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"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful

"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful
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"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful




Changing the way we think about the homeless and the hurting

Most of us are concerned and compassionate when we see someone who is struggling in life. That struggle takes many forms and often expresses itself in the person being hurting or homeless. We have ideas about why the person is in that situation, and we might even have ideas about what can or should be done to help. But, wait a minute. What if we’re wrong? What if our observations and assumptions are not accurate or don’t tell the whole story? What if there are different answers? There just...


Overcoming Toxic Parenting

The subject is a tough one. It is filled with lots of damage and darkness, and has touched the lives of most Americans – in some way – directly or indirectly. We are going to shine a light on the subject, and give hope and encouragement for the future. Toxic Parenting usually involves some sort of abuse, which is more widespread than we have realized. Can you think of someone who has experienced toxic parenting? Maybe yourself, or someone in your circle of family and friends. Rick Johnson...


When transition and organization come together…

How would you complete that sentence? It’s hard to be happy and free in the midst of disorder. Is your home, living space, desk, or office area neat and organized? Do you wish your life and stuff was more organized, but just can’t seem to get a handle on it? Now, what about transition? The “moment of truth” in the area of organization comes when we have to move. Do you or an aging loved one need to downsize, or move to a senior residence community? What about all the accumulation? You’ll...


Ready or not, things are likely to happen

The world is getting a little crazy these days. Just watch the news. Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages. When those hit, there’s a lot of chaos and confusion. Regularly in the news these days, terrorist attacks are taking place around the world, even recently in our own country. Could a market collapse happen? Some experts say it sure could. It’s not time to panic or head for the hills, but it is time to do some preparation. This show covers some of...


Smart mortgage strategies for Boomers and Millennials

If you own a home, this show is for you. As the years bring changes into our lives, we want to seek every opportunity to make the best of them, whether those changes are welcome or if they are changes we need to adjust to. There are some powerful things you can do that could make a big difference – for you and for your millennial kids or grandkids. What you hear just may get you thinking in some new and thriving ways about your home, and some unique and powerful opportunities you might...


Overcoming stress and worry – yes you can!

Are you stressed out, worried, or anxious about stuff in your life? There are three important things you need to know: 1) a certain amount of stress is healthy, even necessary, for a normal, productive life. 2) Too much stress can take all the fun out of life, can ruin your health, and can even kill you. 3) There is something powerful that you can do to reduce stress and worry, if you know how. Brain Coach Brad offers hope and help.


Alice in Wonderland and Baby Boomers

Just like the Cheshire Cat told Alice, it doesn’t much matter which road you take if you’re not really sure where you want to go. Boomers are at a unique and critical point in our lives when we can make decisions about what is important to us, and how we want our lives to make a difference. Listen in on this conversation with a leading business and life coach on the subject of finding and fulfilling your calling.


Following your calling changes lives, including your own

Neil Lomax is a hometown football legend. He played quarterback for the Portland State Vikings and the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. When Neil played football, he changed the game with his talent and skills. After retiring from the NFL, he changed lives with his heart. Find out what really matters to Neil Lomax, and how he lives that out today.


Caring for aging loved ones: here’s a wake-up call with help and hope

Caring for an aging loved one is a big deal. Not only is it challenging, frustrating, and exhausting, but there are some 60 million unpaid family caregivers in the U.S. today, and that will affect almost all of us at some point in our lives. As hard as it can be at times, having the right knowledge and tools can make all the difference. This program is a “must-hear” for everyone in the 50-plus generation.


God is at work in Africa! What’s going on?

On this show we talk to a pastor from Kenya who has planted 60 churches in 5 African countries. Hear how these churches are helping widows and orphans, and how they are making a life-changing difference for thousands of African people. There are great needs in these nations, and deep spiritual hunger. What are the keys to the advance of the Gospel, and what does the future hold?


How can a man make a difference in today’s world?

The guest on this show is Ron Carlson, who many will remember as the sports anchor at KATU / channel 2 news. Ron felt God’s call to ministry, and now serves as Pastor to Men at Cedar Mill Bible Church. What is the most important thing a man can do to influence his wife and kids in a positive direction? It would be pretty powerful to know that, right? Do you know what it is? Listen to find out. We’ll hear good words of wisdom and inspiration from Ron Carlson.


A story of hope: when God gets ahold of a man

Have you ever wondered if God could use you in meaningful ways? A lot of life is behind us, and not everything has turned out the way we would like. Have you made mistakes, made some bad choices, feel kind of down on yourself at times? Here’s good news. God is not done with you yet. He hasn’t given up on you – no matter what – and He delights to use those who turn to Him in faith. This show tells about God’s grace and power, and will give you the inspiration and courage you need.


Solopreneurship: doing what you love, and getting paid well to do it

What if you could do what you love and what you’re good at, and get paid well to do it? Sound like a dream? It may not be as “out of reach” as you think. Jackie B. Peterson is the foremost authority on the subject of “Solopreneurship”, and has helped many people achieve this dream. On this show we discuss the key elements of “Solopreneurship”, problems to avoid, and the principles that make it work. Is it right for you? Listen and find out.


Help and hope for teens and families

The teen years are some of the toughest for a child, and for a family. There are so many dangers and distractions in our culture today that pull our teenagers in directions other than where we are trying to lead them. What happens when a teen and a family face these challenges, and what can they do about it? This show will be encouraging to parents and grandparents who love their teenager, and want to make a difference in the course of their life.


Caring for our aging loved ones in how – and where – they live

As our loved ones get older, we want to make sure we help them age as gracefully as possible. We want to be mindful of doing what we can to help them experience personal fulfillment and quality of life. And we want to offer as much help as needed in determining the best place for them to live. On this show, we talk with the experts. Here are some important things you’ll want to know.


Life changes as we get older: should our insurance be changing too?

We have used insurance coverage to protect us: our lives, our health, our homes, our families, our stuff. From that protection we get something very precious to us: peace of mind. But as our circumstances change, we need to take a good look at that protection. Do we need to add to it? Are there some things that don’t need the same type or amount of insurance as before? Let’s talk about getting the right coverage on the right things for the right price.


Do you have a personal or family issue and don’t know who to talk to? Help and hope could be as close as your place of work!

So, you’re at work and you just can’t keep your mind on your job. Something in your personal or family life is going on, and you don’t know what to do. You know you want to talk about it, or get some help, but you don’t know where to turn. What if there was a person available through your place of work who was there for just that purpose: helping people with their issues? Now, that would be a great place to start!


Need to supplement or replace your income? How about a franchise tailor-made for you?

Baby Boomers are looking for options to supplement or replace their income. By choice or by necessity, we are seeking opportunities that fit who we are, and that will be something we care about and enjoy doing. Many of us will work well past retirement age, and we want to find a good match for our skill set and our values. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about buying a franchise. This show helps sort out the facts and the fiction.


When it comes to living your life, your “why” is as important as your “what”

If you are in the process of making some changes in your life, such as your job or career, or if you’re even thinking along those lines, it is important to go through the process in a way that will be most rewarding and satisfying. Even if you’re not planning those kinds of changes any time soon, you may want to take a look at your life with these questions: What matters to me? What do I really care about? How do I want to make a difference in the time I have here on earth? The answers to...


Navigating your way through Second-Half finances: here’s help

When you plan a vacation or a reunion, or a birthday or anniversary event, what do you do? You gather information, talk to some experienced people, and make some important decisions. All of this hopefully well before the event itself. That’s how we make sure things turn out the way we’d like them to. Why is it that so many Boomers aren’t following that kind of approach in regard to retirement and the later years in life? Partly, it’s because we don’t know where to start, or who to talk to...


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