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Puberty and Body Changes

Suanne Kowal Connelly, author of Parenting Through Puberty, shares insights from her years as a pediatrician helping teens navigate the waters of their changing bodies and brains. She reveals when to start talking about puberty, how to start the conversation, and the important topics to discuss. Suanne also explains how to use techniques from Motivational Interviewing to improve your effectiveness during these talks.


Finding Your Identity

Paul Angone, author of 101 Questions You Need to Ask In Your Twenties, gets into a discussion about the process of finding your identity and discovering your unique "secret sauce" to bring to the world. The key is to push teens to take on increasingly more responsibility in their lives while also taking the right kinds of risks. Paul reveals exactly what parents should say to get the best results.


Connect then Redirect

Todd Cartmell, author of 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids, is an expert in dealing with difficult teenagers. In this episode he goes into extreme detail, revealing additional specifics and strategies not found in the book. He explains how to get a strong bond with a teenager and then use this as a home base to redirect them to a better way.