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Dad Talk: Real Dads. Real Talk. Episode 1

We are excited to launch a new midweek podcast from Positively Dad. It's called Dad Talk and each week we'll talk to real dads about real stuff. What are they proud of? What did they wish the knew when they became fathers? What are the challenges they face? How are they helping their kids grow and learn? How is life with their partner? We talk with Travis from Springfield, Missouri on our first episode. He's been married 15 years and is a father of two girls. He shares his goals as a dad and...


Episode 16: Kids & Weight – The Link Between Teasing and Weight Gain

It's an easy target for teasing - weight. Nearly 20% of American children are overweight according to the Center's for Disease Control and getting healthy may be harder than you think. Teasing, bullying and even well-meaning comments could make it harder for overweight kids to get healthier. This week we talk with Dr. Natasha Schvey from Uniformed Services University about her study on the link between teasing and weight gain.


Episode 15: A Healthy Family

It's a special health episode of Positively Dad. This week we look at how important dad's health is... even before he becomes a dad! We'll also take a look at those low-sugar and sugar substitute drinks and are our kids really healthier when we choose those.


Episode 14: Success, Gratitude and Family – A Conversation with a Super Bowl Champion

Lionel Dalton beat the odds. He grew up in a tough neighborhood and somehow found his way to the NFL. Undrafted, he played in the league for nine seasons and won a Super Bowl. This father of four joins us to talk about mindset, gratitude and family.


Episode 13: Teen Suicide

An alarming study is out that says teen suicide attempts are on the rise. It caught our attention and it should catch yours. This week we talk with one of the study co-Author about what they found, what it means and what parents can do.


Episode 12: Spanking. It’s Not a Debate

It's been a debate forever. To spank or not to spank. Every parent has their own thoughts on it and now some research may have an answer. We talk with an author of a study that says spanking offers no value and may actually have a long term impact.


Episode 11: Team & Family

Top teams are like families. They have a culture of support, accountability and a desire to win. This week we talk to an elite high school basketball coach about team and family. Steve Frank is retiring after 28 years coaching boys and girls basketball. He's spent the last four years coaching his twin daughters and their teammates at Strafford High School in Missouri. Together they've won three straight state titles and 115 consecutive games. There's a lot to learn about mindset, failure,...


Episode 10: Allowing Our Children To Be Heard

Our world is changing and this generation of children has a huge opportunity to be heard. What does that mean for parents? How do we help them share their feelings on issues that are important to them? What if we disagree? This week we talk with 2017 National Teacher of the Year, Sydney Chaffee about how empowering our children to be involved in social activism could be good for them. It's a powerful interview and one that could have a huge impact on your family.


Episode 9: Postpartum Depression for Dads

For years doctors have been working with moms who experience postpartum depression. A new study shows that it may be just a common for dads. The challenge is that many doctors are asking about it and many dads ignore it. This week we talk with the doctor who did the research on postpartum depression for dads. We look at what it means for dad and his family, how to tell if you may be experience it and how to move forward.


Episode 8: The Screen Time Debate

Screen time, social media and technology... those are all hot topics in the parenting world today. The rules, options, platforms, suggestions and studies are always changing. So what are we supposed to do? This week we talk with Dr. Jordan Shapiro, author of The New Childhood about how families can navigate the new world of technology.


Episode 7: Stronger Relationships Through Music

Music is a big part of growing up. It's common for parents to sing to their young children. They often listen to songs together, play instruments and sing silly songs. That tends to stop and kids get older and develop their own musical interests. A study from the University of Arizona found that there may be a great reason for parents to continue enjoying music as their children get older. This week we talk with Dr. Jake Harwood about music builds a bond that can last a lifetime.


Episode 6: Raising Children Who are Happy & Successful

Every parent hopes their kids grow up to be happy and successful. We are putting in the foundation for their success and happiness, yet we may be looking at it in the wrong way. This week we talk to author, teacher and counselor, John Doran. John wrote a book called "Ways to Well-Being," he's done a TED Talk and has traveled the world teaching parents and teachers about raising happy and successful children.


Episode 5: When Dad Reads

Many little kids love reading time with grown ups. It's a common part of the bedtime routine for many families. The question is who is doing the reading and does it matter if it's mom or dad? One study says it does. On this episode of Positively Dad, we talk with a researcher who looked at why it's important for dads to read with their children.


Episode 4: Born with Bias?

Chances are you'd be surprised to learn that a baby may already have a bias toward people of a different race. We were surprised to hear the results of a study that claims just that. Today we talk with Dr. Kang Lee from the University of Toronto about his findings and what all dads can do to raise children who are kind and welcome to all people. It's a podcast that will require you to listen with an open mind.


Episode 3: Paternity Leave

Dads have a choice to make when they welcome a new child to the world... stay home or not. Unfortunately our society doesn't see staying home as important. Most employers don't even offer paid time off for moms. Even fewer offer it for dads. It turns out though that there are huge benefits to staying home. Not only does it help dad bond with his new baby, it helps mom too. Dr. Richard Petts from Ball State University shares the findings of his study on paternity leave and talks about how...


Episode 2: Bullying – Is Your Kid One?

Bullying. It's been happening forever. Nearly 25% of high school students say they've been bullied. Is it just kids being kids or is it something much bigger? In this episode we talk with Dr. James Brown from the Indiana University School of Social Work. Dr. Brown shares what parents can do when their child is the victim and when their child is the bully.


Episode 1: Today’s Dad

Hey Dad, your role is changing. You're spending more time with your family, helping out more at home and more engaged with your children. Why? There are many reasons. What does it mean for you and your family? A lot. We talk with Dr. Kevin Shafer of Brigham Young University about his study of fatherhood today.