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Weird Beard

In which we have fun with rhymes, do an action song about winter time bundling/unbundling and pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. the best way we know how, by singing. Rhyme Time (Improvisation/Phonological Awareness) ✪ Oh Let Us Sing (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Time To Move (Creative Movement) ✪ Co-hosts Joni & Shiloh are having birthdays soon. Want to email a drawing to say hello and happy birthday? No presh, but I know they'd love it if you do :) ✪...



Hello my mustachioed mammal friends! It's Noodle Loaf time. Singing? check. Moving? check. Laughing? check check check. Ready, Set, Noodle Loaf!!! Time to Move (Creative Movement) ✪ Red Balloon (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Trivia (Music Appreciation) ✪ Co-hosts Joni & Shiloh are having birthdays soon. Want to email a drawing to say hello and happy birthday? No presh, but I know they'd love it :) ✪ Donate: ✪ SUBSCRIBE and/or LEAVE A REVIEW on...


Honus Burpytoad

This is not a tub. This is a podcast powered by my good vibes. And we're back with more music fun times! Here's what's on the "agenda" for today's show: Clap It Back (Listening Skills/Beat Awareness) ✪ Shampoo Unicorn (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Time To Move (Creative Movement) ✪ YOUR HOLIDAY TO-DO LIST: 1. Buy a SHAMPOO UNICORN t-shirt: 2. Add your fam's favorite tune to our You Make The Playlist: 3. Show Us Some Noodle Love: ✪...


Dingo Bingo Bongo

We were sitting here eating gustew when who should stop by? Adam Gardner from the big deal rock band Guster. Not only is he a talented musician but he also knows a LOT about what's an instrument and what's an animal. He helps us out with the today's trivia game. We also have a very special echo song about all the kinds of beautiful families there are in the world and more! A Family Can (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Trivia: Instrument or Animal w/Adam Gardner (Music Appreciation) ✪ You Make...


Doodle-Dee Do

My kids have been loving the I Had A Rooster book by Laura Vaccaro Seeger recently, so we decided to put that song in this week's show. It's a bona fide classic kids song and now you get to make animal songs along with us as we sing it. PLUS we do what one does when a donkey sound presents itself to us...we jam it out. I Had A Rooster (Cumulative Song) ✪ Finish The Pattern (Pattern Recognition) ✪ Jam Along (Improvisation/Body Percussion) ✪ SURVEY:


It's Not A Tuber

More interactive music education games from the Team Noodle Loaf coming coming atcha! This episode has a lot of stuff about beats. We love beats! BTW, if you're not sure what the Chop Chop game is supposed to look like, ask the Google and you will find many vids showing the motions. Clap It Back (Listening Skills/Beat Awareness) ✪ Chop Chop Chippity Chop (Steady Beat) ✪ Dance Dance Noodleution (Movement) ✪ SURVEY: (THANK YOU IF YOU'VE SUBMITTED ONE!...


Pillowcase Pants

Ever wonder what it sounds like when a tiny dog knocks on a door and asks for candy? Finding out has never been easier thanks to today's edition of Name That Sound. Plus! Let your inner and outer children be inspired by Saint Saens' Danse Macabre as you paint an imaginary bubble from the inside. Also!!! An echo song about the joy of making your own costume. Name That Sound (Listening Skills) ✪ I Made a Costume (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Bubble Painting (Creative Movement) ✪ SURVEY:...



I love a good pattern and we've got plenty of them on today's show. We also update an old echo song that updated a different old echo song which I recently learned was an update of a really old echo song about the Canadian military. Hello operator? But the big news is we have a guest beatboxer laying the groove in our Jam Along segment. Woot woot! Finish The Pattern (Pattern Recognition) ✪ Rick A Bamboo (Echo Song) ✪ Jam Along (Rhythm and Improvisation) ✪ SURVEY:...


Razzle Dazzle

Mystery abounds in this edition of Noodle Loaf as we ask the eternal question, is it an animal or is it a musical instrument? Even the echo song reverberates with enigma. Where are we going and will you be awake when we get there? One things for sure, a land expanse demands the clapping of our hands. Trivia: Instrument or Animal edition (Music Appreciation) ✪ At the Top of the Hill - (Echo Song) ✪ Clap It Back (Rhythm Awareness) ✪ SURVEY: Show Us...



Howji hijie heejie hojie? I dooji fineji, thanks. Especially since we get to play more fun music games together this week! Pro tip: Have something to write with/on handy for this week's #GuidedDoodle, then share your drawing with us on the social media platform of your choosing. Tag @NoodleLoafShow and let us know what you drew. We'll shout you out in a future episodeji! Time To Move (Bubble Bubble Pop - Action Song) ✪ I Say Hello (Echo Song) ✪ Guided Doodle (Listening Skills / Music...


The Nut Butter Solution

We kick off with a sticky predicament. A blueberry problem so to speak. It requires moving in slow jelly motion. I'd love to see some footage of this game! Share your nut butter quest on social medias with @noodleloafshow pls. And is that the Pogues doing an echo song? Nope. Enjoy the show! Time to Move - Blueberry Problem (Creative Movement) ✪ Name That Sound (Listening Skills) ✪ Go Away Buzzy Bee (Echo Song) ✪ Show Us Some Noodle Love: ✪ SUBSCRIBE and/or LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple...


Shiny Happy People Singing

They say you should dance like nobody's looking at the kitchen utensils. And that writing about architecture is like singing about worms. And that learning about dinosaurs is called paleontology, not to be confused with Patreontology which is the study of supporting Noodle Loaf. This may or may not all make sense after hearing today's show. Time To Move - Knife Fork Spoon Spatula (Creative Movement) ✪ The Littlest Worm (Echo Song) ✪ Stump a Grown Up with Mike Meraz from Aaron's World...


Hello Hello Hellooo

Learning through play! Or to quote Beyoncé "I Play, Okay, I Play." At least that's what I think she says. Maybe I need new headphones. Regardless, we're back with more music education in the form of songs, games and good times. Singing Slide (vocal warm-up) ✪ Down By The Bay (echo song) ✪ You Make The Story (improvisation) ✪ Time To Move (creative movement) ✪ Ways to keep the shows coming: ✪ SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts ✪ Join our Patreon to access our secret Echo...


Season Two Trailer

Just a quick hello to let you know that Noodle Loaf will be returning with new songs and games and music education in the form of play in just a couple weeks. So continue enjoying our previous episodes and telling your friends about us! And keep sending in your kids singing the Noodle Loaf theme song too :) While we wait for the new shows, why not leave us a review on Apple Podcasts? It helps other families find us and makes us feel great! And don't forget to subscribe so you find out as...


Kids Listen Road Trip Mixtape

We've teamed up with some of the best kids podcasts out there to bring you our final summer bonus episode, the Kids Listen Road Trip Mixtape. So sit back and enjoy this playlist of mini episodes from Circle Round, Story Spectacular, Little Stories for Tiny People, Book Club for Kids, What If World and of course, Noodle Loaf. All these shows can be found on the Kids Listen app or wherever you listen to your podcasts. We'll be back soon with Season Two! In the meantime, please please please...


Together Like A Song

We saw the Noodle Loaf in the sky above a traffic clogged highway and are swooping in to rescue your road trip with another summer bonus episode. Echo Song (Families Belong Together) ✪ Jokes ✪ Clap It Back ✪ Time To Move ✪ We love love love reading your Apple Podcasts reviews. Please write us one when you can :) And don't forget to subscribe! It helps more people find the show which we also love love love. Want to add your voice to the Noodle Loaf choir? The echo song and instructions...


Tickle Me Yeezy

Happy Summer Noodle Loafers! We missed you, so here's a bonus ep to get your summer road trips off on the right tire. Listen closely for your chance to win a Noodle Loaf t-shirt and/or a special recording of your child singing our new Echo Song. Too good! Finish The Pattern ✪ Echo Song (Now That We Know) How To Add Your Voice ✪ Guided Doodling ✪ Jam Along ✪ Contest 1: Five listeners who share this episode on FB or Twitter (before July 1st) will be randomly chosen to win a version of...


A Spectacular Ending

Season One's grand finale! And we're ending with a boom bap boom. We've got a guest appearance by Angela Ferrari. We've got an echo song about getting dirty. And a whale sounds remix. Look out Kanye! Echo Song (Take A Little Water) ✪ You Make The Story (by Story Spectacular) ✪ Name That Sound ✪ Jam Along ✪ More singing, more smiling and more iTunes reviews pls :) Those help other families find the show which helps more singing happen in the world. ALSO! Want to add your voice to the...


What A Bam Bam

Going for a drive with the kids? Start praying for traffic because we've got all new games this week! The miles will fly by as you dance, play name that tune (kazoo edition) and morph your family into an a capella ensemble. Tell Waze to take the long way home! Dance Dance Noodleution ✪ Name That Tune ✪ Vocal Jam ✪ More singing, more smiling and more iTunes reviews pls :) Those help other families find the show which helps more singing happen in the world. More singing, fewer screens =...


Some Sun Summertime

When was the last time you clapped the rhythm of ice cream flavors? Has it been awhile? Well the long wait is over! Also, to celebrate the transition from school year into summertime we have a special Echo Song and Name That Sound to get your music brain beach ready. Clap It Back ✪ Echo Song (School's Out Soon) ✪ Name That Sound ✪ More singing, more smiling and more iTunes reviews pls :) ALSO! Add your voice to the Noodle Loaf choir. The echo song and instructions are here. Plus! You can...