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MPP 16: How to have a stress free summer

In this episode I discuss summer time and how it can be pretty stressful for us moms. It’s so common for moms to think deep down that motherhood equals martyrhood. Ya, that never works out for us. It causes us to feel resentful and either check out or lose our sh!t with the people we love the most. I teach you my favorite tool so you can have a stress free summer. Topics: Learning how to tune into your body whispers with the straitjacket/skinny dipping tool Boredom is a good thing To...


MMP 15: Achievement and Success - How to support your kids in achieving THEIR dreams

In this episode, I talk about the pressure of final exams for kids in middle and high of consciousness style, i.e. “Randi Rambling” on my evening doggy walk. I bring up our achievement oriented culture while considering the need to possibly redefine the “successful” student in our changing world. Do we really think it’s the kids that excel at traditional education that will grow up to be the change agents we need to lead tomorrow? I talk about thinking about the pressure...


MMP13: School Shootings

Living in a world where gun violence has become a possibility in the average kid’s school day…parents want to know what we can do and how to keep our kids safe. In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Danielle from The Silver Lining Mamas private FB group about school shootings. We recorded this episode the day of the school shooting in Indiana which happened to take place 20 minutes from Danielle’s house. Danielle had reached out to me about what we can do as moms to contribute...


MMP12: Lessons learned from Gary Vee’s mom - a woman I’ve never met

In this episode, I discuss a very successful business guy named Gary Vaynerchuk and his story. I think it’s important to find examples of the power we have as moms on shaping our kids and ultimately the future. If we truly understand the impact and power that an unconditionally loving, empathetic and connected mom has on her kids, we feel even more inspired to retrain our brains, master our minds and change the conversations in our homes. Topics covered: Gary VaynerchukMrs. Vaynerchuk -...


MMP11:Blame and Judgment and Learning from Mistakes - How to raise good people?

In this episode, I unpack the default behavior for so many of us when life throws us a curveball - sitting in blame and judgment. I explain why this is the case for me too and what I’m learning to replace these negative emotions with something more helpful. I share some personal stories to explain all of this in more detail and ways to see an accident or mistake as an opportunity for real learning. I also discuss the best way to ensure that you’re raising good people rather than creepy...


MMP10: How to Have a Productive Conversation with your kids

In this episode, I share my view on why we lecture and what to do instead. Lectures do NOT teach our kids the valuable life lessons we want to teach them. In fact, lecturing often reinforcing the behavior we wish to eliminate while also damaging our relationships. I have an approach that will teach you how to infuse empathy into your conversations so that they are actually effective, connecting and ultimately, PRODUCTIVE. This is truly the best advanced tool that I teach. I completely...


MMP09: The difficult convos on my recent family vacation

In this episode, you will hear the audio version of a video I filmed for my private parenting community on the last day of our Colorado vacation. I discuss some hard topics and difficult conversations we had that added tremendous value to our memory making moments. To sign up for my private community weekly, sign up here: Mastermind Parenting Report. The bottom line is that parenting is hard. That old message about being a good parent and how it all SHOULD come naturally and...


MMP08: FB Live Q & A with a Mama’s Group

In this episode, I share a clip from my FB Live interview with Danielle Atkisson who runs the silver lining Mamas fb group. I started the clip on the tale end of answering a question from a mom that is worried about her 11 year old anxious daughter and how it’s hard to understand her bc they are opposites. We also went on to discuss defiance, sibling fighting and of course I share some stories from my own life. At the end of the episode I talk about my upcoming 30 day brain retraining...


MMP07: Tech Addiction - Some Parenting Guidance on this Pressing Childhood Epidemic

In this episode, I discuss the documentary Screenagers and the silent addiction epidemic that we are facing as a society. I had been wanting to attend a screening of Screenagers and was coincidentally invited to be a panelist at a private school in my home city. Needless to say, I had a pit in my stomach as I watched the reality of what we are facing in terms of screen addiction and how it affects our kids and ourselves, frankly. The documentary validates much of what I teach when it...


MMP06: Why Time Out is Bogus

Why Time Out is Bogus In this episode, I discuss time-out; the punishment that many of us have used to replace spanking. We are often misguided to believe that it’s this progressive humane improvement when it’s potentially just as damaging emotionally as spanking is physically. I know many parents are simply looking for resources to teach their kids the difference between right and wrong. The punishment model has rarely been questioned in years past and yet, all the researchers and...


MMP05: Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed Kids

I discuss kids that I refer to as “sensitive nervous system kids” who present as challenging and willful and how they are usually misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed as having conditions like ADHD. As parents we are often confused about what to do and what our options really are when it comes to these strong willed kids. Unfortunately, when we turn to traditional resources we are often led down a 1 size fits all path and it’s often not the right one for our kids. I’m on a mission...


MMP04: Walking in your child’s shoes

In this episode, I talk about one of the most powerful things you can do to help your kid through a hard moment; the skill of walking in their shoes to empathetically convey that you understand your child’s perspective. This tool discussed in today’s conversation will help you to immediately improve the conversations in your home with your threenagers and your teenagers. Perspective taking is a form of empathy. I like to call it: Walking in your child’s shoes. When you imagine walking in...


MMP03: Challenging kiddos, do you have a strong willed one?

In this episode, we are going to discuss strong willed kids. These kids present as defiant and defensive. Everyone seems to walk on eggshells around these kids. Most likely, these kids have a highly sensitive nervous system. Smells are smellier, tastes are more intense, tags are scratchy-er, noises are noisier.When you have a highly sensitive nervous system, the world feels overstimulating most of the time and even more so during early childhood. These kids are often exhausted from the...


MMP02: The secret to really helping your kid when life throws a curveball their way

In this episode I cover some specific mistakes we make when it comes to our kids going through the hard stuff. Whether your kid is struggling with school work or a rough patch socially, as parents we want to fix the hurt and take away their sadness, disappointment, insecurity, etc. There is a single tool that fixes negative emotions only - EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s called empathy and there is a very specific way to model empathy with your kids when life throws a curveball their way. In...


MMP01:Why changing the conversations in your home is a total game changer

As parents, we frequently find ourselves in a gap between the parent we want to be and the one we currently are when our kids are pushing our buttons. This is usually when we either yell (fight) or check out (flight). That’s right, we go into basic survival mode and many families find themselves living in a state of survival which often looks and feels a lot like everyone walking on eggshells. This is the opposite of what we want the vibe to be in our household. The Parent Gap is the name...