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What's The Deal With The Dad Bod?

For some, dad bod's are the ultimate compliment to a family priority, but are they really a thing? Is this something that women, and men really like, or a product of situation? Is it a cultural excuse to not care about your body, or an actual avenue out? Is a dad-bod valued any differently than a mom-bod? Why the cultural and societal differences? So, What's the deal with the dad bod? Drawing upon our own experience, reflections and thoughts we'll discuss why the dad bod is a thing, and...


Why Do We Need Healthy Parents?

Having healthy kids is culturally important, but what about healthy parents? With copious distractions, excuses and requirements on our time & attention it's easy to put your own health as a back-burner priority and tell our kids what they SHOULD do. But from our experience and research, this creates a whole bunch of latent issues. This week on our Save the Parents podcast, we ask the grand question, Why do we need healthy parents? Sharing our own experiences, opinions, techniques and...


Topic Discussion - What is it about kids and guns?

The topic of kids and guns is complex, multi-faceted and ever dense. Striking emotions from all listeners, parents, peers, and caregivers fewer topics seem to be broached with such particular hostility. With both kids and firearms well dispersed within our American culture, having the conversation about how to talk with kids about guns (and how to organize your thoughts beforehand) is critical. In this podcast, Adam & I will discuss kids and guns as we reference our own gun-loving son and...


Interview with Mike Mestas, Dad, Family Counsellor, Retired Army Purple Heart Veteran

We are honored and so thankful to introduce you to Mike Mestas - a dad and family counsellor who recently graduated from MSU and started work building a program to engage and meet with local military families. Through his reflection on his own upbringing, experience raising his own kids, and family counselling education Mike brings incredible perspective and insight into how we can better emotionally engage with kids and help develop their communication skills in a positive environment....


Interview Adam Thuen - Army Major, PMP, Neuroscience PhD Student

Introducing Adam Thuen - Army Major and current Neuroscience PhD student at Montana State University. Father of 2 crazy kids (4 & 5), Adam shares his story, ambitions and recommendations for other parents going through the challenges of small-town life, Army careers and transitions back to school while supporting a family at home. Full of sarchasm, spirit and cynicism Adam has a fantastic perspective and shares candid thoughts, perspectives and opinions that will be well worth the listen....


Interview with Jenny Thuen - Mom, MBA, PMP, Entrepreneur

In this Save the Parents interview, we unveil our real names - kicking Katie & Parker Wilson aside and "coming out" in our own stories. Sharing our experiences, history, motivators and trajectory this interview is intended to set the grounding for all podcasts going forward. With the ambition of inspiring other parents, we're first sharing our own candid, unfiltered, unedited stories that have fueled our ambition to start this podcast. So - Let me introduce Jenny Mousseau Thuen. Jenny is...


Interview with Patrick Baird - Waves for Water Volunteer and General Bad-Ass

The world is full of challenge, strife and requirement - but seeing the need, requirement and opportunity to help is invaluable. Following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Pat left his job to volunteer in Puerto Rico full time helping provide clean water to residents. Was it worth it? Now you get to find out! Interested in learning more about Waves for Water? Check out all their initiatives at For exclusive early access to podcasts like this, our blog and...


When Great Parenting Meets Opioids - An Interview with Tad Stillwell

Great parents are made by challenge. Tad - is one of these. Having raised his 4 kids comfortably and seeing them off to college, Unfortunately, following a sports injury, his son Skyler was prescribed opioids to manage pain and cultivated an addiction. Dropping out of school and battling his addiction, Tad's son was sent to jail and released back to the world the day after this podcast was recorded. In pure candor, love and comedic relief join us as we share Tad's incredible story, lessons...


Are You Living the American Dream?

Building upon our discussion in Episode 3, join Katie & Parker as they discuss why the American Dream that worked for previous generations doesn't seem to quite fit our generation. Between escalating costs, reduced flexibility and compressed schedules with dual-working families...the American Dream has changed. What is the new American Dream? How can we revisit our expectations so that we actually achieved it along the way? Join Katie & Parker as we discuss what's wrong with the...


What is your time worth?

Financial calculations of what your time is worth (based on salary, earnings and hourly rates) are helpful in assessing where your time goes... but quickly falter when you factor in the value of your time. Additionally - with all the demands on parents' attention on what they "should" and "need" to do, it's no wonder we're all chasing our tails. Join Parker and Katie as we dive into what your time (as parents) is worth, and how we can better manage demands that conflict with this as to put...


What is Work Life Balance?

Forget the Children, Save the Parents! Welcome to the Save the Parents podcast. This week, Katie & Parker discuss issues that face many parents today. Join us as we unravel all the BS we're supposed to care about as parents, and figure out which ones really matter. Like our stuff, and interested in learning more? Visit our website & blog: to join our tribe.