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Craig Zuber on Living a Life By Design | Dad Talk #17

Craig and Nicole Zuber and their two teenagers live a life by design. It's important to Craig and Nicole that their kids set goals and achieve their dreams and that's why the did the unthinkable. They packed up and left Boise for Hawaii while the kids were in middle and high school. That year in Honolulu made a huge impact on their family and taught them many lessons. Craig shares those in this week's Dad Talk episode.


Be A Hero For Kids | E34

Chances are if you're listening to this podcast, you'd like to be an amazing dad. Not all kids have that. Thousands of children grow up in abusive homes. When the state steps in to protect those kids, they often get help from a Guardian ad Litem. This week we talk with the Executive Director of the Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay about what they do and how you can be a hero to these kids and your own. Positively Dad is a sponsor of the annual Superhero 5k in Safety Harbor that's a...


Brian Partie on Balance & Family | Dad Talk #15

Brian Partie and, his wife Candice, have four daughters all under the age of 10. Life is busy and they finding ways to make it work. Brian shares how he is able to keep focused on his family while also keeping his spiritual life, fitness, marriage and business life in good place. You may choose to listen to our episode called Living A Big Life - A Conversation with Jay Papasan, before listening to this Dad Talk with Brian. We talk a lot about some of the aha's from that episode and how Brian...


Middle School Matters | E33

Middle School is such an interesting time for kids. Often it means a new school, first time using a locker, first time having different teachers for each subject, new friends and social dynamics and more. It turns out a middle schoolers growth in EQ may be more important than IQ. This week we talk with Phyllis Fagell, author of Middle School Matters about how parents and help their middle schooler during this fascinating time in their life.


Living a Big Life – A Conversation with Jay Papasan | E32

How do we make it all happen? The demands of life... work, family, kids, the house, money, and more. This week we take a look at how you can live an amazing life and reach your goals in the areas that matter. We talked with Jay Papasan, co-author of the best-selling book The ONE Thing. Jay, and his wife Wendy, have two kids and he gives great examples on how they make it work and how you can too.


Chad McKamie on Being an Intentional Dad | Dad Talk #14

Chad McKamie and his wife have been married nearly 15 years and have two kids. He says the most important part of being a great dad is being a great husband. He's very intentional on his role as a husband and a father. He shares how it helps him, what it does for his family and how you too can be intentional.


Talking With Your Kids – How Asking The Right Questions Helps Them Think | E31

Reading with your young kids is super important and most parents know that. What you talk about while reading may be just as important. The questions you ask your kids can have a big impact on how they think and it turns out most parents could ask better ones. That's according to a study from The Ohio State University. We talked with Dr. Laura Justice about it and found some great types of questions that can really get our kids thinking.


Jovan McNeill on Making A Difference | Dad Talk #14

Jovan McNeill's dad wasn't around when he was a kid. He says not having his father involved in his life created some challenges - challenges he's is determined to keep other kids from having. That's why he started Cloud Nine Outdoors, an organization to help kids without active fathers. That mission is helping him as he starts his own journey as a dad. We talk about what it means to be a involved father and how we can all make a difference.


Parents & Teachers: A Partnership | E30

The new school year is here and each one brings some excitement and challenges. Our goal is simple, to create little people who become amazing adults. So how can parents, teachers and schools partner to make it happen? It's an important conversation in a world of test scores, school and teacher assessments and today's busy families. We talked with Dave Schmittou, 2018 College Educator of the Year how we can all support each other and create a positive environment for our kids.


Scott Behson on Working Dads | Dad Talk #13

The balance between family and work is a challenge for so many and Dr. Scott Behson is making it his mission to help. As a father, he knows the battle and that's why he wrote The Working Dad's Survival Guide. Dr. Behson joined us for a Dad Talk episode to share what he's learned about making it work.


Ready To Grow Up? Fostering Independence in our Teens | E29

Most parents say their teens aren't ready for the real world. That's what a study from the University of Michigan found. And parents may be to blame. What can we do better? How can we help our kids be ready to be on their own? This week we talk about some things you can do now, with kids of any age, to prepare them for adulthood.


Avoiding Burnout: The Balance Between Work & Family | E28

Creating a balance between work and life can be tough. It's so tough that it can be common for business owners and entrepreneurs to give up -- even if the business is successful. That's according to a study from Ball State University. This week we talk with the authors about it and what you can do to balance between work and family.


Marcus Tankard on Changing the Cycle | Dad Talk #12

Marcus Tankard is a dad of three boys. He loves spending time with each of them and is truly involved in his life. He says it's proof you can be a great dad even if yours was missing. Marcus and his dad have a great relationship now, one that even made it to a TV on a show called Thicker Than Water on Bravo. He talks with us about what he's learned as a father and how he is purposeful about connecting with his kids and his wife.


You’ll Know In Kindergarten – The Connection Between Success in Kindergarten and Success in Life

Every parent hopes their kids will grow up and be successful adults. What if you could tell early on if they had a good chance to do that or not? Well, a 30 year study from Penn State says you may. It's tracked over 700 people since the age of five and it's found some interesting things. We talk with an author of the study, Dr. Mark Greenberg, this week and he says there is a connection between how well a kindergartner gets along with others and their ability to succeed later in life. It's...


Fathers, Fate & Field of Dreams: A Conversation with Dwier Brown | Dad Talk #11

It's a legendary scene in a classic movie... when Ray Kinsella meets his dad in Field of Dreams. Dwier Brown plays Ray's dad, John Kinsella, in the movie and that role changed his life. It led him to write a book If You Build It... A Book about Fathers, Fate and Field of Dreams where he shares the story of his father and the stories of so many others he's met. It's a powerful conversation about the relationship between a father and his children.


Empathy is a Mindset – Teaching our Kids to Care | E26

Empathy is hard so most people don't put forth the effort. That's what a study from Penn State shows. Think about it... we'd rather not connect with others because it my be "too emotionally draining." Our world could use more empathy, not less, so we invited the author of the study to join us for an episode. Dr. Daryl Cameron talks about what it means to have empathy, why it's important and how we can teach our children to have empathy toward others.


“Your son has cancer” – Kenny Clutch on Staying Positive in Tough Times – Dad Talk #10

Kenny "Clutch" is a dad of four and his world changed when doctors told him that his youngest son, Kristian, had cancer. Kenny shares how they stayed positive and focused while Kristian was in the hospital. He son is now cancer free and Kenny is sharing with the world how they too can battle adversity.


“The Miracle Morning for Couples” with Lance & Brandy Salazar | E25

Just a few years ago, Lance and Brandy Salazar were on the brink of divorce. They lost touch in their marriage and were ready to go their separate ways. Just before they were going to call it quits, they decided to give it one last shot. Five years later their marriage is the best it's ever been and they want that for you too. This week we talk with Lance and Brandy about their story, how their relationship has changed and how it's impacting their family. We'll also talk about the book they...


Dad Talk #9 – David Milender on Family Leave and Dads

When David Milender's son was born he asked his employer for his 12 weeks off that the Family Medical Leave Act allows. They said he didn't qualify because he's a dad! He helped them realize that's not true and he got his 12 unpaid weeks at home. He truly enjoyed his time at home and also thinks we can do better when it comes to time off for a growing family.


That Was Awkward: The Transition to Middle School | E24

This year more than 3.7 American children will begin 6th grade. The move from elementary to middle school comes with all sorts of challenges. Grades often drop and disciplinary issues often jump. A new study from the University of Wisconsin says there is a simple way to make the transition much easier for these kids.