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A podcast about education, civics, economics, life, and shade in the South Sound. Hosted by Nate Bowling, 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year.

A podcast about education, civics, economics, life, and shade in the South Sound. Hosted by Nate Bowling, 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year.
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A podcast about education, civics, economics, life, and shade in the South Sound. Hosted by Nate Bowling, 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year.




Ep. 51: Previewing the State Legislative Session, Part I -- Rep Laurie Jinkins and Rep-Elect Melanie Morgan

We have Channel 253 Swag Consider going Channel 253 as a member! #NerdFarmReads is reading A Quick Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson. Get your copy. Read with us. Tweet your thoughts. Laurie Jinkins 27th LD (3x guest: ep. 32 and 14) Melanie Morgan 29th LD 5:00 Melanie: How are you navigating your transiton to the State Legislature? 10:00 Laurie: How did the midterms change up the caucus? 13:00 Melanie: About which issues are you most...


Ep. 50: An Hour with Sounders Legend Steve Zakuani: He Knows a Hella About Soccer

Housekeeping: #NerdFarmReads Book Club is reading A Quick Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni. Get your copy. Read with with. Tweet your thoughts. Adult Civics Happy Hour on December 5th is entitled The Next Two Years. Tickets sell out every time. RSVP and grab your FREE TICKETS. You’ll always be the first to know about events if you consider joining Channel 253 as a member. THE RUNDOWN 3:00 What’s life like moving into analysis? Where is the analyst life...


Ep. 49: It’s Cuffing Season, Watch a Good Movie with Your Boo -- Katy Evans, Grand Cinema and Jamika Scott, Tacoma Action Collective

Housekeeping: Next Book Club A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns Feeling a need for light and levity, Nate and this week’s guests recommend films. Jamika has us think and Katy has us thinking about Christmas. Note: We at Nerd Farmer Podcast love Stan Lee, his comics, his movies, and his genius. He will be missed. Wakanda Forever, Sir. Excelsior. Does This Film Hold Up? -Katy- Secret of Nimh Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Sixteen Candles Richie Rich It Takes Two Home Alone...


Ep. 48: A Mid-Term Audio Voters’ Guide -- Christina Blocker, Archway Consulting and Jenny Jacobs, Citizen Tacoma

The mid-term elections are coming up and this time they feel a tad more dire than most years. Y’all need to vote. Hell, in Washington State we vote by mail and you can register online. Don’t be basic. Don’t be cute. Just vote. On this episode we had on political strategist (and possessor of one of the best laughs on Earth) Christina Blocker and Jenny Jacobs, host of Channel 253’s Citizen Tacoma. We worked through the Washington State and Pierce County Voters’ Guides and gave our takes on...


Ep. 47: Resettled Refugees: the Cambodian Community is Under Attack -- Silong Chhun and Shelly & Ivory Hem

Photo by Elias Castillo Silong, a refugee arrived in Tacoma in 1981. He's that dude Shelly, wife of Cambodian Genocide survivor. Ally. Ivory, daughter of Khmer Rouge survivor. Future student at Lincoln High School. In this episode, Nate takes us on a heartbreaking journey with these three members of the local Cambodian Community, learning of the threat of immigration detention, families being ripped apart and put back together, and living with the constant fear looming in and around...


Ep. 46: #NerdFarmReads "We Gon' Be Alight" by Jeff Chang -- Hope Teague-Bowling, IWL and Kenny Coble, King's Books

With Book Club Guests: Hope Teague Bowling - ELA Teacher, Pod-Spouse, Interchangeable White Lady Kenny Coble - Tacoma’s Book Seller, Avid Tweeter, Activist, INFJ 5:00 Why should we read this? 8:00 Is diversity for white people? 13:00 What is Jeff Chang’s story? 15:00 “We Got Be Alright” is a profound example of allyship. Discuss. 18:30 Where is the solidarity between all non-whiteness? 19:30 Colorism vs Racism 23:00 Discussing Chang’s voice as a writer. “Not a single thing that...


Ep. 45: So You Want To Run For Elected Office? -- Anders Ibsen, City of Tacoma and Andrea Cobb, Tacoma Schools

This week’s guests talk with Nate about running for office and what life is like on the other side. First up is Deputy Mayor, Anders Ibsen. Anders ran for office of Pierce County Conservation District in 2008 while finishing his senior year at Evergreen State College. He was elected to Tacoma City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. Ibsen is a native Tacoman and a graduate of Tacoma School of the Arts. The second half of the show is dedicated to Andrea Cobb. Andrea is the current...


Ep. 44: On the Tacoma Teacher Strike -- A Special Pop-the-Trunk Podcast

Tacoma teachers are currently at a labor impasse with the Tacoma School District. Because the school district has the home phone number and home email address for every family they serve, there's an information asymmetry. They can give families whatever information they choose to share or withhold and frame events in any way they see fit. Teachers don't get to tell their side of the story. So I decided to sit down with three local educators, right after they finished their first day on the...


Ep. 43: The Left Case for the Second Amendment and a Well-Armed Citizenry with the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club

This week’s guests are three members of Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club: Nacim, Avenir, and Erik. Nacim is an attorney and proud social justice warrior. We also had Black Lives Matter activist and civics enthusiast, Avenir. And Erik, a functional anarchist who has previously been involved with Occupy New York. The three men who come from vastly different backgrounds (North African immigrant, midwesterner, straight, gay…) have insightful opinions and interesting perspectives. History...


Ep. 42: The NWDC, the Private Prison in Our Backyard, Part II: Follow the Money

Note: the second half of this episode references the Thompson Group. Since recording, we've learned more about their long list of local clients. For more info check their website. In Part II of our look at Northwest Detention Center, we took an in-depth view at the politics of the Northwest Detention Center including a deep-dive at the political contributions of the Geo-Group and its lobbying firm. Guests: Tacoma Native, Erik Hanberg. Eric is the Co-Founder and Publisher of Channel 253,...


Ep. 41: The NWDC, the Private Prison in Our Backyard, Part I

In part one of our deep dive into The Northwest Detention Center, we had a conversation with Lewis Kamb and Monserrat Padilla. The NWDC, a detention center created to hold undocumented migrants, is the largest private prison in the State of Washington. NWDC is privately owned by the corporation, GEO Group. GEO Group has more than 200 facilities that include both immigration prisons and privately operated prisons. This week’s guests are Lewis Kamb and Monserrat Padilla. Lewis is an...


Ep. 40: Reading, Writing, Math, and Social Emotional Learning -- Professor Claude Steele, Stanford University & Danielle Gonzalez, Aspen Institute

Housekeeping: Buy the fall #NerdFarmReads Book, We Gon Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation by Jeff Chang This week the pod takes on Social Emotional Learning in schools. Danielle Gonzalez of the Aspen Institute begins the podcast with her perspective on SEL and why we must teach it. She also delves into the danger of "systematic whitening" of students of color and where the national policy conversation on SEL is headed. Next up, author and professor, Claude Steele, gives an...


Ep. 39: A World Cup Wrap-up and the State of US Soccer--at least the Women are Good, right?

A reminder our #NerdFarmReads Fall Book is "We Gon’ Be Alright" by Jeff Chang. Buy it, read it, tweet about it using #NerdFarmReads. We’ll record in the fall. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet. Every four years billions of people worldwide tune in to watch their national teams (adopted or otherwise) compete for the most important title in sports. The month-long tournament just wrapped up. On this episode, Nate sat down with Steven Ketelsen and Kevin Zamira, two of...


Ep. 38: Wait. Is Kent Really Asking Students and Families to Send Toilet Paper to School???

Housekeeping: Buy the fall #NerdFarmReads Book, We Gon Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation by Jeff Chang Kent is a school district located south of Seattle that serves 26,000 students and employs 3,400 people. Layoffs were announced this spring and teachers are fleeing in droves. It may be summertime, but we decided to get to the bottom of the sitch in Kent. Guests: KNKX Youth and Education Reporter, Ashley Gross and 2018 Puget Sound Regional Teacher of the Year and 15-year...


Ep. 37: "Tell Nate to..." Summer Recs for Music, Movies, and Memoirs with Dave Jones, Katy Evans, and Kenny Coble

This week’s guests are local experts on books, films, and music. We hear from Katy Evans who works for The Grand Cinema (the local arthouse theater.) We get music recs from hip hop head, local podcaster, realtor, and ex-educator Dave Jones. And we learn what we should be reading from our only four-time-show-guest Kenny "I have a lot of opinions" Coble of King’s Books. We started the show with a reminder about the fall #NerdFarmReads Book Club: We Gon' Be All Right by Jeff Chang: buy it,...


Ep. 36: Helping Students of Color Navigate College Campuses -- Dr. Chassity Holliman-Douglas, Evergreen State College

Dr. Holliman Douglas is a Washington transplant by way of Tennessee to Kentucky. She holds degrees from Western Kentucky and Murray State University as well as a doctorate in Ed Leadership and Policy Studies from Eastern Kentucky University. She is the first person to hold this position at the college because the students wanted it, needed it, and asked for it. She completely believes in a liberal arts education and wholeheartedly believes her (currently unborn) child will attend one, when...


Ep. 35: Man, You Can't Out Wonk Denny -- Rep. Denny Heck (WA-10)

Congressman Denny Heck is a Greener, author, film-buff, and the representative of the 10th Congressional District. His top priorities are growing jobs, growing economy, and feeding the American Dream. He serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and has strong thoughts about housing policy. 5:00 What are the primary concerns of your constituents? 10:00 What message do the national Democratic Party have for places like Elkhart, IN and Shelton, WA? 13:00 When we vote...


Ep. 34: We R Tacoma: Tacoma Rainiers and Sounders FC2 -- Aaron Artman, President and Casey Catherwood, Ringmaster

Aaron Artman: President of Rainers and Sounders FC2 Casey Catherwood: Creative Director (Ringmaster) Rainers and Sounders FC2 Aaron is a tech and marketing dude who loves sports and has found a home in Tacoma. Casey is a musical journalist turned event planner, now Executive in Charge of Chicanery, Nonsense, and Tomfoolery for Sounders FC 2 and the Tacoma Rainiers. 2:00: How in the world did y'all end up here? 12:00: Cheney Stadium, sunsets, forming community, switching to the R logo,...


Ep. 33: Life and Death in the Seattle/Tacoma Media Market -- Neal Morton, Seattle Times and Sean Robinson, the News Tribune

Neal Morton: Seattle Times K-12 Reporter, School Finance, and Ed Lab Baller, Nevada Native and PNW Explorer Sean Robinson: Pierce County Council, Government, Crime, Justice, Investigative Super-Sleuth Gumshoe Reporter Sinclair Broadcasting is the number one owner of media and is shaping our perceptions. We are in a period of transition. The Internet is ascendant. Radio is full of awful conglomerates. Newspapers are struggling. Our story begins here. 5:00 Sean discusses reporting on crime....


An "Evicted": Pop-the-Trunk-Addendum -- Rep. Laurie Jinkins & Matt Driscoll

In the days following our #nerdfarmreads discussion of “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond, two of our most popular guests, News Tribune columnist Matt Driscoll and Rep. Laurie Jinkins, reached out separately about continuing the conversation. Matt wanted to talk about the impact of systemic-racism on housing and its role in the disproportionately high number evictions of black women. Laurie had similar thoughts and also wanted to discuss policy solutions. We set a date to have a conversation in...