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Raising Rebellion Year 1 (RR 028)

What an incredible and fulfilling ride this year has been. It’s taken me to places where I’ve had the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world including all across the United States as well as other countries such as England, Denmark, Greece, and South Africa. This short episode is about the past, […]


When Higher Education Alone Isn’t Enough (RR 027)

Sunny was a high achiever in school, getting top grades in a prestigious secondary school in England and then subsequently at Cambridge University. But despite having received one of the best educations on paper, he realized he was never asked a fundamental question – what kind of life he wanted to live. As a result he and […]


How To UnCollege And Gain Your Life Back (RR 026)

All the way up through high school, you were probably asked plenty of times what you want to be when you grow up. But did you ever take the time to think about who your true self was, your “why,” and how you wanted to be in this world? UnCollege is a gap year program that […]


High School Journalists’ Reporting Goes Viral (RR 025)

Maddie, a junior in high school and co-editor of her school newspaper, was assigned a story to write about a newly hired principal for her high school. After an interview and some research, things weren’t adding up and she was questioning the facts. She talked to her advisor Mrs. Smith, who coached her on next steps […]


Inspiring the Rediscovery Within (RR 024)

Nicole was on a pretty traditional path in life working corporate jobs after college, but along the way she always allowed herself to pursue her curiosities. One day in the midst of corporate life burnout, she woke up, looked around, and realized that she had “been sold a bill of goods” of what life was […]


Minding The Gap: Cultivating The Gap Year Experience (RR 023)

Ethan was a good (enough) student in school, but with his mom being a social worker he felt a compelling need to be of service to something bigger than himself. One day a guest speaker at his high school made a big impression on him, and eventually sent him on a journey of self-discovery via a gap year […]


High School Dropout to Teacher of the Year (RR 022)

Mr. Johnson did not like anything about school as a kid. He failed 4th grade. And 7th grade. And 8th grade. And 9th grade. Finally the system failed him when his high school counselor told him he should quit school, get a GED, and learn a trade. That was forever the end of his primary […]


Gen Why & A One Way Ticket To Europe (RR 021)

Our experiences have a significant influence on shaping the decisions that we make for our own lives. Have you ever thought about the influence you have on your child as a parent? How about how much influence teachers have on your child? Perhaps for the most part it goes without saying, or maybe we take it for granted. But have […]


How A 15 Year Old Became A Global Citizen (RR 020)

Where does a 15 year old come up with the idea to take a year off from school, travel to several countries, and film a documentary on what it means to be a global citizen? More importantly, why? And how do they pull this off? Kasha Slavner was inspired at age 8 to make a […]


Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 3 (RR 019)

This is part 3 and the finale of our special event called Rebel Generations, today featuring Riley Temple. Riley was not your model “A” student when he was young. According to his teachers he was disruptive and lacked focus (see Part 1 in episode 17 to hear how his mom Jody responded to his teachers upon […]


Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 2 (RR 018)

This is part 2 of our special event called Rebel Generations, today featuring Jan Black. Jan had a bit of a tumultuous childhood. Her home was unstable yet strict, and as a coping mechanism she found herself embracing creativity every chance she got growing up. She did not graduate from college, but her enthusiasm and creativity […]


Rebel Generations: A Family Trilogy part 1 (RR 017)

Very excited to present to you our special event beginning today called Rebel Generations, a trilogy where we will be sharing 3 unique stories from 3 generations of rebels. Part 1 features Jody Temple White, a mom who led her whole family in a decision to sell their belongings and travel the world together for 9 months. What inspired her to […]


Rhyming For The Best Reasons (RR 016)

Although Austin was very bright, he was not a good student in grade school as he couldn’t find any excitement or interest in schoolwork. His interest in hip hop and basketball however was very apparent, as he could recite any lyric from his favorite artists, and any Allen Iverson stat you could think of. Attending college […]


Exploring the Lightness of Being (RR 015)

Kïrsten is the creator and host of the excellent Chapter BE podcast, where she explores and examines how to navigate or create change to live authentically to your true self. To BE who you want to be in each chapter of your life. After her (Bill O’Reilly-induced) passion for education led her down a path […]


Teaching Life-Changing Fearlessness Through Art (RR 014)

Chad feels ruled by his senses, and had a realization at a very young age that he loved and wanted to pursue art. He says however that he felt like an “alien” in his own family that was primarily made up of doctors and lawyers. He had an illness in 8th grade that served as a game-changer […]


Empowering Moms to Turn Their Sh*t Show Into Their Mojo (RR 013)

Education is highly regarded in Laurie's family, so she was headed down a path of being a career educator in the traditional sense. Then one day as she was taking a photo of her husband and her son, she suddenly realized something was missing from that photo: her. That moment led her to a journey of self-discovery and self-care. Emerging from the other side, she felt so great that she had to share her knowledge with other moms who were going through the same thing. Her mission is to help...


Adventures in Unschooling and Self-Directed Learning (RR 012)

Blake had done a bit of traveling as a kid, and was headed down the traditional path of life. As a straight A student he went to college to study astrophysics b/c he was best at math and science in high school (plus he loved the Jodie Foster movie Contact). He soon realized in college however that he did not love math as much as he thought he did. Instead of paying attention to his professor during lectures he found himself memorizing as many digits of Pi that he could because they were...


Aiming For Gold: Audrey sets her sights on 2020 Olympics (RR 011)

Audrey tried a lot of different things growing up - art, sports, musical instruments. Then when she was 8 years old, her dad took her to check out some free archery lessons at the local public park for fun. All of a sudden she found herself super interested, and asking lots of questions. Now at age 17, she's focused on her goal of competing in the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. But that goal requires making sacrifices, including for her mom and dad who had certain expectations for their...


RR 010 : Dad and Daughter Rebels By Necessity, Not By Choice

Growing up in India, Amarpal knew early on that he wanted to pursue a different path than the one his family was pushing him towards. He became a rebel by necessity and not by choice when his parents passed away when he was a teenager. Taking a different path than what was expected of him has provided him with a perspective that he now passes on to his kids. His daughter Drishti is a recent high school grad. While surrounded by friends who have chosen to take the more conventional path,...


RR 009 : Mom and Daughter Just Say Hello to the Homeless

Jennifer has never been content with the jobs that she has had. She would find something that she was interested in, master it to a degree, then inevitably reach a point of where she needed to move on. Service and community have always been important values for her, so she became a social worker. Yet even with her masters degree in hand, low wages combined with difficult work while helping at risk people began to take its toll over time. She searched for something different, so she decided...


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