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Teen Behavior: Punishment vs Discipline vs Problem Solving | Cindy Kaplan | Episode 31

Is teen behavior making you crazy? Or do you worry about your relationship with your teen? There is an interesting dynamic at play during the teen years and when we teach, mold, and impose consequences on our teens, it can get tough. Mighty Parenting Podcast hosts, Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler pick parent coach Cindy Kaplan’s brain about punishment vs discipline vs problem solving. They’re finding out what the real difference is, which one gets you more of what you want, and how you can use...


What Is A Math Mindset And How Might It Affect Your Family | Zoie Hoffman | Episode 30

Math can be a challenging subject for kids and their parents. But what’s really causing the problems? What effect can it have on your teen? Are there things you can do to turn this around? Mighty Parenting podcast hosts, Judy Davis and Sand Fowler, interview Zoie Hoffman to find out what math mindset is, to uncover the truth about why kids struggle with math, and find out what parents can do about it. Our Guest: Zoie Hoffman From Our Sponsor DASIUM: Being able to handle our emotions in a...


How Mentally Strong Parents Raise Mentally Strong Kids | Amy Morin | Episode 29

Being resilient is one key to parenting because mentally strong parents raise mentally strong kids. Join Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler as they talk with the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do, Amy Morin. In this episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast, they will share tips and strategies for raising our teens to be strong and resilient. Our Guest: Amy Morin Tips & Info from our Sponsors: From DASIUM: Raising a teenager feels like a whole different world. If you are...


Finding The Work Life Balance For Parents | Judy Davis Sandy Fowler | Episode 28

Mighty Parenting podcast hosts, Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler, ponder life balance for parents. Life, work, kids, marriage, they all pull at us but Judy and Sandy delve into how real people with busy lives can find work life balance for parents. Our Guests: Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler To learn more or connect with our guests, visit DASIUM.net From our Sponsor: From DASIUM: Unhealthy coping strategies can lead to increased stress and anxiety, addiction, depression, and even suicide. But...


Marriage And Kids: Why It Matters | Dr Terri Orbuch | Episode 27

Marriage and parenting are both tough but marriage and kids together is the biggest challenge. It is also the biggest opportunity. Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler interview relationship expert Dr. Terri Orbuch to get the secret sauce for maximizing the joy in your marriage while raising great teens. Tune in to today’s Mighty Parenting Podcast for tips on helping teens learn to have healthy relationships as well as scientifically backed information on what harms your marriage and how you can...


Learning 101: How Learning Styles Could Be Holding Your Child Back | Kimberly Kassner | Episode 26

Discover how learning styles and learning mindsets may be holding your child back. In this Mighty Parenting podcast episode, co-hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler talk with learning and education expert Kimberly Kassner. They’ll be getting tips and strategies parents can use to support and help their teenagers and college students succeed while building their self-esteem. In Real Talk we are digging into yelling; what it really is, what it does to our kids and our relationships, and what...


Parenting Power Struggles – Tired of Fighting with Your Teen? | Neil D. Brown | Episode 25

The teen years can be filled with challenges, including parenting power struggles. If you’re tired of fighting with your teen, at the end of your rope, or just can’t figure out how to get them to do what they need to do, listen to this episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast. Hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler interview Neil D. Brown to uncover how to end the parenting power struggle once and for all. Then, in Real Talk, Judy and Sandy give an inside look into their lives and the things...


Overcoming Obstacles to Success – What Parents of Teens Need to Know | Shannon Evans | Episode 24

As parents, we want the best for our kids, and overcoming obstacles to success is so important in the teen years. In today’s culture, there is huge pressure to succeed and both parents and teens feel it. So what causes our kids to fail? What roadblocks could stop them? In today’s Mighty Parenting podcast, Sandy Fowler and Judy Davis find out what parents of teens need to know as they interview Shannon Evans about overcoming obstacles to success. Listen in to discover how your parenting...


Emotional Eating - How It’s Hijacking Our Families | Karen R Koenig | Episode 23

Emotional eating has become a widespread problem and it’s one that affects parents and teens alike. We’ve watched stress levels rise in ourselves and in our children, but along with that we have not really learned new ways to handle that stress or all the other feelings we experience on a daily basis. So what happens? We use food to deal with our emotions and get into a pattern of emotional eating. When parents try to stop their teenager’s emotional eating it can lead to a power struggle....


Mighty Parenting Tackles: Are You Supporting Your Child’s Future | Sandy Fowler and Judy Davis | Episode 22

Show Notes: Parents want the best for their kids and that includes a secure job and a financially stable future. But, are you supporting your child’s future? Culturally we’ve been taught that there is one path to that goal and we push our kids to follow it. But what happens when our child doesn’t feel it’s the right path for them? In that case, parental expectations can put incredible pressure on our kids, causing stress, anxiety, family discord, and maybe even depression. No parent wants...


Parenting Problem - The Surprising Solution Might Be Time Management for Teens | Leslie Josel | Episode 21

Parents deal with many problems; getting-out-the-door-in-the-morning struggles, arguments about when homework will get done, and you might have a child who is chronically late. It can be incredibly frustrating and exhausting to face a parenting problem like this. What parents don’t realize is that many of the struggles and battles they have with their teen stem from problems with time management. Time management for teens is a life skill that affects all areas of a child’s life—and the...


Positive Parental Involvement In Youth Sports| Janis B Meredith | Episode 20

Youth sports touch the lives of millions of children and teens every day. Being part of a team, learning new skills, and improving health are all part of the positive impact. Unfortunately, well-intentioned parents can negate that positive impact. Parental involvement in youth sports can rob teens of the learning opportunities and the fun of playing sports, and it can even contribute to burnout. Tune in as Mighty Parenting Podcast hosts Sandy Fowler and Judy Davis interview Janice Meredith...


Mighty Parenting Tackles: What Parents Need To Know About 13 Reasons Why

There’s no doubt that 13 Reasons Why is controversial. Whether you love it, hate it, or are avoiding it, recognizing that it is part of our children’s world will help you manage their exposure and deal with any reactions. There’s a lot going on here and since the first season hit there has been a lot of controversy. Mighty Parenting Podcast hosts, Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler, have been digging in. Here they are sharing all of the inside scoop with you from what people say is good and bad,...


Why Do Kids Bully – a Fresh Perspective on Preventing Bullying | Dr. Charlotte Reznick | Episode 18

When bullying occurs, parents and schools take action and invoke discipline to end bullying. But what if there was a different path, a more effective way of handling things? What if we ask, “Why do kids bully?” then use the answer to discover and deal with the root cause? On this episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast we get a fresh perspective on preventing bullying. Hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler interview Dr. Charlotte Reznick to understand why kids bully. They discuss what parents...


Parenting Teens So They Can Launch | Dennis Trittin | Episode 17

Parents dream about, or dread, the day their child moves out of the house. But are they ready? Will they pay their bills? Will they eat well? Have clean clothes? Make good decisions? Parenting our teens so they can launch can be a daunting task but it is essential to helping our kids succeed. Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler interview Dennis Trittin on the Mighty Parenting podcast to find out the mistakes parents make and how those affect their teenagers. They’ll look at simple solutions and...


What Parents Need to Know About Teen Friendships | Annie Fox | Episode 16

From the time our children can share a toy, friendships take on a role in their lives. As our children become teenagers, that role grows and friends take on a central place. Those teen friendships are very different from the ones in preschool and there are things parents are wondering: What is happening? How can I help? How can I get them to be friends with the right kids? Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler are getting answers to those questions and more from teen friendship expert Annie Fox. On...


Helping Our Teenager Deal With Loss | Mark Hundley | Episode 15

Your teen’s life is full of disappointment; losing a friend, getting a bad grade, not making the team, missing the shot, losing a job, having privileges taken away, losing an opportunity, and so much more. Parents may dismiss these as “no big deal” but oftentimes kids don’t know how to handle loss and the grief that comes with it. Helping our teenager deal with loss in an essential parenting skill. We need to help them learn to be resilient, make sense of it, work it into the fabric of...


Becoming a Better Parent Through Self Care | Judy Davis Sandy Fowler | Episode 14

Self-care is almost taboo in our society. These days no one bats an eye if you say you’re exhausted or stressed—it’s almost expected. The idea of taking time to take care of yourself or reduce that stress through self-care is almost laughable. The truth is that self-care is vital for us and for our teens. We need it in order to become a better parent, one who is patient and observant, who can be there for our teen. We also need to teach our kids to take care of themselves and the best way...


Exhausted by Parenting Your Teen | Erin Leyba | Episode 13

Parenting is the most wonderful and most exhausting job you will ever love. But why is it so tiring? Is there anything we can do to change that? How can you stop being exhausted by parenting your teen? Erin Leyba explores this situation with Mighty Parenting podcast hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler. They dig into the reasons you are exhausted by parenting your teen while Erin shares tips for making things better and for bringing the joy back into your life. One of the things that’s so...


Talking Sex to Your Teenager | Cath Hakanson | Episode 12

If you are a parent who avoids talking sex to your teenager, you are not alone. Most parents stop having these conversations when kids hit puberty, but kids really need them in their teen years and even into their twenties. But what do we need to discuss? How do you broach the subject? What do we do if we’re embarrassed or we don’t even understand the terminology they are using? Mighty Parenting podcast hosts Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler get the facts on discussing sex with your kids from...