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Raising Other People's Kids Podcast | Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower with your host Charles Brown

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Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast provides Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower from guest who are on the cutting edge of working with and Raising Other People’s Kids. Charles Brown, your host, has many years of experience and is eager to share his insights with you.

Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast provides Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower from guest who are on the cutting edge of working with and Raising Other People’s Kids. Charles Brown, your host, has many years of experience and is eager to share his insights with you.
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Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast provides Insights and Interviews that Encourage and Empower from guest who are on the cutting edge of working with and Raising Other People’s Kids. Charles Brown, your host, has many years of experience and is eager to share his insights with you.




025: Foster Heroes Series [with guest, author & retired teacher Sylvia Santos]

Author and retired school teacher, Sylvia Santos and I discuss her book series entitled: Foster Heroes Series. Sylvia will discuss her challenges and successes as a school teacher, her inspiration and motivations behind her book series, and her upcoming journey as a foster parent. Sylvia Santos retired from teaching in 2009, when she had a vision of writing the Foster Heroes Series. During her 30 years of teaching grammar school, Sylvia was the recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award for...


024: Father's Day - Our Story [with guest Roney Brown & Jaune Odombrown]

This episode is very personal and very special because it features a conversation between my adopted sons and myself. Roney Brown (32), Jaune Odombrown (34) and I discuss our journey and their lives before and after being fostered and adopted. They agreed to do this interview as my Father’s Day present. If you find this podcast encouraging and empowering, please go to iTunes or the Apple Podcast app and rate and review us.


023: The LASER Project [with guest Jack Thomas, President & Founder of The LASER Project]

Jack Thomas and I discuss, “The LASER Project". Jack Thomas is the President and Founder of The LASER Project, which focuses on: Literacy, Arts, Skills, Empowerment & Recreation for youths and families. During this episode, Jack Thomas will discuss absent fathers, how to better support kids who are struggling in school, and he’ll talk about the various programs & services that are provided by The LASER Project. Mr. Jack Thomas is an Indianapolis native who graduated from Broad Ripple High...


022: Kids with RAD [with guest Karen J. Moore, LMHC, LCAC, CSAYC]

Karen Moore and I discuss, “Kids with RAD”. Karen Moore is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner/operator of her own private practice, Elevated Minds LLC. During this episode, Karen will explain, what is Reactive Attachment Disorder, she’ll talk about the symptoms of RAD, and Karen will discuss treatments and offer tips for those working with kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Karen J Moore was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Single mother of 3 – two sons, Kamren and...


021: Indiana Adoption Program [with guest Sherri Moore, Adoption Champion]

Sherri Moore and I discuss, “The Indiana Adoption Program” also known as SNAP. Sherri Moore is an Adoption Champion for the SNAP program as well as having adopted and fostered over 50 children herself. During this episode, Sherri will explain, What is the Indiana Adoption Program, she’ll talk about What it takes to get SNAP approved, and Sherri will also discuss her work as a volunteer CASA and the Every Child Symposium. Sherri Moore has been an Adoption Champion with the Indiana Adoption...


020: Foster-Care Advocacy [with guest Kristi Cundiff of The Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Support Group (IFAAP)]

Kristi Cundiff and I discuss, “Foster-Care Advocacy”. Kristi Cundiff is the founder and administrator of The Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Facebook Support Group, aka IFAAP. IFAAP boast over 7,000 members. During this episode, Kristi will discuss the top issues that affect foster parents, she’ll talk about the Foster Parent Bill of Rights, and Kristi will offer suggestions on how NOT to burn-out as a foster parent. The Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Resource and Advocacy Group,...


019: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work [with Jennifer Tackitt-Dorfmeyer, LCSW, CYC-P]

Jennifer Tackitt-Dorfmeyer and I discuss, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”. Jennifer Tackitt-Dorfmeyer is the Executive Director of Choices Coordinated Care Solutions. During this episode, Jennifer will define “wrap-around services” & “cross systems of care, she’ll talk about what it means to be “strength-based”, and Jennifer will discuss the challenges and successes of effective teams. Jennifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by trade and has had the following experiences largely in...


018: Working with LGBTQ+ Youth [with guest Chris Paulsen, Executive Director of Indiana Youth Group (IYG)]

Chris Paulsen and I discuss, “Working with LGBTQ+ Youth” Chris Paulsen is the Executive Director of Indiana Youth Group. During this episode, Chris will define LGBTQ+ and gender identity, she’ll talk about some of the common misconceptions of gay youth, and Chris will offer ways to best support LGBTQ youth in the coming out process. Chris Paulsen is the Executive Director of Indiana Youth Group (IYG). Indiana Youth Group serves LGBTQ+ youth and their straight allies, ages 12-20. IYG...


017: Child Advocates: Guardian Ad Litem's & CASA's [with guest Adrienne Reed, MSW, LSW]

Adrienne Reed and I discuss, “Child Advocates: Guardian Ad Litem's, & CASA’s” Adrienne Reed is the Chief Recruitment and Outreach Officer for Child Advocates, Inc. During this episode, Adrienne will discuss the difference between Guardian Ad Litems & CASA’s, the mediation process that comes before the termination of parental rights, and how you can become a volunteer CASA. Adrienne Reed is the Chief Recruitment and Outreach Officer at Child Advocates, Inc. She earned her Bachelors’...


016: ADHD [with guest Brendan Mahan, MEd., MS]

Brendan Mahan and I discuss, “ADHD” Brendan Mahan is an internationally recognized ADHD expert and the host of the ADHD Essentials podcast. Brendan will explain executive function, he’ll discuss some of the positives of having ADHD and explore some of the best ways to treat and manage ADHD. Brendan Mahan, MEd., MS, is a dynamic ADHD/Executive Function consultant, coach, and speaker. As a veteran educator, he is skilled at teaching people how to effectively manage the challenges they face....


015: Helping Kids Discover their Destiny [with guest Pastor Bryan Hudson of Vision Communications]

Pastor Bryan Hudson and I discuss, “Helping Kids Discover their Destiny”. Bryan Hudson operates a multimedia firm, Vision Communications and he’ll define and contrast fate vs destiny, share ways that kids can turn interests and talents into professions and careers, and he’ll explore how trauma can distract kids from discovering their destiny. Rev. Bryan Hudson, (Th.B.,B.S.,M.S.) is a pastor, author, adjunct professor, and ministry technology consultant. He is the founding pastor of New...


014: I Lived on Parker Avenue [with guest David Scotton, star of documentary]

David Scotton and I discuss his journey to meet his birth parents, how he navigates his relationship with both his birth & adopted families and his current advocacy for adoption. Adopted at birth and raised in Louisiana, David Scotton is on a journey to Indiana to meet the birth parents he’s never known. His tattooed birth mother, Melissa, and reserved birth father, Brian, anxiously wait for him, concerned David will reject them for decisions they made before he was born. I Lived on...


013: Cyber-Parenting [with guest Mandy Majors, Founder of nextTalk]

Mandy Majors and I discuss pornography, popular apps and programs that kids use, and how to establish open communication with your child to ensure their online safety. Mandy’s parents divorced when she was three. After overcoming many bad teenage decisions, she graduated from Indiana University with a BA in political science and criminal justice and a minor in psychology. Mandy has now been happily married to her husband, Matt, for 18 years, and they’re raising two kids (ages 13 and 10)...


012: Bio Families [with guest Sue Badeau, Speaker | Author | Trainer]

During this episode, Sue Badeau and I discuss: ways to build a positive relationship with birth families, how to work with difficult bio families and how to prepare our kids for reunification. Susan Badeau (Sue) writes and speaks extensively on topics related to children, particularly those with special needs and is a frequent and passionate keynote speaker and workshop leader at state, regional and national conferences. Sue and her husband, Hector, are the lifetime parents of twenty-two...


011: Dads [with guest Brian Carter, Director of Dads, Inc.]

During this episode, Brian Carter and I discuss what a good dad looks, acts and talks like. We explore the role of a dad in his daughter’s life, and the epidemic of absent fathers in both the urban and suburban communities. Brian Carter is the Director of Dads Inc. a support program for men and their families. Brian has directed Dads Inc. , a subsidiary of The Villages of Indiana of which he has been employed in various supervisory roles for 24 years. Brian also serves as Educator for...


010: Thug Life [with guest Kareem Hines of NEW B.O.Y., Inc.]

During this episode, Kareem Hines and I discuss "Thug Life" and ways to reach this type of kid. We look at Kareem's journey from the streets of Harlem, New York to his current working with boys here in Indianapolis. Kareem says, "My connection to inner-city & at-risk youth stems from being a product of Harlem, NYC in the 70’s & 80’s. Families were torn apart by the heroin & crack academic. The only reason I'm alive and not in prison was because of various people in my life (non-family...


009: Faith & Fostering [with guest Dr. John DeGarmo]

During this episode, we discuss how to share your faith with your foster kids. And my special guest Dr. John DeGarmo shares with us the challenges of foster care in America, the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and grief and guilt when our foster kids move placements. Born in 1969, leading international foster care expert and consultant Dr. John DeGarmo has worn many hats throughout his life. Singing and dancing while touring around the world in the international super group, Up With...


008: Psychological Assessments [with guest Dr. Robin Kohli, Psy.D., HSPP]

During this episode, Dr. Robin Kohli explains to us the benefits of conducting a psychological assessment, defines the difference between psychology and psychiatry, and she explains IQ. Dr. Robin Kohli brings an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to this discussion. She's worked in several treatment facilities such as, Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Youth Opportunity Center and Lutherwood Residential Treatment Center. Currently, Dr. Kohli has her own private practice,...


007: Adoption [with guest Attorney Grant Kirsh]

During this episode we discuss and answer common questions about adoptions. Adoption Attorney Grant Kirsh explains the difference between an open and closed adoption, the TPR process, and how to maximize your adoption subsidies. Growing up as the son of an adoption attorney, Grant Kirsh has been surrounded by adoption his entire life. As a second generation adoption attorney, he enjoys continuing his family’s legacy in Indiana. Grant grew up in Carmel, Indiana, graduating from Carmel...


006: Special Education [with guest Dr. Mary Jo Dare]

During this episode we discuss Special Education. My guest, Dr. Mary Jo Dare explains the case conference process, helps us understand an IEP, defines a 504 and shows us how to navigating through a manifest. Dr. Mary Jo Dare empowers us with her many years of experience. She's the former Special Education Director for IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools), former Assistant Superintendent of Academic Affairs and currently an Educational Liaison for Child Advocates, giving support to children...