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Parenting isn’t for the faint hearted so join us for a big dose of encouragement and real life. Get yourself free so you can parent from a healthy place and in turn RAISE THEM FREE.

Parenting isn’t for the faint hearted so join us for a big dose of encouragement and real life. Get yourself free so you can parent from a healthy place and in turn RAISE THEM FREE.


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Parenting isn’t for the faint hearted so join us for a big dose of encouragement and real life. Get yourself free so you can parent from a healthy place and in turn RAISE THEM FREE.






How to Balance your INNER SELF so your life works with Sian Vermaut

We delve deeper than diaries (although Sian gives some great apps for life organisation) and we talk about those inner thoughts and feelings that really make balancing life hard. Sian is real and honest about the internal driving thoughts and attitudes that really drain her energy and ability to hold all she does. Expectant mum with two young boys, business woman and Church pastor who runs a leadership academy, Sian's life is full but well managed. Join us as we cover - Inner dialogues -...


Parenting EMOTIONS How to teach Emotional Intelligence with Rosie Snowzell

I join Rose Snowzell as we talk about what it really means to understand your kid emotions and how from birth we learn to use our own mother intuition. Taking that deeper look into why they are reacting the way they are. But also how Josh and Rose - Use music in their home - Prevent the big emotions getting too much - Employ laughter as medicine - Give their kids their own emotional intelligence Its funny, real and packed with great advice. YOU'VE GOT THIS Saz x


Parenting EMOTIONS Helping different Characters

Naomi Coppock walks us through how She approaches emotions with her kids. She talks openly with her 5 kids about their feelings, Talks through when and how best to go on their own personal little journeys. - Is time out right? - When is it best to talk emotions? - How do we make a safe space for our kids to express their emotions? Laugh with us and if you do know how to stop kids interrupting...please let me know . YOU'VE GOT THIS


Parenting EMOTIONS A Dads perspective with Dave Thomas

How do dads do it? Control their emotions? Keep their cool? I join Dave Thomas as we talk about how Dads parent emotions. We talk about therapeutic parenting, getting involved in the big joyful emotions and how we as parents can use words to change a situation.


Parenting EMOTIONS - Why we parent ourself first

Join me (Saz Thomas) as I give you an overview of this series. My heart behind why its so important we parent our own emotions before we try and parent our children's. You asked for a series on emotions so we are talking about how to handle BOTH your emotions and your kids emotions. Through some painful parenting moments I realised I’m not always capable of controling my emotions and it got me thinking...we must always parent ourselves first. In this episode I talk about leading your child...


How to control your kids...Reins or no reins & parenting beyond toddlers

It's a contentious parenting podcast...but know our hearts we believe you're the best one to make decisions for your kids. In this final episode in our "You Asked For It" series we tackle the question "Should I use Reigns for my child?" Naomi Coppock and I talk openly and honestly about our experiences and choices. We also talk about teenagers and letting your child go so don't limit this podcast to just those toddler parenting years. we answer the questions - Should we use reigns for our...


Should we step into sibling arguments? if so How?

So we set our new year resolution to not being shouty parents, a fresh start and our kids got that post Christmas arguing down to a T. Should we step in when they are arguing? Should we let them learn in the moment? Tired of being the family peace negotiator? We’ve got some tips and tricks for handling those inevitable moments. Naomi Coppock and I talk - What age and when to step into arguments - How to manage those emotional moments - How to teach your kids to take responsibility, say...


How to build Grateful kids at Christmas (& all year too)

We all want our kids to be super grateful when they get that knitted jumper from Aunt Karen!!! But How? In this episode we talk about how to - Cultivate gratitude in your home family culture all year round - The importance of modelling gratitude as parents - Why Generosity helps build gratitude - Why "Be thankful some poor kids don't have anything" just doesn't work I (Saz Thomas) join Dave Thomas as we talk honestly about values and parenting methods for building grateful kids. On...


Is telling my kids Santa is real Lying?

We tell our kids not to lie, but with the same breath tell them Santa is coming to their home to deliver presets. Where's the line between lying and imagination? Naomi Coppock and I (Saz Thomas) but Church leaders, talk in detail about how we navigate the journey of talking about Santa and Jesus at Christmas. Should we tell such a big imaginative story alongside the story of Jesus? How do we handle our kids asking us about Santa? and what about the Tooth Fairy? Be warned this isn't one you...


How to leave stress or work behind at Christmas

Stress, work, business, events, parties and life events…all a part of Christmas but how do we move away from the stress of a season to make sure our children get happy present parents. Dave Thomas and I (Saz Thomas) talk about - How to finish work well so you can bring peace to your mind - How to plan work so projects don’t distract you - How to switch of mentally when you own business or work from home Christmas is about family, new starts, hope and joy…let’s protect those beautiful...


How do I remain PRESENT as a parent over Christmas?

Our kids want our presence more than 🎁 presents, so how do us parents give them attention in all the Christmas madness. I (Saz Thomas) join my husband Dave as we talk about why it’s so important to give our kids uninterrupted attention and switch off from the pressure in this season. Enjoy our short school run podcast designers just for this season…you asked for it. YOU'VE GOT THIS love Saz


How to look after your own Mental Health and your Teens too with Bryony Ashcroft part 2/2

This is part 2 of 2 where Bryony Ashcroft and I (Saz Thomas) talk in detail about Parenting our teenagers through their Mental health journey. In this episode we talk more in detail about - How to look after your own Mental Health as a Parent - How to support your Teenager as they Navigate Self Harm - What are the best next steps for Teenagers struggling with their Mental Health Trigger Warning - Please note we do talk about self harm Please head over to www.youngminds.org.uk if you...


Insights into Teenagers mental Health with Bryony Ashcroft Part 1/2

I (Saz Thomas) talk with Bryony Ashcroft a mental Health nurse who currently works with Teenagers about how we as parents understand and help our Teenagers through their Mental Health Journey. Parenting post Pandemic throws up a whole new set of challenges for young people and us parents. In this social media world our teens are more surrounded by voices, opinions, information and people meaning theres a door into their lives we don't always know about. Bryony and I talk through - How a...


How to talk to your teenager about Sex?

Do you feel nervous about talking about sex with your teenager? Do you know where to start? want to avoid leaving it to their mates and the media? Previously I (Saz Thomas) was a Sex and Relationships Educator in secondary schools, I'm passionate about seeing young people equipped with accurate and healthy sex education...and I believe you're the answer. As parents you don't need to know it all but provide the safe space for you teen to answer their questions as they navigate this new part...


How to prepare your Preteen for Teen Life with Claire Hailwood

This ones just for those parents of pre teens...and what I mean is those of us who's kids are 10-13. It's coming those teenage years and let's not wait until the hormones start raging and they sleep in for hours. Let's prepare our children for what's to come, get them ready for the season they they are going to thrive in. we simply answer 3 questions - How to prepare your child for Teen life? - How to prepare yourself for Parenting a teen? - How to prepare your relationship for this new...


How to Raise World Changers with Gary & Heather Snowzell

THIS IS A BIG ONE...1 hour of stories, wisdom and challenge as Pastor Gary and Heather Snowzell talk us through the teenage years Parenting 5 Young Men. This podcast covers - Why adventure is so healthy in your parenting - How to hold the line - Why a trip to Scotland included shrunken heads and Friday night fight night! Its spiritual, real, honest and funny. Everything you would expect from G and H. YOU'VE GOT THIS SAZ X


How to talk to Teenagers about P*rn with Dave Thomas

FOR REAL WE TALK ABOUT P*RN Dave Thomas and I (Saz Thomas) talk all about how to find the right perspective on p*rn with your teenagers. From how to create a good environment for those conversations to tacking how it may have affected your own life. Join us...We recommend you listen to this podcast away from your children and teenagers as we talk openly about s*x and culture.


How to say No to your teenager

Saying No to your teenager may feel like the hardest job in the word because it may start another world war...but it's essential. Claire Hailwood and I talk about why, how and when to say no to your teenagers. we also cover... - Why parenting in agreement is essential - How to hold the line - Boundaries and their power


How to Grow your teenagers Brain ... and Handle the arguments! with Claire Hailwood

Parenting Teenagers its a window of opportunity not a season of dread! Our teenagers grow and develop so much in these teenage years. Claire Hailwood talks us through how the teenage brain changes to a beautiful neoiroplastic state as hormones develop and in turn we get chance to build something deeper, relational and safe for our teenagers as they grow. Join us as we talk about - Handling Arguments - Creating a safe space for them to thrive - and why we need a cuppa and space every now...


How to connect with your Teenager - with Karin Cooke

When the storms come for your Teenager what do you do? When they fly off the handle what do you do? When they go silent in their room what do you do? Karin Cooke and I (Saz Thomas) talk all things connecting with your teenager. From shouting up the stairs, door slamming and quality time. connection is Key! We also answer why car journeys are so important! So join us for some laughs and stories as we unpick how to successfully connect with your teenager and build secure relationship with them...