My Son's Birthday Photo Led to a Call With the Cyber Crime Task Force - FB Settings You Didn't Know-logo

My Son's Birthday Photo Led to a Call With the Cyber Crime Task Force - FB Settings You Didn't Know

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All things parenting - from how to recognize bad behavior, playground safety, studying tips, and social media safety. Providing parents in Acadiana quality resources through your parenting journey.

All things parenting - from how to recognize bad behavior, playground safety, studying tips, and social media safety. Providing parents in Acadiana quality resources through your parenting journey.
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All things parenting - from how to recognize bad behavior, playground safety, studying tips, and social media safety. Providing parents in Acadiana quality resources through your parenting journey.






Drug Rehab, Divorce, Missing Person Case & Therapy - Life of This Single Father

This weekend we celebrate and give a special shout out to all of the wonderful, hardworking, and dedicated fathers in our lives! On this episode, we feature a very personal story from Mick Essex, Senior Marketing Executive at Vantage Health Plan. Mick has been a single father since his son was about 4 years old. He gives us a deep inside scoop of what was his motivators were, how he was able to support his small family, and be the best father he can be with an absent mother in their lives....


Important Tips for Baby Teeth & How Your Dentist Can Help Your Infant Latch During Breastfeeding

Dr. Anita Gouri, a local pediatric dentistry suggests getting your child in for their first dental visit as soon as their first tooth or their first birthday, whichever comes first. Not only is this preventative, but it allows your child to become acclimated and comfortable with the process as they get older. She also specializes in a laser, non-invasive procedure on babies and infants to help them easily latch on during breastfeeding. Listen to hear more about what you can do help your kids...


The Importance of Sensory Play in Early Childhood Cognitive Development

Amy Schwarzenbach, Grant Writer for the Children's Museum of Acadiana joins us in the studio to chat about their newest exhibit called the Sensory Sea. This wonderful and interactive addition will help young children develop important cognitive skills, interact with different sensations they don't experience on a daily basis, and helps improve their social interactive ability through touch, smell, seeing, hearing, and tasting. Visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and...


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, bonus mothers, soon to be mothers, and dads who have to play two roles!


Mental Health in Children - Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Defiance, Social Media - MUST LISTEN

This episode is a MUST LISTEN! In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month (May) Monique Reno and Stefanie Henrie with Acadiana Area Human Services District answers my questions about the difference between depression and anxiety, signs and symptoms to look out for in children ages 5-7, in-depth differences between ADHD and defiance, and do's and dont's for parents to help alleviate certain behaviors. We even touch on how social media can affect children's behavior. The mission of the...


Money Saving Programs for Kids That Don't Break the Bank

Happy Financial Literacy Month! We are bringing you an episode about how you can teach your kids lifelong money-saving skills, starting as early as they are born! Advancial Federal Credit Union offers great programs kids can enroll in to begin saving for their future. All you need to start off is $5! Like Blair Suire mentions, it is never too early to start! For more information on their programs, visit


Fighting the Bumpy Battle of Teenage Acne with The Skin Experts at Hubbell Dermatology

To pop or not to pop, that is the question! The Skin Experts at Hubbell Dermatology answers all of our burning questions about teenage acne. They also provide valuable tips on how your teenager should care for their face and which products to use. Moms - they even dropped some tips for you, if you are fighting stress acne. Visit or follow them on Facebook at Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics for more information on their services and products.


How I Can Help My Loved One With An Eating Disorder - The Truth, Myths, and Signs

It’s National Nutrition Month! To celebrate, we invited Yvette Quantz, RDN, CSSD, LDN with Eat Fit Acadiana on to the show. It was such a pleasure having her in the studio, and we are excited to share her passion for healthy lifestyles for your mind, body, and spirit! Listen to this great episode to learn more about eating disorder, the different types, signs and symptoms, how you can help a loved one, and where to seek help. It may also help to listen even if you don't know anyone with an...


Cyberbullying, Just A Little Fun - How To Identify, Prevent, and Respond

Sergeant Casey Barfied with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department, Juvenile Division is back for another episode to talk about cyberbullying and what you can do as parents to identify if they are being bullied, preventing it, and what steps you should take if it occurs.


Lafayette Reads Together - A Community-Wide Book Club Hosted by the Lafayette Public Library

Amy Wander with the Lafayette Public Library joins us in the studio to tell us all about the Lafayette Reads Together Program that goes way beyond the book. Not only can you grab a free copy of Finding Gobi, families can participate in numerous FREE programs throughout the community that families have access to with a Lafayette Library Card. Get yours today! Visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn how your family can participate in the...


Never Worry Alone - Depression, Stigma, and Signs to Look For - Adolescent Suicide

We know it's a hard subject to talk about and many of us shy away from thinking our kids would ever have suicidal thoughts or that they are depressed. Nicole Lahr with Brentwood Hospital provides us with signs to look out for in children of all ages to open up the conversation with your child. She also gives great tips and appropriate steps to take when seeking help. You are not alone in this situation and neither is your child. Listen to our newest episode for expert advice on how to handle...


Home for the Holidays - How Families Can Help Reduce Homelessness in Acadiana

A SPECIAL HOLIDAY EPISODE! Ben Broussard with Catholic Charities of Acadiana joins us in the studio to give us some great ideas on how families can get together to help the most vulnerable population in Acadiana, especially during the holiday season! Providing shelter for the most vulnerable population in the area and the basic necessities at their time in need can be very rewarding and humbling. Got any fun ideas to help out or interested in volunteering? Email...


4 Elements to Self-Defense Against Bullies with Sensei Micah Lopez

Sensei Micah Lopez with Cajun Karate talks about what makes his Dojo different than others in the Acadiana area. His focus and technique on self-defense are based on the natural instinct of human reactions. He also gives us some techniques and tools you and your children can use if they ever feel uncomfortable when you are not around. Listen to our new episode!


HELP ME! Time is Ticking for the Puberty Talk With My Pre-Teen - How Do I Make It Easy for Us Both?

Kendra Coco, a long-time instructor for many of Woman's Foundation's programs including Teens with Life Choices and Let's Talk Puberty joins us in the studio to talk about how parents can make the conversation with their child less nerve-wracking for the both of you. We get it, it's not easy to have the first talk but we all know how important it is. Listen to her advice on opening up that door of communication and building trust with your kids. Woman's Foundation offers the Let's Talk...


Love Does Not Hurt - How Can I Identify Signs My Teen Is In An Abusive Relationship?

Kristen Boutte from Faith House talks about a touchy subject parents can be afraid to face. She helps us identify signs teenagers usually show when they are in a toxic or abusive relationship. Listen in on her tips and learn how you can help your child if they ever find themselves in similar situations. Contact Faith House for support groups or help. Their 24 hour confidential hotline is 1-888-411-1333 or email them at for help. Remember, love does not hurt.


LPSS School Lunch: More To It Than Just Rice and Gravy - Nutritional Facts and Federal Regulations

This episode celebrates National School Lunch Week starting October 15! Celeste Finney, the Nutrition Program Coordinator for Lafayette Parish Schools and dietitian joins us in the studio to discuss the science behind your kids' school lunch meals. At the beginning of her career, she worked in the school systems in Texas right after Hurricane Rita hit. She then moved back to Louisiana after several years and began working in diabetes education which landed her the current position now. It...


Kids Living in Domestic Violence Homes - How Can I Help My Family?

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Harmony Decker visits us in our studio to talk about ways mothers can help their children when there is violence in the homes. Faith House offers shelter and support groups to women and families who are victims of domestic violence. Please call 1-888-411-1333 for their 24 hour confidential hotline if you or your family need support.


Study Skills & Keeping Homework Organized with Your Kids

Study Skills & Keeping Homework Organized with Your Kids by WomansFoundation


Meet the Hosts of PIA - Voices Behind the Mic

To celebrate over 1000 listens and 100 likes on Facebook, we are releasing this special episode. Listen to meet the hosts of Parenting in Acadiana podcast! You will hear several voices throughout the journey of our podcast, and we wanted to sit down and introduce ourselves to our listeners. We hope you enjoy getting to know us. Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE, and LIKE us on Facebook!


Send Your Child Off to College with STD Education 101

**Episode contains educational information that may not be appropriate for young children.** Sending off your child to college this semester? Dr. Stefanski, past-president of Woman's Foundation, local pediatrician, and Louisiana Department of Health Regional Medical Director provides us shocking STD and STI statistics right here in Lafayette. It may not be easy to have the conversation with your teenager or young adult, but we are here to help!