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Helping teenage girls to see how incredible they are, discover their potential and know they aren't alone when going through difficult times.

Helping teenage girls to see how incredible they are, discover their potential and know they aren't alone when going through difficult times.
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Helping teenage girls to see how incredible they are, discover their potential and know they aren't alone when going through difficult times.




Episode 50- Pornography and the Threat to Teenage Girls with Dr. Timothy Hollingshead

Pornography. Maybe this seems like a boy's problem. So why am I talking about it on a teen girl's podcast? According to Dr. Tim Hollingshead, founder and author of Freein13, the fastest growing demographic of pornography viewing is women. Why is this an issue? Lots of reasons but a big one being, these are our future mothers. After years of working as an ecclesiastical leader and seeing the harmful effects of viewing pornography in those he counseled, Dr. Tim created a manual and website to...


Episode 49- Cheering on Your Peers with Amber Robbins

Depression, anxiety, suicide, stress, low self esteem and loneliness all seem to be on the rise. Is there anything we can do about it? What if we were to deliberately look outside ourselves and try to see those that need a little encouragement? What if we spent our time cheering our peers on? Today, Amber Robbins, from TeenTake30 is sharing SIMPLE ways that we can cheer others on and make a difference for them. What I really loved about Amber's tips is they are totally doable. They don't...


Episode 48- Suicide Awareness with Kristen Coltrin

September is National Suicide Awareness Month. I know this is a tough topic to talk about but also a topic we need to talk about. For whatever reasons it seems to be more common and it's time we understood it more. Is there anything we can do to prevent suicide? Kristen Coltrin works for the National Suicide Prevention Line and today she is sharing warning signs, risk factors, and most importantly, HOW TO GET HELP. Often times suicide or suicide attempts can be connected to, 1. Feeling like...


Episode 47: High School Fun, Regrets, Time Management, Dating, Family Relationships and More with Cami and Haley

Today I'm joined by best friends, Cami Schlerf and Haley Bekker. Cami and Haley and preparing to head to college in a few weeks and they are sharing their thoughts on high school today- what they learned, favorite memories, what they wish they had done differently, how they managed their time, best dates and more. Connect with Jackie on Instagram


Episode 46- Are You Ready to Move Out? Tips to Make Moving Away From Home Easier

It's that time of year when a lot of kids are getting ready to leave home for the first time. Maybe they are going off to college. Maybe they got a job and their own apartment. Whatever the circumstances, here's a few tips to make the transition easier. We are talking about everything from laundry, to getting along with roommates, to an easy way to measure shortening (because honestly, who wants to to clean a measuring cup coated in shortening?). Other things referenced: Beginning Cooking...


Episode 45- Combating Back to School Anxiety with Kristen Goodman

Life Coach, Kristen Goodman loves to work with mothers of teens (that's a lot of YOU!) because she believes that teaching you the skills to be a more confident parent, and helping you get rid of guilt, will help you love your life AND your teen and raise more confident teens. Today she is sharing how to combat that totally normal back to school anxiety we have all felt. Get a free coaching session from Kristen or connect with her on Instagram. Connect with Jackie on Instagram


Episode 44- Growing Up in Foster Care with Whittley Norton

Today's Supergirl is 20 year old Whittley Norton. Whittley's perspective on life, family and faith is incredible! At 10 years old Whittley was removed from her home and put into a group home after years of abuse. After 9 years of living in different group homes and foster homes she finally got her forever family. Listen to find out what this meant to her and what she has learned from these experiences. Do you feel called to help? Check out Big Brothers Big Sister of America. Find more from...


Episode 43- Changing Your Thoughts on Body Image with Christy Watson

Our THOUGHTS become our FEELINGS that then become our ACTIONS that become HABITS that then become our CHARACTER. Today Christy Watson is teaching us how we can use this formula to change our perceptions of our body image. Watch the Dove Commerical Christy refers to. Connect with Christy on Instagram Connect with Jackie on Instagram


Episode 42- No Regrets with Alli Trendler

I love talking to teens hearing their perspectives on things. 19 year old Alli Trendler has great perspective on not looking back on closed doors and seemingly lost opportunities because closed doors mean a new door and new opportunities are coming. Listen to her experiences where she discovered this. Connect with Jackie on Instagram


Episode 41- 10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Teen with Ashley Reeves

I am pretty sure I was the last person on the planet to hear of Ashley Reeves from Ashley's Fresh Fix. Am I right? Do you know her? If not you need to. She is a power house! I love the messages she shares about body image and self love and healthy living and so much more. Today she is talking about 10 things she wishes she knew when she was a teen. Connect with Ashley on Instagram Connect with Jackie on Instagram


Episode 40- You Are Not Responsible for Solving Other People's Problems

Today I am talking with Jaime Wilkins, Life Coach and host of the podcast Sincerely Satisfied. Jaime shares a tender story from her teen years about a time she was able to help a friend and another time when she was not able to help that same friend and how she felt about herself when she couldn't help him. Connect with Jaime Connect with Jackie


Episode 39- Treating our LGBTQ friends with love, kindness and respect with Sita Kinikini

On today's podcast I am talking with Sita Kinikini. Sita writes music and sings, plays tennis and loves to travel. She is full blooded Tongan with a rich heritage. These are just parts of her. They don't define her. Sita is also gay. This is just another small part of her that doesn't define her. This is not a discussion on whether homosexuality is right or wrong. This is a discussion on how we need to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Sita shares the shame she felt when she...


Episode 38- Fernanda Gonzalez, Exchange Student from Mexico

Fernanda, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, has lived in Idaho for the past 9 months as an exchange student. I had to much fun sitting down with her and talking about her experience living here and how teen life here compared to Mexico. Interested in becoming or hosting an exchange student? Check out NorthWest Student Exchange Connect with Jackie on Instagram


Episode 37- Has High School Changed Much in the Last 71 Years? With Alta Christiansen

Have your parents ever told you, "I was a teenager once. I know exactly what you are going through." Did you believe them when they said it? I sat down with my sweet friend Alta this week and asked her what it was like to be a teenager over 70 years ago! A lot has changed since then but I learned that some things will never change. As she talked about balancing an after school job with homework and maintaining a social life, tests, difficult teachers and bargaining with her mom for a later...


Episode 36- Finding Your Identity Through Family History with Carolynn Reynolds

How does knowing where you came from give you an identity? Can we gain strength from the experiences of those that went before us? Today Carolynn Reynolds is sharing her love of Family History and talking about how learning about her ancestors has blessed her. Connect with Carolynn: Season for Family, Instagram, Branches Art Connect with Jackie: Instagram


Episode 35- Spending Time With the Elderly Will Change Your Life with Katie Cheesman

If it were up to me Katie Cheesman would win the award for the best content published on the Internet! Katie started The Listening Ear Project where she interviews the elderly and uses video to document their life stories. I LOVE every video she publishes! After interviewing nearly 100 elderly people I asked Katie what she has learned that would have helped her when she was a teen. Listen to hear what she said. Connect with Katie Instagram Facebook Connect with Jackie Instagram


Episode 34- Hope and Resiliency with Tiffany Fletcher

Tiffany Fletcher is the author of the book "Mother Had a Secret" and I'm pretty sure she is one of the strongest women I have ever spoken with. Her story is an incredible lesson of love, hope, forgiveness and resiliency. Tiffany's mother suffered from Dissociated Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) and because of this Tiffany and her siblings experienced a childhood of abuse and fear. Listen to find out how Tiffany found hope and healing and was able to change...


Episode 33- It's Never Too Late To Change, Recovering From Addictions with Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson had her first taste of alcohol early in her teen years and describes being addicted from that first time. This led to further addictions with drugs, prostitution and eventually losing her family. For years Kelly wanted to change, and even tried several times, but because she didn't feel like she was worthy of anything better it didn't last- until now. Listen to find out what finally led Kelly to recovery. Now Kelly is sharing her story to help others see that it is never to...


Episode 32- Finding Hope After Trauma with Jamie Hutchings

Jamie Hutchings was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 9 years old. Even though the recovery rate was only 20% she miraculously survived. However, many of her friends with cancer did not and Jamie began to experience Survivor's Guilt and Post Traumatic Stress. After being in the dark for many years Jamie found happiness again is now sharing her story and message of hope. Find more from Jamie on her blog, Surviving the Bubble, or on Instagram. Find out more about me and Supergirls Podcast...


Episode 31- When You Feel All Alone, Even in a Group- with Sara Hodges

Have you ever been in a room where you knew everyone, yet you still felt completely alone? This is a question today's guest, Sara Hodges, asked that I think we can all relate to. I have been asked for advice on making friends and fitting in more than any other topic and today Sara is talking about some of the reasons this can be difficult to do and how to get past those difficulties. Connect with Jackie on Instagram