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Raising Other People's Kids Podcast | Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower with your host Charles Brown

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Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast provides Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower from guest who are on the cutting edge of working with and Raising Other People’s Kids. Charles Brown, your host, has many years of experience and is eager to share his insights with you.

Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast provides Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower from guest who are on the cutting edge of working with and Raising Other People’s Kids. Charles Brown, your host, has many years of experience and is eager to share his insights with you.
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Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast provides Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower from guest who are on the cutting edge of working with and Raising Other People’s Kids. Charles Brown, your host, has many years of experience and is eager to share his insights with you.




040: The Barry Farmer Story

During this episode, I interview my special guest, Barry Farmer. Barry grew up in kinship care and became a foster parent at the age of 20 and adopted his oldest son at the age of 22. Barry Farmer is a spokesperson for Adopt Us Kids. He’s an advocate, speaker, mentor, blogger, and podcast host of the Barry Farmer Show. Barry is a single adoptive father of three, and I’m confident you’ll be encouraged by his story. Barry Farmer is a Native of Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in Kinship Care...


039: Conflict Circumvention [with guest, R. China Jackson]

During this episode, China Jackson and I define Conflict Circumvention and how it’s different from conflict resolution. We also discuss ways teachers, foster parents and service providers can teach young people to circumvent their conflicts. China and I also talk about some of his other film and music projects. China Jackson holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Trine University and has over eight years of practical experience as a program coordinator for both conflict resolution and...


038: Interview with Eric V. Johnson

During this episode, Eric and I will discuss how he builds supports and advocacy within the school district, and how this work impacts vulnerable families in Pasadena, California. We’ll also discuss the role mentors have played in his life, and his work as a Liaison for the DeVos Urban leadership Initiative. Eric V. Johnson has served urban youth for over 40 years as a pastor/director/educator. He currently serves as the Director of Partnerships & Collaborations for Stars, where he is...


037: Single Foster Fathers [with guest, Andre Porter]

Andre Porter is a single foster father and works in a school district with alternative students who have intensive mental health needs. During this episode, Mr. Porter and I discuss resistance for being single foster fathers, we’ll talk about the challenges and successes of raising teen boys, and how we juggle career, personal life and home. Corporate America has afforded many valuable lessons for everyday living. Nothing is more fulling nor rewarding than being a part of nurturing young...


036: A Chat with Bruce [with guest, Bruce Wooldridge]

Bruce Wooldridge is an adoptive parent and the Special Education Coordinator at Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School South. During this episode, Bruce and I discuss negative stereotypes of scholars who receive special education services, he'll also suggest some exceptional methods to use with exceptional learners, and we’ll talk about his experiences as an adoptive and foster parent. Bruce Wooldridge's passion for educating special education scholars was ignited in high school. He had the...


035: Kirsh & Kirsh [with guest, Attorney Grant Kirsh]

Grant is an adoption attorney with his family’s law firm Kirsh & Kirsh and the proud sponsor of this podcast. During this episode, Grant and I discuss non-traditional families that adopt, lies and misconceptions about adopting, and what motivates him to be a support to the cause of fostering and adopting. Growing up as the son of an adoption attorney, Grant Kirsh has been surrounded by adoption his entire life. As a second generation adoption attorney, he enjoys continuing his family’s...


034: Stop the Violence [with guest, Anthony Beverly]

During this episode, Anthony Beverly and I discuss reasons for violence in our communities, strategies foster parents and others can use to help young people prevent violence, and we’ll talk about the programs and services that Stop the Violence offers. Anthony Beverly is a Servant Leader who believes in community. His purpose in life is helping inner city youth become men of God. He was first introduced to community activism at a very early age. Anthony Beverly graduated from Crispus...


033: De-Escalation: Does & Don'ts [with guest, Stephen Phillips]

During this episode, Stephen and I discuss ways we can help our kids de-escalate from a meltdown, ways meltdowns can be prevented before they start, and we’ll talk about his Dino-Brain video. Stephen Phillips is the School Counselor for both Eastridge and Lakeside Elementary Schools of MSD of Warren Township. He received his Bachelors degree from Indiana University Bloomington in psychology, and immediately returned to graduate school to pursue a masters degree. After receiving his Masters...


032: Dispelling the Myths of Fostering Teens [with guest, Jill Rippy]

Jill Rippy is a licensing coordinator at NYAP in South Bend, Indiana, she’s a foster parent and author of her blog, The Foster Life, and she’s part of the leadership team of IFAAP. During this episode, Jill and I will discuss the common Myths of Fostering Teens, resources available to those who foster teens, and ways in which foster parents can help teens transition into adulthood. Jill Rippy is the proud mother of a couple dozen kids. She has two biological and many bonus children. Jill...


031: Emerging Eagles [with guest, Pastor Ken Johnson]

Pastor Ken Johnson and I discuss his work with the Indianapolis Colts, how he and his wife Della has always opened his home to Other People's Kids, and we talk about him preparing for his legacy by planting a church, New Heights Church. The urgent wail of a police siren provides the background noise for the street where young Ken Johnson walks. He walks the street, absently kicking a discarded beer bottle. The surroundings mirror his own heart; dark and bleak. The neighborhood carries the...


030: Back-to-School [with guest, Tomeka Johnson, Principal of Eastridge Elementary School]

Tomeka Johnson, Principal of Eastridge Elementary School and I will discuss some of the things that teachers and administrators are doing to prepare for students, we’ll talk about things parents can do to help their children get ready for Back-to-School, and we’ll suggest ways that the community can partner with our schools. Tomeka Johnson was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and attended Warren Central High School (Home of the Warriors). She attended Ball State University where she...


029: Boys II Men [with guest Dr. Lars Rascoe]

Dr. Rascoe, Founder of Boys II Men Inc., and I will discuss his time as a teacher and administrator. We’ll talk about some of the challenges and common life experiences of the boys that he serves. And Dr. Rascoe will offer suggestions on how to help boys develop into men. Dr. Lars Rascoe was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and attended North Central High School. He attended Indiana State University where he earned his Bachelor of the Arts in Industrial Technology Education. Shortly...


028: The Education System is Broken [with guest, author, speaker, trainer, Cathy S. Tooley]

Cathy S. Tooley and I will discuss what is really happening in our schools today, Charter Schools, standardized tests, and she offers some suggestions on how to fix our schools. Cathy S. Tooley is the President and CEO of Tools for Success. Cathy is an Author/Consultant/ Trainer focusing on academic and professional trainings. She utilizes her strategies to learn and grow individuals, companies and schools. Additionally, the business offers an opportunity to hire an outstanding presenter...


027: Behavioral Management [with guest Kathy Kiebel, M.A.]

Kathy Kiebel and I will discuss the differences between behavioral management and therapy, her experiences with clients that have Prader-Willi Syndrome, and her work as a Certified Mediator. Kathy Kiebel is a Behavioral Consultant and since 1999 is the owner/operator of her own behavioral consulting agency, Kiebel Behavioral Consulting of Indiana, Inc. Kathy currently provides behavioral consulting services to a highly diversified group of individuals who have been referred through three...


026: Choices Foster Care Solutions [with guest Reba James, MSW]

Reba James and I discuss Choices Foster Care Solutions. Reba shares her remarkable journey with Indiana’s Department of Child Services, her successes and challenges of starting a foster care agency from scratch, and Reba encourages and explains how to become a licensed foster parent through Choices Foster Care Solutions. Reba James has worked in the social work and helping profession for the past 35 years. She has earned her Bachelor’s in Arts majoring in Psychology and holds a Master’s...


025: Foster Heroes Series [with guest, author & retired teacher Sylvia Santos]

Author and retired school teacher, Sylvia Santos and I discuss her book series entitled: Foster Heroes Series. Sylvia will discuss her challenges and successes as a school teacher, her inspiration and motivations behind her book series, and her upcoming journey as a foster parent. Sylvia Santos retired from teaching in 2009, when she had a vision of writing the Foster Heroes Series. During her 30 years of teaching grammar school, Sylvia was the recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award for...


024: Father's Day - Our Story [with guest Roney Brown & Jaune Odombrown]

This episode is very personal and very special because it features a conversation between my adopted sons and myself. Roney Brown (32), Jaune Odombrown (34) and I discuss our journey and their lives before and after being fostered and adopted. They agreed to do this interview as my Father’s Day present. If you find this podcast encouraging and empowering, please go to iTunes or the Apple Podcast app and rate and review us.


023: The LASER Project [with guest Jack Thomas, President & Founder of The LASER Project]

Jack Thomas and I discuss, “The LASER Project". Jack Thomas is the President and Founder of The LASER Project, which focuses on: Literacy, Arts, Skills, Empowerment & Recreation for youths and families. During this episode, Jack Thomas will discuss absent fathers, how to better support kids who are struggling in school, and he’ll talk about the various programs & services that are provided by The LASER Project. Mr. Jack Thomas is an Indianapolis native who graduated from Broad Ripple High...


022: Kids with RAD [with guest Karen J. Moore, LMHC, LCAC, CSAYC]

Karen Moore and I discuss, “Kids with RAD”. Karen Moore is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner/operator of her own private practice, Elevated Minds LLC. During this episode, Karen will explain, what is Reactive Attachment Disorder, she’ll talk about the symptoms of RAD, and Karen will discuss treatments and offer tips for those working with kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Karen J Moore was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Single mother of 3 – two sons, Kamren and Jamar...


021: Indiana Adoption Program [with guest Sherri Moore, Adoption Champion]

Sherri Moore and I discuss, “The Indiana Adoption Program” also known as SNAP. Sherri Moore is an Adoption Champion for the SNAP program as well as having adopted and fostered over 50 children herself. During this episode, Sherri will explain, What is the Indiana Adoption Program, she’ll talk about What it takes to get SNAP approved, and Sherri will also discuss her work as a volunteer CASA and the Every Child Symposium. Sherri Moore has been an Adoption Champion with the Indiana Adoption...