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Giving aspiring first time moms guidance & community from moms who’ve been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Whether you’re an aspiring mom or a pregnant, expecting woman, we are here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We‘re in this together!

Giving aspiring first time moms guidance & community from moms who’ve been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Whether you’re an aspiring mom or a pregnant, expecting woman, we are here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We‘re in this together!


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Giving aspiring first time moms guidance & community from moms who’ve been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Whether you’re an aspiring mom or a pregnant, expecting woman, we are here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We‘re in this together!




EP100- The Top 3 Things to Know as a Mama in Training with Jessica Lorion

We have reached a milestone of 100 episodes!!! After interviewing over 100 women about their experience entering motherhood, there are 3 things that are always mentioned that we need to remember: Advocacy, Birth Preferences and Community. I have gathered together these 3 elements to share with you today, so we can start to implement them as mamas in training. Hear how to incorporate these three elements right away with actionable steps and examples. Find out how to incorporate these 3 most...


EP99- Is Home Birth Right for Me? with Sarah & Matthew Bivens

For most people, childbirth should be done in hospitals, but did you know that according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 35,000 deliveries are done at home every year? Even though its statistics of success increase, home birth remains frowned upon by many. If home birth fits your situation, how do you face the pushback and doubts? In this episode, Sarah & Matthew Bivens share their experience with home birth, how they rose above the unwanted feedback and comments,...


EP98- Relationships and Involving Your Partner from the Beginning with Dr. Morgan Cutlip

Of course, when our partners are sloppy around the house, we don't like that! But as normal as it sometimes can get, it just sends us in a spiral of very emotional thoughts and can greatly affect our relationship over time. Failing to bring ourselves out of that spiral can't mean good. We might end up souring how we see our partners more than we should. In this episode, Dr. Morgan Cutlip speaks about the responsibility we have on how we see our partners, how parenthood affects satisfaction,...


EP97- How to Find Success in Breast/Bodyfeeding with Jada Shapiro

People say that parenting is instinctive, and that's true. But what they fail to include is that it is also a very long learning process for moms. Every day, you learn something about your baby that becomes a new part of your motherhood. And seeking support from a lactation expert will only optimize that learning process as a parent even more, especially in regards to nursing. In this episode, Jada Shapiro talks about the link between breastfeeding and your ability to produce milk, the...


[BONUS EPISODE] The Baby Show Expo LIVE: Parenting, Lactation, Organic Clothing and Deals

In this episode, you'll hear the LIVE interviews from the floor of The Baby Show Expo. This past October, I had the opportunity to go to the expo in Edison, NJ and interview some of the amazing vendors! Listen in as we cover a variety of topics from parenting to lactation, organic wool clothing for children and an unexpected place to find deals for your infant, toddler or family. Learn a variety of tips in this LIVE recording at The Baby Show Expo! Kate Garzon- Parenting Expert, Guided...


EP96- How to Prevent Picky Eating with Jenny Friedman

Supporting your baby’s early explorations with food is not something you can overlook. That's because their interaction with food at an early stage will affect their relationship with nutrition as they grow. So how do we set our children up for success when it comes to food, diet, and health and NOT have them become picky? In this episode, Jenny Friedman, a registered dietician nutritionist, talks about the approach and techniques to use when feeding a baby and into the toddler years, to...


EP95- Preconception: What to Expect with Bestselling Author, Heidi Murkoff

It's mind-boggling to think that preconception care wasn't a thing before. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more a vital subject of focus for couples planning to create a family today. But we wonder, are the factors we are considering for preconception enough? In this episode, Heidi Murkoff, Bestselling Author of What to Expect, graces us to speak about what encompasses preconception health, how not to add stress to the process of conceiving, what maternal gatekeeping is all about, the...


EP94- Why I‘m NOT a Mom, with a Mom Podcast with Your Host Jessica Lorion

Many people ask me why the heck I would have a podcast about motherhood when I'm not even a mom?! Well... in this episode, I'm telling you why. I wanted to take an opportunity to fully introduce myself and tell my story. While I'm not yet a mama, I'm a mama in training- I am preparing for motherhood one day and am taking the steps now to become as healthy and prepared as I can possibly be. Listen in for a glimpse into the life behind the voice of Mamas in Training. FOLLOW on Instagram:...


EP93- How to Not Lose Yourself and Your Dreams in Motherhood with Ina Coveney

Becoming a mother is a huge role. For some women, it's what they look forward to most in life. But what happens if you wish to fulfill more in life during parenthood? Is being a mother the thing that's stopping you? In this episode, Ina Coveney talks about how she managed to 'scratch' the 'itch' as a parent, the flexibility of life as a corporate professional, why you're limiting beliefs are really just limiting lies, where her great confidence comes from and the two major things that you...


EP92- What if You Don’t Fall in Love with Your Baby & Negative/Intrusive Thoughts with Dr. Alice Pickering

If you plan on having a baby or building a family, sometimes, you find yourself in a big bubble of bliss as you daydream about the day you finally become a parent. But what happens if that day comes and you don't feel anything like you imagined? If you're not aware that this can be a very common feeling, this can be very heartbreaking. In this episode, Dr. Alice Pickering talks about the impact of negative thoughts and intrusive thoughts and how we can overcome them. She also touches on...


EP91- Chapters and Phases of Motherhood from a Seasoned Mama with Ilana Levine

When your young ones have wild creativity and want to explore their expression through many things, it might result in unusual choices like wearing your pjs to school, but where do you draw the line? Do you weigh in on what's normal for other parents? Or do you trust your own instinct as the parent? In this episode, Ilana Levine shares how she navigated through the many phases of a growing toddler. She openly talks about the importance of partnership in parenting, the importance of raising a...


EP90- What the First Two Weeks with a Newborn Look Like with Sharon Mazel

Bringing your baby home and those first couple of weeks can be one of the most stressful times for parents. There are so many unknowns, you and your baby are adjusting to a new normal and what really IS normal? To answer this question, I spoke with pregnancy and parenting expert, Sharon Mazel! With over twenty years of experience in the motherhood field, Sharon shares tips and tricks daily on her Instagram platform so you know what those first two weeks and beyond will look like. This...


EP89- How the Nustle Supports Your Breastfeeding Journey with Founder Teran Martin

When Teran Martin first became a mother, her vision of what breastfeeding would be like was one of ease. She imagined that nature would just take its course, right?! Unfortunately for her that was not the case. After several attempts and a frustrating couple of weeks, she decided it was time to complete her breastfeeding journey and dry up her milk. The advice she was given at that time was to use a cold compress. She found herself stuck on the couch unable to move and rather uncomfortable...


[2020] Kids Eat in Color with Jennifer Anderson

In this episode, I sit down with Jennifer Anderson, a mama of 2 boys and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. After many failed attempts to get her sons to eat that broccoli, she decided to start @KidsEatinColor, where she shares tips to start babies on food, picky toddler eaters and more! Not to mention that her page is so colorful and fun to follow. Listen in as she answers questions from listeners and gives tons of tips to simplify meal time. She teaches me how to take control of how and...


[2020] How to Feel Empowered in Your Body During Birth & Beyond with Nikki Bergen

Mama of two and a pilates instructor for the past 13 years, Nikki Bergen is the creator of The Belle Method and The Bump Method. She discusses the importance of creating a strong pelvic floor and core and becoming empowered in our bodies before we even dive into motherhood. The Bump Method is created specifically for moms and where their/your body is during and after pregnancy. At the same time, she reminds women that it’s never too late to heal yourself. This mama gave birth on Mother’s...


[2019] Happy Days, Rested Nights with Samantha Day

In this episode, I get a chance to speak with Samantha Day, a mother of two, lover of country line dance, a behavior specialist and a certified sleep consultant. No matter what your method of sleep is, Samantha is here to chat with us about how important sleep is to all of us and how it doesn’t have to be such a controversy. With her degree as a Learning Behavior Specialist and after going through sleep struggles with her son, she decided to go on a path of more research and applied her...


EP85- How to Plan for a Twin Pregnancy with Kelly Morris Rowan

Having twins when you have no history of twins in your family is a surprise and a challenge. Even more when the majority of the resources you need help from are generally designed for singleton parents. In this episode, Kelly Morris Rowan talks about her experience with a monochorionic diamniotic pregnancy, baby blues, and the challenges of entering first-time parenting with twin babies. For Kelly, caring for a baby as a new mom is an experience to hold, but when you have two babies crying...


EP84- How to Stay Strong When Facing Infertility and Secondary Infertility with Erin Bulcao

When discussing infertility, IVF, and other ways to fertilization, it's important to greet possibilities with an open mind—before it even comes around. For Erin, "it's probably never going to be exactly how you thought it’s going to be." In this episode, Erin Bulcao talks to us about her loooong journey with infertility, the challenges that arose along the way, and why and how she started her blog 'My Beautiful Blunder' – a space where she opens up about her story with infertility and IVF....


EP83- Simplifying Feeding with Café Baby and Jeannie Marrugo

Planning out the course of a baby's diet can be very sensitive and challenging for every mother and parent. But for someone who handled her baby while working in architecture full-time, Jeannie rises above it all. In this episode, Jeannie Marugo talks about how her frustration brought her and her mother to build Café Baby – a brand that sends every parent fresh and homemade baby foods that baby needs, no matter their age. Learn more about Café Baby in this episode of the Mamas in Training...


EP82- How to Help Your Choking Child with CPR Safety Lady, Gail Gould

According to data from New York’s Department of Health, “at least one child dies from choking on food every five days in the U.S.” For Gail, when the cause is so preventable, no parent should ever have to lose their child to it. In this episode, “CPR Safety Lady” Gail Gould, talks about the common procedures for conducting standard CPR to infants and children. With her years of experience, Gail also shows us how to perform the different necessary steps to take when our kids are either...