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MMP30: Why Kids Blame Rather Than “Owning Up"

In this short episode, I talk about a recent convo with my husband and brother in-law about an adult that kept “failing" in business and seemed to have an excuse or reason why each situation was not his fault. I share my thoughts on what we can do as parents to help our kids not become THAT guy. Topics covered: Apply for Free Coaching! Thank you so much for listening and being an amazing mama that listens to parenting podcasts! I absolutely love connecting with other moms during the...


MMP29: How To Respond When Your Kid’s Outta Control

In this episode, I speak to a criticism/clarification made by a podcast listener re: how to respond to a kiddo in full blown “outta control” meltdown mode. I talk about being firm and assertive and how that looks in REAL life if you have a child prone to explosive behavior in an unregulated state and when to effectively use empathy. Topics covered: Apply for Free Coaching! Thank you so much for listening and being an amazing mama that listens to parenting podcasts! I absolutely love...


MMP28: 3 Reasons Why Your Convos are Unproductive

In this episode, I talk about why conversations are often unproductive and how to change that. We often think we are having a conversation but it is really just a lecture in disguise. A conversation that is centered around a parents agenda to teach a lesson is really a lecture. I think you will find this episode enlightening to say the may even slightly piss you off. Love ya! Topics covered: How do I get my child to do ____? This is a sure sign of control and always leads to...


MMP27: Moms, Girls, Body Image Stuff - A REAL Convo with Dana Suchow

In this episode, I spoke with speaker and educator, Dana Suchow about female body image issues, eating disorders, diet culture and how to productively talk about this sensitive topic with our girls. We got down and dirty and had a rich convo. I think you’re going to find it super interesting and possibly take a pause to think about some of the “elephant in the room” topics we dug deep into. Needless to say, I thought we had a riveting conversation. Enjoy! Topics covered: Diet...


MMP26: Real Coaching With Randi on 3 Strong Willed Kid Scenarios

In this episode, I include the Q&A portion of a masterclass I recently taught that I think many of you will relate to (especially those of you with a strong willed one). Topics covered: Mastermind Parenting Basics course! Ready to achieve what this couple has? You can read all about it and sign up for the next Mastermind Parenting Basics course HERE. Apply for Free Coaching! Thank you so much for listening and being an amazing mama that listens to parenting podcasts! I absolutely love...


MMP25: A REAL Convo With A Mastermind Parenting Couple

In this episode, I catch up with a couple who took my Mastermind Parenting Basics course about 18 months ago. I think you guys will find this convo inspiring and entertaining. Topics covered: Mastermind Parenting Basics course! Ready to achieve what this couple has? You can read all about it and sign up for the next Mastermind Parenting Basics course HERE. Apply for Free Coaching! Thank you so much for listening and being an amazing mama that listens to parenting podcasts! I absolutely...


MMP24: Real Coaching With Randi

In this episode with podcast listener and SAHM, Heather, we dive into the secret worry most of us can relate to..."Am I screwing this up – are my kids going to struggle because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing?!?" Heather is a perfect example of an awesome mama that doubts herself and her abilities as a mom. She is a former early childhood teacher as well as a mom that reads parenting books, listens to podcasts and has even taken a parenting class. However, she still often feels at a...


MMP23: Favorite Mastermind Parenting Tools - Straight from the mamas!

In this episode, I spoke about my 3 favorite mastermind parenting tools and included interviews with 4 of my mastermind mamas speaking about their favorite tools. This episode is PACKED with loads of powerful content. Enjoy! Topics covered: The Live Masterclass - For Badass Mamas: Creating a Happier Household (even if you have a grumpy or strong willed kiddo) Sign up for my Free Masterclass! To sign up for my FREE virtual masterclass on August 16th:...


MMP22: Real Coaching With Randi

In this episode with podcast listeners, Julia and Brooke, I cover many topics that I think many of you will relate. To apply to be coached on the podcast Topics covered: Strong willed 8 year old with a sensitive nervous system who is super affected by lack of sleep and sugar Younger brother with easier temperament looks up to his older brother and mom worries that he is learning problematic behavior from big brother Dr. Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics Subconscious programming during the...


MMP21: Top 3 Tips for Managing Fortnite & Other Video Game Obsessions

In this episode, I recorded a FB Live in response to a podcast listener’s request for help with her teen son’s Fortnite addiction. There are 3 simple steps I cover in terms of navigating the boundaries around video game balance. This is realistic guidance for those of us who allow our kids to play video games and want to supervise and manage the situation without it becoming a constant power struggle. We are looking for video game balance. This is not a relevant episode for parents that have...


MMP20: Allowance, Chores and How to talk to our kids about money - A REAL Convo with Colin Ryan

In this episode, I have a conversation with author and speaker, Colin Ryan. Colin travels around the country speaking to college students about money. Can you believe they actually have a good time while learning about money?!? I picked Colin’s brain about his views and suggestions re: the pressure we face as parents in terms of raising kids that will go out to responsibly earn in the world. Colin really has his finger on the pulse of productively speaking to young people about money and...


MMP19: 3 Things to Stop Saying as a Parent

In this episode, I discuss the 3 things we should stop saying as parents...and how EMPATHY is always the replacement. I teach how to effectively model empathy with your kids in a few typical scenarios. Topics covered: Empathy Skinned knee responses Bad test score responses Dads and sons and crying Responding with respect and empathy when your child’s upset and what that looks like Why crying can feel embarrassing for many adults When you’ve warned your child that their behavior will...


MMP18: Creating a Life of Independence and Ultimately Freedom as Balanced BADASS Mamas

In this episode, I share a clip where I’m being interviewed by fellow mom, Conny Lee for her Balanced Parent Show. We talk about lots of topics that July 4th represents in our modern day as women looking for independence, strength and ultimately the feeling of freedom. Topics covered: Mommy judgment The mommy wars between SAHM and “career” moms. Assertive pack leadership and what that looks like. How to communicate from a place of positive assertiveness and when to have a productive...


MMP17: Real Coaching with Randi - featuring podcast listener, Aimee

In this episode, we dig into our first “Real Coaching with Randi” segment with podcast listener, Aimee. Aimee is a single working mama with an almost 6-year old strong willed son. We tackle a few different scenarios - mealtime and morning stress and what to do when you’re worried about raising entitled kiddos with a case of the “gimme gimme gimme”. Topics covered: Thank you so much for listening and being an amazing mama that listens to parenting podcasts!?! I absolutely love connecting...


MMP16: How to have a stress free summer

In this episode I discuss summer time and how it can be pretty stressful for us moms. It’s so common for moms to think deep down that motherhood equals martyrhood. Ya, that never works out for us. It causes us to feel resentful and either check out or lose our sh!t with the people we love the most. I teach you my favorite tool so you can have a stress free summer. Topics: Fantasy vs reality and why it’s so important to embrace your truth and listen to your body Get my book! Hear about my...


MMP15: Achievement and Success - How to support your kids in achieving THEIR dreams

In this episode, I talk about the pressure of final exams for kids in middle and high of consciousness style, i.e. “Randi Rambling” on my evening doggy walk. I bring up our achievement oriented culture while considering the need to possibly redefine the “successful” student in our changing world. Do we really think it’s the kids that excel at traditional education that will grow up to be the change agents we need to lead tomorrow? I talk about thinking about the pressure...


MMP14: A Conversation on All Things Motherhood with Gabriela Gerhart

In this episode, I interview Gabriela Gerhart of Motherhood Center in Houston. We have a rich conversation where we dive into the difficult transition into parenthood and the lack of support for moms in our traditional society and why I am so obsessed with Motherhood Center. Gabi is the REAL deal and runs a thriving heart centered business that nurtures thousands of mothers and families. Her story is rich and her early childhood roots from the small village where she grew up in the Czech...


MMP13: How to talk to your kids to help prevent school shootings

Living in a world where gun violence has become a possibility in the average kid’s school day…parents want to know what we can do and how to keep our kids safe. In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Danielle from The Silver Lining Mamas private FB group about school shootings. We recorded this episode the day of the school shooting in Indiana which happened to take place 20 minutes from Danielle’s house. Danielle had reached out to me about what we can do as moms to contribute to...


MMP12: Lessons learned from Gary Vee’s mom - a woman I’ve never met

In this episode, I discuss a very successful business guy named Gary Vaynerchuk and his story. I think it’s important to find examples of the power we have as moms on shaping our kids and ultimately the future. If we truly understand the impact and power that an unconditionally loving, empathetic and connected mom has on her kids, we feel even more inspired to retrain our brains, master our minds and change the conversations in our homes. Topics covered: Gary VaynerchukMrs. Vaynerchuk -...


MMP11:Blame and Judgment and Learning from Mistakes - How to raise good people?

In this episode, I unpack the default behavior for so many of us when life throws us a curveball - sitting in blame and judgment. I explain why this is the case for me too and what I’m learning to replace these negative emotions with something more helpful. I share some personal stories to explain all of this in more detail and ways to see an accident or mistake as an opportunity for real learning. I also discuss the best way to ensure that you’re raising good people rather than creepy...