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The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, there wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly

The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, there wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly
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The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, there wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly






25 - Kids don't have to be complicated with Anton Chumak Andryako

This episode was a blast to record, Anton comes across as that friend you wish you always had and so easily relates to a story. His story is incredible for how he rose from the ashes of his past, joined the United States Marines, and was able to move his life forward and create a legacy he can be proud of as a dad. How to connect with guest Website LinkedIn --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The Military Veteran Dad Facebook...


24 - Navy Paddles with Kyle and Melinda Nyseth

Today we got a special episode where we don't just hear the story from Kyle, but also his wife Melinda for what life is like coming home while serving and how they now have created their life together creating memorable gifts to document the legacy of one's service. What I loved about this episode is the work they now do with, they really have something special and we dive into their business deep and share some impactful stories they have made paddles for. If this would...


23 - Losing your Dad with Paul Henning

In this episode, we talked about coming home from deployments, connecting with your kids, and losing your dad. Paul has such great stories with depth that are easily relatable and his story of how he got started in his fitness business and helping others work through what is holding them back. This is just a great all around good episode about how to ensure we continue to make an impact in our families legacy. How to connect with...


22 - Family Time Starts in the Kitchen with Ronaldo Linares

This was a new area for the podcast, we really hadn't hit the kitchen area of being a dad and Ronaldo was the perfect guest to bust this topic wide open. He is a celebrity in the Latino community for his role in building community conduits to drive a change in our relationship with food. Ronaldo's Cookbook Chef Ronaldo's Sabores de Cuba: Diabetes-Friendly Traditional and Nueva Cubano Cuisine How to connect with guest Website Instagram: Chef_ronaldo_ Facebook: Chef Ronaldo...


21 - Always Kiss Your Wife First with Philip Oblak

You have to hang on to the end of the podcast but Philip drops a great story about what coming home means and how he demonstrates the priority to his wife and then his kids. Philip is a dad I was introduced about two years ago well before I had a podcast or a name for a business. Really thankful for the introduction so long ago that made this podcast episode happen. He is just a great everyday dad that helps you feel like you have been friends for years. Book Recommendation Wild at...


20 - When Your Life Changes Over Night with Reece Lodder

The conversations Reece and I had during this interview were game-changing. We talked about what it was like when his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer, how to transition out with an identity, starting with the simple things in life, and just overall life as a Dad in 2019. This is a very well rounded episode for so many areas in our life as Military Veteran Dads and I am confident that we brought a lot of Dads home with this episode. Resource Recommendation Have more conversations How...


19 - Raising a Family and Being a Navy Seal with Andy Stumpf

This was my first interview with a Navy Seal and it didn't disappoint. I have heard many seals on other episodes and they always share some great wisdom. How to approach struggle, life, and most importantly how to take action towards a goal. Andy is the host of the Cleared Hot podcast he has several hobbies, speaking, base jumping, and most importantly a father. How to connect with Andy Stumpf Website Instagram --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The...


18 - Zero Xcuses with Kenyon Zitzka

Kenyon brings us a dynamic story of falling down a few times coming home, transitioning out of the Military into a successful career. He is an ambitious veteran like me, he has his own podcast called Zero Xcuses where he helps people wake up to the world that waits for them. Being the host of a podcast with a title like Zero Xcuses we dive into the key ways Kenyon has cleared the path for himself and his family to start moving to the future they want to create. Book...


17 - It Was Time to Come Home with Dan Evans

Are you on the road to your twenty years in the Military to get to that retirement package? Dan shares a powerful story right out the gate about that moment he said enough was enough and at thirteen years he decided to leave the Marine Corps. His story of coming home is a powerful one where he goes deep into what it felt like when he started to wake up to the idea that he wasn't going to have a family in seven years. He realized that if he continued down the path he was on it wasn't going...


16 - Crafting Your Family Vision with Kirby Ingles

This was such a good conversation with Kirby. We talked about having a blended family, raising a family in the military. What I loved most about this conversation is our discussion on a legacy. Crafting a vision for your family to understand where you want to go so you can ensure you get where you're going. Kirby is active in the community her serves in and this has enabled him to have roots where ever he goes, giving the words coming home a different meaning. Book Recommendation Kingdom...


Bonus Episode 01 - 10 Minutes Together with Alisa Van Langeveld

We all hear those parents that tell you, make sure you enjoy the time when they are young. I am convinced that is just another way to say I was too busy to slow down and enjoy the small things. What I really enjoyed about this conversation with Alisa is she talks about that all it takes is just 10 minutes to make that connection with our kids. She lays out a simple to follow seven step process to make those 10 minutes matter. We go further with her strategy as it relates to punishing kids...


15 - Drug Addiction; Not Letting Your Past Define You with David Mike

David takes us through a journey what it was like for him to fall all the way to the bottom and getting a second chance on life. David wrote a book called "Dishonor: One Soldier's Journey from Desertion to Redemption". He details the story of life as a soldier and falling in with the wrong crowd and a before he knew it he was dealing drugs on and off base. His rock bottom was turning himself in and taking the small steps towards redemption. He served 3 out of his 5 years at Leavenworth and...


14 - Doing Life the Non-traditional Way With Branden Vaughan

We dive into a new topic today on the podcast, entrepreneurship. Branden runs the very successful Come Take it Coffee Company shipping perfectly roasted beans across the county. We dive into what coming home means when you're starting a family business. His daughter is only three, but he is already preparing her with the entrepreneur mindset and that you can create anything if you have the commitment, discipline, and the heart. I am a big fan of his coffee and even have it running on...


13 - Quality Time with Adam Braatz

Adam is a man I first met on LinkedIn but instantly knew it was a man I needed to have on the podcast and the conversation didn't disappoint. Adam served in the Airforce and now is working as a veteran to help Veterans connect on LinkedIn. We dive into love languages with our spouse, our kids, and how we craft memories with our families that last. Our actions speak louder than our words and our kids our always watching. Book Recommendation The Five Love Languages - Gary...


12 - Learn to Love your Wife with Ian Landstine

I really loved this episode with Ian, he shares some vulnerability about becoming a dad. He and his wife did something very few couples do, they went on a yearlong road trip with nothing but a car and a trailer. It was having a new one on the way that they decided to come home back to Washington to start their family. The way that Ian describes his relationship with his wife really had an impact on me and I am sure it will have an impact with...


11 - Operation: Fit Dad with Reden Dionisio

Waking up to my own health almost a year ago this episode hits close to home. Reden is currently serving on active duty in the United States Navy where he is a fitness coach helping dads drop the gut and wake up to the dads we are and need to be to keep up with our kids. If you have any fitness goals in 2019, this is an episode you want to hear. Recommended Book Man Up by Bedros Keuilian Facebook Group - Operation: Fit...


10 - Let Your Kids Fail with Tony Buchanan

n this episode we dive into our first episode with a firsts responder. Tony shares some deep stories about his relationship with his son, his daughters and his wife. Two stories stand out to me from this episode: Telling his kids every day about going out to the world and being leaders and being a champion. Learning how to be a parent and let your kids fail, he sees a lot of things he would have done differently. It’s a raw episode about life, failing forward as a day, and creating a...


09 - Raising a Modern Day Knight with Michael Mapes

Michael is a father to four sons, he is currently serving on active duty in the Air Force. We talk about a lot in this episode, about what is like coming home from a deployment, raising boys to be strong Christian men, and about the struggles coming home to your marriage while serving. This is about as raw and authentic of an episode you can get when it comes to family. Book Recommendation "Raising a Modern Day Knight" by Robert Lewis Facebook NEW Ask me a...


08 - Become a Winner by Failing with Richard Kaufman

Richard Kaufman has one of those stories that will stop you in your tracks. His road home includes drug addiction, alcohol, being homeless, a and bumpy career as a soldier. It was 1989 when he had his last drink and has been on the road to tell his story and help others take that first step to come home. He is now a husband, dad, a writer, a speaker, and an inspiring human being. His e-book on Amazon is quickly spreading among the veteran community to help other veterans tap into their...


07 - Living with Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency with Steven Kuhn

Steven Kuhn in today's episode shares a side of his life he doesn't often open up about, his family. What I enjoy talking to Steven about is what he calls quality of life (QOL). He lives by his brand of H.I.T, Honest, Integrity, and Transparency. He shares his story about coming home, but not in the military sense, but coming back from a life of being a road warrior in his business. He had to re-learn how to enter the family and crafting the space to rebuild the family to work together...