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Have a plan to win planing meals and conquering the grocery store.

Today on the podcast my guest Erin Chase From We discussed everything from budgeting your grocery list and using coupons. Also, the battle plan when you go grocery shopping. Erin shares some useful tips about saving money when you go Grocery shopping. Erin also shared some interesting ways of breaking down ingredients In each meal to save some money in the grocery store. Links: www.5dollardinners.comgrocerybudgetmakeover.commyfreezeasy.comFreezer Meals in an...


No Matter How Old You Are Creativity And Imagination Are Important.

On this week episode of the podcast my conversation with Jonathan Messinger from The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian.We talk about being creative with your children and being a dad. How much fun toThe Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian with his son Griffen. It is a fun adventure with the crew from Famous Marlow 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. The podcast is a great way to keep kids engaged during a long drive. Links: www.finncaspian.comGEN-Z MediaList of...


Being intentional with your time as a parent to lay a foundation for the future of your relationship with your kids

Today on the podcast my conversation with Kent Julian from the . We talk about as parent its good to start good foundation to help with haveing good relationship kids .Being intentional with your time as a parent to lay a foundation for the future of your relationship with your with your kids. Also, the myth of quality time which I found it pretty interesting Links: podcast 9 ways to get paid to...


What Is Happiness and Innovation ?

This episode my conversation with Mike Ferry form and author of the book Teaching Happiness and Innovation. Mike dad of five and middle school. we talk a lot of about gratitude and focusing on the positive thing. Also, the future of kids in school now, and how work is changing for them once they are ready for the workforce. Links: www.happinessandinnovation.comTeaching Happiness and Innovation Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via...


Navigating Through The Chaos of divorce

On this episode my guest Dr. Collen Mullen marriage and family therapist. Dr. Mullen is also the host of Coaching Through Chaos where she talks about all kind of divorce and relationship issue. In this episode, me and Dr. Mullen have a conversation about navigating through a divorce. Also, Dr. Mullen also has a Facebook live video every Tuesday 3:30 pacific time where she covers a lot of topics like we talk about in this episode. if you have a chance check out the other podcast were...


Power Of Positive Attitude And Commitment To Help With The Challenges Of Divorce and Blended Families

Today on the podcast my conversation with tom Schwab the founder of interview valet a concierge level booking service and author. Tom most important job is being good dad and husband. We talk about positive perspective about divorce and blended families. Links: Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple PodcastClick here to subscribe via AndroidSubscribe to the email newsletter Help support the show! No sitting on the...


Best Influence With Your Child Is The Connection With Them.

On this episode of the No sitting on the sideline dad podcast my conversation with Saron Selby from Sharon is registered, clinical counselor. Sharon works with children, teens, and families who are dealing with childhood anxiety. Also please check out her new book over at kick starter. The title of the book Surfing The Worry Imp Wave Here is the link: Kick starter Links: kick starter project:surfing-the-worry-imps-wave-reducing Ways to...


Shipwrecks ,Counting Gold Coins And Being A Dad

Today on the podcast my conversation with Taylor Zajonc from We talk about what is to be a new dad. Also how being new dad can help with being creative and maybe helping with a story for a book. Taylor shares his experience being Naval Historian and his deep sea treasure adventures. We talk about how important is to be engaged as a parent. Links: expeditionwriter.comThe Wrecking Crew Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via Apple...


The challenges and Triumphs of Divorce and Blended Family

On this episode my conversation with Dan Moyle. We have a conversation about divorce and blended families. The challenges go through a divorce. Also, knowing that you are not alone and realizing its ok to reach out for help. Dan and his Wife both divorce and each has a daughter from previous. Dan shares his experience being a blended family. Dan shows that with a positive attitude you can overcome the tough moments. Truly enjoyed Dan positive attitude and it was very...


What are the 7 Keys To Live Happy ,Healthy and Whole. Conversation With Dr Phil Carson

Today on the Podcast my conversation with Dr. Phil Carson. We talk about his book How To Live Until You Die: The 7keys To live Happy Healthy and whole. Dr. Carson is passionate about Natural health.Dad of 5 children and married beautiful wife Kim. Dr. Phil also practicing pharmacist since 1985 and the Co-founder of the Life Transformation Medical Center. He website has lot useful information to living healthy and happy. We Talk about: Links: carsonnatural.comThe Feeling Good...


Every Phase Of Your Kids Life Is Opportunity To Appreciate Them And Guide Them

Today on the No sitting on the side-line Dad Podcast My interview with Kristen Ivy executive director of messaging at The reThink Group.Kristen is a co-author of Playing for Keeps, Creating a Lead Small Culture, It’s Just A Phase and Zero to One. What we talk about in this episode: Links: Kristen IvyAbout the Phase ProjectResources For Parents Help support the show! No sitting on the sideline Patreon affiliate link Facebook Page


Showing Up As Parent and Be In The Moment With Your children.

Today on the podcast my Guest Christina Fletcher from We talk about being in the moments as parents. I really enjoy the different way of thinking about parenting and I really enjoyed the interview. Also, talk about the power of positivity, and the importance of self-care. There nothing wrong to have some time to work on your self and take a minute to clear your head. Links: spiritually aware booksAbout Christinaspiritually aware...


Influenced By The Example We Set More Than The instruction We Give.

Today on the podcast my guest Sid Gaza -Hillman author of the book, Raising Healthy Parents. Also, Sid other book is Approaching The Natural A Healthy Manifesto. Sid is the father of 3 children and a husband. We had a great conversation about Raising Healthy Parents. Sid also, certified nutritionist and Small step Coach. Something we talk about in today interview. Links: www.smallsteppers.comSidGarzaHillman facebook page Ways to subscribe to the...


Teaching kids Life lesson through the Family Business

Today on the Podcast interview Matt MIller husband and father three amazing kids and fellow podcaster. Also, from School Spirit Vending and School Zone Podcast. We talk about parenting challenges and school fundraising. Also teaching kids life lesson from working in the family business. School spirts vending help to teach families to generate secondary income. Links: zone Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to...


Lesson Learned From Little Ones. Interview with Author Nick Britton

This week episode of the podcast my interview Nick Britton Author and speaker. His new book Children know successes, do you? We talk about fear of criticism, and how important to have a sense of self. Also how important reading played into his life. We answer the question how important is your imagination to you. One other segment I talk about how important Movember is to men's health. It's more than just being lazy and not wanting to shave and grow hair. Movember helps bring...


What is Parent Shaming ? Interview Mercedes Samudio Author of the Book Shame Proof Parenting

This episode of the podcast my interview with Mercedes Samudio from Shame-Proof Parenting. The thing we talk about in this podcast is parents finding their own voice. The one thing that is that true ever kid different and every situation is also different. Some parents try their best to figure out their normal and their way in this parenting journey. We have all done this before by shaming another parent and not realizing the situation. Mercedes give a good example of parenting...


Location Independence Living. Interview with Paul Kortman

On this episode of the No sitting on the sideline dad My interview with Paul Kortman. Some of the things we discuss were location independents, living life without no fear, investing in your children and there more to experience in life than just the norm. links: Nomad Together podcast page Subscribe to the Nomad Together Podcast in Apple PodcastSubscribe to The Nomad Together in StitcherNomad Together Podcast on Twitter Ways to subscribe to the podcast! Click here to subscribe via...


Communication and Understanding. Interview with Carey Green

Today on the podcast my Guest Carey green from Christian Home and Family. On the podcast we talk about Family Challenges like Divorce, raising kids and how to talk to them. Carey has been Pastor for 27 years. Carey lot of insight since counseled families as a pastor He also has multiple podcasts that he does and also the owner Podcast fast trackPodcast editing service company. He has some great insights to being Dad and person of faith. He shares his experience with being a Pastor and...


How To Get Boys To Read More? Interview With Hillary Tubin Author of the book Boys And Books

On this week episode of the Podcast my interview with Hillary Tubin the Author of the book Boys and Books. Hillary was a teacher for 20 years. Now she Literacy Specialist and Advocate for the boy's who won't read. We talked about the different way to get boys to read and her experience and challenges to help boys to become a better reader. Links: Hillary Tubin about page Boys and Books Hillary Tubin Contact No sitting on the sideline dad podcast Patreon Page Subscribe To The...


There No One Way to be A Parent. Interview With Cori Reed and Mike Becker from ZagZig Parenting

Today on the No sitting on the sideline Dad Podcast. My guest Mike Becker and Kori Reed authors of the book ZagZig Parenting. I love what they say on the front cover right below the title " (Mis) Adventure of Career Driven Mom and a Stay-at-Home Dad" that some up their adventures of being parents. The book is broken up into stories about their journey as parents, career driven mom and stay at home dad. There were a lot of stories that very funny and relatable. They were fun people to...


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