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"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful

"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful
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"Second Half Now" covers the major areas that help you get more out of life - - - by putting more in! Special guests, professionals, and trusted experts will bring helpful




Working together on the aging issue

Radio Guest: Ted Hillson Ted Hillison is a regional ambassador for Aging 2.0. He has a professional background in business and banking and is using those skills, experience, and connections to provide leadership for this national initiative – and doing it on a regional level. There are over 100 million Americans over the age of 50, with 10,000 joining us every day. There are constant changes in needs and solutions, but there is no unified effort to bring everything together to work in...


Who pays the price when you don’t prepare?

Radio Guest: Annie Duhrkoop and Dennis Catmull Annie Duhrkoop is the wife and caregiver of Mark Duhrkoop, who suffered a life-changing stroke. Annie continues to figure out how to make life work for the family, and is seeking to renew the services and activities of Return Ministries which they had both committed their lives to. Dennis Catmull is Chairman of the Board of Return Ministries. We’ve all had things barge into our lives that we weren’t prepared for. We can’t be ready for...


The best news ever, and what to do with it

Radio Guest: Peter Kozushko Dr. Peter Kozushko is Senior Associate Pastor at Countryside Community Church in Sherwood, Oregon. He oversees the evangelism and discipleship ministries of the church that serves some 1,200 people. He equips and motivates members to understand, love, live, and share the true meaning of the Gospel. In the second half of life, we love good news. In fact, we crave it. It’s hard to imagine life without a reasonable dose of good news. There is news, then there is...


God is calling; will you answer?

Radio Guest: Doug Hoffman One of the penetrating questions we need to ask ourselves is, “Why am I here?” Knowing the answer to that question makes all the difference in the world. It determines what we value and how we spend our time and our resources. Doug Hoffman tells of his journey in hearing God’s calling and what He is doing now in answer to that call. Listen for insights on how you can hear God’s calling, and how life changes in big ways when you answer. Doug Hoffman is former...


Transitions: Friend or Foe?

Radio Guest: Scott Golphenee By the time we get to the second half of life, we have been through many changes. Life has not turned out to be the way we had thought or hoped it would. Through pain and darkness and the fear of the unknown, we have had to deal with very difficult transitions. Other changes have been welcomed and wonderful. So if you’re not in the middle of a significant transition right now, just wait; another one is surely on the way. How we respond to transition in our...


A life that matters . . . or not: it’s your choice!

Radio Guest: Sam Haley The goal and mission of Second Half Now is to “help today’s 50-plus American live a life that matters”. What exactly does that mean, and how do we go about doing that? Sam Haley helps us get a handle on that by discussing his own personal journey and his deep personal conviction that a life of purpose and meaning is the only life worth living.


The key to a healthy life: get moving!

Radio Guest: Rowanne Haley By the time we get to 50 and beyond we have some pretty “set-in-our-ways” habits. Some of those habits serve us well, others, not so much. It may surprise you that some of the most beneficial habits are really rather simple. Maybe not easy, but simple. Physical exercise will enhance our happiness, our heart health, and our brain function. Here are some very practical helps to form and keep some good habits of physical movement and exercise....


Do what you love, and make money doing it

Radio Guest: Jackie B. Peterson In the second half of life, most of us will need to have an ongoing income. But we don’t necessarily need to keep working the same job we’ve been working at. In fact, we may not have to work a job as someone else’s employee at all. The new revolution for Boomers and Seniors is finding what we love or what we’re really good at and learning how to make money doing it. Get some insights right here.


A life of meaning and purpose is possible, but it’s not automatic

Radio Guest: Rowanne Haley We have choices in the second half of life. We can choose to live a life of meaning and purpose – or not. As they say, not to decide is to decide. That means that if we don’t choose to live a life that matters, we are actually choosing to live a life that doesn’t. Rowanne Haley helps us get a handle on structure, purpose and meaning, and she shares the “Five Pillars” that will help us be passionate and productive in the second half of life....


Growing through loss and grief

Radio Quest: Joanne Petrie By the time we get into the second half of life, we have all experienced loss of various kinds. Loss of a loved one, loss of a marriage, a job, a friend, a prized possession, a relationship, a business, a dream, a beloved pet. . . . any of these can have a serious impact on our life. How we respond to each loss will have a powerful shaping influence on how we live the rest of our lives. Here are some helps for finding hope and happiness through times of loss....


Being in the arena in the second half of life

Radio Guest: Jim Ramos As we get older there’s a natural tendency to want to slow down a bit and unplug from the hectic busy-ness of life. But wait! Many have discovered that it’s in the second half that we actually have the most fulfilling and fruitful days of our lives. Sure, we need to evaluate our activities and commitments, but we can make different choices and invest our time and energy into the things that really matter. Jim Ramos helps us with some great insights....


Rich dividends by spending group time away

Radio Guest: Anne & Angela, Travel That Matters Pastors would love to be closer to their members, but find it difficult to do. Everyone is so busy and stressed . . . but, that’s the point. Group time away can give great opportunities to share life together and grow in their relationships. Pastors can teach Bible studies or topical lessons on leadership, marriage, ministry principles, prayer, or whatever would be enriching for the group together. Or they just hang out and have a good time....


Keys to making marriage work the second time around

Radio Guest: Gil & Brenda Stuart So, you take two imperfect people and put them together; what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, lots! The two people are both, by nature, self-centered. Each wants their needs met by the other, and when they aren’t . . . there’s trouble. But there are ways to build a happy, fulfilling marriage. It’s not rocket science, but it is challenging. Here are some powerful insights. What Gil and Brenda share are critical components that are not obvious, but...


Use your brain now to do things to make it last”

Radio Guest: Dr. Eric Larson We all know people who have lost their mental capacities in their later years. It is heart-breaking when an aging loved one gets forgetful, then begins to say things that don’t make sense, then doesn’t remember family members’ names. But can the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia be postponed or prevented? This Harvard Medical doctor says “Yes”. What can we do now to make our brains function well into the aging process? Listen for answers....


What kids really want, and how grandparents can help provide it

Radio Guest: Chuck Hagele, Project Patch Grandparents often feel alienated and distant from their grand kids due to the younger generation’s obsession with social media and technology. Amazingly, most youth deeply long for authentic connection and meaningful relationships. Even though grandparents may feel reluctant to step into that space, it’s helpful to know that, when done right, it’s what kids really want. Here’s how.


It’s not just a house, it’s your home

Radio Guest: Jeff Edmondson, 24/7 Properties The place you live, and how you feel about it, are big contributors to your sense of wellbeing. Do you like the way it looks? Does it need upgrades, remodeling, or modifications to meet your current lifestyle? What can you do to improve or maintain the safety, livability, and value of your home? Lots of help in this show, including some “must-do’s” if you’re thinking of selling. Plus, a very special offer to Second Half Now listeners....


What you need to know about a reverse mortgage

If you’re a homeowner, you know that your house can be a blessing or a burden in the second half of life. When the kids are grown and there’s lots of changes in our income and expenses, the equity in our home can be a great source for security, freedom, and peace of mind. What would life be like if you never had to make another mortgage payment? Hear how a reverse mortgage can give you lots of options.


Simple tips for fitness in the second half of life

We are living longer than any previous generation. In many ways that’s a good thing, but if we don’t have our health, those extra years may not be worth it. As we age we experience changes in our metabolism, strength, stamina, balance, sleep, and energy. The good news is that small things can pay big benefits, if we’ll be disciplined and pro-active. Here are some things that will help.


The Bible speaks to today’s culture

Radio Guest: Dale Ebel The morals, values, and character of our culture today are vastly different from what they were 50 years ago. Even more so if we go back to our nation’s founding, which was based on Biblical principles. What does the Bible say about the prescribed structure of civilization, laws, relationships, and institutions? Are we perhaps missing out or missing the mark of God’s design for His best?Does it matter today?


Make decisions now, or someone else will make them for you later

Radio Guest: Meredith Williamson, Estate Planning Attorney We all put things off. Sure, we have good intentions, but we just can’t get everything done that we’d like. But there are some things that are more timely and critical than others. Taking care of your estate matters – financial and healthcare decisions –needs to have high priority. If we die without leaving our plans and preferences in legal documents, our loved ones will be given a big burden! Here’s what you need to know – and do!...