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Jamilah Lemieux, Zak Rosen, and Elizabeth Newcamp share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens.


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Jamilah Lemieux, Zak Rosen, and Elizabeth Newcamp share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens.






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How Schools Failed the Reading Test

On this episode: We’re going to be talking about why so many kids (and adults) have a difficult time reading. As Emily Hanford, host of Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong, discovered—some US schools are not actually teaching kids how to read. Instead of teaching research-backed skills that kids need in order to become strong readers, an idea has taken hold in the US education system that students can learn the general gist of words. For some students, this teaching method...


Putting Nighttime Worries to Bed

On this episode: Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth help a little girl who has been having racing thoughts at bedtime. She’s gone through a lot of change recently and her step-mom is trying to help her process her anxieties, which tend to present themselves as she’s trying to fall asleep. Resources mentioned: Headspace Circle Round Peace Out Little Stories for Tiny People A Kids Book about Anxiety Big Life Journal Help Your Dragon Deal With Anxiety Llamaste and Friends Then on Slate Plus: they...


Heartbreak on the Horizon

On this episode: Zak and Jamilah are joined by Carvell Wallace, former MADAF co-host and new co-host of Slate’s How To! podcast. Up first, they help a teen that is potentially facing his first heartbreak. The girl he’s been hanging out with just found out her ex wants her back—and she’s actually considering it. Our letter writer doesn’t know how to help her son through his first major relationship hurdle. Recommendations: Jamilah: Supplementing box cake mix with pudding mix and an extra egg....


To Snitch or Not to Snitch: Shoplifting Edition

On this episode: Zak and Jamilah are joined by former MADAF co-host and new co-host of Slate’s How To! podcast, Carvell Wallace. They dive into some tricky triumphs and fails about independence, maturity, and making end’s meet. They then answer a question from a parent who has learned her daughter’s friends are stealing makeup that they can afford to buy. Should their parents be informed? Finally, on Slate Plus, they discuss the great sleepover debate. If you enjoy this show, please consider...


No, You Can’t Marry Your Mom

On this episode: Elizabeth, Jamilah, and Zak answer a question about a princess-obsessed little girl who keeps asking if she can marry her mom. The mom finds it sweet but doesn’t know how to respond. Recommendations: Jamilah: Vintage Contemporaries by Dan Kois Zak: Keep Going First Aid Kit Elizabeth: Help Your Kids with Adolescents by DK. If you enjoy this show, please consider signing up for Slate Plus. Slate Plus members get an ad-free experience across the network and exclusive content on...


Shame On You Too

On this episode: Elizabeth, Jamilah, and Zak catch up on their week in parenting—which includes a lunchbox meltdown, a terrible board game, and bribing a kid to verbalize his emotions. Then they talk about parent shaming and share some wild listener submitted stories. Finally, on Slate Plus, they talk about the thing many parents are missing. If you enjoy this show, please consider signing up for Slate Plus. Slate Plus members get an ad-free experience across the network and exclusive...


Summer, Already?!?

On this episode: Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth do a hard pivot from winter break to summer break. They help a new parent who wants to know how she should best structure the summer for her kid and herself. They also answer a follow-up question about kids lashing out at parents in anger. Only this time, what to do if your kid calls you names when they’re not angry. Recommendations: Elizabeth recommends Loop Ear Plugs Zak recommends DIY soup stocks Jamilah recommends the docuseries, Don’t Pick Up...


Partying Like an Introvert

On this episode: Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth tackle a question about an introverted seven-year-old. She gets along with her classmates and is invited to parties but once she arrives, she keeps to herself. Her parents want to make sure she’s comfortable and having a good time—even if she’s not fully participating. Then on Slate Plus, inspired by this article in Metro Parent, the hosts discuss what parenting trends they’d like to see in 2023 and which ones they wish would disappear. If you...


Can I Tell Someone They’re Parenting Wrong?

On this episode: We dig into our overflowing mailbox and read some delightful letters about fourth grade weddings, emergency entertainment, and more! Then Zak, Jamilah, and Elizabeth advise a listener who is uncomfortable with how her friends parent their child. Our listener has tried to combat the parents’ unrealistic expectations and overcorrections but only sees the child once a year. Is there a good way to voice these concerns? Recommendations: Elizabeth recommends the Philips Sonicare...


Breaking the Bad Word Habit

On this episode: Zak, Jamilah, and Elizabeth catch up on their eventful winter travel—including a trip to Las Vegas that “ruined” one of the kid’s childhood. Then they offer advice to a listener who doesn’t know what else to do. Her three and a half year old son will not stop calling her “stupid” any time a boundary is enforced. How can she stop the behavior while also addressing her own hurt feelings? Then on Slate Plus, Zak, Jamilah, and Elizabeth compare notes about how well they were...


The 'Best-Of' Bonanza

On this episode: Our favorite Plus segments of 2022. Jamilah, Elizabeth, Zak, and guest-hosts relive the funniest places they’ve been lost and the scary moments where they left their own kids behind, debate the merits of automated strollers, feel triumphant that even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can’t avoid the “f*ck you fours, share some of the funniest things their kids have said, and ask if you could swap bodies w/ your kid for a day—Freaky Friday style—would you?. If you enjoy this...


Working Overtime: Balancing Parenthood With Creative Work

On this bonus episode from our friends at Slate's Working podcast: host Karen Han poses a listener’s question to co-host Isaac Butler about how to be a parent and how to remain a creative person. They ponder the challenges of parenthood, but also the joy and inspiration it can bring. They also share advice for staying creative and finding time for your work. Do you have a question about creative work? Call us and leave a message at (304) 933-9675 or email us at Podcast...


2022 Holiday Party

On this episode: Our annual holiday party. We’ve gathered the MADAF kids around the mic and they finally get a chance to share how they think their parents are doing. They do a round of triumphs and fails, play a quick game, and offer some recommendations. Plus we have a very special audio holiday card delivery. The former hosts of MADAF called in to update us on how life is going. Recommendations: Naima recommends Wednesday. Noa recommends the Arthur podcast. Ami recommends sneak attack...


Solving Screentime Struggles

On this episode: We’re diving into our overflowing mailbag! Then we’re advising a parent who is hoping to break an eight-year-old out of the screentime cycle—without making TV or games a forbidden fruit. Recommendations: Zak recommends Homeward Bound Jamilah recommends Wednesday Elizabeth recommends the MÅLA portable drawing case from Ikea Episodes mentioned: Behind Their Screens Surviving the Holidays With Picky Eaters Please Stop Shrieking! Supporting Gender Expression and Exploration...


How Many Activities Are Too Many Activities?

On this episode: It’s a triple fail week! Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth commiserate over running out of patience and they revel in a school picture so unfortunate it could be a meme. Then they answer a question from a listener whose kid is interested in too many things and is having a hard time narrowing down the activity wish-list. Then on Slate Plus, they weigh in on a Slate Parenting Facebook group post about a 4th grade wedding that went down at school. If you enjoy this show, please...


Why You Need Narcan

On this episode: Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth are joined by Slate writer, editor, and former Mom and Dad are Fighting host, Dan Kois, who is here to urge parents (and teens) to get trained to administer Narcan. He first wrote about the “miracle” tool in his piece: Parents, You Need Narcan. Essentially, the drug is a powerful tool that’s easy to use, widely available, and will give people peace of mind knowing that if there’s an emergency—you’re prepared. Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth also...


Surviving the Holidays With Picky Eaters

On this episode: Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth recap their week in parenting. Then Elizabeth speaks with Megan McNamee, MPH, RDN, of Feeding Littles about how to feed your kids this holiday season and beyond. Then on Slate Plus, Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth discuss what to do if someone criticizes your parenting style. If you enjoy this show, please consider signing up for Slate Plus. Slate Plus members get an ad-free experience across the network and exclusive content on many shows—you’ll also...


Supporting Gender Expression and Exploration

On this episode: Zak, Jamilah, and Elizabeth advise a parent whose first grader got mad at her for looking up ‘girl sweaters’ online. The first grader has also previously said that they want to be a boy, not a girl. Our letter writer wants to be supportive but doesn’t know if she should go all-in or sit back and let her kid reveal who they are. Additional resources: The Center How to Be a Girl Supporting My Nonbinary Teen (Part one of ‘Teen Talk’) We also have an exciting update from the...


Please Stop Shrieking!

On this episode, the hosts give advice to a mom whose daughter is having a hard time processing big emotions, which has been leading to frequent meltdowns. They’ve tried pretty much everything she can think of but the shrieking still persists. She’s worried about her daughter being in these prolonged states and, furthermore, they’re concerned that if the screaming continues, a neighbor will call the authorities. It’s a really tricky situation and Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth have some...


I'm Ashamed Of My Son

On this episode: Zak, Jamilah, and Elizabeth advise a mom who is ashamed of her teenager’s behavior. Her son and a friend were using the word ‘gay’ as an insult when talking about her son’s best friend behind his back. She’s already talked with him but she doesn’t know where to go from there. Recommendations: Jamilah recommends Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Elizabeth recommends the books Fatty Legs and When I Was Eight. Zak recommends the Arthur podcast. Join us on Facebook and email us at...