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The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, there wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly

The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, there wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly
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The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, there wins, and wisdom and we do it weekly






35 - I Choose Family with Rich Cardona

This was just one of those conversations that you wish could keep ongoing. Rich shares so much of his life, even somethings he had never shared #1 Problem: Daughter just started saying "I can't" Problem He has Solved: Understanding traits in her daughter's choices. Topics Covered: How to connect with guest Website > LinkedIn > --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The Military...


34 - Suicide; The Pain Doesn't Stop You Just Pass it on With Sarrah Roberts

This episode will break your heart, Sarrah opens wide up to share the story of her husband who took his own life with their daughter sleeping only 8 feet away. We learn a valuable lesson that suicide doesn't stop the pain you feel, it only passes it on to the ones who love you in your life. Topics Covered: Obituary: Sgt Jordan Blake Roberts USMC > Article > How to connect with guest Website >...


Bonus Episode 2 - Moving Past Mediocre with Nick Matiash

Nick Matiash is a husband, father, Men’s Life Coach and author of the recently released book, Moving Past Mediocre: Unlocking Your Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Imagined. He deeply believes in human potential and strives to help husbands, fathers, and all men become the man they desire to be. Topics Covered - Being a parent and not there friendYou don't have to hit rock bottom to start climbing upYour life doesn't have to be a default state of rinse and repeatTurning your...


33 - Military Transition with Matthew Louis

Matthew Louis opens up with a lot of stories that will hit home in a lot of categories. He has been a father for 15 years now and he shared a perspective on raising his three boys that will resonate with many dads. Topics: Book Recommendation Military Transition - Matthew Louis > The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven Covey > How to connect with guest Website > Facebook >...


32 - Foster Parent; Taking a Different Road with Luke Zitzman

Luke has a big heart and it's easy to see why they felt called to become foster parents. Luke is a pilot for the US Coast Guard and opens up about what drew him to it, how the experience has shaped who he was. Community is not something we often think about, but Luke brings up how it is something that has anchored him in who he is and helped him choose the road less traveled. He knows he has the mentors and friendships to hold him true to...


31 - When Tragedy Happens with Ashely Bugge

Today's guest is a first for the podcast, Ashley is our first gold star family on the podcast. She shares a powerful story about moving past losing her husband to a diving accident and what life was like on the other side. This is a hard episode to listen to and got me in tears a few times as I reflected on her kids never getting to hug dad anymore. Let this episode be a reminder to what we have and what we leave behind if we did take our own life or if we don't come home and be the dad...


30 - Your Desired End State with Brad Ritter

This week's guest has been a good friend who is not a veteran but feels pulled to serve them in a powerful way. He shares where he was at in his life that sparked a massive change and stepping up to close gaps in his life that he knew he needed to close. Check out this free PDF Brad has provided our listeners. > --------------------------------------------- How to connect with guest Email > LinkedIn >...


29 - Semper K-9 with Chris Baity

Today's guest Marine Veteran Chris Baity opens up a lot about what it was like early in his life starting a family, going through a divorce and starting over after he transitioned. He now is the operator of Semper K-9 a nationally recognized 501(c)3 providing service dogs for wounded service members. How to connect with guest Website Facebook Instragram --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The Military Veteran Dad Facebook...


28 - Suicide, It Is Not The Only Way with Bob Martin

Suicide, Divorce Today's episode is going to crack your life wide open and you will most likely shed a tear as you hear Bob Martin open up about his life after transition. He went from a man who thought he had it all to a man that was in the deepest of pits in his life. This is the story of a man who almost didn't live to tell this story and can only be described as a voice from God that it wasn't his time. What I love about this episode is that he shared his story in a really vulnerable...


27 - Alcohol; It Is Never Too Late to Quit with James Royer

James Royer shares a simple but powerful story about going through life always needing a drink and has his kids started to grow he woke up and decided no more. He has been alcohol free for four years now and never looks back. If you are struggling with alcohol this episode with hit home about what you might be missing out on with your family. How to connect with guest Facebook --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The Military Veteran Dad Facebook...


26 - Exceptional Every Day with Jason Valadao

Jason hit it out of the park with some basics steps we can do to incorporate our work life into our family life. Jason is still on Active Duty doing some great things with his new book, speaking engagements, and also the sports medicine research he is doing with the Navy. I didn't really know Jason before this interview, but by the end like a lot of my interviews, I felt like we had been friends for years. He didn't have the best childhood but through adversity, he rose from the past...


25 - Kids don't have to be complicated with Anton Chumak Andryako

This episode was a blast to record, Anton comes across as that friend you wish you always had and so easily relates to a story. His story is incredible for how he rose from the ashes of his past, joined the United States Marines, and was able to move his life forward and create a legacy he can be proud of as a dad. How to connect with guest Website LinkedIn --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The Military Veteran Dad Facebook...


24 - Navy Paddles with Kyle and Melinda Nyseth

Today we got a special episode where we don't just hear the story from Kyle, but also his wife Melinda for what life is like coming home while serving and how they now have created their life together creating memorable gifts to document the legacy of one's service. What I loved about this episode is the work they now do with, they really have something special and we dive into their business deep and share some impactful stories they have made paddles for. If this would...


23 - Losing your Dad with Dr. Paul Henning

In this episode, we talked about coming home from deployments, connecting with your kids, and losing your dad. Paul has such great stories with depth that are easily relatable and his story of how he got started in his fitness business and helping others work through what is holding them back. This is just a great all around good episode about how to ensure we continue to make an impact in our families legacy. How to connect with...


22 - Family Time Starts in the Kitchen with Ronaldo Linares

This was a new area for the podcast, we really hadn't hit the kitchen area of being a dad and Ronaldo was the perfect guest to bust this topic wide open. He is a celebrity in the Latino community for his role in building community conduits to drive a change in our relationship with food. Ronaldo's Cookbook Chef Ronaldo's Sabores de Cuba: Diabetes-Friendly Traditional and Nueva Cubano Cuisine How to connect with guest Website Instagram: Chef_ronaldo_ Facebook: Chef Ronaldo...


21 - Always Kiss Your Wife First with Philip Oblak

You have to hang on to the end of the podcast but Philip drops a great story about what coming home means and how he demonstrates the priority to his wife and then his kids. Philip is a dad I was introduced about two years ago well before I had a podcast or a name for a business. Really thankful for the introduction so long ago that made this podcast episode happen. He is just a great everyday dad that helps you feel like you have been friends for years. Book Recommendation Wild at...


20 - When Your Life Changes Over Night with Reece Lodder

The conversations Reece and I had during this interview were game-changing. We talked about what it was like when his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer, how to transition out with an identity, starting with the simple things in life, and just overall life as a Dad in 2019. This is a very well rounded episode for so many areas in our life as Military Veteran Dads and I am confident that we brought a lot of Dads home with this episode. Resource Recommendation Have more conversations How...


19 - Raising a Family and Being a Navy Seal with Andy Stumpf

This was my first interview with a Navy Seal and it didn't disappoint. I have heard many seals on other episodes and they always share some great wisdom. How to approach struggle, life, and most importantly how to take action towards a goal. Andy is the host of the Cleared Hot podcast he has several hobbies, speaking, base jumping, and most importantly a father. How to connect with Andy Stumpf Website Instagram --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group The...


18 - Zero Xcuses with Kenyon Zitzka

Kenyon brings us a dynamic story of falling down a few times coming home, transitioning out of the Military into a successful career. He is an ambitious veteran like me, he has his own podcast called Zero Xcuses where he helps people wake up to the world that waits for them. Being the host of a podcast with a title like Zero Xcuses we dive into the key ways Kenyon has cleared the path for himself and his family to start moving to the future they want to create. Book...


17 - It Was Time to Come Home with Dan Evans

Are you on the road to your twenty years in the Military to get to that retirement package? Dan shares a powerful story right out the gate about that moment he said enough was enough and at thirteen years he decided to leave the Marine Corps. His story of coming home is a powerful one where he goes deep into what it felt like when he started to wake up to the idea that he wasn't going to have a family in seven years. He realized that if he continued down the path he was on it wasn't going...