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In this podcast, I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources. Please join me!

In this podcast, I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources. Please join me!
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In this podcast, I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources. Please join me!




161: Registered Homeschoolers Who Unschool, Confidence and Other Thoughts

This week, I'm sharing another story about younger unschoolers. It's called Giving a Child Unasked-For Help. I'm also chatting about last week's unschooling meeting in Canberra where Imogen, Sophie and I spoke about unschooling. I discuss the following questions: Does unschooling work?Can registered homeschoolers unschool?I talk about support groups, having confidence, adopting a positive attitude towards homeschool registration and lots of other things! Show Notes My Unschooling...


160: Shall We Talk About Christian Unschooling?

This week's episode is for my Christian unschooling friends. I'm exploring the question: can Christians unschool? I share some quick (and maybe muddled!) thoughts on such things as trust, freedom, unconditional love, passions and interests, respect, families, our missions in life, and forgiveness from a Christian unschooling perspective. I didn't aim for a perfect podcast covering all aspects of Christian unschooling. Instead, I just wanted to share a few thoughts that might open up some...


159: Turning Waiting Times into Unschooling Adventures

This week, I'm talking about how we can make the most of waiting times by filling them with adventures. I'm also discussing: Perfection and how it stops us from doing important and enjoyable things.How we can be adventurous parents.My vlogging plans.How life and our typical unschooling days change as our kids get older and their needs and interests change.How we don't need to set assignments for our kids after they've enjoyed an adventure.The Curious Unschoolers Book ClubMy Baby Loss Club...


158: Old and New Stories, a Book Club and Other Unschooling Things

This week, I'm sharing some old stories and some new ones, as well as some news. I talk about: When my kids were younger by sharing a snow story and a homeschooling camp story.How my ideas about how kids learn have changed.How Gemma-Rose (15) has been enriching her own life.Our family passion for musicals.How our kids can come alive when they are involved with their passions and using their talents.How young kids can join in with things we might think are too advanced for them.My new...


157: Fearing Our Kids Will Fail

This week, I'm discussing the following questions: Do things sometimes seem like they'll never change?Is 'grinned' a fabulous word?Do we notice and worry about things that relate to ourselves that others don't notice?Do our fears for our kids get in the way of encouraging them to do the things they enjoy?Can our fears deprive our kids of joy?Is failing really a big deal?What's my latest unschooling book idea?Where are we going when we take unschooling on the road?Does encouragement work...


156: Building Strong Relationships with Our Kids

This week, I'm sharing 3 stories about my young adult son Callum (who likes to grin!): How I Removed an Engine from a CarEngines, Muscles and Spending Time with DadMy Fridge AdventureI talk about building strong relationships with our kids by: Taking an interest in their passions.Spending time with them.Being daring and adventurous parents who like to have fun.As well, I talk about: Self-directed learning.Being honest.I also share a couple of reviews for my books Curious Unschoolers and...


155: Another Way of Looking at Our Unschooled Kids' Learning

This week, I'm sharing and discussing the story, Another Way of Looking at Our Kids' Learning. I talk about my teenager's morning: What Gemma-Rose didHow I could record that learning in terms of school subjectsAnd how I could think about her learning in another wayI also talk about the importance of play for both children and adults. And I share a couple of podcast reviews that I was thrilled to receive. A big thank you to The Simple living Mom and Home Ed Fam!! Show Notes Blog...


154: Stories from Radical Unschool Love

This week, I'm sharing some of the stories from my recently published unschooling book, Radical Unschool Love: Radical Unschool LoveThe Next Instalment of the Unschooling StoryNot as Wild as it SoundsUnconditional LoveAn Active Approach to Radical UnschoolingHow Radical Unschooling Might Not Look RadicalWhat if We Have Differing Beliefs and Opinions?I also have some odds and ends of news to share! Show Notes My Unschooling Books Curious Unschoolers: Kindle Curious Unschoolers:...


153: More Unschool Writing Ideas and Resources

My author daughter Imogen joins me for a bumper episode about unschool writing. In episode 148, we talked about how unschooling children learn to write. This week, we continue the unschool writing discussion by answering a couple of listener questions and then sharing some ideas and resources for anyone, young child to adult, who wants to improve their writing skills. We also talk about: The Global Homeschooling Summit and give a taste of Imogen and Sophie's interview.My...


152: Stories from My Closet

This week, I've taken my mic into my closet! Sitting amongst my clothes, I'm sharing: Why I'm in my wardrobe.My new book idea.How I was interviewed for the Global Homeschooling Summit.My Susan Skeleton story.A homeschool registration story from my book Curious Unschoolers.The birthday urn story.And the huge ornate mirror story.Of course, along the way, I'm also sharing some unschooling ideas! Show Notes My Unschooling Book Curious Unschoolers Youtube Sue...


151: Stories from 'Curious Unschoolers'

This week, I'm sharing the first 3 parts of my newly published book Curious Unschoolers. I hope these stories will give you an idea of what my book is all about. Perhaps after listening to them, you'd like to read the whole book! 6:27 Curious Unschoolers 7:06 Part 1: An Introduction 7:10 Something Important 10:33 The Friend Who Comes to Tea 13:08 Just in Case We’re Not Already Friends 14:53 A Book of Stories 17:22 Part 2: An Introduction to Unschooling 17:28 What is...


150: Unschooling Books and Bedtimes

This week, I'm chatting about unschooling and bedtimes. What if our kids want to stay up late?Can kids get up early if they have to?Do we sometimes want our kids to go to bed early because it suits us?What if we are criticised because of the way we parent our kids?I share lots of stories including one about entertaining unexpected guests in my pyjamas while feeding a baby. Also, I share My latest unschooling book newsAn excerpt from my book Curious Unschoolers.Some family news.And a few...


149: My Unschooler's Homeschool Registration Visit

This week, I'm sharing details of my daughter Gemma-Rose's homeschool registration visit. I discuss the following questions: Can registered homeschoolers unschool? How do we write homeschool plans when we don't know what our unschooling kids will be interested in?How can we fulfil homeschooling registration requirements without forcing kids to learn things they're not interested in? Is forced learning real learning?I also talk about: How we might be tempted to push our kids to use their...


148: Our Writing Unrules for Unschoolers

This week, my daughter Imogen and I are chatting about unschool writing. How do unschoolers learn to write? We share my writing unrules which are based on my observations of my children who all love writing. We talk about: Imogen's writing story: how she learnt to write, her university degree, how she is turning her passion for writing into YA novelsHow free play is the foundation for creative writingHow drawing is a form of writingHow we learn by following someone else's exampleHow...


147: A Big Chat About Unschooling Teenagers

My daughters Imogen and Sophie join me to talk about unschooling teenagers: What do teenagers need?Should parents introduce more structured learning during the high school years?Or do teenagers need to be free to continue to explore their passions?What should we do if a teenager doesn't appear to have any particular passions?What about ?Do parents keep teenagers safe by keeping a tight hold on them? Is this the responsible thing to do?Or do we keep teenagers safe by giving them their...


146: Finding Unschooling in Unexpected Places and Other Things

This week my daughters Imogen and Sophie join me to talk about: Imogen’s novel ‘The Crystal Tree’ and its sequel ‘The Shattering Song’ YA or Young Adult novels Imogen’s book review videos How parents hold the key to a child’s happiness How some parents push their kids to fulfil their own dreams The YA novel ‘A Thousand Perfect Notes’ Imogen’s opinion of my first unschooling book ‘Curious Unschoolers’How we’re getting on with the formatting and publishing of my unschooling book A progress...


145: Taking the Unschooling Yeti for a Test Drive

This week, my teenager Sophie joins me to test drive my new Yeti mic! Hopefully, our conversation sounds good! We talk about: Sophie's vlogging plansEncouraging children's ideasHow we shouldn't be afraid to try new thingsThe temptation to edit our pasts and rewrite our storiesThe temptation to delete early blog posts to eliminate our unschooling mistakesThe problem of looking like we've never made any mistakesHow we can impact other people's lives in a positive wayDo I have an online...


144: Reading Out Loud and a Generous Christmas

This week, I'm answering some questions about reading out loud: What is our reading out loud process?Should we have a time (for reading) built into the flow (of our day)?What if this time crowds out other projects our children are working on individually?How do we choose books? I talk about Why I never enjoyed listening to books being read aloud as a childHow I used to regard reading out loud as the dessert of my kids' education rather than the main course.How we should move over and let...


143: Respecting Kids and Christmas Presents

This week, I'm sharing some news about my unschooling book. I'm also sharing two stories, one about respecting children, and the other about perfect Christmas presents and love. And I'm discussing the following questions: Is it the right of every child to be respected?How do we show respect to children?Do we sometimes do things for our kids only because we want them to do things for us?Is it okay to buy and enjoy giving Christmas presents?Is it okay to look forward to receiving them?Can...


142: An Unschooler Talks About Life, Work and Dreams

This week, my teenage daughter Sophie (17) joins me to talk about: How she balances her busy unschooling life with workWhy it's important to trust kids and not squash their ambitionsWhy she is choosing not to go to universitySophie's dream to be self-employed and how she plans to achieve itHow a lot of people react when they hear Sophie is working full time in a cafeNaNoWriMo events and making friendsHow we need to believe in our kids and cheer them on Show Notes Podcasts Episode 133, A...