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"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful

"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful
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"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful




Rich dividends by spending group time away

Radio Guest: Anne & Angela, Travel That Matters Pastors would love to be closer to their members, but find it difficult to do. Everyone is so busy and stressed . . . but, that’s the point. Group time away can give great opportunities to share life together and grow in their relationships. Pastors can teach Bible studies or topical lessons on leadership, marriage, ministry principles, prayer, or whatever would be enriching for the group together. Or they just hang out and have a good time....


Keys to making marriage work the second time around

Radio Guest: Gil & Brenda Stuart So, you take two imperfect people and put them together; what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, lots! The two people are both, by nature, self-centered. Each wants their needs met by the other, and when they aren’t . . . there’s trouble. But there are ways to build a happy, fulfilling marriage. It’s not rocket science, but it is challenging. Here are some powerful insights. What Gil and Brenda share are critical components that are not obvious, but...


Use your brain now to do things to make it last”

Radio Guest: Dr. Eric Larson We all know people who have lost their mental capacities in their later years. It is heart-breaking when an aging loved one gets forgetful, then begins to say things that don’t make sense, then doesn’t remember family members’ names. But can the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia be postponed or prevented? This Harvard Medical doctor says “Yes”. What can we do now to make our brains function well into the aging process? Listen for answers....


What kids really want, and how grandparents can help provide it

Radio Guest: Chuck Hagele, Project Patch Grandparents often feel alienated and distant from their grand kids due to the younger generation’s obsession with social media and technology. Amazingly, most youth deeply long for authentic connection and meaningful relationships. Even though grandparents may feel reluctant to step into that space, it’s helpful to know that, when done right, it’s what kids really want. Here’s how.


It’s not just a house, it’s your home

Radio Guest: Jeff Edmondson, 24/7 Properties The place you live, and how you feel about it, are big contributors to your sense of wellbeing. Do you like the way it looks? Does it need upgrades, remodeling, or modifications to meet your current lifestyle? What can you do to improve or maintain the safety, livability, and value of your home? Lots of help in this show, including some “must-do’s” if you’re thinking of selling. Plus, a very special offer to Second Half Now listeners....


What you need to know about a reverse mortgage

If you’re a homeowner, you know that your house can be a blessing or a burden in the second half of life. When the kids are grown and there’s lots of changes in our income and expenses, the equity in our home can be a great source for security, freedom, and peace of mind. What would life be like if you never had to make another mortgage payment? Hear how a reverse mortgage can give you lots of options.


Simple tips for fitness in the second half of life

We are living longer than any previous generation. In many ways that’s a good thing, but if we don’t have our health, those extra years may not be worth it. As we age we experience changes in our metabolism, strength, stamina, balance, sleep, and energy. The good news is that small things can pay big benefits, if we’ll be disciplined and pro-active. Here are some things that will help.


The Bible speaks to today’s culture

Radio Guest: Dale Ebel The morals, values, and character of our culture today are vastly different from what they were 50 years ago. Even more so if we go back to our nation’s founding, which was based on Biblical principles. What does the Bible say about the prescribed structure of civilization, laws, relationships, and institutions? Are we perhaps missing out or missing the mark of God’s design for His best?Does it matter today?


Make decisions now, or someone else will make them for you later

Radio Guest: Meredith Williamson, Estate Planning Attorney We all put things off. Sure, we have good intentions, but we just can’t get everything done that we’d like. But there are some things that are more timely and critical than others. Taking care of your estate matters – financial and healthcare decisions –needs to have high priority. If we die without leaving our plans and preferences in legal documents, our loved ones will be given a big burden! Here’s what you need to know – and do!...


Affordable Housing for Boomers and Seniors

Radio Guest: David Greenidge, Executive Director, National Urban Housing and Economic Community Development Corp. Increasing prices for home ownership and rental housing, is making it more and more difficult for Boomers and Seniors to find a place to live that meets their preferences and also fits into their budget. But there are options and alternatives. This show digs into the issue by discussing the causes, and an organization that is doing something about it.


Real faith for real people

Radio Guest: Gordon & Jill Viggiano Many people experience a turn of events that puts them on a path they never expected and wouldn’t have chosen. That’s when faith becomes very real, and it makes all the difference in the world. Hear this story about how their situation was like jumping off a burning building into the arms of a loving and faithful God.


A great way to refresh your marriage in the second half

Radio Guests: Al & Autumn Ray, founders of Marriage Team After a number of years of marriage, things can get a little dull. In fact, that happens in most marriages. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re open to sparking things up again, dramatically improving your communication and fulfillment, you’ll want to hear this show. And for those who want a practical and powerful way to help other marriages, this just may be the ticket.


The joys and challenges of grandparenting today

Radio Guest: Rick Johnson, speaker and author of a dozen books on parenting, family, and marriage Seismic shifts in our culture and family dynamics have brought major changes to the role of grandparents today. Just when our kids are “grown and gone” (or so we thought), we are often called upon to pick up family responsibilities we weren’t planning on. Just what are those changes, and how can we deal with them in healthy ways?


Rejuvenating your marriage in the second half

Radio Guest: Dr. Steve Stephens, psychologist, counselor, author, speaker After 20, 30, or 40 years of marriage, you can still have fun, adventure, dreams for the future, and deep fulfillment in life together. But those don’t happen automatically. Here are some great ideas for what is possible, and strategies to overcome the landmines and pitfalls. The rest is up to you.


Expanding your world, enriching your life – through travel

Radio Guest: Anne Berry and Angela Jacobus, Travel That Matters Travel can be healthy for us. It can refresh and renew us, particularly when it is purposeful. Hear how science agrees, and what all can go into being creative in your travel explorations. Group travel with common ground and effective planning can be life-changing. And in the second half of life, that could be “just what the doctor ordered!”


Staying connected when our kids are adults

Radio Guest: Rachel Critchett Dr. Dan’s “30-something” daughter Rachel is in studio to discuss some of the key elements of maintaining healthy and meaningful communication as things change over time. Parents nurturing a relationship with their adult children is a wonderful and rewarding thing. But it’s not easy or automatic. Here are some thoughts from one father-daughter relationship that has grown over time.


No forgotten wars, no forgotten stories

Radio Guest: Gary Mortensen Every day more than 350 American World War II Veterans die. And most of them take their stories with them to the grave. An enormous project called Veteran’s Legacies ( has been undertaken to gather as many Veterans’ stories as possible and give them a place to be told and properly honored. Gary Mortensen explains that this project is open to Veterans of all U.S. wars and conflicts. He also tells how others can help tell the story of a...


Lessons from a wheelchair: embracing L.I.F.E.

Radio Guest: Ron Heagy Ron is quadriplegic, in a motorized wheel chair for 38 years. With every reason to be bitter, angry, and depressed, he has the attitude of a winner. He has earned a Master’s Degree, written a book, started a camp for disabled youth, become a recognized painter, and has spoken to over three million people with a message of inspiration and hope. How has he overcome his tragic accident to live a life that matters?


The best home for your aging loved one

Radio Guest: Diane Delaney, Golden Placement Services Is your aging loved able to be safe and happy on their own at home? What signs should you look for, and what are your options? This is almost never an easy transition for families. But when safety and happiness are at stake, you want all the help you can get. This show has that for you.


Showing up – doing good

Radio Guest: Andrey Ivanov, Co-Founder, Flash Love "aired July 1" Here’s a group of dozens of youth who can be mobilized with a few phone calls. They learn the value of service, and the good feeling that comes from helping others. Andrey says, “I asked God to show me my purpose in life, but I wasn’t prepared for His answer!”