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A fun podcast about real marriage. Hosted by radio personality Dana McKay and her husband Rick.

A fun podcast about real marriage. Hosted by radio personality Dana McKay and her husband Rick.
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A fun podcast about real marriage. Hosted by radio personality Dana McKay and her husband Rick.




Episode 33: Cold Showers & Adulting Is Hard

Rick and Dana talk about why they had to take cold showers for 4 days. They also discuss Dana's adulting challenges and why Rick was irritated when he got home the other day to find the door wide open. Plus Rick had a surprise planned for Dana but he figured she wouldn't appreciate it anyway so he told her about it. All that and more in episode 33. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at MarriedOnTheMic and make sure your leave us a review!


Episode 32: Fun bags, dirty pants, consistency, and a new TV show

In this episode Rick and Dana talk about the last episode they recorded but can't release because it turned into a big fight. They also discuss whether or not you should tell someone if they have something gross on their pants... Rick tells a story of how it happened to him. Dana shares why she thinks she's feeling better lately and what she thinks about Rick's friend making a comment about her "fun bags" in a text. Plus work stress - how much should your spouse have to listen to? And the...


Episode 31: Farmer Dana and should you always text your spouse when your flight lands?

Rick returned from a trip to San Diego and went right to work without bothering to call or text Dana. He explains why he didn't think it was a big deal. Dana agreed to feed a friend's goats, pig, and chickens while they were on vacation and quickly realized she will never be a farmer. They also returned to the restaurant with the lackluster waiter discussed in the last episode and Rick wondered if he should say something to him... All this and more in Episode 31! Follow us on Facebook and...


Episode 30: A #MySpouseIs challenge follow-up and is Rick a bad tipper?

In this episode, Rick and Dana talk about the #MySpouseIs challenge and whether or not it was successful in helping them appreciate each other more. Dana talks about why she is feeling good but overwhelmed and Rick wonders how he can support her in her new venture. Finally, is Rick a bad tipper?


Episode 29: Analyzing our relationship and the #MySpouseIs Challenge

Rick and Dana try to figure out which "type" of relationship they have based on a marriage counselor's list. They discuss the power struggle in their marriage and whether or not they are doing enough self-reflection. Dana also brings up a challenge she thinks they should do but Rick feels like she has an unfair advantage. Thank you for listening, please leave a review and find us on social media!


Episode 28: A huge disagreement about posting a picture of our son on social media

After a 3 week hiatus, Rick and Dana are back to explain why things got so heated they couldn't even get through recording an episode. Dana posted a picture of their son Rocco on social media... and Rick didn't want her too. He expressed his feelings but she left the photo up anyway. Listen as they discuss why he doesn't like the picture and why she had a hard time respecting his feelings. We also try to answer a listener question about the "man period" and give an update about Rick's...


Episode 27: Social media madness, changing your appearance, and how was your day?

Rick and Dana talk about their ongoing disagreement regarding whether or not Rick pays too much attention to what she likes/doesn't like on social media. They also discuss whether or not you need to ask your significant other before making a major change to your appearance. Rick's co-worker majorly spoiled "End Game" for him, so how mad should he be? Plus, is it OK that Dana doesn't ask Rick how his day was or how his football game went? Make sure you follow us at MarriedOnTheMic on...


Episode 26: Favors vs. Team Work, Lack of Motivation, and Rick's Pleasant Surprise

Rick and Dana are finally back! Why did they slack off on the podcast for a few weeks? They saved a disagreement about Rick's trip to the grocery store for this week's episode... Which led to a discussion about Team Work vs. Favors in a marriage. Dana confesses to being a "slouch" and struggling to find motivation to get off the couch. Rick went to a work training and got some positive reinforcement from co-workers... and a pleasant surprise from his loving wife.


Episode 25: Honest opinions, social awkwardness, Rickisms, and the high-pitched voice

Rick and Dana talk about whether or not married couples should always give each other their honest opinions. They discuss the concert they went to and how they deal with social anxiety. Rick wanted Dana to drive to the show so he could play Clash of Clans in the car, but she refused... Then he went off about what a pain she is when she's in the passenger seat. They also talk about Rickisms and the death of the high-pitched voice.


Episode 24: Crushes, commitment, and cuddling with a pillow

Rick and Dana talk about whether or not it's ok to have a crush on someone outside of marriage. How do you handle it? What if someone has a crush on one of you? Dana explains why she feels like Rick killed their "spark" a long time ago... Will it ever come back? Should men get credit for simply doing the basics of family life? Plus more bed hogging and the pictures to prove it.


Episode 23: Arguing, cleaning, gaming, and complaining

Rick and Dana explain why they didn't end up doing a podcast last week. They also talk about how to motivate each other... Or rather, how not to nag each other. Dana spent real money on a virtual dinosaur and Rick launches his new "complaint of the week" feature. Dana gives an update on the new job and explains what happened when she tried to invite Rick to a concert. Rick reveals a surprising "friend suggestion" and why he was afraid to tell Dana about it sooner.


Episode 22: The cleaning lady QUIT and which "guy friends" does Dana need to drop?

As Rick predicted in the last episode, our cleaning lady QUIT! Did Dana upset her, or did she want out anyway? Rick talks about his birthday... And then we discuss Dana's "guy friends" and whether or not Rick was justified in thinking some of them shouldn't be in her life anymore.


Episode 21: Dana apologizes to Rick for not picking him up at the airport

Dana apologizes to Rick for not picking him up at the airport. He thinks it's the only time she's ever apologized to him! Rick thinks he does at least 50% of the house work but Dana disagrees - and she has a study to back it up. Rick thinks teasing is a fun part of a relationship, but Dana doesn't like being made fun of. Plus, Rick's friend wants to share pictures of his wife's boob job with his friends... Is this OK? Finally, Rick and Dana were reviewed by another podcaster, listen to what...


Episode 20: Dana Didn't Pick Rick Up From The Airport...

Rick flew back from Florida and Dana didn't pick him up from the airport. He had to take the subway home and he was not happy about it. Should she have picked him up? You'll have to hear the whole story before forming an opinion! Rick also recaps his exciting week back home... How he gained 5lbs, got a massage from a dude, and ran into someone he thought was dead!


Episode 19: Bed Hoggers, Professional Cuddlers, and should the babysitter do your laundry too?

Check out the new intro! Dana & Rick talk about who hogs the bed, who snores, and whether or not it would be cool for Rick to see a professional cuddler. Plus Dana saw a post in a mom group about asking babysitters to do laundry and other chores too... Is this ok?


Episode 18: Valentine's Day, Rick's all-nighter, gym updates, and did Dana get a job yet?

Rick stayed out all night and didn't call or text Dana! Is this ever OK? Valentine's Day - a useless holiday or worth celebrating? Plus an update on how the first week as gym members went and is Dana ever going to get a job?


Episode 17: Super Bowl party, Massholes, male mani-pedis, and unsolicited parenting advice

Rick & Dana had a good time watching the Super Bowl party with some Patriots fans. Dana defends Adam Levine's Half Time Show performance. Rocco talks about his new watch and the new How To Train Your Dragon movie. Plus, will Rick get a mani-pedi and should he be giving unsolicited parenting advice?


Episode 16: Double Dates, Most Stuf Oreos, and how Dana's really feeling about being #funemployed

Rick and Dana discuss their second double date with another couple. Dana gives her expert opinion on the new Most Stuf Oreos after Rick surprised her with a package of them. Rick voices his frustration because Dana refused to meet him at work to help with something. Dana gets candid about how she's really feeling about being unemployed.


Episode 15: Sports Moms & Dads - Which type are you?

Now that their 6-year-old son Rocco is learning how to play lacrosse, Rick & Dana try to determine which type of "sports parents" they will become. Will Dana be the "Chatty Kathy" or the "Bobby Knight" on the sidelines? Will Rick end up being "that guy" on the field? Which type of sports parent are you?


Episode 14: An argument with the next door neighbor

Would you confront your neighbor if you saw him shoveling snow into your yard? Rick said something... But Dana didn't want him to. Following up from last week's episode, we picked a sport for Rocco to start playing.