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Do you ever wonder what other marriages are like "behind-the-scenes"? If so, this podcast is for you. Join your host, Janna Denton-Howes, as she has refreshingly honest conversations about marriage with some of her favourite people. Motivated by her work as a Marriage Coach, Janna is all about getting right to the real stuff. No small talk here!




Do you ever wonder what other marriages are like "behind-the-scenes"? If so, this podcast is for you. Join your host, Janna Denton-Howes, as she has refreshingly honest conversations about marriage with some of her favourite people. Motivated by her work as a Marriage Coach, Janna is all about getting right to the real stuff. No small talk here!






Building a Business Together with Ariana Sylvester

In this episode, I chat with Ariana, a really fun mom, wife, business owner, podcast host AND author!! We chat about all things marriage and business in a very honest way- how they've had to adjust their communication to work together, how a risk-taker and a safety-seeker find balance and I even share a little tip about how to have more productive work meetings :) If you are ever curious about starting your own business or have already dipped your toes in the entrepreneurial world, I...


Having Doubts About Marriage

In this episode, I chat with Brittany, a refreshingly honest mom of 3 who opens up about her doubts about her marriage and being a parent. We talk about her early marriage experiences, learning how to be independent, improving their sex life and orgasms. Yup, that's where we ended up! Enjoy :)


Meeting the Challenges of Autism Together

In this episode, I chat with the amazing and very powerful mom, Sandy Mclver about her journey with parenting a son with autism. Mostly we chat about all things marriage- how they keep things strong, overcoming resentment, managing their son's needs and much more. If you've like to learn more about Sandy's journey, you can find her on Youtube!


Sex after Babies with Jenna Dalton

In this episode I chat with my friend and "Certified Postpartum Athleticism Coach", Jenna Dalton! This conversation was to have especially since I had NO CLUE how open Jenna was about talking about sex, orgasms and all that jazz. We talked about pelvic floor issues, the awkwardness (and importance) of seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist, the definition of "good" sex, the challenges of motherhood, how to describe what an orgasm really feels like and so much more. Whether...


Leaving an Extreme Religious Group (that got a little cult-y) Together

In this episode, I talk with Bryn, a sweet and COURAGEOUS married woman who shares her story of marrying within an extremely religious off-shoot group and then eventually leaving the compound with her husband. We talk about a TON of interesting (and inspiring topics) including: 1) How she found herself in this group in the first place. 2) When she started to see how strange it had become. 3) Making the decision to leave and the struggle they faced with that. 4) Eventually leaving and...


The Sweetest Love Through the Toughest Time

In this episode, I interview one of my favourite people in the whole world. I met Norene while we were both training to be Marriage Coaches (she's also been a Marriage Therapist for years and years) and I instantly felt drawn to her. When I started this podcast, I knew that she would be a guest and I was honoured when she said "yes" to sharing her (and her husband's) journey of losing their daughter 5 years ago. We talk about just about everything in this episode and while we are dealing...


Learning That Our Child is Transgender

In this episode, I chat with Mel- a really funny and down-to-earth Australian mama who has been going through a pretty big transition in her life. Although it was clear that they had a "tom-boy" on their hands from very early on in their child's life, it wasn't until later on that they discovered their daughter was actually a boy. In this conversation, we talk about the very real challenges that they have faced together as a couple and how they are continuing to navigate this new territory...


Loving a Man with High Functioning Autism

In this episode, I chat with Michelle, a lovely woman who has been through a LOT in her marriage. After a very quick engagement period, she discovered that her husband had some quirky social, emotional and communication challenges that neither of them could figure out. After years of struggle, they found out that he was on the Autism Spectrum which rocked both of their worlds. But their story doesn't end there. Listen to the episode to discover how they eventually healed his...


Living with Depression Together

In the episode, I chat with Cassandra- a mom of 2 little children who is living with depression along with her husband. In this conversation, we talk about the different ways that depression manifests in her husband and herself, how they support one another through bouts of low periods and how they manage to raise their children successfully when things are tough. Although depression seems like a pretty heavy topic, this interview is full of sweet moments as she shares what a TEAM they...


When Breast Cancer Rocks Your World

In this episode, I chat with a lovely, insightful and courageous married woman named Samantha. Over a year ago, she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and was suddenly thrown into the medical world of testing, hospitals and chemo. In this conversation, we talk about how her and her husband have dealt with this surprising turn of events in their marriage, how they have managed to continue to take care of their 3 small children and how she has mentally survived the ups and...


Household Management and Multiple Orgasms

In this episode I chat with Brittany, a busy mom of 4 who runs her own business and performs in local theatre. She shares how her and her husband (who also has a full-time job and enjoys acting) have discovered how to run their household together with ease and joy. The juiciest bit but be right at the end when she shares with us her tips for multiple orgasms!


The Realities of being a Highly Sensitive Person (and married!)

In this episode, I chat with Bahiyyih- a married mom of two young kiddos and a "Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)". In this episode, Bahiyyih and I chat about how being an HSP has affected her life, marriage and sex life. We discuss the realities of being overwhelmed with the world most of the time and how her and her husband have navigated this extra challenge in their lives. Stick around until the end to hear about what annoying behaviours she has that drive her husband crazy! Wondering if...


Healing from Infidelity: A Couple Shares Their Experience

In this episode, I speak with Wendy and Billy- a married couple of 17 years who have courageously decided to share their story of healing from infidelity with us in hopes that it makes those struggling with this not feel alone. It's very rare to have the opportunity to hear the story of an affair from both the husband and the wife and it was an incredible honour to witness their commitment and love for one another even in the midst of such a devastating challenge in their relationship. If...


One Couple's Journey Towards a Mutually Enjoyable Sex Life

This is a really special episode! It's not only the FRIST couple interview that I've done but it's also the candid, unscripted conversation AFTER the planned interview (that one will be released soon in a separate episode). In this episode, I interview Stephen (Steve) and Lea- a genuine and sweet musical couple who are parents to a 6 month old son. They recently went through my program so we talk about everything sex in this episode- from questioning religious messages, learning about...


Ditching Duty Sex after 10 Years of Marriage

In this episode, I chat with Leanna, a sweet and thoughtful married woman who recently ditched duty sex after the birth of her daughter. We talk about the postpartum issues that initially spurred on the change, including bacterial vaginosis which is very common and can cause a lot of pain during sex. It was really fun chatting with Leanna about her honest thoughts about going through my program and she made me laugh... a lot. If you are curious about the process that Leanna went through...


Religion, Shame and Masturbation

In this episode, I chat with Rachel- an AMAZINGLY articulate married woman who agreed to get very real about her thoughts around religion, shame and masturbation. We talk about her experiences growing up, learning about her body, navigating marriage and her current thoughts on what she calls "self-exploration". Whether you identify with "religious" or not, this is a great episode for you since we all swim around in this silly shame culture when it comes to female bodies.


Handling Negative Thoughts about Your Spouse

In this episode, I chat with Dana about how she discovered the sweet spot between staying positive AND voicing her concerns and feeling her feelings in her marriage. You definitely want to stick around to the end where we get super detailed about their couple bathroom habits. I'm still giggling at how cute it is ;) Enjoy!


My husband Interviews ME!

In this episode, my husband interviews ME (from his car) about my work as a Marriage Coach, why I started this podcast, and some behind-the-scenes of our life together. Listen to this one if you are curious who this crazy Janna Denton-Howes REALLY is ;) If you can ignore the lovey-dovey mushy stuff towards the end, it's a great introduction to listen to.


One Woman's Struggle with Porn

In this episode, I chat with Emily- a young mother of 2 kids (one here, one on the way) about her struggle with porn. We talk about how her and her husband met and actually became accountability buddies to quit the addiction early on in their relationship. This woman is fierce, honest and offers so much RELIEF to anyone else with this challenge.


The Hope and Hurt of Infertility

In this episode I chat with Stephanie, a powerful woman of Faith who is courageously dealing with infertility. She offers her story of hope, hurt and leaning on her husband in this common struggle they share. Whenever Stephanie talks, I always feel this deep peace and joy and I really don't want you to miss this wonderful experience. So really settle into this one- you will benefit from this conversation even if infertility hasn't been your struggle.