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Fathers, Fate & Field of Dreams: A Conversation with Dwier Brown | Dad Talk #11

It's a legendary scene in a classic movie... when Ray Kinsella meets his dad in Field of Dreams. Dwier Brown plays Ray's dad, John Kinsella, in the movie and that role changed his life. It led him to write a book If You Build It... A Book about Fathers, Fate and Field of Dreams where he shares the story of his father and the stories of so many others he's met. It's a powerful conversation about the relationship between a father and his children.


Empathy is a Mindset – Teaching our Kids to Care | E26

Empathy is hard so most people don't put forth the effort. That's what a study from Penn State shows. Think about it... we'd rather not connect with others because it my be "too emotionally draining." Our world could use more empathy, not less, so we invited the author of the study to join us for an episode. Dr. Daryl Cameron talks about what it means to have empathy, why it's important and how we can teach our children to have empathy toward others.


“Your son has cancer” – Kenny Clutch on Staying Positive in Tough Times – Dad Talk #10

Kenny "Clutch" is a dad of four and his world changed when doctors told him that his youngest son, Kristian, had cancer. Kenny shares how they stayed positive and focused while Kristian was in the hospital. He son is now cancer free and Kenny is sharing with the world how they too can battle adversity.


“The Miracle Morning for Couples” with Lance & Brandy Salazar | E25

Just a few years ago, Lance and Brandy Salazar were on the brink of divorce. They lost touch in their marriage and were ready to go their separate ways. Just before they were going to call it quits, they decided to give it one last shot. Five years later their marriage is the best it's ever been and they want that for you too. This week we talk with Lance and Brandy about their story, how their relationship has changed and how it's impacting their family. We'll also talk about the book they...


Dad Talk #9 – David Milender on Family Leave and Dads

When David Milender's son was born he asked his employer for his 12 weeks off that the Family Medical Leave Act allows. They said he didn't qualify because he's a dad! He helped them realize that's not true and he got his 12 unpaid weeks at home. He truly enjoyed his time at home and also thinks we can do better when it comes to time off for a growing family.


That Was Awkward: The Transition to Middle School | E24

This year more than 3.7 American children will begin 6th grade. The move from elementary to middle school comes with all sorts of challenges. Grades often drop and disciplinary issues often jump. A new study from the University of Wisconsin says there is a simple way to make the transition much easier for these kids.


Dad Talk #8: Basketball Coach Micah Shrewsberry on Family, Teams and Character

To say Micah Shrewsberry is busy would be an understatement. He coached NCAA and NBA basketball for 20 years. He is joining the staff at Purdue University after spending the last six years with the Boston Celtics. All this while he and his wife raise their four children. Micah joined us for a Dad Talk on family, teams and character.


Daddy Shaming – Facing Judgment for our Parenting | E23

It's no doubt that we live in a judgmental society. It's common when parenting- looking at what others do and comparing it to what we think we'd do. Many moms may feel like they face it often. It's called mommy shaming, but what about dads? It turns out daddy shaming exists too. This we we talk with Sarah Clark from the University of Michigan about her study on it. She found it's pretty common and it isn't helping dads - in fact it's pushing many away. And, the most common offender often...


Dad Talk #7 – Scott Panella on Changing Lives with Adoption

Scott and Meg Panella were your classic American Family, happily married with two kids and a dog and in 2013 that all changed. That's when they welcomed their two new sons into their family. Scott shares his journey on adopting and how it's impacted everyone in their family. It's an eye opening interview that you'll really enjoy.


E22: Why She Quit Teaching & Why You Should Care

Jessica Gentry taught Kindergarten for 12 years. She isn't going back when school starts in the fall. She quit at the end of the school year and shared her decision and reasons in a viral Facebook post. We were curious about why Jessica felt like she needed to get out of the classroom and we reached out to her. She shares what she believes is going on in our schools and why good teachers are leaving.


Dad Talk #6: Giving Them Hope with Peter Habyarimana

At 10 years old, Peter Habyarimana made a choice that changed his life and the lives of thousands of others - he ran away from home. That decision set in motion what would eventually become his mission, becoming a foster dad. His story may change your life too.


E21: Faith & Fatherhood

Just how much does a dad's faith impact his children? One study says it's big and that got us thinking. Just how are the decisions we make about going to church, faith, prayer, etc., shaping our kids? We talked with a pastor about the study and his thoughts around faith and fatherhood.


Dad Talk #5: Taron Stubbs on Being a Long Distance Dad

Being a dad isn't easy and it can be even tougher when your kids are two states away. Today we talk with Taron Stubbs. He's a long distance dad of two and he shares how he stays connected to his boys and how he intends to break the cycle of absent fathers in his family.


Episode 20: They Are What You Eat

Family meals are about more than spending time together. It turns out that research shows it helps kids and teens eat healthier and make better decisions. They are also more likely to eat well when dad eats well. This week we talk with Dr. Kathryn Walton from the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto about the importance of eating together as a family.


Dad Talk #4: Juan Ruiz on Traveling with Twins

Travel can be a joy and a mess at the same time. In this week's Dad Talk episode, we talk with Juan Ruiz about why he and his wife make sure they travel often with their young twin daughters. It's an eye opening interview that could get you out on the road this summer! Be sure to follow Juan too on Instagram and Twitter at DoubleDutyDaddy and read about his travels on The Points Guy.


Episode 19: Raising Grateful Kids

We're following up last week's episode on the science of gratitude with a look at how we help our children become more grateful. How do we take them from granted to gratitude? We talk with Dr. Andrea Hussong from the University of North Carolina about the four ways to look at gratitude and how we can cultivate it in our families.


Dad Talk E3: Kaleb Kinney on Being a Stay-at-Home-Dad

The number of dads who stay at home has nearly doubled in the last 30 years. There are many reasons why: change is parenting roles, moms with careers, cost of child care and more. This week on our Dad Talk episode we talk with Kaleb Kinney. He's a dad of two (soon to be three) who is home with the kids while is wife runs a successful real estate business.


Episode 18: Gratitude & Kids

We intend to raise kids who are grateful and we do that by teaching them to say, "thank you" when someone compliments or gives them a gift. Is that really the best way to teach gratitude? What about for us... how can we be more thankful in today's world? This week we talk with an expert on gratitude who shares just how much saying thanks does for us and others and then we look at how to teach it to our kids.


Dad Talk #2: Jordan Freed on Raising Rebel Girls

Jordan Freed is the dad to two daughters - ages 3 and 5 and he says he's raising them to be rebel girls. In an amazing interview Jordan shares how he's doing that and the three rules for his family. It's an eye-opening and powerful interview.


Episode 17: A Conversation with Dad

It's a special Father's Day episode of Positively Dad. This week, I talk with my dad about being a dad. What does he want me to know about fatherhood? What is he most proud of? Who does he like more - me or my sister? OK... that question can go unanswered! Naomi gets to talk to him too in the Kids Corner. I hope you enjoy this special conversation.