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Explore the world of autism with 10 year old Colby and his dad.

Explore the world of autism with 10 year old Colby and his dad.
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Explore the world of autism with 10 year old Colby and his dad.






Episode 10-Video Games and a Mushy Brain

We’re talking about video games and how to deal with them. Colby’s dad loves video games but Colby LOVES video games. A little too much? Is there any way to find a balance between fun and work? This week we’re reading some listener’s stories. We want to know what YOU have to say. And we’ve … Continue reading Episode 10-Video Games and a Mushy Brain →


Episode 9-Sports pt 2: More Sports!

We received so much great feedback from folks about our Sports episode, we had to continue the fun with a sequel. This week, we read some of YOUR stories about why you hate sports, or love it, either way. Colby totally hates it. I totally don’t care…much…a little, but not enough to change anything. SPORTS! … Continue reading Episode 9-Sports pt 2: More Sports! →


Episode 8-Sports!

In honor of Super Bowl 52, we’re talking sports! Actually, we’re talk about the importance of sports and we’re also talking about why Colby hates sports. Does Colby have reasons? Does he make a good point? Does his father care and will make him play sports anyway? Find all this out, AND MORE, right here! … Continue reading Episode 8-Sports! →


Episode 7-Everything Is Awesome!

Happy laaaaaate New Year! Our New Years episode has finally arrived, and only 20 days late. Not bad! We try to talk about all the awesome stuff but somewhere along the way just complain about stuff we don’t like. How does that happen? Oh, that lousy new Star Wars movie. That’s how it happened. Anyway, … Continue reading Episode 7-Everything Is Awesome! →


Episode 6-Colby First Blood Part 6

This week we’re blowing up feelings and emotions for some good ol’ 80’s action goodness. This week we’re talking Rambo, some more Rambo, and all Rambo! Oh, and we’re also talking about Monster Squad, Colby’s sister, blogging, parenting, but mostly Rambo! Leave those reviews on the Apple Podcast app Twitter: @katycrypt Website: Facebook: KatyfromtheCrypt … Continue reading Episode 6-Colby First Blood Part 6 →


Episode 5-Friendship Is Magic Pt. 2

Episode 5 is here! Celebrate with your best friend because today we’re talking friendship! Colby starts a new school and Nik starts a new job. The chance for new friendships abound! Colby talks about what he looks for in a friend and Nik finds out what qualities Colby brings to a friendship. And we talk … Continue reading Episode 5-Friendship Is Magic Pt. 2 →


Episode 4-Classroom Horror Tales

We’re talking a detour this week to trash talk about Colby’s school. Colby shares his experience with hostile teachers and punchy kids. Nik shares his frustration confronting an unhelpful principal. What’s it like to have autism at a school that has no clue what autism is? Find out! Some of this stuff is so ridiculous that you can’t … Continue reading Episode 4-Classroom Horror Tales →


Episode 3-Fiendship Is Magic Pt. 1

Welcome back as we talk about friendship! Well…we sort of talk about friendship. Actually, Nik goes off on a rant about bullies and baseball bat swing, young adults taking over college campuses. We get a little sidetracked, BUT, it’s still a great episode. Colby talks about friends, lack of friends, mean kids, nice kids, and … Continue reading Episode 3-Fiendship Is Magic Pt. 1 →


Episode 2-Tastes

Today Colby and Dad talk about his tastes. Dad challenges Colby on his weird taste in food. Colby describes the perfect girl. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a conversation with Colby without an exhausting play-by-play about Minecraft. Don’t forget to leave a review and those 5-stars over at the Apple Podcast app. Follow us on … Continue reading Episode 2-Tastes →


Episode 1-John Wick & Puppies

This week we have a sit down and get real about spoiled kids. Colby learns the shocking truth that he, too, is a spoiled kid! We briefly review the first John Wick and talk about his cute puppy and why The Fox and the Hound makes me bawl. Plus-berries!