was exposed to at an early age that helped her understand the struggles of many women with infertility. Because fertility management isn’t an issue that only women should worry about, Elizabeth...


EP72- Managing Your Expectations Physically & Mentally for Postpartum with Brenna Ruiz

There are different topics that women need to know before they get pregnant, that may arise as an issue if left undiscovered during pregnancy. And today, we are joined by Brenna Ruiz of for just that. In this episode, Brenna shares about her postpartum experience, perinatal mental issues, and the education women need before pregnancy. She also discusses the vulnerable subjects that new moms don’t admit or talk about and all the other things that got her saying, “why didn’t...