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Listen in as your new best girlfriends dish some straight talk on parenting (especially dumb parenting), husbands, kids, self-nurture and more!

Listen in as your new best girlfriends dish some straight talk on parenting (especially dumb parenting), husbands, kids, self-nurture and more!
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Listen in as your new best girlfriends dish some straight talk on parenting (especially dumb parenting), husbands, kids, self-nurture and more!




Pregnancies: Part II

In the second part of this two-part series, learn what is helpful when a friend or family member is pregnant and needs some cheer (paint her nails!), and what is NOT: Unsolicited belly rubs and judgement on her food choices. Whether by C-section, or vaginal delivery (Bob Goldthwait refers to that birth as coming down “the Playdoh factory of life”), we’ve all entered this world with a pregnancy story - here’s ours.


Pregnancies: Part 1

In this two-part podcast, Maelyn and Lora swap stories about their unconventional pregnancies. This first episode is more than the classic pregnancy battle story of sleep-deprivation and brain fog (although we love us some stories of the brain-damaged things said while in that state) but rather a compilation of stories about the power of Women nurturing Women. The gals talk about the amazing church ladies that descended on Maelyn’s house when she delivered the triplets and the countless...


The Topper

In this first episode of the New Year the gals update you on listener Soft Mama stories and introduce you to The Topper. You think you’re having a bad day? The Topper’s day is so much worse. You’ve just lost your home and all of your possessions in a flood? The Topper survived Super Storm Sandy and managed to beat Ebola (and still managed to hand sew her children’s themed Halloween costumes). Give it up sister, there’s no topping a Topper.


The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Sit back and listen as the gals interview Lora’s sister, Heather, about the legend that has come to be known as the Second Greatest Story Ever Told. In this special Christmas episode, you’ll meet the culturally anomalous “Benjamin” who has a penchant for small-talk, calling the shots, and evidently, the left-side. Enjoy!


Book Review: Educated

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't read Tara Westover's book, Educated you may want to avoid this episode since it includes many spoilers. We highly recommend you read this fascinating book! In this episode Lora and Maelyn discuss Educated, a fascinating book by new author Tara Westover. Westover, the daughter of whack-a-doodle, survivalist Mormon parents who eschewed public schools and promoted heavy labor sans protective equipment. Trust in God trumped common sense and the welfare of their...


FUNdamentals of Slang

Josh Clark (Lora's youngest) is home on medical leave from his religious mission in Brazil. He joins us for a very informative lesson in ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and Urban Slang. One of his pet peeves? When mamas use slang at inappropriate times and sans strong delivery. "Ya gotta own it!" Listen in and learn some "bomb" phrases you can use when others are "throwing hands!" You'll hear Lora and Maelyn dove-clucking and oohing/awhing in the background as Josh tries on his...


Thanksgiving Memories

Is there anything more heart-warming than the annual American tradition of gathering kith and kin to feast upon delectable family recipes, treasured and handed down from generation to generation? Or what about the precious opportunity to express gratitude for one’s family and blessings? How about Thanksgiving in a freezing cold camp trailer sans running water while battling a nasty case of “stomach flu” aka food poisoning, the shocking words from the mouth of a babe, lost and unclaimed...


Bonus episode: Meet the Neighbor

In this bonus Thanksgiving episode Maelyn meets Lora’s unsupervised neighbor Buffy - the product of a soft mama with a penchant for naps, laissez-faire parenting, and a steady diet of Chik-fil-A and the Home Shopping Network.



Ever wonder what happens when two small-town girls from Utah and Idaho, plucked from their rural, folksy ways (shooting beer bottles at the dump? Blowing up beaver dams with dynamite?), transplanted to the hustle and bustle of the east coast manage to not only survive but also prosper? Wonder no more! In this episode Lora and Maelyn discuss their early married lives in New Jersey and the occasional cultural water-boarding they experience (and let’s be honest, inflict, on their Garden State...


The English Tour

In this weeks’ episode these straight talkin’ Anglophiles celebrate Lora’s 50th birthday in London. You’ll hear all about their high tea experience at the incomparable Sketch, muse over some over the cultural differences (could somebody please turn on the a/c?!) and share a few bonus travel tips. Cheerio!


Send in the (Peculiar Pre-Pubescent) Clowns

Warning: Clown Trigger Ahead In this episode we interview Cam “The Red Wizard” Clark - thus named for his animal magnetism and his ability, though the proverbial middle-child, to wrap us around his little finger. He tells us what it’s like to have “two Moms,” then takes us through the Blood (Eagle Scout blood-drive); Sweat (Texas Boy Scout Camp) and Tears (Shotgun Kickback at Camp) of his Scouting years. He also confronts Lora about her taking “Class Clown” to a whole new (literal) level....


Soft Mama

In this episode Maelyn and Lora initiate listeners into the world of Soft Mama. Not to be confused with a “Good-Sized Gal,” Soft Mamas frequently find themselves in situations where they’re victim to their own juvenile offspring. “He’s hitting me!” “She refused to nap after she turned one!” “Go ahead and pee in your pull-up” Soft Mama wearily says to the wee one whilst out running errands. Errands that are so important that mama can’t be bothered to build in “structure.” A note: yes, we are...


Rose Gold Highlights

In this episode Maelyn does a hair-vention on Lora and they discuss several of their favorite self-nurture topics including: the care and maintenance of their coiffures, their favorite massage in Austin, Texas and the secret sacred menu at Torchy's Tacos.


Across a Crowded State

Maelyn and Lora talk about the serendipitous meeting that brought them together nearly thirty years ago! You'll meet the infamous pizza-snarfing Mona, learn about Tim and "the letter" and find out what, exactly, Maelyn did to make Mike want to put her on an airplane back to Utah. Welcome to the podcast. You just found your new best girlfriends. Stretchy Pants and Straight Talk.