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Episode 082: When You Struggle With Negative Thoughts About Your Child

I have not wanted to admit it, but I have developed the habit of thinking REALLY negative thoughts about my strong-willed child. It happened over time. With each melt-down, back-talk, tantrum, act of defiance, act of aggression, etc. I thought more and more negative things. Eventually, I found that I really struggled to think anything positive about my strong-willed child and that broke my heart. This led me to meeting with Janet Cazier, LCSW who helps parents get into a more positive place...


Episode 081: Succeeding Socially Part Two

In our last episode, we talked about some ways our strong-willed kids struggle socially and how to help them through that. Today we continue the conversation to learn how to help them even more. Thanks again to one of our experts, Mike Fitch, CMHC who specializes in helping kids develop social skills that will set them up for success. Listen here. Podcast summary coming soon.


Episode 080: Succeeding Socially Part One

As parents, we all want our kids to succeed socially. We want our kids to make good friends, keep good friends, and to be a good friend themselves. We even want these things for our strong-willed kids. However, strong-willed kids seem to struggle to get along with others, which can be so hard on you AND your child. Luckily, one of our experts, Mike Fitch, CMHC specializes in helping kids develop social skills that will set them up for success. In this episode, you are going to learn specific...


Episode 079: Helping Strong-willed Kids Better Understand Themselves

I don't know how many of you have had an experience where your strong-willed child has struggled socially, at school, or just with other people in general. Many people in our Facebook group, have said that they've been sad to see how their kids struggle with friends or in different social settings. That can be really hard for us as parents because we want our kids to have a happy life. So we're going to talk this month about some of those different interpersonal struggles that are strong-...


Episode 078: 3 Ways to Help Your Child Be More Positive

Listen here or READ the post below. One of the characteristics that we see in a lot of strong-willed kids is a tendency to be negative. This can be hard for us to listen to as parents and we worry as parents because we know that positive thoughts lead to a positive life. However, many of us wonder how to help a child who seems naturally negative to become more positive. We may even wonder if it’s possible! The good news is that research shows that individuals can actually train their brain...


Episode 077:How to Help Your Child Think BEFORE They Act

Listen here or READ the post below. One of the biggest roles that we have as a parent is being aware of our child's strengths and their weaknesses, then trying minimize the negative effects of the weaknesses and bringing out and channel their strengths. One of the weaknesses that our strong-willed kids has is being IMPULSIVE. Strong-willed kids want what they want, right when they want it. Today we get to talk to Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Mike Fitch to learn how to help our kids...


Episode 076: 5 Healthy Ways to Get Defiant Kids to Do What YOU Want

Listen here or READ the post below. If you have listened to August at all, you know that we're talking about the tough temperament of the strong willed child. Things that are just part of their personality that drive us nuts as parents. You need to listen or read our first interview from this month because we talk about some things that are critical to know about your strong-willed child’s personality. But we wanted to spend the rest of the month talking about some specific temperament...


Episode 075: Your Strong-Willed Child’s Personality, What Therapists Want You To Understand

Listen here or READ the post below. We are in August if you can believe it. The topic for this month is the strong willed child's temperament, their natural personality that they're born with. We want to help you understand it better, have some compassion for where they're coming from, get to know some specific characteristics in their temperament that can be challenging and some parenting tips on how to navigate those specific characteristics. Marriage and family therapist, Jeff Tesch is...


Episode 074: Strong-Willed Kids and Addiction Part 2

Listen here or READ the post below. Last week we learned that strong-willed kids are more likely to struggle with addiction than other children. This is a HUGE concern to many parents. If it's a concern to you, then you don't want to miss today's interview with Mike Fitch, CMHC. We talk about ways you can help prevent addictions, warning signs of addiction, and some things you can do as a parent if you think your child is struggling with an addiction. Mike Fitch, CMHC Here's a quick recap...


Episode 073: Why Strong -Willed Children Are More Likely To Become Addicts

Listen here or READ the post below. When I’m not at home or being a parent, I get to be a dental hygienist. To keep my license current I have to take a certain amount of health science classes each year. In one class that I took on the brain and addiction, I learned that strong-willed kids are far more likely struggle with addiction. As a parent of a strong-willed child and aunt to many more, I was really concerned. So today and next week, we’re going to learn more about addiction and why...


Episode 072: 3 Parenting Myths Therapists Wish You Didn’t Believe

Listen here or READ the post below. There are a lot of different parenting beliefs out there. Some that help us and some that don't. Today we're going to learn about 3 parenting myths therapists wish we didn't buy into. Janet Cazier, LCSW Myth #1 Parents are 100% Responsible for Their Children One myth I see parents getting sucked into is that they are 100% responsible for their kids success in ALL of the following areas:Y Mental health Physical health Emotional health Scholastic success...


Episode 071: Four Parenting Mistakes to AVOID if You Want Your Child to Be Ready for Adulthood

Listen here or READ the post below. I don't know how many of us want to be taking full responsibility for our children well into adulthood. Caring for them while they're young is hard enough. But did you know that preparing your kids to move out, get jobs, and become independent adults starts when they are little? Did you also know there are some things we can do as parents to sabotage our children's ability to become capable adults? Learn which four mistakes you need to avoid if you want...


Episode 070: Listen So Your Kids Will Talk With These Three Simple Steps

Listen here or READ the post below: We are shifting our focus this month from concerns that parents have about their kids to concerns the EXPERTS have about our kids. For the next five weeks, we are going to let you know what issues the therapists are seeing over and over again in their work. We are also going to let you know what you need to do to avoid the sad situations they are dealing with. I can't stress enough how important the information you are going to learn in July is! Make sure...


Episode 069: How to Get Your Kids to Stop Talking Disrespectfully

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE OR READ THE POST BELOW One of the misbehaviors many parents can’t stand, is when their children treat them disrespectfully. It’s completely appropriate that disrespectful behavior irritates parents and it’s not wrong to want it to stop. The question is HOW DO WE GET OUR KIDS TO TREAT US RESPECTFULLY? Mike Fitch, CMHC What Parents Need to Know First You do not have to put up with disrespectful behavior. It is OK to expect those in your life to talk to you kindly and to...


Episode 068: How to Get Your Child to Stop Whining

What is it about whining that is so annoying to us as parents? Is it the high-pitched tones, the sign of ingratitude, the lack of patience? Whatever it is, we don’t want to hear whining. But is there a way to get our kids to talk to us appropriately and to no longer whine? That’s what we talk about today with Janet Cazier, LCSW and mom of seven! Janet Cazier, LCSW It is OK for parents to not allow their kids to whine. In my experience, parents are too patient with it. Parents allow it to go...


Episode 067: How to Get Your Kids to Behave in the Car

Are your kids big stinks in the back seat of your car? Are they driving you nuts while you're driving them places? Then you'll want to check out this episode. Janet Cazier, LMFT and mom of seven gives her top tips for getting your kids to behave well while in the car. Her tips are seriously awesome! I feel like I have so many more tools to use now. Happy learning! LISTEN ABOVE OR READ THE SUMMARY BELOW Janet Cazier, LMFT Sometimes kids can be the biggest stinkers in the car! They know that...


Episode 066: SIX Tips to Help You Survive Summer Break

This whole month we get to talk about behaviors that drive us nuts. It was hard to pick just four. We get to start out with our kids driving us crazy during the summer. If you’ve ever felt like your kids want you to entertain them all summer, then you’ll want to check out this episode. Laura Tesch, mom of six and Child & Family studies major, teaches us SIX tips for surviving your child’s summer break! These tips have already helped us a ton at our house. Happy learning! LISTEN ABOVE OR READ...


Episode 065: The 7 Step Process Therapist’s Use to Help Couples Parent the Same

Research shows that consistency between parents is critical to parenting success. If parents differ in their parenting approach, they unintentionally undermine each other's good parenting efforts and cause friction in their marriage. That being said, different parenting approaches are an extremely common issue in families. Parents come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and are even neurologically wired differently from one another. So to help you get on the same page...


Episode 064: 3 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Be Friends For Life

This month we’ve been talking about how the strong-willed child can affect the relationships in our own home. One of the relationships that can be affected is the sibling relationship. Today we talk with Child and Family Studies major, Laura Tesch to learn how she helps her six kids develop friendships that will last a lifetime. LISTEN ABOVE OR READ THE SUMMARY BELOW Laura Tesch Why it’s important for siblings to be close It helps the home feel more peaceful-I think every parent wants their...


Episode 063: How to Support the Siblings of Your Strong-Willed Child

This month we've been talking about our strong-willed kids and how they affect other relationships in the family. This week we get to talk about something that I feel is really, really important. If you have a strong willed child and other kids that are easier going in your home, you might see that there can be a negative effect on the other kids. This isn’t because a strong-willed child is bad or they are the root cause of all the problems. But a strong-willed child can be challenging to...