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0010 Craig Scoville- Kids Across Cultures 2- A Long Paying it Forward

In this episode I talk to Craig Scoville about KAC (Kids Across Cultures) and the CTT (Community Tranformation Team), a young man named A Long (pronounced Ah-Long) who is paying it forward, motivation behind what KAC is, and whays that KAC raises money. Keven & LaDonne Wenzel, Mike and Linda McDowell


0008 Craig Scoville- Kids Across Cultures Pt1- the story of Li Ya Sha

Hey, thanks for tuning into The Inspire a Kid Podcast where we tell stories of inspiring kids, kid influencers who are inspiring kids, and adults who were inspired as kids to do amazing things. So today I have my really good friend and, really, co-worker, Craig Scoville, with me. And we’re going to talk about an organization that is near and dear to my heart because I am the chairman of the board and Craig is the executive director of it and it’s called Kids Across Cultures. Craig has been...


0007 Ann Makosinski- Inspiring Inventor

Thanks for clicking on this episode of the Inspireakid podcast. The Podcast where we tell the stories of inspiring kids who have done great things, kid influencers who are inspiring kids to greatness and adults who have done great things who were inspired as kids. Every seed is like a tiny package of unlimited potential, and within every kid is the unlimited potential for greatness. Ann Makosinski, of Victoria, Canada is an inventor and motivational speaker. She came face to face with...


0006 Kord Angelucci- Kord’s Kidz- Inspiring Kids Through Sports and Fitness

Hey there. Thanks for tuning in. This is Scott Hooper with Inspire a Kid. Inspire a Kid is a podcast tells the stories of inspiring kids and kid influencers who are inspiring kids to greatness, but also stories of adults who had been inspired to greatness when they were kids. And so today, I have Kord Angelucci with me [applause]. And we are at a place called Evans Mill in Smithville, Tennessee. We are part of a mastermind collective called Iron Sharpens Iron. If you’re not part of a...


0004 Scott Alan Turner- Money A to Z - Defining Money for Preschoolers

More In this episode, we talk to financial rockstar, dad and kid-influencer Scott Alan Turner about his book “Money A to Z” that helps adults explain money concepts to preschoolers. This is great stuff, and when the book comes out in December 2017, proceeds go to help abused kids. Buy one for the littles in your life and several more to give away.


0003 Blake Pyron- Blake’s Snow Shack

More #dsworks Blake Pyron…… His story has made national and world wide press. He has been interviewed on network television stations such as NBC-5, CBS 11, Fox 4,and KRLD radio in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and ABC-13 in Houston. He graduated from Sanger High School in Sanger, TX (population about 7500) where he was captain of the football team and Prom King. He also enjoys playing his guitar and singing. Blake is a celebrity! Blake is a celebrity at the...