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Part 2-Making friends when you’re old – Ep 005

Part 2 of our podcast on making new friends when you're old! We talk about some famous movies we've never seen, why people annoy Nicole, whether or not Duwayne really swears and why one city dog owner thinks we should move to the suburbs.

Making new friends when you’re older- Ep 004

When you're over 30, out of school, and no longer single it's a bit more challenging to make new friends. Add kids into the mix and it gets even more awkward. On this episode of the Awkward Drop I am joined by my new friend Duwayne and we talk about this challenge and how we became bffs. *Warning this episode includes many, many tangents.

Cash Ain’t King Everywhere – Ep 003

On this episode of the Awkward Drop Nicole and Martina talk about the differences between Toronto and Tokyo when it comes to paying for stuff. One city is going cashless while the other is holding strong to the bills, can you guess which one?

Jeans – Ep 002

On this episode of the Awkward Drop, Martina brings up the awkward challenge of finding jeans that fit. Nicole and Martina may be on opposite sides of the fashion trend but the challenge remains. We also find out who loves that velvet is making a comeback and that getting stuck in clothing may be a family problem.

The Meaning of Awkward – Ep 001

Welcome to the Awkward Drop! This is my first EVER podcast and I am joined by professional YouTuber, Vlogger, Blogger, & Podcaster Martina Stawski from Eat Your Kimchi/Eat Your Sushi who also happens to be MY SISTER! In the first episode we talk about the word Awkward and what it means to us. If you want to check out the awesome stuff Martina is doing go to: Website: YouTube: