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Join me as I ask all kinds of moms how they're struggling WELL. It's not entirely about parenthood or struggles though. It's funny too. I double-dog dare you to subscribe and then tell everyone you know.

Join me as I ask all kinds of moms how they're struggling WELL. It's not entirely about parenthood or struggles though. It's funny too. I double-dog dare you to subscribe and then tell everyone you know.
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Join me as I ask all kinds of moms how they're struggling WELL. It's not entirely about parenthood or struggles though. It's funny too. I double-dog dare you to subscribe and then tell everyone you know.




#206: Exit Letter to a Cult (Part 1) with Sarabeth Kapusta

You know that nagging feeling you get when something feels off? That feeling turned into a storm inside this girl and it changed the course of her life forever. Meet Sarabeth Kapusta. Even though she has experienced countless reasons to distrust, and even flee Christianity, God has given her a deep love for His Church, His Word, and making known to as many as possible that God is not an abuser. She is an attorney and a generally free-spirited person. She is also a violinist, runner, writer,...


#205: September Problem Solved

Do you know that you're already enough? I 100% know that about you. Sometimes I forget that's true for me too! September seems to have been another tricky month over here, but Rebecky helped me laugh my way through solving all of your problems. We covered sleep training possums, breast feeding toys and what special things Tim McGraw does for Rebecky's marriage. WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: Gavin’s successful sleep training the full-circle story of Rebecky’s new dog, Mojo what to do when your...


#204: Hostess with the Mostess with Meg Duerksen

Have you ever felt called to do something for your community? Whether it’s cultivating a craft weekend with strangers or caring for tiny sweet foster babies, Meg Duerksen is the hostess with the mostess. Meg is a girl who turned “you know what would be a good idea” into an adult Barbie dream house and boy are we glad she did! She is the creator of Camp Create at the Whatever Craft House in Newton, Kansas and the keeper of the instagram famous rainbow stairs. Meg doesn’t just keep a great...


#203: Getting Loud with Rebekah Lyons

How do you know if you have depression or anxiety? At what point do you seek help? Rebekah came on this week to share her story and we talk a lot about fear, lies, mental health and faith. When your identity is tied to your accomplishments it’s easy to start to feel like you’re drowning. So, what has to change? What does God say about rest, food, connection, creativity? Rebekah shares with us a lot of her ah-ha moments in her new book, Rhythms of Renewal: Trading Stress and Anxiety for a...


#202: September Struggling Sisters

This month it was decided that we need to have a catch up session BUT that we would keep it purposeful. Here’s what we covered: Important dates in September (there are a surprising amount of things to celebrate), glitter cuticles and back to school. Em talks openly about “breaking her brain” while trying to switch medications and we deep dive mascara. You know, the ushe. WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: Katie’s “the kids are at school” body glow Emily’s teacher’s anxiety producing email...


#201: On Outsiders and Idols with Rachel Jones

Do you ever feel like an outsider no matter where you are? Do you need motivation to be courageous and talk to the people that could be "your people”? Rachel lives and writes in Djibouti, a small country in the Horn of Africa. Her family has learned (is still learning) how to struggle well while living as cultural and spiritual outsiders in this Muslim country. She has published a book about raising kids abroad: Finding Home: Third Culture Kids in the World and has a book coming out in...


#200: The 200th Episode

This week for our 200th episode celebration Rebecky and Katie combined forces to surprise Emily with sweet sentiments, cutting sarcasm and a little bit of encouragement. It was so fun to celebrate and take some time to reflect on the past 4 years. Thank you all for being here and I’m so glad you get to celebrate with us! WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: facts involving the number 200 (because Emily knows that you love facts) Emily answers Patreon questions: her favorite episodes, who she would love to...


#199: Get Planty with Dusty Hegge

Have you ever made the connection between the growth of a plant and the growth in your faith? Have you ever encountered a communicative plant? If you’re a plant lover, buckle in! If you aren’t YET, you're going to learn about totipotent nodes. I mean, that's just going to happen. But you're also going to hear a beautiful story about rising up through the soil in a broken home, battling depression/anxiety and flourishing. You see what I did there? Dusty Hegee is a coffee-obsessed houseplant...


#198: Struggling Sisters - Treat Yo Self!

Have you ever heard of a vampire facial? Ever considered a fanny pack for fashionable bike riding emergencies? This month we talk about the importance of treating yourself, or, as Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec say, “Treat Yo Self!”. This doesn’t have to be fancy or extravagant. We all need a little something fun to celebrate our fantastical selves every now and again. Listen to hear some of our tips and let us know what you like to do to treat yo self! WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: Treat Yo Self...


#197: The God Dare with Kate Battistelli

What is a God Dare? Will it be scary? How can I be sure that it’s actually God speaking to me? I can’t WAIT for you to get to know Kate. She speaks to us today about letting Jesus pick your future and what that looks like. She’s down to earth and blows her own cover on some pretty personal things along her journey. Kate wrote her book, The God Dare, for anyone who feels they have lost their purpose. She hopes that readers will be reminded that all God ever needs are willing vessels. Kate...


196: July Problem Solved

This month we are doing a general problem solved episode that’s navigated by our favorite people, YOU! From wedding planning to chip clips on baggy necks, we covered it all. Rebecky spills the tea about her (dun dun DUN!) homeschooling plans for the fall and her grand scheme to finally meet Madonna. Emily tries to get Rebecky super jazzed about the Waco marathon and it’s unclear if that was a success or not. We hope you love this one, see ya next month! WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: Rebecky’s...


#195: The Brain Body Connection with Alisa Keeton

I don’t want to abuse food. I workout, but nothing changes. I try hard and then I fail hard. You are not alone, sweet girl! Alisa came on the show to talk to all of us about the lies we are telling ourselves when it comes to wellness. She is packed full of knowledge and hits us with some incredible science that links our brains and our bodies. You can’t help but feel motivated when you hear from her and she makes you think deeper about what truly motivates you, specifically. Alisa is the...


#194: Struggling Sisters: Marathon Mom

Really? My pants are tight again? I need a plan and some wellness motivation, stat! The Struggling Sisters just had this conversation in real life and it got us thinking about a wellness plan. We will share what it is and why it’s working for us. Em also shares that she has always wanted to run a marathon and how she plans to train for her first one ever! Katie pours out her heart as Yuliya in a poem about a recent trip to the Whatever Craft House and so much more. Enjoy! WHAT WE CHAT...


#193: Watch for God with Vivian Mabuni

“Would you just help me trust you, Lord? I want to want to give it all up to you.” If you’ve prayed these prayers, you’re not alone. We know that the center of God's will is the best place to be, but surrender is easier said than done. A host of hurdles, from busyness and bitterness to complacency and control, can prevent us from moving where He directs. In her latest book, Vivian Mabuni provides an authentic look at what it means to willingly risk saying yes to whatever God asks--and...


#192: Song of a Wounded Heart with Lora Jones

Are you losing hope? Working through trauma? Man. Lora shared with us her journey of finding the other side of a horrible situation, and I’m so thankful for her wisdom and perspective. Lora talks to us about why it’s OK to question God and shares the story that lead her to a crossroads in her faith. Lora Jones graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Accounting and from Midwestern Theological Seminary with a Master’s in Religious Education. She married J.L. Jones during...


#191: June Problem Solved: Enneagram

If someone asked you “Do you know your number?”, would you know what they mean? They’re talking about the enneagram, of course! If you like personality tests, you’ll love this episode! Rebecky brought on the first ever Problem Solved guest, Lauren, who is an enneagram coach. She typed Rebecky live on the pod and helped us understand other enneagram numbers in the process. Rebecky can’t decide how she feels about her number, but thinks that it’s probably the worst-case scenario. Emily gets...


#190: It's Go Time with Ali Christian

Do you think if you were diagnosed with cancer that you’d think things like “This is a blessing” or “I was chosen for this mission!“? I know that I would NOT be that insightful. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ali Christian, a wife, mom and business owner born and raised in upstate New York. She was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer, uprooted her family from NY and moved to CA to get treatment. She and her husband are passionate about sharing the story God is writing for them...


#189: Summer Summary with the Struggling Sisters

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the beginning of summer? Do you have any major plans? We shared a little bit of both + some of our favorite summer things and, as always, what is killing us softly. For Katie, the ticks are killing her and her family softly and the Penderwick series is giving the Thomas crew life. In this episode, you’ll understand why Em’s boss is constantly considering firing her and learn about two new summer drinks we love. Fake news is Em’s favorite and she really brought...


#188: Undercover Counseling with Tara Bremer

Tara Bremer is the founder of House Peace and has been bringing peace into homes for over fifteen years. She holds a BA in Psychology from Purdue University and a Master's in Counseling from Moravian Theological Seminary. She brings this knowledge of the human condition, behavioral psychologies, and habit formations to every home she visits, all with a judgment-free mentality. Whether she's helping you formulate a plan to maximize closet space, or cleaning out your laundry room, Tara and her...


#187: May Problem Solved: A Menagerie of Problems

Do you think you’re hard to work with? Do you think you come on too strong? We talk through a few of these things and share some friendship and workplace insecurities. We also talk about the loveliness of Emilio Gavin and Rebecky’s pause from her million-dollar corporation + her new stay-at-home status. Rebecky shares more about her workout routine and why it’s working for her right now. It’s great! We had too many problems to solve and they ranged from morning sickness to dog issues. We...