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22. Get your facts straight... if you can find them

Bullshit is a wonderfully flexible word - spanning the realm of something jovial you do with friends, to frustrating misinformation. Regardless of the context used though, this "engagement" touches on the greater topic of influential information and what seems to trigger us to respond to other people's actions. Better yet, it's an opportunity for us to dive into what bullshit is, why we perceive it this way, why we often prefer it this way, and what it means to us as small businesses,...


21. Guilt, Shame and Conditional Morality

Guilt and shame can be powerful motivators, de-motivators and depressors in both raising kids, and governing your own life. Founded deep within our desire to assimilate with our "tribe", these emotions might drive more than we know. As parents, guilt and shame are emotions we likely feel a lot - no matter how confident you may be in your approach, decisions or network. Turns out, we're only human... and as such we're privy to these emotions and their cascading effects on our lives and...


20. The Paradox of Efficiency

With the continual integration of AI into our lives and work, we're often faced with efficiency breaks that will help us complete our current scope better, faster and more effectively. As pattern recognition software can help expedite mundane tasks, our attention is freed up. But for most parents, these breaks in efficiency aren't necessarily a "go home early" ticket, or path towards a reduced workweek. In fact, what we more frequently recognize is the opposite. Although we can get more...


19. What's Your Gig?

Specialists used to work for businesses. Now businesses work for specialists. There. We said it. Hello Gig Economy. We're not here to sugar coat the changes coming to the business world - whether you find it scary, daunting or unfathomable. The gig economy is flourishing, and from our experience & insights we think this isn't just going to be a big facet of business here over the next 20 years, but the crux of it. That's why we, as parents, need to consider this. Part of our job as parents...


18. The Lies We Tell

If you've been a kid anywhere in the past 50 years, chances are you've encountered your fair share of tooth fairies, Santa stories and countless other fictional characters. Bringing enhanced excitement, joy and suspense, we all likely have good (and perhaps disappointing) memories growing up with these fictional friends. As parents though, you've probably come to the realization (if not far before) that these characters are all, well, lies. They're grand stories told to us by our families,...


17. Hello Mr. Robot

The continuing integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our lives can often solicit fear and uncertainty. Changing the job, workforce, home and education landscape - likely a LOT - is tremendously important. For parents though - we're interested in this revolution in a variety of ways - not just for our own careers and financial planning but for our kids' future. How can we prepare ourselves to stay flexible and marketable throughout these industry and environmental changes? How can...


16. Human 2040

The world will change a lot between 2018, and 2040. With societal, political, economic, technological and militaristic changes... who knows what kids in 22 years will deal with. Yet - for us as parents looking to prepare our kids and send them off to the world with a higher likeliness of success, we care a lot about this. We may not be able to put much time on a daily basis to thinking about this... but the conversation has never been more important. So what skills will functional members of...


5. Interview with Patrick Baird - Waves for Water Volunteer and General Bad-Ass

The world is full of challenge, strife and requirement - but seeing the need, requirement and opportunity to help is invaluable. Following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Pat left his job to volunteer in Puerto Rico full time helping provide clean water to residents. Was it worth it? Now you get to find out! Interested in learning more about Waves for Water? Check out all their initiatives at The Save the Parents podcast is a podcast by & for parents who...


4. When Great Parenting Meets Opioids - An Interview with Tad Stillwell

Great parents are made by challenge. Tad - is one of these. Having raised his 4 kids comfortably and seeing them off to college, Unfortunately, following a sports injury, his son Skyler was prescribed opioids to manage pain and cultivated an addiction. Dropping out of school and battling his addiction, Tad's son was sent to jail and released back to the world the day after this podcast was recorded. In pure candor, love and comedic relief join us as we share Tad's incredible story, lessons...


3. Are You Living the American Dream?

Building upon our discussion in Episode 3, join Katie & Parker as they discuss why the American Dream that worked for previous generations doesn't seem to quite fit our generation. Between escalating costs, reduced flexibility and compressed schedules with dual-working families...the American Dream has changed. What is the new American Dream? How can we revisit our expectations so that we actually achieved it along the way? Join Katie & Parker as we discuss what's wrong with the traditional...


2. What is your time worth?

Financial calculations of what your time is worth (based on salary, earnings and hourly rates) are helpful in assessing where your time goes... but quickly falter when you factor in the value of your time. Additionally - with all the demands on parents' attention on what they "should" and "need" to do, it's no wonder we're all chasing our tails. Join Parker and Katie as we dive into what your time (as parents) is worth, and how we can better manage demands that conflict with this as to put...


1. What is Work Life Balance?

Forget the Children, Save the Parents! Welcome to the Save the Parents podcast. This week, Katie & Parker discuss issues that face many parents today. Join us as we unravel all the BS we're supposed to care about as parents, and figure out which ones really matter. Like our stuff, and interested in learning more? Visit our website & blog: to join our tribe.