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A podcast about the RV family lifestyle.

A podcast about the RV family lifestyle.


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A podcast about the RV family lifestyle.






17. The RV Guide to South Dakota and Badlands National Park

You know you love a place when you find yourself coming back again and again. South Dakota is that place for us. The Black Hills are so gorgeous, and we love this state. In this episode, we tell you about our most recent stay in South Dakota. In our review segment, we talk to you about upgrading the coach to help it drive better.


16. RV living is not always pretty -- things do break

It's not all rainbows, bears, and mountains when you live in an RV. Things do go wrong. In this episode, we talk about the last couple of days of the Teton National Park and our drive to South Dakota. Our stairs break - again - and it triggers us to tell you about all the things that have broken in our BRAND NEW RV.


15. Staying and visiting Grand Teton National Park and Southern Yellowstone

In our final segment of the Yellowstone National Park area, we stayed in the Teton National Park. We spent a little over a week visiting Grand Teton National Park, and we got to see a TON of wildlife. We spent a day in Yellowstone finishing up a few things we wanted to see in the park's southern half. Shownotes:


14. Staying near the East, Northeast, and North entrance of Yellowstone

In this episode of the podcast, we will talk all about the East, Northeast, and North entrance of Yellowstone. You can hear about the drive from Glacier to West Yellowstone and all the things you can visit in West Yellowstone in our last episode.


13. Visiting Yellowstone and West Yellowstone, Montana

We are officially obsessed with Yellowstone. As of the recording of this podcast, we have already spent about three weeks in the area. It's so extensive and impressive. We will have multiple episodes and posts about our Yellowstone adventures. This episode will focus on the drive from Glacier to Yellowstone and staying in West Yellowstone.


12. All the things you need to know about visiting Glacier National Park

Visiting Glacier National Park has been on our dream list forever - even before we started the RV life. It did not disappoint. We give you all the details you need when you visit the park.


11. Fun things to do in the Black Hills, South Dakota, with your family

In the 11th episode of Off The Beaten Path but Not Lost, we talk about things to do in the Black Hills, South Dakota with your family. To claim a state, we have to stay in the state and actually do something. It also has to be a state we visited after we started our full-time Journey. Of the 17 states, we are claiming - South Dakota sits at the top. Shownotes:


10. Adventuring with the Jeep Badge of Honor Program and their fun 60+ trails

We love going on trails and adventures in our Jeep. One way to get outdoors and visit some great trails across the U.S. is through the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Shownotes can be found at


9. Things to do in Idaho with your family and where to camp

In this episode of Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost, we talk about things to do in Idaho with your family and where to camp. After spending months in the desert (Utah, Arizona, and Nevada), we were ready for some green trees and water. Idaho delivered.


8. All the things you need to know about the Utah Mighty 5

In this episode, we talk about Utah's Mighty 5 and then dive into other thoughts about National Parks. Shownotes -


7. Places to visit, Jeep, and stay in Arizona

Arizona is a popular winter destination for RVers. We spent the winter visiting and playing in Arizona. On this episode of Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost we share places to stay in Arizona and some fun Jeep trails. Shownotes:


6 - Boondocking and free camping tips for getting the most of your free sites

In our latest episode, we discuss boondocking and free camping tips. Boondocking is camping that is self-contained and off-grid. You might also hear it called dispersed, primitive, wild, or dry camping. It all means the same thing - not connected to commercial power, water, or sewer.


5 - All about Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios

We had so much to talk about on the topic of Disney World that we had to break the podcast into two parts. Last week we spoke about annual passes, COVID, campgrounds, and Magic Kingdom. This week we're going to wrap up our Disney conversation talking about the other three parks - Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.


4 - A Dream Come True At Disney World And RV Full-time Tips

We spent two months in the Orlando, Florida area at Disney World. In this episode, we discuss annual passes, RV campgrounds within 25 minutes of the parks, COVID, and Magic Kingdom. This is part 1 and part 2 will be next week. Show notes:


3 - Family things to do in Las Vegas (and the surrounding area)

After spending a month in the area, we have compiled a list of free family things to do in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We stayed in Las Vegas at the end of 2020 and into the new year. It was a lot of fun, and we explored some off-the-beaten-path adventures that didn't break the bank. You will find Jeep trails, road trips, attractions, and fun things to do on the strip. Shownotes:


2. Move Day and Road Trip Tips

In this episode, we give you our move day and road trip tips on keeping your kiddos (and yourself) happy. Our road trips in the Jeep can be a couple of hours to all day in the car. Many of our road trips are going to a Jeep trail, so that's even longer in the Jeep. Our move days can be from an hour to five hours. We have even had a couple of nine-hour days, and that's a long time driving in an RV. Shownotes -


1. Exploring Utah from the beautiful Flaming Gorge to Valley of the Gods

This inaugural episode included a lot of firsts. It was our first time exploring Utah, our first mountain pass, and our first Harvest Host experience. We also dive into a discussion about boondocking near Moab, fun off-road trips, dinosaur tracks, and so much more. This trip was on the east side of the state, and we will be returning to visit the other side of the state at a different time. Shownotes -


Trailer: Off the beaten path but not lost with the Faiolas

Join us on Off the beaten path but not lost as we tell stories about the RV lifestyle, campgrounds, National Parks, Jeep trails, homeschool, off-the-beaten-path adventures, and so much more.