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Brother and sister Corban and Sofia Garcia have lots of life stories and hard-set opinions. This is where they talk about them.

Brother and sister Corban and Sofia Garcia have lots of life stories and hard-set opinions. This is where they talk about them.
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Dallas, TX


Brother and sister Corban and Sofia Garcia have lots of life stories and hard-set opinions. This is where they talk about them.






#67: School Kids Are Polluting the Park

How can I ruin a funeral? Are seminars the new pyramid scheme? What goes on in a homeschooler’s brain? Get these questions answered PLUS a conversation about Sigrid all in this episode. Show Notes: Carman on Spotify Rocket to Anywhere Merch! Odd Squad Deploys New Team for Old Mission Corban on Tiktok iShine Connect Recommendations of the Week: Corban: This Is Not My Home by Wayne Kerr Band Sofia: Quokka Follow Us: Corban on Twitter Sofia on Instagram Rocket to Anywhere on...


#66: When a VSCO Girl Coughs.

JOHN LEGEND, TikTok star @grandmammycorbanator, and Sofia host this unscripted episode of no one's favorite podcast. They talk about ghosting kids at McDonald's, Boy Scouts, and their retirement plans. Show Notes: 2010 Illinois State Fair Hog Calling Contest Corban on TikTok Music by Podington Bear at the Sound of Picture Library.


#65: One Short Day in the Violet City (Musicals w/ James & Amber)

James and Amber return to talk about musicals! They go over their top four favorites, shows they worked on, and of course, FIASCOS! Show Notes: Tim’s Tweet about Amazon Pilots Sunday School Musical Corban’s High School Musical Reviews Fiasco! - This American Life Recommendations of the Week: James: Person of Interest Amber: Supernatural Sofia: Bones Corban: Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench Chapter Markers: 00:00:00 - Area 51 👽 00:01:35 - Guest Introductions 👤 00:05:29 -...


#64: It’s everyday bro! (Creator Life feat. Thomas Parsons)

The summer of special guests begins with YouTuber Thomas Parsons! We talk about the world of small content creation, help Sofia find out what a boy band is, and get extremely confused about sports. Show Notes: Waffle House - Jim Gaffigan Nashville Hot Brains Sandwich Taste Test | FOOD FEARS Wonka Vending Machine Blimey Cow NFL DRAFT RECAP - Noobist 109 Thomas’ Favorites: Band: The Vamps YouTubers: - Urinating Tree - FivePoints Vids - FlemLo RapsP - KTO Podcast: ESPN...


#63: An Emotional Leash (Walk with us.)

Summer is here! So before it gets too hot to go outside, Corban and Sofia decided to take their elderly dog Bailey out for one last walk around the neighborhood. They brought microphones, and this was the result. Show Notes: Nefelibata | Wiktionary BrainPOP Fun Brain Starfall Storyline Online Hot Food - Michael Rosen God Tube Follow Us: Corban on Twitter Sofia on Instagram Rocket to Anywhere on Twitter Rocket to Anywhere on Instagram Music By: Podington Bear at the Sound...


#62: CUT TO BLACK (Corban’s failed movies and dreams.)

They’re back! Today, Corban and Sofia read you some of their failed movie scripts and tell you some of their weirdest dreams. Have you ever dreamed that you found another room in your house? Then this episode is for you! Show Notes: #56: Oh look, it’s 3 AM. (Conspiracy Theories feat. Amber Hess) Names for Groups of Animals #5: The Sick Joke Hospital At first, your dumplings… Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Sunday School Musical Sofia: Monk Chapter Markers: 00:00:00 - The...


#61: Finders Keepers, Losers Sweepers (Saddest Movies & Music Ever)

Today, Corban and Sofia talk about the saddest movies and music they’ve ever watched and heard. Hint: they all Involve dogs. They also play some games you might find at a 90’s slumber party, learn about unique phobias and rank their favorite french fries. Show Notes: I Want a Dog - Song | YouTube Ben Platt - Grow As We Go | YouTube EDEN | YouTube EDEN - Wake Up | YouTube Dear Evan Hansen - You Will Be Found | YouTube Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Coast by Rocket to...


#60: My Thinker Had a Thought (Just Add Magic Season 4!)

Just Add Magic season 4 is finally here! Corban and Sofia spend over an hour discussing the final season of what could be one of the best TV shows of all time. They also take some time to talk about their newly found passion of watching police chases. Show Notes: Script For Cut Scene From “The Penultimate Peril” Victual | Merriam-Webster #45: I Cain’t Do That (Amazon Studios’ Just Add Magic) | Rocket to Anywhere Ep. 80: “I Was the Red Robin” | Roderick on the Line (Language...


#59: PERSPECTIVE (A Series of Unfortunate Events S3 feat. James Stephenson)

Today, Corban is joined by his friend James to discuss (but mostly gripe) about season three of Netflix's adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. They also take some time to complain about French and tell some jokes. Show Notes: Brett Helquist | Instagram Jusqu’auboutiste | Oxford Dictionaries Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Listen to the “Unfortunate Associates” podcast. James: The West Wing Chapter Markers: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:03:32 - Follow Up 00:04:21 -...


#58: My House Is Made out of Newspaper (BOZ the Bear)

It’s a Christmas MIRACLE! Corban and Sofia return to talk about another completely obscure, early 2000s kid’s show: “Boz: The Green Bear Next Door”! They spend this hour telling life stories they have associated with the said “green bear”. Show Notes: The Dooley and Pals Show | Wikipedia All I Want For Christmas Is You But It’s Off Key Schadenfreude | Merriam-Webster BOZ the Bear Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Watch “Say Goodnight Kevin’s” Donkey Ollie Reviews Sofia: Watch...


#57: Cheapness is Our Thing (Excuses Schmexcuses)

After a two month hiatus, Corban and Sofia are back! In this episode, Corban won’t stop giving excuses for the pair’s absence while Sofia won’t stop blaming Corban for it. Show Notes: PBS KIDS Announces New Series LUNA AROUND THE WORLD How NASA Broadcast Neil Armstrong Live from the Moon | Popular Science TNMI 5: Board Games, “Porcupine Necktie” and Jokes Bumfiddler The one thing you don’t touch… | /r/dankchristianmemes Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Listen to “All I Want...


TNMI 5: Board Games, "Porcupine Necktie" and Jokes

In this outtakes episode: Corban brings you a conversation about board games with Chip Amber, some leftover jokes with Sofia, and a dramatized reading of the short story “Porcupine Necktie” by Jerry Spinelli. Show Notes: #56: Oh look, it’s 3 AM. (Conspiracy Theories feat. Amber Hess) #36: That’s Just Comedy (A Look at 3 Amazon Original Pilots) Radiolab | WNYC Studios Stargirl: Novel by Jerry Spinelli Follow Us: Corban on Twitter Sofia on Instagram Rocket to Anywhere on...


#56: Oh look, it’s 3 AM. (Conspiracy Theories feat. Amber Hess)

Our summer of special guests concludes with Chip Amber! We discuss plausible conspiracy theories, tell jokes, and make one too many references to Doctor Who. Show Notes: Dallas Museum of Natural History - Fair Park Avalon High by Meg Cabot Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls by Meg Cabot Miffed | Merriam-Webster False Memory | Wikipedia The Mandela Effect IS REAL!!!? - Say Goodnight Kevin | YouTube CRAZY Conspiracy Video - Watch at Your Own Risk! Recommendations of the Week: Corban:...


#55: It’s Thinky-Thinky (Early 2000’s Kid’s TV feat. Karma Germany)

Today, “Chip” Karma joins Corban and Sofia to talk about their favorite early 2000’s kid’s TV shows! They also introduce a new segment, “Colloquial Saying of the Week”. Show Notes: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky Little Secrets - 2001 Film Majuscule - Merriam-Webster Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Watch “Faithville” Sofia: Watch “The Beverly Hillbillies” Karma: Watch “Nailed It” Follow Us: Corban on Twitter Sofia on Instagram Rocket to Anywhere on...


#54: Not Odd Enough (feat. Ethan Gonzalez)

Today, Corban and Sofia are joined by their cousin Ethan! There’s no occluding them as they talk about smuggling food into movie theaters, butting into stranger’s conversations, white sand and so much more! Show Notes: Our Wedding - Ryan Matlock | YouTube The Aux Cable Blockbusted - Podcast Tumble Leaf - Season 4 | Prime Video Bee Cave, Texas | Wikipedia Occlude | Merriam-Webster DiGiCo SD9 | DiGiCo Frasier and Niles - Shades of White | YouTube #53: Jose Kanusee (Awkward...


Be back soon!

Corban and Sofia were on-set this week but will be back on August 4th with a new episode.


#53: Jose Kanusee (Awkward Moments)

Today, Corban and Sofia go back to their “ROOOOOTS” as they talk about awkward moments and bring back the “Public Service Announcement”. Show Notes: #52: The Proverbial Freezer (Lost in Oz Season 1B) The Incredibles vs. Incredibles 2 - Violet/Tony Scene Comparison Cachinnate | Merriam-Webster ATAT Falling GiF 025: More Relationship Expertise and Avoiding Awkward Hallway Interactions | The Aux Cable Rocket to Anywhere on Google Podcasts Recommendations of the Week: Corban: Listen...


#52: The Proverbial Freezer (Lost in Oz Season 1B)

After almost a year of waiting, season 1B of the Amazon Original “Lost in Oz” is here! In this episode of Rocket to Anywhere, Corban and Sofia talk about the first three episodes of the season. Show Notes: Ten Rockin’ Rules | God Rocks Wiki You Might NOT Be a Homeschooler If… | Blimey Cow Deltiology | Wikipedia Podcast Postcards Lost in Oz | Amazon Prime Video Recommendation of the Week: Corban and Sofia: Watch Lost in Oz! Follow Us: Corban on Twitter Sofia on...


#51: Tom Uh Toes (Childhood Memories)

After a month break, Corban and Sofia are back(!) to talk about things that got engraved into their minds during childhood and tips for staying cool in the summer heat. Show Notes: Toy Story 4 Plot | Digital Spy Obstreperous | Merriam-Webster Why Is a 98.6-Degree Day So Miserable? | Slate Jonah’s Druthers | YouTube Parablelooza | YouTube Christmas in Snowflake County | YouTube Mouse Tales | Amazon Moke and Poki in the Rain Forest | Amazon Clifford the Big Red Dog is Headed Back...


We're taking a break.

We're taking a break for the next month or so. See you in the Summer!