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Episode #23 / Mandy Majors with Next Talk

In this episode, Megan talks with Mandy Majors, founder of Next Talk, about strategies for talking to kids about difficult-to-breach subjects in a healthy, age appropriate manner.


Episode 22: World Wide Parent with Laura Corwin Burkhart

Today, Megan talks with Laura Corwin Burkhart of World Wide Parenting. As Laura's kids were starting to engage more on electronic devices, she noticed a lack of guidance on best practices for handling this aspect of parenting, so she made her own! She advocates teaching your children to handle this responsibility at a younger age, when their mistakes are still small and they may be more receptive to your guidance. One piece of advice she's given to her kids that everyone could heed is not to...


Episode 21: Managing Media Creating Character with Kelly Newcom

Today Megan talks with Newcom of Brave Parenting. After a near child trafficking scare with her 15 yr old daughter, she founded this organization to help parents work together as a community to keep our kids safe and healthy as we navigate parenting with technology. She set out to see how we can set a standard for good character and how that translates to interacting online and with technology. They talk through the temporary happiness devices and games yield vs the long term impact of...


Episode #20 / Conversation with Richard Turner

Megan talks today with Richard Turner, the inspiring star of the award-winning documentary Dealt. Richard is a world-renowned card mechanic (someone who can control the outcome of a card game for all those playing at the table) who also happens to be blind. Richard tells the story of losing his vision and how he turned that into an asset for him, rather than a disability. The disciplined, driven life he has led will inspire anyone who hears his story! Richard...


Episode #19 / LGBTQ+ Youth/ Cheyenne Fox Tree-McGrath

Megan talks today with Cheyenne Fox Tree-McGrath, an advocate an educator around LGBTQ+ issues. This is a broad conversation, starting with definitions of less well-known terms as well as the evolution of language around this topic. The conversation touches on toxic masculinity, gender understanding in other cultures, and the universal need to find community. Cheyenne is a queer white-passing multiracial Native American cisgender woman whose pronouns are she/her/hers. She has worked with the...


Episode #18 / Conversation with Author Laurie Frankel

Megan talks today with Laurie Frankel, an author who has written three novels. The most well-known is "This is How it Always is" which deals with a family making choices for the transgender child and how that impacts the other members of the family. The book depicts a family dealing with unexpected challenges, and while their particular challenge is controversial, the author captures perfectly the angst of parenting in gathering the information you have, which is never enough, and making...


Episode #17 / Benta Sims, LPC/ Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Megan talks today with Benta Sims, an LPC who specializes in postnatal depression and anxiety. After a traumatic birth, Benta experienced anxiety and panic attacks to the degree that she took a medical leave from work. Watching Donahue one day, she learned the name of what was happening to her and was able to seek a path to healing. She has taken her experiences and changed careers to help other women get treatment and move forward. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are thought to be the...


Episode #16 / Part II - Jennie and John Largent More Talk on Raising Teenage Boys

**CONTENT NOTE** This is Part Two of a Two Part Interview. Jennie and John Largent tackle the topic of parenting teen boys. Heads up NOT an episode for the whole family as we address sensitive topics related to teen life.


Episode #15 / Part I - Jennie and John Largent Talk Raising Teenage Boys

**CONTENT NOTE** This is Part One of a Two Part Interview. Jennie and John Largent tackle the topic of parenting teen boys. Heads up NOT an episode for the whole family as we address sensitive topics related to teen life.


Episode #14 / Dr. Sarah Sarkis, Psychologist, Writer & Performance Consultant

Megan talks today with Sarah Sarkis, a licensed psychologist and writer who helps break complex mental health situations into more understandable experiences for those outside the profession via her blog, The Padded Room. She talks about the ludicrousness of us being expected to make life decisions in our 20's as well as the importance of taking any next step so we don't get stuck. She has done interesting work on discovering how our brain comes "online", meaning how the two hemispheres of...


Episode #14 / Dr. Sarah Sarkis, Psychologist, Writer & Performance Consultant

On this week's show, Megan interviews Dr. Sarah Sarkis, Psychologist, Writer & Performance Consultant.


Episode #13 / Laraine Gaunt from It's Ok to be Different

Megan talks today with Laraine Gaunt from It's Ok to be Different. While her children were in elementary school, Laraine was concerned children wouldn't learn to engage with children with disabilities. That concern sparked conversations and those conversations grew into a collaborative curriculum to teach empathy and respect at the elementary school level that is continuing to grow 38 years later! With the encouragement of school administrators and parents, Laraine continued developing the...


Episode #12 / Empowering Cancer Patients and Survivors to Thrive/Erin Ercoline of Thrivewell Cancer Foundation

Megan talks today with Erin Ercoline, Executive Director of Thrivewell Cancer Foundation. They provide three programs to cancer survivors in the San Antonio area: exercise and nutrition, research funding, and financial/transportation assistance to patients in treatment. For support outside of San Antonio, the American Cancer Society (1-888-227-6333) has local chapters across the country. Additionally, most oncology practices have a social worker or financial counselor to connect you with...


Episode #11 / Vivian Garcia Tunon - Helping Others Live Their Most Rewarding Lives

Megan talks today with Vivian Garcia Tunon, a certified life coach who was brave enough to leave an unfulfilling career to realize her childhood dream of helping others live their most rewarding lives. Vivian'a clients are generally people who are feeling stuck, wanting to improve or move to the next level but uncertain how to get there. She helps her clients assess their passions, strengths, and values and explore the ways to find alignment with those professionally to create a more...


Episode #10 / Author Rebecca Weller & A Happier Hour

On this week's episode, Megan interviews author Rebecca Weller.


Episode #09 / Dr. Cynthia Phelps - Mindful Self-Compassion & Recovery

Megan talks today with Cynthia Phelps, PhD, who works at the intersection of technology and mental health. Cynthia explores the connection between depression and negative self talk. She has founded an organization called Inner Ally to help us use our inner voice to to cheer us on rather than tear ourselves down. When we look at the stories we tell ourselves and contrast that with how our biggest cheerleader would view that story, we are empowered to change that internal narrative.


Episode #08 / Sasha Tweel - Prader Willi Syndrome and Familiy Life with a Rare Diagnosis

Megan talks this week with Sasha Tweel, a mom of a child with Prader Willi syndrome. This conversation highlights some of the "invisible needs" others around us experience and how we can support the families we love that are going through challenging situations. The conversation is broad, ranging from the impact medication can have on quality of life to the benefits of implementing new approaches in education and advocating for your kids, whatever their needs may be. We are reminded of the...


Episode #07 / Jill Cullinan - Couples Therapy Without A Crisis

Megan's conversation today is with Jill Cullinan, discussing couples therapy and living with PTSD. Jill talks about the importance of staying connected with your spouse, tips for approaching your spouse with this idea, and overcoming the stigma associated with couples therapy. A personal tragedy inspired Jill to found Project Brave, an organization that works to educate children on relationship skills with the goal of making kindess the culture by educating elementary aged children on...


Episode #06 / Keeping Kids Lives Balanced with Stanford University Senior Lecturer Dr. Denise Pope of Challenge Success

Megan's conversation with Dr. Denise Pope this week is a must listen for parents! Dr. Pope is an author and senior lecturer at Stanford University and the founder of an organization called Challenge Success. Its mission is to partner with schools, families, and communities to promote a broad definition of success and to implement research-based strategies so that all kids are healthy and engaged with learning. Dr. Pope talks about the unspoken messages we send our kids about what we value...


Episode #05 / Loss and Grief: Infertility, Miscarriages, and Early Childhood Death with Carol Miller, LCSW

Megan's guest today is Carol Miller, a licensed social worker who shares her story of loss and how that led to her working with others as they navigate through their grief. She discusses the power of telling your story, the importance of being a curious listener, and some of the impacts of grief on our physical bodies. Carol shares specific ways both to support loves ones as they grieve and always ways we can support ourselves, as we will inevitably experience loss and grief in our lives....