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Fatherhood and Work-Life Balance

Matt Schneider, an outspoken "dadvocate", co-founder of City Dads Group, a national network of meet-up groups for dads, and host of the Modern Dads Podcast, talks to us about what it means to be a father to a teenager today, how to find work-life balance, and--for those of us who are lucky enough to have a significant other--tips for a more fulfilling "parenting partnership".


Send Your Teen to College for FREE (and Other Tips)

Jeannie Burlowski, author of LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and into Jobs They Love Afterward, is an academic strategist. She has a specialty in helping students get accepted to highly competitive graduate school programs with scholarship money to cover the cost. In this episode she reveals some incredible tricks for helping your teen get an early jumpstart on getting college completely paid for.


Wake Up and Get More Savvy, Parents

Michelle Mitchell, author of Parenting Teenage Girls in the Age of a New Normal, has a wake-up call for parents on this episode. As the founder of Youth Excel, an organization specializing in life-skills training for teens, Michelle has seen all kinds of parent-teen issues first hand. She thinks it is a big problem that parents tend to be out of touch with the latest technology and culture. During our interview, she pointed to a number of specific areas where parents need to get a little...


Chores, Responsibility, and Helping Out

Dr. G, author of Get the Behavior You Want Without Being the Parent You Hate!, is a national expert on raising responsible, respectful kids. In this podcast episode she talks at length about her philosophy on how to instill responsibility and a strong work ethic in teenagers. She points out that the way parents even define "chores" is very important. In Dr. G's opinion, cleaning your room isn't a chore. Chores are things that teens do for the greater good of the family and household....


Underage Drinking: What Parents Need to Know

Various guests. Alcohol use during the teenage years isn't a new phenomenon. But a lot of new research has been done on how parents can mitigate risks for teens. Combining clips from interviews with leading experts from around the world, parent-teen researcher Andy Earle breaks down the science in this episode. Learn exactly what to say to your teen and how to make sure it has maximum impact.


Passion, Grief, and College Admissions

Susan Toler Carr, elite college admissions and career counselor and founder of the organization Justin Carr Wants World Peace, reveals the strategies she uses for helping teenager find things they are passionate about. She also opens up about the loss of her son and discusses candidly how we can be better at talking with teenagers -- or anyone -- who is going through a loss.


How to Help Teens Cope with Anxiety -- Featuring Blogger Karen Young

We all experience some level of anxiety but for 1 out of every 8 kids it is a serious struggle. An uneasy feeling in their stomach on the way to school. A pounding heartbeat as they sit down for an exam. Sweaty hands when they’re asked to speak up in front of their peers. What can parents do to help teens cope with anxiety? Hear the full interview here: This week on the podcast I got some incredible insights from Karen Young. Karen...


Smartphones, Social Media, and Texting -- Featuring Bestselling Author Joani Geltman

Teenagers today are addicted to their electronic devices. How should parents respond? Bestselling author Joani Geltman breaks it down in this interview. Find the second half of this episode on our website at


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