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Episode 064: 3 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Be Friends For Life

This month we’ve been talking about how the strong-willed child can affect the relationships in our own home. One of the relationships that can be affected is the sibling relationship. Today we talk with Child and Family Studies major, Laura Tesch to learn how she helps her six kids develop friendships that will last a lifetime. LISTEN ABOVE OR READ THE SUMMARY BELOW Laura Tesch Why it’s important for siblings to be close It helps the home feel more peaceful-I think every parent wants their...


Episode 063: How to Help Your Other Kids Feel

This month we've been talking about our strong-willed kids and how they affect other relationships in the family. This week we get to talk about something that I feel is really, really important. If you have a strong willed child and other kids that are easier going in your home, you might see that there can be a negative effect on the other kids. This isn’t because a strong-willed child is bad or they are the root cause of all the problems. But a strong-willed child can be challenging to...


Episode 062: What To Do When You’re Having a Hard Time Liking Your Strong-Willed Child

This month, we're talking about how having a strong-willed child can affect other family relationships. Today we're going to talk about something that I've seen brought up several times but not really ever addressed in a in a helpful way. The reality that sometimes we don't like our strong-willed child. We love our children passionately and we would do anything for them! But sometimes our strong-willed children are so challenging that we can start to foster some negative feelings towards our...


Episode 061: Bedtime Struggles. How to Get Kids Into Bed and Get Them to Stay There

One concern that comes up over and over again in our private facebook group, is “How do I get my kids to sleep through the night?” We get to talk to Jeff Tesch, LMFT today, all about getting our kids to sleep through the night. LISTEN ABOVE OR READ BELOW Jeff Tesch, LMFT Is it normal for kids to have issues with sleeping? Both normal and very common. It's understandable that kids have to kind of learn how to soothe themselves at night and how to stay in their beds. The phase where they are...


Episode 060: How to Handle Meltdowns

Strong-willed kids have a lot of frustrating behaviors. For me though, meltdowns are one of the most challenging behaviors. I want to cry in a corner because my child's totally out of control with emotions. I am usually left with a lot of questions; “What do I need to do to help my child manage their emotions better?”, “What can I do to weather the storm of their emotions in a healthier way?”, and “What's even going on? Why are they doing this?” So we're here with marriage and family...


Episode 059: How to Handle Misbehavior When You’re Not at Home.

LISTEN ABOVE OR READ BELOW Do you ever feel apprehensive to go into public with your kids? Are you nervous they’re going to misbehave at the store or during a play date? I have been there. That’s why we’re talking to Child & Family Studies major AND mom of six, Laura Tesch today. Laura has had a lot of experience being in public with misbehaving kids. She’s also learned a lot over the years. Here are her favorite tips and tricks! Laura Tesch Parent the same no matter where you are I know...


Episode 058: Doing Chores. 3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help

LISTEN ABOVE OR READ BELOW Raise your hand if you feel like you are the only one trying to keep your house clean! That feeling can be so frustrating! It is time to get our kids to help around the house. In today's episode, child and family studies major Laura Tesch is going to teach us not only why chores are critical to our children's development but also positive ways to get kids to help. The tips Laura teaches are what she has used with her own six children over the last two decades. You...


Episode 057: Picky Eaters. The Do’s and the Don’ts

LISTEN ABOVE OR READ BELOW It's a new month and that means a new monthly topic. This monthly we are going to talk about Tough Times of the Day and solutions to better handle those. We start the discussion with mealtime. I think that EVERY parent out there has a picky eater in their house, a child that exclusively wants pizza or mac-n-cheese. If you are one of those parents, you are in for a treat (pun intended) CMHC Mike Fitch teaches us his do's and don'ts with picky eaters. Here's the...


Episode 056: “I’ve Told You a Million Times!” Why Asking Over and Over Again Isn’t Working and What To Do Instead

Today we interview marriage and family therapist, Jeff Tesch to talk about something that is SO frustrating to SO many parents. In fact, we have some questions that we ask parents who enter our private Facebook group (You're welcome to join, too!) to figure out what struggles they're facing with their strong willed child. Over and over again we see that parents have asked their kids to stop a certain behavior or to do something the parent has asked and the child's behavior simply isn't...


Episode 055: No Consequence Works. What Do I Do Now?

Research shows that one of the best ways to train a child out of a negative behavior is to give the child an appropriate consequence when they use inappropriate behaviors. But what do you do if no consequence seems to work?! This is not an uncommon scenario for parents of strong-willed kids. Today, we again interview two therapists to ask what they tell their clients who are having a hard time finding an effective consequence. Happy listening!


Episode 054: Does Discipline Damage?

Years ago, discipline used to be so harsh that it at times would have been considered child abuse. Now, in our culture, we are so afraid of damaging our children that we wonder if discipline is damaging. Today we talk to two therapists to learn what evidence shows about discipline. If you've been worried at all about discipline, you'll want to listen to this episode.


Episode 053: Evidence-Based Discipline That’s Been PROVEN to Work

One of the most common questions parents ask is "What discipline approach will actually be effective for my strong willed child?" Luckily, there have been decades of research on that topic and there is answer. Today, Jeff Tesch LMFT teaches us what discipline has been PROVEN to work with our kids! Happy listening!


Episode 052: Teaching Your Kids to Accept the Word “No”

If you have a child that does NOT like the word "NO" then you'll want to give this episode a listen. This is the last episode in this month's series "Emotional Life Skills for the Strong Willed Child" and will help you know how to respond to kids who may whine, complain, or throw a fit when you tell them "No". Happy listening!


Episode 051: Practical Ways to Teach Your Child Patience

This month's topics have been a ton of fun and this week is no exception! Today Mike Fitch, CMHC gives practical ways to help our children develop patience! He has a technique that he uses with his clients and he shares them with us in this episode. Links mentioned in this episode: Marshmallow Test John Gottman Institute


Episode 050: Anger Management Tools for the Strong Willed Child

If you've been looking for ways to help your kids manage their anger, look no further! This episode is jam-packed with tools designed to help your child recognize and manage their anger in a healthy way. Happy listening!


Episode 049: Tips for Teaching Your Child Emotional Life Skills

It's a new month, which means it's a new theme for the podcast! This month we will be talking about teaching our strong willed children... emotional life skills! Let's be honest, this is a topic that we all need some coaching on. However, our strong willed kids usually come with really strong emotions. If left unchecked, these emotions can RULE THEIR LIVES! That's why we are spending this month teaching you how to teach your child to develop emotional life skills. To help you out, we are...


Episode 048: Encouragement AND Praise, How It May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Our last topic for January's theme "What Parents Can Do to Make 2018 Great" is all about encouragement and praise. Strong-willed children can often feel down because they are often trying the patience of those around them. Yet, they need the adults in their lives to see the goodness within them. In this episode, you'll learn how to point out the positive in your child regardless of their behavior. You're ability to see the good in them will help not only them, but it will also help you....


Episode 047: A Simple Secret to Improving Your Child’s Behavior Without Loosing Your Mind

So many people join our private Facebook group completely overwhelmed by their strong-willed child's behavior, knowing that they want to change their child's behavior, but not knowing where to start. Luckily, we have Jeff Tesch, LMFT to teach us a simple secret designed to help us improve our children's behavior without loosing our minds! Happy listening!


Episode 046: Without This Behavior WILL NOT Change

If you are not consistent, it does not matter what else you do. This was a truth I was surprised to learn while recording this episode of the podcast. You could be using great techniques, but if you're not consistent, negative behavior will not improve. If you and your spouse/partner parent differently, your child's behavior will not improve. If you switch your approach frequently, your child's behavior will not improve. Listen to this episode to learn why consistency is critical and how...


Episode 045: The Parenting Mistake Therapists are Seeing and How to Fix It

Announcement! We are changing things a little here at Parent with a Pro. Last year we did random podcast topics each week. While that was a great way to start, we wanted to provide even more support for you in 2018. As a result, we have created a theme for each month with weekly podcasts to support that theme. This means we can dive deep into topics and give you tools that will help you see real CHANGE in your homes! Here is the outline for the year: January: Things Parents Can Do to Make...


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