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Episode 13: Ana on Postpartum Identity & Balance

"Once he started getting older and the novelty wore off I really started having a hard time. From about months 3-11 the lack of sleep really started to get to me, and the tedium of being at home…From the moment I saw him I cried and always loved him, but I just had a hard time figuring out the right balance between what he needed and what I needed. There’s never been a lack of love, it’s just figuring out how to fit him into my life and what my life looks like now." In this episode, my...


Episode 12: Elizabeth on HELLP, PPD, and Good Fights

"It feels like my marriage is really strong now, and anything that happens to us it’s like, 'Well, we got through [the NICU], so we can get through anything else.” But it has also made our fights a lot more intense because we really love our kids, and we’re fighting about something that really matters, where as before when we were newlyweds we were fighting about who put the toilet paper on backwards." In this episode, Elizabeth tells us about how her plans for an unmedicated birth were...


Episode 11: Megan Talks Positivity and Grace

“'Grace' to me is treating myself with a whole lot of compassion, and really sinking into that loving kind voice that we all have access to. And I focused on that the whole time I was going through the pregnancy; when things would be out of control, when I felt hormonal, when I felt crazy— I’d be high and low within a couple of hours— and that was so out not like me, and I felt so out of control of my emotions. Having to practice grace with myself was really having to walk my talk." In...


Episode 10: Erin Talks IVF & Birth Injuries

“Go see a pelvic floor specialist! You have to give yourself time to recover, but anything lasting more than a few months, you can treat, just like you would if you sprained your ankle or something like that… You know, I just don’t have a desire to have organ prolapse later in life.” In this episode, my guest Erin shares openly about her conception story, which took 3 years and 1 round of IVF to achieve. She also tells about seeing a pelvic floor therapist to heal a lingering birth...


Episode 8: Camaron, News Reporter Turned WAHM

“I turned to writing after I had my son. For me, that helped me connect to my old life in a sense. It was almost like the demolition of a building. I was on the same land, but my whole life was different, and there was a lot of emotional shrapnel left over. I had this huge excitement about having him, and then when he came it was a lot different than I expected." In this episode, Camaron shares her story about leaving a fast-paced career in order to become a work-at-home-mom, and how that...


Episode 7: NICU Mama Kris

On supporting NICU parents: "Say ‘congratulations,' because sometimes when you’ve had a preemie or a sick baby you feel like you’ve given birth to a medical situation and not, like, an actual child. So in the early days, the nicest thing that anyone could say was 'congratulations, what a beautiful baby.' Hearing that made everything suddenly feel more normal." In this episode, my funny and candid guest Kris talks about her struggle to get pregnant and experiencing preterm premature...


Episode 6: Twin Mama Sunit

“It’s so easy to get caught up in this game of comparison, and people telling you what you should be doing. But at the end of the day, nobody is you. Nobody is in your situation, and we just need to give ourselves grace. It’s okay to do whatever works for you. It’s about enjoying your baby and enjoying this time, and so that’s what I had to do for myself. I had to put aside what I thought was the "right thing" to do and do what was the right thing for me and my kids.” In this episode,...


Episode 5: Lori's Miracle Baby

In this episode, my guest Lori opens up about having a challenging pregnancy and unexpected cesarian, the relief she felt when switching from exclusively breastfeeding to formula feeding instead, and dealing with her son's speech delay. She also describes her transition from being a new unsure mom to feeling more grounded and confident, despite pressures from the ever present “mommie wars” around her. *** Lori Rochino is based in the greater Philadelphia area where she lives with her...


Episode 4: Rebekah Seeks Balance

“I read a quote the other day that really impacted me. [It said] ‘When a baby is born a mom is born’ but I think it should say ‘When a baby is born, parents are born.” It isn’t just the baby that’s born, because there’s just so much newness that happens in that season." In this episode, first time mom Rebekah gets real about how she balanced her desire for an unmedicated birth with needed interventions, the unique pressures she felt from bringing her baby home to a studio apartment in a...


Episode 3: Julia, Single Mom & Fellow Podcaster

"In Australia, 15% of children are raised in single parent households and it's the fastest growing family unit. I've met hundreds of single mums over the last few years, and they're smart, they're beautiful people, they're intelligent, they're independent, they're financially savvy, they are taking care of their lives... and it irritates me that we're put into this [denigrated] category: "Single Mothers." In this episode, fellow podcaster and host of Single Mother Survival Guide, Julia...


Episode 2: My Girl Ganka

"It's challenging to change your identity completely, and even though it's such a wonderful thing to welcome children into your life, you definitely have some giving up to do... not your entire self, but some aspects for sure." In this episode, my good friend Ganka shares her experiences with her first child, Sofia. She tells about how it felt to parent a baby with an extended "witching hour" phase, how becoming a first time mom at 30 impacted her identity and relationships, and what it...


Episode 1: EP Mama Kathy

"I'm never going to be a great employee, a great mom, a great wife, a great union president, and a great dog mom... we have to stop holding ourselves to such a high standard. No one can be perfect all the time." In this episode, Kathy shares her funny and candid story about becoming a first time parent and working mom. Enjoy this episode; it's full of pearls of wisdom.


New Parent Podcast, Preview Episode & Call For Submissions!

The New Parent Podcast is a place for parents from all walks of life to share their stories from the first year of parenthood. We're not offering advice, we're offering a window into what's really going on as people transition into their roles as new parents. If you vividly remember your first year of new parenthood, and think you'd like to be featured on the show, please contact us at, or find our name on Instagram or Facebook. First...