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The Power of a Mother’s Faith: A tribute to Laura!

Podcast Notes Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Janelle, also known as “Janelle Ja” is the teller for this week. The discussion is on “The Black Church and Christianity in the Black community.” She discusses the role her mother and how she played a significant role regarding her faith today. About the teller Janelle is was born a graduate of Columbia College Chicago. She attended The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and is being trained by AGI Entertainment in Atlanta. She is an...


The First Celebrity Chef in America was enslaved!

In this episode, Vanessa tells the incredible story of the first celebrity Chef in America. He was not just any Chef, he was a slave of President George Washington.


A short Black Music History Lesson

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf Mr. Smith gives us a short black music history lesson. "History goes back to Africa. They had their guitars and musical instruments like the drums and brought to the United States," he says. The music today is about making money and not about quality work. Mr. Smith is excited that the rap world is creative and that it is a universal art form. The rap world has cursing and violence that he isn't familiar with growing up, but it has a...


A Reflection!

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf In this episode your host Vanessa reflections on her week filled with family health issues. She expresses the importance of what we eat. “There is many things we can not control, but eating is one. Our community needs to have healthier options and better decisions and education on what we eat. Also, we need to know our past generation and information about our ancestors so that we can also help prevent many health concerns that maybe...


A Memphian's voice of reason

Podcast Notes Closing Music Credits: WOLF In this episode, Bernia Jordon introduces herself as a true Memphian born and raised. She discussed the time she recalled when Martin Luther King Jr. was visiting Memphis and tanks were driving up and down her street. Her mother was making sure her siblings were all inside because they applied a curfew that night. She didn’t recall the actual event that was going on but remembers that MLK Jr. came to speak because of a black person killed by a...


Part 2: A law enforcement source provides tips for parents!

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf In part two of this interview with a Chicago Law Enforcement source, we discuss, “Should we teach our kids their legal rights? In case they get stopped by a police officer?”. This teller explains what we, as parents, should tell our kids. Vanessa then asks him, “How can we, as parents (any race) make sure our kids do not get caught up in gangs, guns, and violence?” His main advice is to have parents be involved with their son’s and...

Episode 15: Is Chicago safe? A Law Enforcement Officer will tell us.

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf Podcast Notes Introduction: We have a special teller today. I have known him for maybe 20 years now. He has a background in education, marketing and promotions, but today I’m talking to him about his work as a Law Enforcement source. Vanessa: So let me get to some law enforcement questions. First of all, there's a statistic in 2019 here in Chicago. The figures show that the shooting and killings have been 213 till today, the shooting and...


Real Talk with a Woman Veteran!

Podcast Notes Introduction Sharmell: I want to introduce this exceptional person today; her name is ' Charcia….Hey Hey, she is from Columbus, Ohio. OH-IO and she's 31. She attended Columbus East High School. Go Tigers! She graduated from Ohio Dominican College and then……………. let's bring Charcia in for the truth. Vanessa: this special episode talking mainly about her as a Veteran. As you know, that is a very important position. Charcia, can you tell us a little bit about your experience...


Episode 13: What should we know about Independence Day?

Podcast Notes: Vanessa and co-host, Sharmell Favours discuss what the July fourth holiday meaning is, what it means to them and the significance of this holiday for Black people. Introduction Tellers of the Untold is a platform to recognize fragments of our past, so our story will be complete and that we as Black Americans can be united and reconcile with the country and ourselves. Co-host Sharmell Favours - She was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Her background is in home health...


Episode 12: Who knows what Juneteenth really is?

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf Introduction In this episode, I decided to conduct a small sociological experiment by asking random people in Chicago, “What is Juneteenth”. I asked people in the Loop (downtown) and on the South Side, ranging from 15-80 years old. Make sure you stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of Mr. J.P’s podcast on education and black music education and history. There is also a Chicago south side law enforcement officer that I interviewed and will be...


Changing the Black Dad Narrative

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf PODCAST NOTES The teller today In this episode, our teller is a Harvard graduate student, a System Admin for a College, a former director for a video game company, a husband and a father of two young black boys. This south side Chicago native speaks on why there is a stereotype about the Black Father and what we can do to change the black dad narrative today. His name is Cornell Wright. He attended the well known, Mt. Carmel high...


Episode 10: Words of Wisdom from a Wise Black Man!

Episode 10: Words of Wisdom from a Wise Black Man! (Part 1) Closing Music Credits: WOLF Show Notes Who is James Parrish Smith? Renowned for visionary leadership in ministry, education, non-profit management, and entertainment, J. P. as he prefers to be called, served as Warren Central High Schools, Counseling Services Centers, first Program Coordinator from 1995-2011. Near the completion of his tenure, he also held dual responsibilities as Program Coordinator and Counselor. In...


Episode 9: Respect our Elders

The teller in this episode was born in 1925. She is a Black woman from Chicago who is telling it like it is. She gives advice to Black parents and tells her secret about staying young at 94. lavilia Ray Born in Chicago in 1925 She has 9 siblings all have passed but one father died when she was 13 years old She helped out with the family business She attended High School, but didn’t go to college Martin Luther King Jr. She doesn’t remember any big changes after the movement Today’s...


Episode 8: Life as a Black male in Chicago during the 1960s

Introduction Born in Chicago in the 1950’s MLK Jr. Turned on the TV and heard he was shot and told his mom He remembered the most that the HS kids throwing bottles Closest he had seen to civil war 1968 was the worst year he had ever seen Serving in the Military He did not serve in the military His father and uncle served in the war He remembered his family saying “Why are you guys fighting for the white men?” Black Panthers People thought very highly of him Some believed they...


Episode 7: Kindergarten Teacher on Black History

Our teller for this episode is Sam, who has a degree in African-American studies. She is now a Kindergarten Teacher in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side Chicago, which is the Black Metropolis. She discusses her approach to teaching her students Black History year-round, and how she makes it fun. Podcast Notes Interview with a Kindergarten Teacher about Black History Sam Moore is a Kindergarten teacher in the Bronzeville area in Chicago. She teaches Black History year-round...


Episode 6: Honoring our Mother's on Mother's Day!

Honoring our Mother’s “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” - Maya Angelo Show Notes Introduction Happy Mother’s Day from co-hosts and their youngest kids. Co-host Cyslie tells us about her mom and her grandmother who live in Kentucky. Skype interview clips are heard with co-host Vanessa’s mom in Ohio. Verna (mom) was born in Arkansas , but raised in Memphis Tennessee. She has 7 siblings but was raised by her grandmother Mimi. Parents...


Episode 5:Untold Story

Wally Amos  Snow Notes or click on our blog about him! Who is Wally Amos? Born in Florida Raised by his Aunt Fist black agent for William Morris Agency Agent First agent for William Morris Agency? Represented Marvin Gaye, Simon & Garfunkel , Diana Ross, etc Why he left WMA? Management Company He represented Hugh from South Africa who ended up dropping him as an agent He closed his company to for a cookie business Famous Amos Cookies How it all began from his Aunt ‘s...


Episode 4: Connecting Kids with Black History

Connecting Kids with Black History Miles (left and Kaleb (right) PODCAST NOTES In this episode, we interview our oldest kids, Miles (age 7) and Kaleb (age 8) about their knowledge of Black History. About Miles is 7 years old and is in 1st grade. He is the son of co-host Vanessa. Kaleb is 8 years old and is in 2nd grade. He is the son of co-host Cyslie. They both live in Chicago. Black history historians Jesse Owens. Miles talks about him as the first black track Olympic medalist who...


Episode 3: Co-hosts tell the story of Ophelia Devore-Mitchell.

Co-hosts Vanessa & Cyslie chat about the first known black model, Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell. They recap their blog about how DeVore became a businesswoman by opening Grace Del Marco in 1946, which is one of the first modeling agencies. Vanessa and Cyslie tell her story and discuss how significant it is for black women today. Podcast Notes Who was Ophelia? She was the first black model One of four founders of one of the first modeling agencies Grace Del Marco in 1946 (same year as Ford...


Episode 2: One Story of the Great Migration

Mrs. Rebecca Gilton Hardin was born and raised in Lanett, Alabama in the early 1934. Her birth certificate says she is a “Negro”. She is a wife, a mother of 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 9 siblings. Rebecca felt that children needed to be treated like people, so she became an elementary teacher in Chicago for 37 years, and then became a librarian because there was a shortage of librarians. SHOW NOTES Her father and mother- He wanted his kids “tall”, and Ms Rebecca called her...