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Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.

Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.
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Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.







Most people who get remarried and have adult stepchildren feel that they won’t have any problems. That is a myth, big time. Gil and Brenda discuss the nuances of having adult stepchildren. Yes, there are situations where everything is doubt. But adult stepchildren are experiencing the same feelings that our little ones who are in the home are experiencing. They are just better at verbalizing them! How can you come alongside your adult stepchildren today? #RestoredandRemarried...


Episode 32 STEPMOMs/STEPDADs 3 Mother’s Day Pointers from a Husband.

Gil and Brenda are here to encourage Stepmoms on Mother’s Day by helping their husbands know what to do! This special day is loaded with emotions and expectations. It can be a party and celebration for some, and yet for others, there is radio silence from their stepchildren. Gil shares 3 pointers to help husbands love their wives through this holiday… with sensitivity, honesty and some laughter. As they say, “always forward!” #RestoredandRemarried #tipstoolsandtingles #remarried...


Episode 31 MARRIAGE: Why Date Your Spouse

Leisure Time = Marital Happiness. This shouldn’t be rocket science…but sometimes it feels like it! Gil and Brenda have some fun as they share the benefits of married couples dating, and 12 date rules (an addition to Brenda’s already established dating rules!) You are free to add your own! How do you smell? That could be a very important point to talk about. No time for conflict. Not a therapy session. Comforting? Exciting? CONNECTION! Gil and Brenda created a new acronym which they...


Episode 30 STEPMOMS Interview with Laura Petherbridge, The Smart Stepmom

Gil and Brenda interview Laura Petherbridge who is an author, international speaker on many topics, and a stepmom cheerleader. In this episode, the conversation covers stepmoms and stepdads who did not bring any biological children into the marriage (although ALL stepmoms/dads will benefit). There are some different moving parts with this type of stepfamily. These new stepmoms can be ambushed by the new activity of the family, lack of influence she thought she would have and seeing her...


Episode 29 ALL/MARRIAGE Conflict: Thinking Distortions Part 2

Gil and Brenda present Part 2 of this podcast on communication and conflict. Pass it along to your friends, family, and co-workers. They share great insights into the distorted thinking that hinders our communication with others. And they are BIG on communicating well so that connection happens. False beliefs about ourselves can get in our way of loving and speaking to others in a healthy productive fashion. Gil and Brenda encourage you to have an honest conversation with a trusted friend...


Episode 28 ALL/MARRIAGE Conflict: Thinking Distortions Part 1

ANYONE can relate to this podcast today! The most important conversation is the one you have with yourself. Assumptions and negative self-talk (among other conversations with yourself) will directly impact your conversations with others. Gil and Brenda will share 4 of the 8 common distortions in our thinking. Which ones do you resonate with? Get rid of your stinkin' thinkin' today! Just being aware of these distortions in ourselves and others can bring your communication with others to...


Episode 27 FATHERS Interview with Rick Johnson from Better Dads

(please excuse the “rough sound” on this interview) Through all cultures, what is the common thread of Fatherhood? Rick Johnson, from Better Dad’s shares, that deep down, men want to be good Fathers. Gil and Brenda interview this best selling author of 12 books (in 14 different languages,) international speaker on men, women, marriages. Dads and stepdads alike share the incredible responsibility of shaping the identity of their kids, can be a kinsmen redeemer and protector. Wonderful,...


Episode 26 CoParenting: The X Factor

The more we work with remarried couples the #1 challenge is the ex. Whether it is your ex or your spouse's ex, they can impact our families, both positively but mostly negatively. Gil and Brenda talk about how to disengage those hot buttons that the ex knows how to set off in us. By Cutting and Cauterizing the emotions, your current marriage and family will be in a healthier place. You can not control the ex or what goes on in the other home. But you can get to a healthier place yourself....


Episode 25 STRESS 5 Steps to De-Stress!

We can all relate to having stress in our life, right? Some seasons carry more than others. Gil and Brenda share 3 ways stress (cortisol) is released into your body and how you can help get rid of it! The first thing is knowing what stresses you have! Identifying it/them is the first step. Listen in as Gil and Brenda share 4 more ways to de-stress! You’ll feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. And your friends and family will thank you too! #RestoredandRemarried #remarried...


Episode 24 STEPMOM'S Interview with Emily Jordan

Episode 24 STEPMOM'S Interview with Emily Jordan


Episode 23 MILITARY Stepfamilies

Everyone will get something out of this interview!! Stepfamily life is hard enough. Then add in the military component and that is a stress multiplier for sure. Gil and Brenda interview Todd and Tammy Gangle who have 6 kids in their stepfamily. Todd was an Air Force Chaplain He shares about the 3 D’s in a military stepfamily. We only had time to scratch the service here. We’re hoping to do more interviews to share information specifically for military stepfamilies, Have something to...


Episode 22 MARRIAGE 10 Steps for Resolving Conflict

Conflict. Boy, this is a biggie when it comes to relationships. Don’t you wish you could have a plan in place, so when conflict comes (because it always will), you know what to do? Gil and Brenda will share 10 steps to help resolve any conflict you have. Tone and body language play into this too. Couples get that “ah ha” moment when they work these steps! Be one of those couples


Episode 21 MARRIAGE is like Wrestling Interview with Dan Russell

At times, marriage can be a struggle. Like wrestling, embracing the struggle and working through it can make us stronger. Our dear friend, Dan Russell has first-hand experience in the wrestling world. (see his accolades below) Gil and Brenda have a lively conversation with Dan about the similarities between marriage and wrestling. The kiss of death, a united vision, our opponent and our coach are all part of the wrestling experience. Funny how it’s the marriage experience too! Dan...


Episode 20 MARRIAGE: STOP CONFLICT " I Wish..."

Do you ever wish you could communicate with your spouse, exactly what your heart wants? How can you be heard without WW3 starting? This episode is all about doing that! Listen in as Gil and Brenda share with you how to speak in loving and clear ways with your spouse. You will have peace, clarity and less miscommunication (ie: conflict) to your marriage. #RestoredandRemarried #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad #stepmother #stepfather #stepparent #stepparenting...


Episode 19 STEPFAMILY CoParenting and Custody

Gil and Brenda interview Willie and Rachel Scott with Better Than Blended. How do you handle a messy custody battle? How do support your spouse? How can it affect your marriage? What’s the biggest challenge for the kids? Do you really need to be able to bite your tongue?The Scotts share valuable tools to help you (or someone you know) through this “icky” part of the stepfamily adventure. If you would like to learn more about Willie and Rachel and Better Than Blended, please contact them...


Episode 18 How to Stepparent a Grieving Stepchild

Do you think your kids are grieving? You may be surprised to hear the answer. Because we(the adults) are happy to have found love again, doesn't mean that our kids feel the same way! The stepfamily journey can be very difficult. Part of that journey that no one likes to talk about is the subject of grief…especially with our kids. Gil and Brenda interviewed Diane Fromme, author of Stepparenting the Grieving Child. Diane brings practical tools and insights that can help this part of your...


Episode 17 STEP PARENTING Criticize or Compliment?

Boy, is this a Stepfamily hot button! Gil and Brenda ask each other, “How do you feel when I criticize your kids?” The mama/papa bear can easily come out in these conversations! Defenses come up, words are said that are not meant, and the wall that you have built to come behind and protect you and your marriage is now between you. On the flip side, “How do you feel when I compliment your kids?” Ahhh, connection happens, empathy is shared, and as a parent, you feel like you are doing a...


Episode 16 MARRIAGE 5 Reasons to Avoid a Counselor

Gil and Brenda had attended a weekend retreat for Counselors. The subject, EFT, Emotional Focused Therapy and Inter-Subjectivity. They had the opportunity to interview two Counselors, Fay DeMeyer and Jeremiah Winston. It was a lively discussion on the counseling profession! Sometimes we need a little check-up for a check-in. How are we doing as individuals? This will directly impact how we interact with our spouse, family, and others. If we haven't dealt with our “stuff” it will tend to...


Episode 15 MARRIAGE 8 Communication Skills to Increase Intimacy

Who would not want to increase intimacy in their marriage? We’re not talking about physical intimacy here. Although, what Gil and Brenda are sharing today will directly affect what goes on in the bedroom. As they have said before, it’s not only about communicating, it’s about connecting. You probably have heard some of these 8 skills before. Yet it’s so easy to forget about them when “life” happens. If you would like a copy of the list, just contact the Stuarts at...


Episode 14 2018 Upcoming Events for R & R!

What are Gil and Brenda up to in this New Year? This is a quick check in from them. They would love to be able to meet you at one of their events. Please connect with them via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What’s your story? How can they encourage you, your marriage and your family? Thanks so much for following and listening in! #RestoredandRemarried #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad #stepmother #stepfather #stepparent #stepparenting #stepchild #blendedfamily...


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