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A short, honest, funny and to the point podcast about marriage, family and relationships. Hosts Dale and Heather share what they've learned since saying "I Do" back in 1999 and hope you will join in on listening to the conversations.

A short, honest, funny and to the point podcast about marriage, family and relationships. Hosts Dale and Heather share what they've learned since saying "I Do" back in 1999 and hope you will join in on listening to the conversations.




A short, honest, funny and to the point podcast about marriage, family and relationships. Hosts Dale and Heather share what they've learned since saying "I Do" back in 1999 and hope you will join in on listening to the conversations.








(MM) Quit Being so Rigid

Are you walking on egg shells around your spouse? Are you scared to share your ideas or dreams with them? Are you tired of hearing NO every time you suggest even the smallest thing? You are married to a close minded thinker and it's damaging your marriage. BUT...there's good news. And in this episode, we talk about a few things you BOTH can do to acknowledge the issue in a safe way, and then work towards strengthening your marriage by hearing and saying YES more often. We hope you find...


(FF) Sympathy versus Empathy

Learning the difference between sympathy and empathy, and how to use them in your parenting. Words you can use when your child is having a hard time: We hope you find this episode helpful and as always, if you have any questions, please do ask us at quickanddirtymarriage@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram at @quickanddirtymarriage. Please consider supporting the show


(MM) Why Aren't We Friends

MARRIAGE MONDAY EPISODE: "Where did our Friendship Go?" We started dating, got engaged, got married, had kids, started a family and then...we lost our friendship in the process. What gives? If you are feeling alone in your relationship with your spouse and wondering where things went wrong, consider the idea that you may have prioritized other things throughout the years and have now lost your friendship in the process. Consider this to be a time where you can both decide to start working...


(FF) War Against the Holidays

FAMILY FRIDAY EPISODE Do you dread the holidays? As in, Thanksgiving isn't until 5 more days and you are already sweating with stress and anxiety? Yeah, us too. Don't get us wrong, we love the holidays. The food, the fun and especially the family. But then there's also the family. Not that we don't enjoy being with our family, but sometimes it can get quite hairy scary! Especially if one, and in our case a few of our kids, struggle with ADHD and other mental disorders. This conversation...


(MM) When to Call it Quits

MARRIAGE MONDAY EPISODE "I can't take this anymore?" Have you ever asked yourself that question? No? How about any of these questions? When will I decide that enough is enough? How much abuse can I really take? At what point will I call it quits? We've been there before. Right where you are. A time and place where you are questioning yourself, "what went wrong in my marriage?" We know the pain staking agony that you are feeling day in and day out. Where you just want it to end. All the...


(FF) Me and ADHD

NEW FAMILY FRIDAY EPISODE: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting both children and adults around the world. And with October being ADHD Awareness Month, we are going to be dedicating the next 5 Family Friday Editions focusing and bringing attention to ADHD with hopes that we can shed a bit of light onto the disorder with our journey with it, and in some ways, attempting to normalize it in order to help you not feel alone with your...


Notice the Good

Notice the Good Looking for a quick win in your marriage? When you notice the good in your marriage, you will not only see your relationship improve, but your spouse will develop into the person they were created to be. When you speak to their future person, and tap into their potential, you will very quick find that they will rise up to who you are calling them out to be. BUT, when you constantly cut their legs from under them and devalue them as a person, they will lower themselves and...


Coping with COVID

The pandemic is all around us. And it's affecting everyone in so many different ways. First there's the sickness itself, which has sadly lead to loss of life for many. There's the effects of school and job loss and it's security. And then there's one aspect that is not being talked about too much and it's how are people coping with all the loss that we are all experiencing. In this episode, Heather and I share some 'Real Talk' when it comes to our own struggles, and also offer some simple...


3 Ways to Survive Self Isolation with your Spouse

3 Ways to Survive Self Isolation with your Spouse Isn't this kinda crazy? How the entire world is having to witness, experience and live out this COVID-19 Pandemic together? People sick, others are dying, countries are in lock down and schools and workplaces are shut down. It's some difficult times we are living in, but there are ways in which we can do this successfully. Like many of you, I (Dale) am working from home as well. And if it wasn't for our time in the Philippines where we...


Love is not...Sacrificing

Love is not...Sacrificing. One foundation that is super important in a marriage is sacrifice. Love cannot thrive without a healthy level of sacrifice between both husband and wife. However, there are different types of sacrifice that you must be able to manage. Sacrificing your Time, Money, and Effort. When you give of your time, money and effort to your spouse, those fall in perfectly line with the 5 Love Languages. And that's important in any marriage. In fact, that's how you work on...


Love is not...Control

Love is not...Control Believe it or not, no one likes to be controlled. Especially in a marriage relationship. Wrongly, there are times where we feel that in order to be loved more, we must control more, when in fact, it's the exact opposite. In this episode, we chat about how to spot the signs of control whether you are the one controlling your spouse, or, you are the one being controlled.


Love is not...Selfish

Love is not...Selfish Do you feel as though you keep giving into your marriage and there's nothing in return? Like you're being taken for granted? Or maybe it's is like a tug of war where you do something for yourself then your spouse has to do something for them self to make it equal? Like you buy a nice shirt so then your spouse goes out and gets her nails done? It's tiring living this way. So what do you do? Simple. A conversation. And here are some guidelines:


When the Tank is Empty

We don't fight. We used to, but we don't fight anymore. We figured that out in the beginning of our marriage and thank God we did early on. However, we certainly disagree, we argue and from time to time, we get out of sorts with each other. Most often, we catch it early, lay it on the table, have good discussion and continue on our merry way. Usually that's the case. But sometimes, it sneaks below our radar and wreaks havoc. And there's a typical cause to that. Checkpoint: How well are we...


What Really is True Love?

What Really is True Love? So you think you're in love. What does that really mean? Like really? Too often, couples associate love with how they feel. We, however, have a different view of love. And it has NOTHING to do with feelings.


Hurt and Anger

Heath of the Heart Series Part 2 - Hurt and Anger Anger is a symptom of hurt that lives deep inside of you. Without addressing your past hurts, you will continually hurt your spouse, even for the smallest of things. So how then do you overcome this destructive behavior? Follow the following Four Step Process


Affects of a Guilty Heart

HEALTH OF THE HEART SERIES - Part 1 Maybe, just maybe, the reason you and your spouse feel disconnected is the amount of guilt and shame that's come in between you two. But what do you do to overcome the gap?


Where the Heck did we Go?

We've been away for about 8 months without a single Podcast Episode and now we're back! But where the heck dd we go? This Episode is a summary of where we've been and what's next with the Quick and Dirty Marriage Podcast.


Your Partner is not a Mind Reader

Bad Habits We do this all the time. THINK. And it's a bad habit when it comes to relationships. And that's a bad habit and it leads to too many problems. Stop Thinking Have you ever wanted to be intimate with your partner and just thought they knew what you wanted? So you didn't say anything about it and just assumed it was going to happen...and it didn't. And then you got disappointed, frustrated and then ignored them because of it? And now they're left in the dark thinking, "What did I...


Help Me Get over my Ex

It's Tough Breaking up with your Ex and then trying to live your life afterward. Especially when the relationship wasn't ideal towards the end. Dealing with pain, regret and most of all hurt. So what do you do? How do you 'get over' them? NEW! You can now watch this Episode on YouTube HELPFUL LINKS Subscribe to the PodcastVisit our WebsiteFollow us on InstagramSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelJoin the FREE Quick and Dirty Community on FacebookLike our Facebook PageFollow us on...


Dating: In the World of Social Media

Trust is built with Transparency. And that is evident when it comes to Dating and Social Media. And more specifically, allowing each other to have access to your Social Media Accounts. As your dating relationship progresses and begins to move into a more serious one, the subject of access to each other's accounts may come up. If you are unwilling to share, your partner may begin to question why. On the flip side, if you are willing to share, trust is built by being transparent with each...