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HLP: The Winds of Change

Wow! It has been a long time since we got in the studio and did a Podcast. So many people have asked us what is going on! We have been living our Harried Life! We’re back in our studio for the last time for this season. We are on the move. We are moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. We talk about all of the emotional highs and lows related to the move. We also introduce two new segments. Kasha mentions The Amazing Grass as a health tip and our new adventure with the Saucony Iso Ride 2. Share...


HLP: Back to School Shenanigans in the Giddins Household

In this episode, Kasha and I talk about the importance of making time for the family as well as all the Shenanigans about getting back into the swing of things for this school year. We also talk about our friends relationships and as well as a friend of Reese's that is going through Metastatic stage IV breast cancer. Please pray for her and make a breast cancer donation this month or go to learn more about Monica's...


HLP: Adventures in Paris

We talk about Kasha’s 40th birthday trip to Paris. She hasn’t been back since she was 16 years old. We visited the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and many more. It was great for us to reconnect away from the kids. All Harried parents must try it! We can’t wait to take all of you on the journey with us! This is a must listen episode!


Marriage as an Institution, is it Outdated?

We are on a roll! We are back to our recording schedule. Summer Kash is the best! A great discussion about the state of marriage. Why do women initiate 67% of divorce proceedings. Why do relationships fail to the tune of 46% in the US? We don’t have all the answers, however, we dive deep into the subject. We also discuss our vacation shenanigans with the family. Ever play the game Watch Yo Mouth? It really is a good time. Who knew golf carts were a thing at the beach? And spending time with...


Cheers to 40 Years A and K

We have been gone for too long. We missed you guys! Just like Beyonce and Jay-Z we decided to drop an episode detailing our harried hiatus over the last 3 and half months. We talk about Drake's "In Your Feelings," the girls lacrosse and track seasons, and our many travels. We had a joint 40th birthday party recently and it was awesome spending time with our friends and family. Go Risha/Reesha it's your birthday! Countdown to the next episode is on and please scream at us if we're gone for...


HLP: A Milestone Birthday with Reese

In this hilarious episode, we take a look back over 40 years of Reese’s life. Kasha interviews Reese discussing the small (favorite meal) to the large (long term goals). We believe that every year above ground and together is a blessing. Happy Birthday, Reese!


HLP: Giddins Wanderlust...A Passion to Travel

In this hilarious episode, we discuss how our love for travel evolved. We love traveling and we doing it together. We discuss Oprah as a leader and the comments that a school administrator paid to our daughter. Kasha discusses her Harried Life hack - Intermittent Fasting - this is a great segment. Lastly, back to travel, we give you our hacks for how we find travel deals. Kasha asks you the listener to send us comment to read on air at


HLP: Happy New Year - Time to Hack Your Life

We're back with another episode of the HLP. We had some technical difficulties and this was our 3rd time recording it since mid-December, but we finally got it done and we are excited to share our Happy New Year Episode with you. In this episode we talk about:


HLP: A Harried Holiday

Spreading some holiday cheer! We continue talking about the holidays. What is on your holiday shopping list? We provide some must-haves this year along with some questionable items all while having some fun. We pose a challenge to our listeners about social media… Check that out and we introduce a new segment, called “What are you Vibin’ on right now?” Thank you for helping us surpass 500 downloads. We are having a blast! This one was our best yet! Please continue to share our podcast with...


HLP: Pockets Empty?… Hearts Full? (Your Guide to the Holidays)

Our mission is to connect with listeners who find themselves in the same situations as us: raising a family, living a good life, capturing memorable moments, all while trying to find the time to balance it all. In this episode we provide a Harried Life hack for people who live a busy life like us. We also talk about prepping for the holidays and creating a budget so you don’t overspend. It’s more about creating experiences than buying more stuff. We also share our first Black Friday story....


That Fit Life - #5

Our mission is to connect with listeners who find themselves in the same situations as us: raising a family, living a good life, capturing memorable moments, all while trying to find the time to balance it all. We discuss “fitness,” which is my wife’s favorite topic. We talk about trying to be a fit family while living a hectic life. We openly share our fitness journey and philosophy for us and our family. I compare my wife back squatting to a NCAA Football Hiesman candidate. Lol! We also...


Podcast #4 - How We Celebrate Birthdays and Binge Watching TV

After a mini hiatus we are back at it with episode 4 about how we celebrate birthdays in our home with our kids. Today happens to be our youngest child's birthday! We also discuss how we binge watch TV or how we don't because of our schedules or the bad deal I made with Kasha when we got married. Our highs and lows this week share how we're real people still trying to work on us after 16 years of marriage. We love your feedback. Keep it coming.


Podcast - Episode #3 - Changing The Way We Eat

In this episode, we talk about making time for our relationship considering that we live a Harried Life. And we pose a challenge to our listeners for the next two weeks. Let us know how you are doing with the challenge via our Facebook page or email. We also talk about the dramatic change in our diets. We salivate over the former foods and talk about some of the new ways that we are making this lifestyle change and some of the hidden benefits.


Episode #2 Getting to Know Us...The Interview

In this episode, we allow the listeners to get a little closer to us as we interview each other. We ask each other 10 questions and 3 secret questions to make the other think on their feet. This episode is a humorous and insightful listen. Hopefully you laugh just as hard as we did. We discuss the highs and lows of our last couple of weeks and talk about our Harried Life...


Intro to The Harried Life - #1

The definition of harried is busy, rushed, and annoyed because of stress or because of having too little time. We use this episode to share with you a little about the podcast and a little information about us. Our mission is to connect with listeners who find themselves in the same situations as us: raising a family, living a good life, capturing memorable moments, all while trying to find the time to balance it all.