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Finding Out Your Kids True Personality How It Can Help Guide Them.

Today on the podcast Jami Kirkbride author OF THE BOOK "The You Zoo". Jami is a mother of seven kids, professional counselor, and personality trainer. We talk about different kind of personalities. How our personality affects how we parent. Trying to find out who you are can make you a better person and parent. Links: Parenting With Personality Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple Podcast Click here to subscribe to Google...


More Information Can Save Your Life

Today on the podcast I have a very important topic. Do you or your loved ones take medication? In the interview today we talk about the 4th the leading g cause of Death in the US. with Sunil Wadhwa, founder, and CEO of MedxPrime. Mr. Wadhwa is extremely passionate about putting a big spotlight on this topic of Adverse Drug Reaction. He shares lots of personal stories about this topic and a lot of important information Links: Phone# www.medxprime.comVideo 1 FDA LINK Ways to subscribe to the...


Building Good Foundation For You Kids.

Today on the podcast my guest, author and trusted Financial Advisor Sunny Lee. Sunny is a proud mother of twin boys. We talk about building a good foundation for children when it comes to money and responsibilities. A good example is like building a house and you need a good foundation to start with. These are a skill that was not always taught growing as a kid growing up. My self I'm still learning about mone and have long to go. So, I can teach those things to my son. This book is...


Unleash Your Super Power Of Persuasive Communication with Jeff Tippet

Email: today on the podcast my interview with Jeff Tippet author, speaker father, and entrepreneur. I really had fun with this interview Jeff, because of the superhero talk and Jeff had great stories and he explains the difference between persuasive communication and manipulation. persuasive communication can be used in different parts of life from being a parent or in your work. Jeff shares some great...


Good Communication Can Help Improve Your Relationships

Contact Information: On today coach Arnie been helping people overcome personal challenges for over 40 Years. He is an Adventure coach, ultra Marathon runner, dad, and husband. He faced many challenges in his life and had many triumphs along the way too. He brings those life experience into helping people. THINGS WE TALK ABOUT: 1. How important communication in a relationship. 2. How coach and mentor help in furthering goals 3. How important father role is in the family 4....


Can There Be A Better Way To Shave?

Today on the podcast My guest Douglas Smyth From and also from I'd Rather Be Shaving youtube channel. The I'd rather be shaving show on YouTube is the Car Talk for everything shaving. We talk about everything shaving and how it can be a wonderful experience. Great time to talk about shaving since it's the annual Movember when guys do not shave to bring awareness to men health issue. Links: Wet Shave Mediaphoenixartisanaccoutrements.comI'd...


Be Passionate About About What You Do.

On this episode, my conversation with Steven John otherwise, know as Blippi. The Blippi toy channel which Steven uses to educate young children. You would see Bliippe Steven John Character driving trucks and using different toys to teach kids about different shapes. Steven talks about what inspired him to start the channel and little behind the scenes of the making of Blippi. inks: Instagram blippi officialBlippi Youtube Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click...


Life That You Live Is The Legacy You Leave

Next, on the podcast my conversation with Armando Cruz from www.armandocruz .com he also an author, speaker, and father. His book is called the Legacy code: modern man's guide to escape obscurity & live a life unleashed. He enjoys spending time with family which very important to him. showing his kids how important creativity, the curiosity of life and physical fitness important He example for kids and other fathers Something else Armando said defiantly made me think " life...


Life Of Gratitude And Paying It Forward

Today on the podcast my conversation with Wally Carmichael Men of Abundance podcast and Author, speaker, podcast host, and the most important father of three boys and being a good husband. Topic discussed: http://menofabundance.comwww.APMasteryCoach.com Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple PodcastClick here to subscribe via AndroidSubscribe to the email newsletter links for the Podcast No sitting on...


No One Way TO Be Parent Just Make Sure You Show Up.

My conversation with Brandon handles from the fatherhood for the rest of us. Brandon is the host of the fatherhood for the rest podcast, he also coach, speaker. He is the father of two boys and married to his wife Meg Handley. Listening and talking with Brandon you can feel the passion for being a father and want to help other. In the interview, we talk about the in and outs of being a father. What like growing up without a father and becoming one our yourself. He...


Afraid Of Being Ones True Self.

Today episode my conversation with Darlene lance license marriage and family counselor. Darlene is also the author of the Codependency for dummies. We talk about different was that Codependency can affect your personal relationships. we explore what are the signs of Codependency relationship. Links: darlenelancer.comConquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple...


Power Of The Voice And How It Impacts Your Life

Today on the podcast my conversation with Tracy Goodwin from Tracy Goodwin has been coaching the voices of celebrities, entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe for over 28 years. Tracy also a mother of a 16-year-old boy. Also, Tracy the host of the Captivate the room podcast. We talk about the voice and how it impacts your life. Your voice can tell a lot about you. Example if you confident or not confident. Also thing from the past that may be holding...


Having Fun And Being a Creative Dad

Today on the podcast my Conversation with Mike Lowery from Mike is Author of Random Illustrated Facts and Kids Awesome Activity Book. We talk about being a dad and being a creative person. There lot really cool fact and believe they are random. There was some interesting fact including " What was the most stolen food?" the answer is cheese. Mike new book Kids awesome Activity book that on preorder and will be out 06/12/2018 Mike show is his drawing how much fun being a...


Authenticity Being Present and Engaging. Lessons Learn from Mister Rogers

Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple PodcastClick here to subscribe via AndroidSubscribe to the email newsletter On this week episode of the podcast my conversation with Benjamin Wagner. We talk about what it was like being Mister Rogers neighbor. Also, learning from someone who truly understood how to truly be present. Mister Rogers truly made an impact on many people including Benjamin and his brother Chris. Mister Rogers was a truly great...


Have a plan to win planning meals and conquering the grocery store.

Today on the podcast my guest Erin Chase From We discussed everything from budgeting your grocery list and using coupons. Also, the battle plan when you go grocery shopping. Erin shares some useful tips about saving money when you go Grocery shopping. Erin also shared some interesting ways of breaking down ingredients In each meal to save some money in the grocery store. Links:


No Matter How Old You Are Creativity And Imagination Are Important.

On this week episode of the podcast my conversation with Jonathan Messinger from The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian.We talk about being creative with your children and being a dad. How much fun toThe Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian with his son Griffen. It is a fun adventure with the crew from Famous Marlow 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. The podcast is a great way to keep kids engaged during a long drive. Links: www.finncaspian.comGEN-Z MediaList of...


Being intentional with your time as a parent to create a foundation for the future of your relationship with your kids

Today on the podcast my conversation with Kent Julian from the . We talk about as parent its good to start a good foundation to help with having good relationship kids.Being intentional with your time as a parent to lay a foundation for the future of your relationship with your with your kids. Also, the myth of quality time which I found it pretty interesting. Links: podcast 9 ways to get paid to...


What Is Happiness and Innovation ?

This episode my conversation with Mike Ferry form and author of the book Teaching Happiness and Innovation. Mike dad of five and middle school. we talk a lot of about gratitude and focusing on the positive thing. Also, the future of kids in school now, and how work is changing for them once they are ready for the workforce. Links: www.happinessandinnovation.comTeaching Happiness and Innovation Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via...


Navigating Through The Chaos of divorce

On this episode my guest Dr. Collen Mullen marriage and family therapist. Dr. Mullen is also the host of Coaching Through Chaos where she talks about all kind of divorce and relationship issue. In this episode, me and Dr. Mullen have a conversation about navigating through a divorce. Also, Dr. Mullen also has a Facebook live video every Tuesday 3:30 pacific time where she covers a lot of topics like we talk about in this episode. if you have a chance check out the other podcast were...


Power Of Positive Attitude And Commitment To Help With The Challenges Of Divorce and Blended Families

Today on the podcast my conversation with tom Schwab the founder of interview valet a concierge level booking service and author. Tom most important job is being good dad and husband. We talk about positive perspective about divorce and blended families. Links: Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple PodcastClick here to subscribe via AndroidSubscribe to the email newsletter Help support the show! No sitting on the...